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daOlftred ttint he had no sympathy for
such a man.
In and About
Store will be open all day
Make This Your Headquarters
Extra Special Sale All Day
on Men's Women's and
Will Visit In Msi.
Miss Hazel Hamblen, stenographer
In the law office Of Lowell & Winter,
I'-.iv'h this evening for Minneapolis,
where she will be the guest of rela
tives for a month. That city was the
home of the family before they came
to Oregon.
Take Body to Echo,
The remains of Mrs. Delia Smith,
who died at the hospital here yes
terday, were shipped to Echo this
morning for Interment. The body
was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. E.
C. Albert, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Albert.
Judge I'll. Gerald Patriotic
There lH but one office in the city
that is fittingly decorated for the big
celebration tomorrow. That is the
one occupied by Judge Fltz Gerald,
the Judge having with his own hands
and with his own flags made that of
fice take on a patriotic appearance.
F. E. Livengcod & Co.
Store will be closed all day Monday
Wallowa Horses to Washington.
A car load of horses en route from
Bnterpriaa to Mondova, Washington,
nrai transferred here this morning
from the O. It. & X. to the Northern
Pacific. They were heavy draft
horses and were being shipped bv
iprinkle Brothers.
New York 2 7
Hatterles Smith, Hughes and
Street; Manning, Qulnn and Sweeney.
nasi I eaguc Results.
At iiakland; No. Innings, 9
Portland 2, Oakland 3.
At Los Angeles
Vernon 0, Los Angeles 5.
At Sacramento
Sacramento 3 Ban Francisco l.
Pacific ( oust fifngmi
Club. Won. Lost. P. C
San Francisco 58
Los Angeles 54
Sacramento 47
Portland 42
Vernon 34
Oakland 34
Latteries Const GUMS,
At Oakland Portland, Darkness,
Armbruster; Oakland, Wlggs, C.
At Los Angeles Vernon, Schafer,
Hogan; Los Angeles, Nagel, Orcti
dorff. At Sacramento Snn Francisco,
Corbett, Williams; Sacramento, Eh
tnan, Graham.
.61' 4
Northwestern League Results.
At Portland; No. innings, 9
Aberdeen 1. Portland 0.
At Seattle
Spokane 4. Seattle .6.
Two games at Tacoma
Vancouver 10-n. Tacoma 0-5.
North western League,
flub. Won. Lost P. C.
Seattle R1 24 .680
gpokan 3s 34 528
Aberdeen 34 38 .472
Portland 33 40 .452
Vancouver 33 44 .452
Tacoma 32 4 4 .4 27
Neither Stem, Heck nor Autrey
m I mis able to hold down first base
for tin' Huston Nationals so far this
"Young Cy" Young is coming into
his own at Minneapolis, making the
heavy hitters of the American asso
ciation back up.
From all accounts of their last bout
In Boston, Sandy Ferguson and Joe
Jesnette would make better wrest-
I rs than fighters.
The Pittsburg Pirates continue I l
place more, daylight between their
position and the resting place of ithe
other National league teams.
"Doc" Newton, who has had nu
merous trial with the New- York Am-
rlcsns, has been cast aside once
more. Toronto has adopted "Doc"
this time.
Hilly Hamilton, the old National
leaguer, has his Lynn team at the
top of the New England Irtigue. Hilly
also leads the league In hitting.
Jim Jeffries, John L. Sullivan and
Jack Johnson were in Providence at
the same time the other day, but the
three did not meet.
According to a southern scribe,
Floyd Roberta Is to pitch, play right
field, also first base and coach the
baseball team of Albany, da. It must
take something faster than speed to
do all this.
Sewer Floods cellar.
A bursted abandoned sewer pipe Is
flooding the basement of the Rader
furniture Btore this afternoon, despite
the efforts of Mr. Radar and his em
ployes to keep it pumped out. The
capacity of the hole In the sewer is
greater than the capacity of the pump.
Unique window.
The W. J. Clarke hardware com
pany has a window that Is attracting
n.uch attention today. It is a repre
sentation of the army as It appeared
in 1S76 anil as It appears today. The
miniature cannon with the gunner Is
probably the most unique feature of
the display.
Seattle, July 2. Dan Kelly lH not
down yet. in spite of the report that
the famous red-haired Oregon sprinter
was laid up with a sprained ankle
and would not be able to race again,
he has appeared once more ready for
action, entering with the Multnomah
club In the giant A. A. IT. meet at the
stadium of the Alaska-Yukon-Paclfle
exposition. In August.
Dan has announced that he will en
ter the broad Jump. Ju, this event,
Whatever the eastern critics may say
about his sprinting ability, he is ad
mitted to be one of the top-notchers
of America. He easily won first place
In the "broad" in the Jamestown
meet and took second In the London
Olympic games last year.
The sporting world would like to see
Dan Kelly try the spring again. On a
northwest field Kelly could be ex
pected to regain some of his laurels
ht lost in the east.
Running the hundred yard dash at
Spokane In 9 3-5 seconds, or the
world's record time, Kelly startled the
world. The eastern hammers began
their anvil chorus but nevertheless
Dan was allowed the world's record
In the event. When he went east he
was placed in a hard position. On
the one hand he had the reputation
which it was practically impossible for
any human being to maintain. He was
put up against the best men in the
world on a straight track. Kelly fell
down In his heat at the Jamestown ex
position and since then he has never
run again. He may be persuaded to
race at Seattle.
The First National Bank
Pendleton, Oregon
Report of the condition, June 23,
1 909, to the comptroller of
the currency
Loans and discounts. .$1,349,219.77
Overdrafts 34,931.73
U. S. Bonds 255,000.00
Other bonds and securities
Bank building
Cash and exchange.
Capital stock $ 250,000.00
Surplus and undivided
Profit 134,267.45
Circulation 238,300.00
Due to banks 17,851.93
Deposits 1,474.469.17
HcCourts Return Home.
United States District Attorney
John McCourt and family left on the
noon train for their home In Port
land, after a visit of several days In
this city. Mr. McCourt was here on
bus In SSI for the government as well
as to care for private matters, while
Mrs. McCourt and children were the
guests of friends.
sues for Divorce,
A suit for divorce has been filed
by Doynes Turner against Jennie Tur
ner. Both are well-known residents
of Pendleton and were married here
January IS, 1108. Cruel and inhuman
treatment is alleged us grounds for
divorce, the cruel treatment alleged
(i nsisting of nagging and abuse
through jealousy of Mrs. Turner
"lay friends." on the part of his wife
Imerloau League,
At Boston R H. K.
Philadelphia 1 6 3
Boston 3 9 1
Batteries Bender and Thomas; Ar
rellanes and Carrlgan.
At Cleveland H. E
Detroit 9 13 1
Cleveland 3 6 6
Batteries Wllllts and Schmidt;
Berger, Liebe and Easterly.
At Chicago R. H. E.
St. Louis 2 8 1
Chicago 0 4 0
Batteries Pelty and Crlger; White,
Sullivan and Owens.
At New York R. H. E.
Washington 1 7 2
m:w i.ws EFFECTTVI
Poor Appetite
indicates weakness of the stom
ach nerves which control the
desire for food. It is a sure
sign that the digestive organs
need the help of
SjM "vcrywhero. In boe 10c. ni.d 25c.
Chicago Two hundn d and twenty
new laws passed by the last Illinois
legislature go Into effect July 1. Some
of the big measures are not operat
ive before next January, notably the
hazardous machinery act and the
Board Of Control, which takes over all
charitable Institutions. The chief laws
effective tomorrow are:
Forbidding women to work In fac
torles or tiny place where machinery
is employed, more than 1(1 hours a
day. This di es not apply to merenn
Hie establishments.
Permitting automobile drivers to de
fend themselves in court under law
permitting "reasonable speed."
Authorizing the city of Chicago to
add $16,000,000 to Its bonded indebt
edness. Permitting "white slaves" to testify
when their husbands "are Involved."
Making It a felony to detain any wo.
man in a resort on charge of debt.
Providing for the examination and
licensing of barbers.
Inheritance tax law, which will add
millions to state revenue.
Punishing landlord! who bar chil
dren from flats.
Creating forest reserves.
Pawnbrokers required to hold nil ar
ticles a year and cutting Interest to 3
per cent a month.
Are you going camping? If so, how
Is your outfit? Will you need a tent,
stove, hammock, gun, fishing tackle,
ammunition or camping outfit? We
have B tine line and Just whnt you
want. Come In and see us. taDow &
Plant Trout Fry.
C. K. Cranston, secretary of the 1
cal anglers' association: "Click
Humphrey, William Hoch and Pete
Swanson, returned today from Mea
i ham creek and Wenaha. where they
hail been to plant the SflOO eastern
brook trout fry received from the
government hatchery for distribution
In the Fmatllla river and Meacham
Steve ion wins prise.
Steve Done, the local blacksmith
and amateur fisherman has been
awarded the prize fishing rod offered
by the Taylor hardware company for
the man catching the largest trout
with tackle purchased from that store.
About a month ago Done landed
beautiful 2o Inch trout, and as thlj
record was not excelled he was there
fore awarded the eight dollar rod
which had been hung up as the prize
McClure t'pholils i.au.
Dr. S. W. McClure. of the bureau
of animal Inustry, left this afternoon
for Salem. He is en mute for the
capital on business connected with
the controversy over the law creat
ing the state veterinarian. Dr. Mc
Clure Is of the conviction that the
law passed nt the last legislative ses
sion and which makes the state sheep
Inspector the state veterinarian as
well. Is right and legal as it stands.
While in Salem he will consult with
overnor Benson and Attorney Gen
eral Crawford upon the subject.
Watch Tallnmn drug store corner.
Stlnson, lrlntliig Expert.
L. R. Stlnson, who was here Inst
week for the Knights of Pythias grand
idge session, being the grand keeper
if records and seal in that order, has
Just been appointed by Governor Hen
son as state printing expert. He will
ueeeed Albert Tozier who has held
that post for the past seven years. It
is the duty of the state printing ex
pert to audit the work of the state
printer and the post Is one of much
responsibility. It Is understood that
the duties of the office to which he.
has been appointed will nut necessi
tate Mr. Stinson's resignation from his
office with the Knights of Pythias.
is showing something new$in
Stoves that
are money savers
The home kind and the camp kind.
"The Drug Store Tbnt Serves You Best."
l ined for Fighting,
Thomas Ward. Glen Vtakera and
Claud Franklin, participants in a three
cornered tight on Main street, last
evening were arraigned in police court
this morning and each given a sen
ten te of $10 or five days. Vlckers
paid, but the other two are languish
ing in durance vile. Ward, the oldest
member of the trio, threw himself up.
on the mercy of the court but the
court had no mercy. It seems the man
was drunk and he was Informed by
fudge Fltz Gerald thai there was n
excuse for a man being drunk In
Pendleton al the present time. Me
sal, I that to get drunk heve now It
was in 'essary for a man to deliberat
ely plan go forth with the In
tention, not only of breaking the law
hinweUa but or inducing someone else
to break the law also and the court
Pastime pictures please all.
Rock Spring coal, Henry' Knplttke.
Watch Tallman drug store corner.
Beddow & Miller, exclusive plumb
ers. Wanted Family cook. Inquire this
See Henry Kopittke for Rock
Springs coal. Phone Main 178.
For Sale Feed and chop mill,
practically new. Inquire this office.
If you want good dry wood, ring
up Henry Kopittke, phone Ma n 178
When in need of plumbing ring
Peddow & Miller, phone black, 3556.
Automobile stage to Lehman
springs. Inquire Pendleton Auto Co.
More moving pictures shown than
any other theatre In the city the
For rent Three furnished house
keeping rooms. Inquire 205 West
Six houses and three tents for rent.
Inquire of Mrs. E. O. Curren, Ocean
Park, Wash.
For rent Four room cottage, good
location and condition. Inquire 100
E. Bluff street.
Wanted Boy of 16 years i r over to
learn printing trade. Inquire East
Oregonian office.
Great shoe reductions at the Peo
ples Warehouse. Come early while
we have your size.
Prompt plumbing wark at right
prices. Beddow & Miller, the exclus.
ive plumbing shop.
For the next 10 days we will sell
all our summer millinery at cost and
below. Campbell's Mlllinerv.
C. C. Hendricks, agent for the Ver
mont Loan & Trust company, will
place loans on Umatilla farm lands
That coal abounds around Spencer
butte and along Spencer creek Is mor
ally certain, says the Eugene Register.
The Ladies' Aid of the Christian
church will serve chicken dinner in
the room next to Eller's Piano house
Saturday, July 3.
Wanted by two experienced women.
.""ook house for big crew. Address
Mrs. C. J. Huffman, Freewater, Ore.
R. F. D. 1, Box 60.
Header boxes, feed racks and cook
Bhacks made right and on short no
tice. Prices are reasonable. Pen
dleton Lumber Yards.
Man and wife want to rent furnlsh-
d four or five room modern house
for summer or longer. References
given. Address X, care E. O.
J! Jiwie 23, 1904 $ 631,042.33
o June 23, 1905 939,990.53
J June 23, 1906 987,861.04
i, June 22, 1907 1,053,152.08
J June 23, 1908 1,304,329.50
II June 23, 1909 1,474,459.17
I, Geo. Hartman, Jr., Ass' Cash
ier of the above named lank, do
solemnly swear that the within
statements are true to the best of
my knowledge and belief.
Asst. Caahter.
Increase In deposits since statement April 28, 1909, $114,419.39.
bubscribed and sworn to before
this 24th day of June, 1 909,
C. K. Cranston
Notary Public for Oregon.
sss 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 MM Mf
"Fry" at MoKenste Hatchery,
Through the efforts of Senator
Bourne, Master Fish Warden McAl
lister and A. C. D.xon, a number jf
the Lane County Fish and Game as
sociation. 230,000 trout spawn have
been cared for at the McKenzle
hatchery for the past year. The spe
cies are eastern rainbow and brook
trout. Through the process of prop
agation 50.000 of the fry failed to
survive, but this is the usual percent
age of loss. The fry are now about
two Inches in length and lively as
Celebrate at Meacham.
There will be a big dance at Mea
cham on Saturday evening, July 3.
Music by the La Grande orchestra.
Everybody invited to come and cele
brate with us. A good time assured
M. A. Milton was elected school di
rector at Lebanon for the twentieth
consecutive year.
Proper glasses will pUt a
stop to that constant head
If your eyes are weak nnd
Baker City raised $10,000 as a bonus watery they need glasses. If you are
to build an extension of a railroad 40 wearing glasses and continue to suf
mlles distant from that town in six fer such troubles then your glasses
(lays- I are wrong. With a practice in Pen-
! dleton extending over 5 years we are
Automobile stage to Lehman I pi epared to give you dozens of ref
springs. Inquire Pendjteon Auto Co. erences. Eyes examined free. Prices
reasonable. Dayton Bros., eye special
Watch Tallman drug store corner. Ists. over French Restaurant.
Prompt and Practical
Watch, Clock and
A. L. Schaefer
Successor to Louis Hunxiker.
HOTEL PHILIP, Portland, Ore.
Phone Main 7559.
European Plan.
New concrete building, all outside rooms,
trie light, bells, phones. Hot and cold water.
New Management,
Steam heat Elec
Free Baths.
The Most Beautiful Homes
Built Today, Are Being Made of Concrete Blocks.
They are pret
tier, more sub
stantial and far
more comporta
ble in either
hot or cold
See my many
beautiful de
signs In con
crete blocks
before you
o m
Concrete stands
for Basements,
Walls, Fences
and Curbing.
It looks better
Its longer
than stone.
I will furnish
vou mtlmsit
for any claaa of
work on
Cor. Rati
road amd
Willow Sts.

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