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Ptbllih-d lally, Weekly and Seml Weckly,
at ivi ,i , Oregon, by tue
Its success. It Is a splendid propo
s!tlon for the entire county. See that
It Is carried through successfully.
Dal I;, qtie year, bj mall
Dally, ilx months, by mall
Dally, three montha, by mall
Dally, one month, by mall
liy, one year, by carrier
Dally, all months, by carrier 8.75
DaUy, three montha. by carrier
Dally, one month, by carrier
Weekly, one year, by mall
Weekly, all montha, by mall
Weekly, four montha. by mall
Heml Weekly, one year, by mall ...
Saoil Weekly, six months, by mall .
Demi -Weekly, four months, by mall
The Pally Kast Oregonlan la kept on aale
at the Oregon Newa Co., 147 8th street,
Portland Oregon.
Cblcao Bureau, Wt Security Building.
Waahlmrton, D. C. Knrean. 501 Four
teenth ItrMt N. w.
Member I'nited Prese Aaaoclatlon,
Tr , Main 1
Entered at the poatofflce at Pendleton,
Oragon. aa second-rlaas mall matter.
He came with the wind at dawn,
when rose-red clouds were
In the glory of his coming
the old moon drifted dim.
Re went when the evening star
outwatched day's quiet dy
ing; It path upon the sea made a
white, straight road for
Did he dream a wistful dream
in some radiant place su
pernal? Did he hear the human call,
follow and lose his way?
Has the touch of earth on the
child made strange to him
things eternal?
ha hi ir to sorrow and love,
being mortal for one swift
Sophie Jewett.
At this time the most Important en
terprise under way in Umatilla county
is tba i heme for the construction of
a railroad from Umatilla to Pendle
ton via. Holdman. If the plans of the
farmer promoters of the road can be
'carried out all the country through
vhich the road will pass will be im
mensely benefitted and so will this
Then If in addition to this road to
the river a road is extended south
from this city to Grant county and
the entire system electrified by power
generated on the John Day, Umatilla
county's cup will be full indeed.
Umatilla county's greatest need Is
of electric roads. Roads are especi
ally needed from Grant county Into
Pendleton and from Pendleton to the
Columbia via. the Holdman country
and the Umatilla project. The coun
try south of Pilot Rock Is now wholly
without transportation facilities. So
U the Holdman country. Both these
sections are being held back by the
lack of railroad facilities. The south
end of the county remains a stock
raising section because farming is not
profitable so far from a railroad. Out
In the Holdman country' the farmers
are forced to haul their wheat long
distances in order to sell It.
Now the construction of roads
through these sections will not only
facilitate the marketing of crops but
will also double or treble the price of
land along the roads. It Is the his
tory everywhere that the building of
anch roads bring about a more diver
sified farming and a consequent
greater population and higher land
The farmers In the Holdman coun
try are wide awake men and so they
have decided to have a railroad built.
They want to build from Umatilla to
Holdman and hope to have the road
extended on Into this city and ulti
mately to Grant county. Those hack
of the movement believe that "God
helps those who help themselves." So
they have started out to see what they
can accomplish towards building a
road. A preliminary survey has been
made, right of way asked for and
farmers alon? the line have been asked
tr do grading work for stock In the
Though the task of railroad build
ing Is not an easy one yet there Is
every reason to believe that the farm
ers' scheme can be carried out with
complete success. If the farmers will
but unite In the matter they can build
the road with ease, for they have
plenty of money with which to do It
and It will pay them to build. If
they cannot do the engineering work
they can employ men who can. If
they do not want to operate the road
after It is completed plenty of com
petent men will be available for that
What the farmers need to do now
and what the people of Pendleton, of
the west end and of the south end
need to do, Is to get together and
back this proposition so as to ensure
When the recent legislature was
asked to appropriate $75,000 for the
completion ;if the Celllo portage road
into The Dalles some of the "rail
road" papers of the state opposed the
measure and sought to prevent its
passage by Offering various objections
tn the expenditure.
At that time the Kast Oregon sup
ported the measure enthusiastically
for the reason that the extension of
the portage promised to Increase the
efficiency of the Columbia river as
a freight rate regulator. This paper
Is glad the bill passed and that pre
parations are now underway for the
extension of the road into The Dalles.
"All obstacles to the completion of
the portage railroad from Big Eddy to
The Dalles have been cleared away,
the line Is being located, and con
struction work will begin soon, says
the Oregon Journal. Many people do
not understand the Importance of this
little three-mile piece of road, and Im
agine that the appropriation therefor
by the last legislature was money
wasted. On the contrary, It Is doubt
ful If the state ever made a better in.
vestment. It may be compared In
value to the Cascade locks, which
opened up the river from the Cas
cades to The Dalles, about 45 miles,
while this will perfect the portage
road, that we may roughly say half
opens up the river beyond The Dalles
for 250 miles. The portage road al
ready built, between Big Eddy and
Celllo, has been useful, but with this
three miles built, bringing it into The
Dalles, its usefulness will be greatly
Increased, Already 'there are three
steamers on the upper river, but with
this road completed more and better
and faster schedules can be main
In addition to facilitating shipping
OH the river the extended portage road
will also hasten the completion of the
Celllo canal. See If It does not.
By Charles Badger Clark, Jr.
In Pacific Monthly.
I went and worked in a drlppln' mine,
"Mong the rock and the oozln' wood,
For the dark seemed lit with a dollar
Anr they said that money's good.
So I Jumped and sweat for a splay
foot boss
And my pockets bulged with pay,
But my heart It fought like a snubbed
bronc' hawse
Till 1 flung my drill away.
For t.' w'pd! tli" wind! the food
free wind.
She sung from the pine divide
How the skv was blue and tin
young years few
And the World was big and wide.
From the poor, bare hills, all gash
ed with scars,
I rode till the range was crossed;
Then 1 watched the gold of sunset
And mv camp sparks gllntln' tow
ard the stars
And laughed at the pay I'd lost.
I went and walked in the city way,
Down a glltterln" canon-street,
For the thousand lights looked good
and gay
And they said life there was sweet
And the women laughed while night
reeled by i
And the wine ran red and gold.
But their laugh was the starved wolfs
huntin' cry
And their eyes was hard and old
the wind! the clean
the April
And the wind)
free wind,
She laughed through
(nine and live by the wine 1 give
In the smell of the sprlng-timi
Oh, 1 looked back once to the smoky
Where my lace had bleached so
Then loped through the lash of
drivln' showers
To the uncut sod and the prairie
And the old wide life o' the trail.
went and camped in the valley trees
Where the tame wind whispered
For love lived there 'mong the honey
And they told me love was best.
There the lanes we walked was cool
and dim
And the orchards white with Mav,
Yet my eyes they'd lift to the vallev's
Where the desert readied
By the way, some time ago it was
announced that the Harriman system
had ordered 300 motor cars and that
a motor service was to be started be
tween Dayton and Petmieton about
July 1. But it is now August'and no
motor cars have yet nrrived. Is it
possible that the announcement wa3
J a bluff, as some suspected, made
to head off the construction of electric
lines. It bpg'ns to look as though the
railroad company's announcement was
in a class with the statement from the
grain companies that warehouse
charjes wiuld be reduced. Why do
they deceive us so?
wind! the wild
It Is noticeable that active, aggres
sive busine-s houses never croak
much about slack trade, mere Is al
ways business for those who adver
tise and who are always after business
The race Is to the swift.
An Oregon City man named Jancl
jag is to be hanged. A man with
such a name as that should expect
nothing less.
Don Jamie thinks he wants to be
the king of Spain. But If he knows
when he Is well off he will decline
the honor.
A mountain water supply, with the
water brought from the best source
there is, that is what Pendleton needs.
Electric lines and Irrigation ditches
are great factors In the development
of such a county as Umatilla.
Get your fair
booths planned, Mr.
But I think the king of that country
comes out from his tireless
And walks In this world of the weary,
as If he loved It the most;
For here In the dusty confusion, with
eyes that are heavy and dim.
He meets again the laboring men who
are looking and longing for
He cancels the curse of Eden, and
brings them a blessing Instead;
Blessed are they that labor, for Jesus
partakes of their bread.
He puts his hand on their burdens;
he enters their homes at night;
Who does his best shall have as a
guest the Master of life and
And courage will come with his pres
ence, and patience returns at
his touch
And manifold sins be forgiven to
those who love him much;
And the cries of envy and anger will
change to the songs of cheer
For the tolling age will forget Its
rage when the Prince of Peace
draws near.
This Is the gospel of labor ring It;
ye bells of the kirk
The Lord of Love came down from
above to live with the men who
This Is the rose that he planted here
In the thorn-cursed soil
Heaven is blest with perfect rest, but
the blessing of earth is toll,
Henry Van Dyke, In National
here is some talk of & recall
Brownsville about a councilman.
And the wind
free wind
She called from the web Love spun
To the unbought sand of the lone1
trail land
And the sweet, hot kiss o' the sun.
O. I looked back twice to the vallev
Then I set my spurs and sung.
For the sun sailed up above the
And the morning wind was In the
And my hawse and me was youn;.
When it first became known that
the blond girl had refused a situation
in the dry goods store because she
would be obliged to pursue her la
bors under an electric light Instead of
the light of heaven, the irreverent ac
cused her of undue vanity.
"She was afraid the glare would be
too hard on her hair and complexion."
they said.
By and by this caustic remark
reached the blonde girl's ears and she
lost no time In refuting the charge.
"That Is not the reason at all," she
said. "I wouldn't take a place at
that counter because the chances are
that half the things I sold would be
brought back. It makes a saleswo
man disgusted with her Job when so
many things come back. Also, it
makes the manager disgusted. I know,
because I have had experience. The
last two places I worked I was cooped
up In an electric light cozy corner
trying to sell cretonne and decorative
cloths. Incidentally, I had a few
cheap soft pallows thrown in for good
measure. I made plenty of sales at
that counter, but precious few of
them were keeps. Every time I got
rid of an article I expected to wel
come It back in a day or two, and
usually I did.
" 'The colors are not what I
thought they were,' said the dissatis
fied customer. 'Those electric lights
are so deceiving. When I got the
stuff out In the daylight It looked en
tirely different from wha. it did In
the store.'
"And then, of course, the manager
would blame me. Just as If I could
help It because blue looked fcreen and
saffront a canary yellow. Finally I
got wise. I made up my mind that
the next time I take a situation I will
fight for a counter near a window,
so my customers won't swoop down
on me with the everlasting complaint
of having been deceived In colors."
New York Times.
Not only its proven ability to euro, but its absolnto safaty as a romed;
has made S. S. S. the most extensively usad of all r.icv.liei :cj in t.'io tree;
mont of Contagious Blood Poison. Unllko the strong mineral mixturor
which temporarily rataove the outward symptoms nnd shut tlio disoase v.
in tho system, then to carry on its destructive work on the dolicftt U
vital organs, 3. S. S. strikos directly at t!io root, and by purifying tlio blOO
of every traco of tho virus, completely and pormanently puroa I'.io troub!'
S. S. S. is Nature's, blood purifier, harmless in its action and certain in i'
fool results. It made from a combination of roots p.ttd herbs, each'
which hit a dlUnito and specific notion ::i puriTyinc; tao blood. Years we:
spent in selecting r-nd proportioning tho dllcccnt i.t-eaieuts, but whe;
S. S. R. was perfected it soon demonstrated its superiority over all otln
blood medicines, and now, after 40 years, it is e::;I tio i n and onl7 certai
cuic for Oontagloas Blood Poison, white driving out tho . in from th
Circulation S. S. S. builds up and strengthens tho system by its lino vogatab!
tonic elTocts. Jf you are sufforing with Contapious Blosd Poison S. 8. S. i
your most certain relianco, and because of it3 froodom from merourv
potash or any other -mineral, it is absolutely lafo l: v every duo. Horn
treatment book with valuablo suggestions and any ma Ileal udvioe sent fro
to all who write. XHE swiFT SPFCIF.TC CO., ATLANTA, GA
Tin: . i : i m .
Senator Reveiidge In one of his
many eloquent Independence day ad
dresses compared the critics of Amer
ica to an admirer of the poet Whit
tier. "These critics," he said, "fail to
bring the necessary sympathy and
knowledge over with them, and
hence they are unsatisfactory llko
the Whlttier pilgrim.
"Pilgrims used to visit Whlttier
continually. A typical one came
from Missouri. Though told that
Whlttier had a headache, ho forced
his way Into the poet's study, where
he declared that he adored all Whlt
tler's works, which he knew almost
by heart. He asked Whlttier to write
his name several hundred times on
a large sheet of foolscap, so that ho
could cut out and distribute the au
tographs among his Missouri friends
In fact, It was all the poet could do
to keep the enthusiastic Mlssourlan
from clipping all tho buttons from
his coat as souvenirs.
" 'And all the time' so Whlttier
would end the nnecdote pathetically
'all the time he called mo Whita
ker.' " Exchange.
Head the East Oregonlan
"The House of Welcome"
Cor. Park and Alder
Portland, Oregon
A hotel where the North
western people will find
hearty welcome and re
ceive courteous treat
ment at moderate prices.
G W. Cornelius
Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits
Over One Quarter Million
Out of 7000 National Banks in the United
States, Less than 1 000 appear on roll of honor
published by Financier, New York.
This bank ranks 365th among all national
Only bank in Umatilla County appearing on
the roll of honor.
Ranks 3rd among all nitional banks in state
of Oregon.
Best GoodsBast Service
Milne Transfer
Phone Main 5
Calls promptly answered
for all baggage transfer
ring. Piano and Furnture
moving and Heavy Truck
ing a specialty.
$1.00 low
S 1 .oo PARES
SI oa
The first step towards being Independent Is to onn jour own
We will help you to start.
Su ccessor to
Real Eitatc
Money to loan, Itomls, Investments. Farm nntl City
Tire Insurance, Ufc Insurance and Rurglar Insurance.
112 E. Court St.
Phone Mala 83
YOU'LL find (be Bittern a
benericial remedy In every way
In cases of Cranii. Dlnrrohea.
Indigestion, Headache, BHHous
ness, Kidney Ills & Malaria.
Insist on having
Portland, Oregon.
DR. J. W. HILL, Tale, '78, Principal
and Proprietor.
J. A. HILL, Yale S, 02, Vice
A select school for boys and young
gentlemen. Successful preparation for
college or business. Diplomas ac
cepted by many leading Universities.
Small classes. Individual coaching.
Strict Discipline. Military training.
For Illustrated catalogue address Vice
J. Sheurman, Manager
We are paying full prices for hides and wool as given in
this paper.
Office Furnish Warehouse
Thompson Street Pendleton, Oregon
leaving 4
j The Dalles at 3 p. m. dally except
Sundays and Thursdays; arriving
in I'ortland I III p. m. oa
fast Steamer
Sir. DALLES CITY leaves The Dalle
7 a. m. Monday. Wednesdny and
Passengers on O. R. & N. Co., train
N. 3, 6 and 7, can make con
nections as above, dally ex
cept Sunday, boat from
Portland 7 a. m.
W. L. CRICHTON, Agent, The Dalles.
s. f. Mcdonald, supt.
The mutton we have ready at
your call makes a capital foundation
for a boiled dinner. Then, too, our
mutton and lamb chops fill out break
fast, luncheon or supper with Just
enough meat to suit most people.
Fact Is, any sort of meat you get at
this shop is "prime" quality at a fair
price, as It is kept In a cool and sanl
tury glass refrigerator, where you can
see what you are buying.
Central Meal Market
108 E. Alta St. "Phone Main It
Prompt and Practical
Watch, Clock and
A. L. Schaefer
Successor to Louis Hunxlker.
J1 Is made from the choicest wheat that
grows. Good bread is assured when
BYERS' BEST FLOUR is used. Bran,
Shorts, Steam Rolled Barley always on
Pendleton Roller Mills
Pendleton, Oregon
Save the Chicks
Insect Powders
Lice Killers
Poultry Conditioners.
Sells them
At the Feed Store
127-129 E. Alta
Seaside - Oregon
"Home cooking a specialty."
16 large, beautiful rooms, over
looking the ocean. A new
modern house, all outside rooms
A home like place for particu
lar people.
Mrs. E. E. Longenberger
P. O. BOX 481.
Ow, La Potmtaine, Prop.
Rest 2ft cent meals In tho Northwest.
First-class Cooks and Service,
sheii-fi.-h lii Season.
La Fountains Block, Main St.

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