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fNitllabrd Hilly. Weekly tod Soml Wetkly,
P-ndletno Oreiron, h) th
imt.y year, by mall 1500
(Ml;, .li .nth. . mall 250
Pally, ihrrr mootb. by mall 1J5
Dally, oia month, by mall SO
lially. nt year, by carrier 7.30
Pally, ill months, hy carrier t.75
Ualiy. three muDtha. by carrier .... 105
Hally. ne month, by carrier 68
Weeilv. one year, hy mall 1.50
Vaekly. tit month, by mall 75
Weekly, four month, by mall 50
aml Weekly, one year, by mall 1.50
teml Weekly, ill month, by mall . . .76
emlAVeekly. teat month, by mall . .60
The Dally East Oregon lan I kept on aaie
at the Oregon New Co.. U7 th tret.
Portland, Oregon.
Chicago I'.urean. W Security Ilnlldlug.
Wiibtngton, l. C, Bureau. 501 Foor
teeath treet. N. W.
Member lulled Creaa Association.
telephone afaln 1
Entered at the poatofflce at Pendleton.
ragon. aa second elsss mall matte
We sigh and say that yesterday
Tiv 'Si s grew,
The thrushes piped their clear-
4 And Joy was all we knew.
That, for our wiser selves, to-
No flowers bloom half as fair.
No bird songs are brave and
Since sorrow came, and can-.
4 Yet when tomorrow . hastens
shall we. remembering,
Not find today held gifts as
As yesterday could bring-
4 Charlotte Becker, i: New
York Sun.
Much injury has been done the
cause of labor by misguided men who
go too far In the matter of Intem
perate speech and action. At Spo
kane the police have just had diffi
culty holding down some street meet
ings and a wall of protest has been
sent up by those who imagine they
have been abused.
In discussing this subject the
Spokesman-Review had the following
very sensible editorial yesterday:
"When the facts are considered, the
contention of the Industrial Workers
of the World, that they are fighting
for 'the right of free speech,' Is seen
to be fallacious and wholly unfounded.
These misguided and contentious
men are demanding privileges outside
the law that are not accorded to oth
er citizens. They argue that they
have the right to obstruct business
streets and sidewalks to. any extent
that may suit their whim or purpose
to hold street meetings and har
angue bystanders, regardless of the in
convenience that may be suffered by
the general public.
"In pursuit of an Imaginary' right
they are eager to Impose an obvious
wrong upon the people of this ciy,
who want to use the streets for the
clear purpose for which they are pro
dded the movement of traffic and
the free and unobstructed passage of
citizens bent on pleasure or business.
"The ordinance which these men are
defying Is a reasonable, necessary,
safeguarding of public convenience
and public rights. It prohibits the
holding of public meeting on any of
the streets, sidewalks or alleys within
the fire limits. These men have an
undisputed right, possessed by all oth
ers, to hold street meetings outside
the fire limits, or within the fire limits
provided they secure halls or go upon
vacant lots or blocks. But they find
that the public does not want to hear
them to the extent of going to meet
ings held under conditions that gov
ern meetings held by other citizens
and organizations, and in their eager
desire to force their doctrines upon the
citizens of Spokane, they are defying
the law by invading the business dis
trict and shoutln.. out their opinions
in the expectation that their utterances
will thus be forced upon unwilling
ears. ,
"This Is un-American, unfair and In
tolerant to the clear rights of others,
and to contend that this contumacious
conduct is Justified in the name of
fr speecTi, Is preposterous."
Most assuredly the prohibition law
should be enforced. Whether It Is a
good law or an Impractical one makes
no difference as far as Its enforcement
Is concerned. While It is the law It Is
the duty of all to obey It and to as
sist In its enforcement. Upon this
point It should be needless to dwell.
The East Oregonian has always stood
for the enforcement of the law and
does so now.
However, the proper enforcement of
the prohibition law Is not as easy as
the prohibltionlste profess to believe.
The officers alone have not been re
sponsible for the lax enforcement of
the law In this county. The chief fault
H with the public Itself. People don't
assist In enforcing the prohibition law
IthottCh they gladly aid in catching
burglars, horse thieve .ind most other
elates of lawbreaker.
Furthermore it Is a waste of breath
when estimable men from Milton.
Athena. Pilot Rock and other points
come here and tell m the law has not
been flagrantly vlolited in this city.
Prohibition lias been a farce In Pen-
jdleton and everybody knows it. It is
I hypocrisy to deny the faci.
But now that r n effort is to be made
to enforce the la.v more rigidly let all
Join in the movement. It Is a proper
Itnova and has the cordial support of
this paper.
It U not surprising that Francis J.
Heney was defeated for district attor
ney in San Francisco. The odds were
all against him. Heney was engaged
in prosecuting graft cases that Involv
ed men having interests ramifying all
parts of the city. So the big business
interests were against him.
Then the labor union people were
antagonistic to Heney because he had
pros'vuted Ruf. Schmitz and others
of tho old labor union administration.
It is understood the two elements unit
ed against Heney, the republicans sup
porting the labor union mayoralty
candidate in return for the union la
bor vote for Fickert. The combination
was successful. But the result looks
had for San Francisco. The city is
placed in the light of conniving at
bribery and grafting.
The most important subject now be
fore the people of this county is that
of the proposed electric line from Dale
to Pendleton and from this point to
the Columbia. Give us this road anl
within a few .years Umatilla county
will show a development that will ns
tonish people.
The East Oregonian suggested what
It believed to be a good solution for the
liquor question. But its plan was
passed up. This' paper Is now willing
i , let someone else tackle the prob
lem. Tho j.rohibitlonlsts think they
know how to settle the matter. Go
1 r.tlenicn, you are welcome to
tlie job.
Within a few years department
commanders and all other members of
the Grand Army of the Republic will
have passed away. But the good that
has resulted from the battles they
fought will never die.
At this particular time the prohibi
tionist forces should be massed at
Walla Walla. Pendleton is already
Here's hoping this county will not
continue dry in the sense that It must
do with half the normal rainfall dur
ing another season.
Tom L. Johnson too was defeated.
More than one good public servant
went down In the election Tuesday.
O bless the Indian brand of sum
mer! We're all agreed that It's a
hummer; the red men. in a general
way. don't cut much Ice, or bale much
bay; their record couldn't be much
bummer. They don't excel at useful
labors; at painting or at wielding fa
bers; no Injun ever wrote a book as
good as Rudyard Kipling's "Pook,"
or hustled like his pale face neighbors.
The sagamores and other josses are
merely lazy charllehorses; they wear
a smile and safety pin, and when they
sleep they dream of gin. and often die
of sheriff's posses. We see the Injun
In the circus, with Cossack, Greek
and swarthy Turk cuss; and there he
seems entirely great; but when he
meets us at the gate, as we go home,
he tried to work us. I've me the In
juns pretty freely along the trail from
Butte to Nellgh; and what I think,
and what I know about the festive,
fragrant Lo It wouldn't do to tell
you, really. I've seen them on their
native heather, In groups of one and
ali together; and this I'll chortle In
their praise, there's nothing like the
golden days of lazy Indian summer
weather! Walt Mason In Portland
London. Reports of the great mil
itary manoeuvres to be held In Japan
have reached London. The drills will
be held at Utsunomlya and will begin
Saturday.. Already the movement of
troops has begun and the entire
uinedom Is resounding to the mighty
tramp of marching men and the roar
of martial music. The manoeuvers
win bp bv all odds the most import
ant ever attempted by the armies of
modern Japan and will be wltnesseu
by military experts of all nations, In
cluding England and the United
A total force of seventy thousand
fighting men will take part In the
military evolutions, which will con
sist of drills, target practice and sham
Four thousand officers and sixty
seven thousand trained soldiers will
be the principal participants. In ad
dition three thousand non-combatants
will take part.
Lady of the House (Just returned)
Poor polly; all alone so long.
Parrot (feverishly) Give me a
stack of whites. Detroit Tribune.
What are Ellen going to dot
"I could kiss her." said Bronson
"Inside of twenty-four hours."
They were silting on the beach-
four of them. BrOnaOn had Just come
from the city. The others had been
there for a couple of weeks.
The girl in question was sitting
some distance uway, under an um
brella, quietly and demurely reading.
The other fellows loukel at Bron
son, each with an Incredulous smile.
"That's all right." said Tllter. "So
I thought; but it Isn't so easy. We
have it 1 1 tried it on," he said, "and
up to the present moment we have
failed For myself, I cannot make
out whether she really objects or
Bronson gave another look in the
direction of the young woman in
"Perhaps you were in too much Of
a hurry." he said reflectively.
"If you think," said Quibb, with a
satirical grin, "that you can give us
any points on that proposition, you
are laboring under a totally unjus
tifiable delusion. I haven't been
spending my summers at seaside re
sorts for the past eight years for
"Nevertheless." replied Bronson. "1
bet I can kiss that girl within twenty-four
hours. There's a spot on the
back piazza," he continued, "and
you can see it from one of the top
windows of that b.ithhouse yonikr.
Now, you boys can see me do the
trick. How would half past 6 this
afternoon do?"
"I'll bet you a hundred you can't
do it!" broke In Hubton. "Will you
fellows take a third each?" he asked,
turning lo his companions.
"Sure!" replied Quibb.
"I'm in!" replied Tllter.
"It's a go!" said Bronson.
They all met again at 6 o'clock be
hind a friendly rock. The trio that
had bet with Bronson were all pretty
well crestfallen.
"You did it," said Tilter, discon
solately . "You're a wizard, all
right. Boys, pony up."
"That's easy money," said Quibb.
as he counted out his share.
"I don't know of any better way of
making a hundred," said Hubton, as
he handed It over.
Bronson smiled
"You mean fifty," he replied.
"Fifty!" exclaimed the three of
them in chorus. "You made a hun
dred, didn't yon?"
Bronson smiled again.
"Fifty of It," he explained, "goes
to the girl." New York Life.
"I'm very sorry to trouble you,
madam." said the bank teller polite
ly, "but you'll have to be Identified "
He pushed the cheek across the mar
ble slab toward her as he spoke.
"Identified'.'" repeated the lady;
"what does that mean? Isn't the
check good?" The bank man did not
sm.le, for this was the thirty-seventh
lady who had asked this question
that day. "I have no doubt it ia," he
said, "but I don't know you. Do you
know anybody in the bank?" "JV'hy,
I'm Mrs. Weatherly!" exclaimed the
lady. "Didn't you see my nai on
the check? See here it is." The
teller shook his head wearily. "You
must be identified," he insisted; "you
must bring somebody who knows
you." The lady drew herself up.
"That check," she said with dignity,
"was given me by my husband.
There's his name on it. Do you know
him?" "I do," said the teller, "but
I don't know you." "Then," said the
lady, "I'll show you who I am. My
husband is a tall man with reddish
hair. His face is smooth shaven. He
has a mole on one cheek and looks
something like a gorilla, some people
say, but I don't think bo. When he
talks he twists his mouth to one side
and one of his front teeth is missing.
He wears a No. 15 collar, a No. 6
shoe, and won't keep his coat but
toned. He's the hardest man to get
money out of you ever saw It took
me three days to get this check." The
banker waved his hand. "I guess It's
all right," he said; "put your name
right there no, on the back, not on
the face." Galveston News.
Senator Tillman's opinion Is that
talk at a Taft banquet snould be as
cheap as talk is anywhere else.
All the "Talkers"
All the Records
All the time,
All the latest "Twin" Records
every record listed In the Edi
son Record Catalogue, can be
found here.
Victors and Edisons are
always at the top
Here Is a stock easily six times
the largest In the city.
,We do repairing.
We do ordinary adjusting for
our patrons FREE of CHARGE.
Our la the only store In the
city showing all the best makes
of Machines and Records side
by side, insuring satisfactory ee
lections. Eilers Piano House
QUARTERS. SIS Main Street, Pendleton.
! A Clean Man
OutMi't atrahlilies' N ' than half the battle. A mnn miT
cruo i. mieW i dozen lime a day. end till he unclean 1 oo4
boalOi meant cleanliness not only outside, but inside It
t -1 1 ' t ..h, clean huwelv clean Hood, a c!c:.n llvtl tfl I
new. cli-in, health tisuc. The man who it clean in tin II
will loo!, it and Jt it He will work with enerHv and tli:n
clean, clear, healthy thoughts
He will neve- be troubled with liver, lung, ktoinach or blood
diorder. Dyspepsia and indigestion origimite in unclean stom-
sells. IIIOOU Uireae are luu.u vwr--rc nn li mwphi wv.
Conianption a.iil bronchitis mean unclean li:ns
Pierce's Golden
prevsriri these diseases- It mnke a man's inside cleao
nd Wealthy- It clean the digestive organ, uuc- pur,
clean blood, and clean, healthy flesh
It restores tone to Ihe nervoui system, and cures nervoui exhauinoe
prostration ll contains no alcohol or habit-forming droit
Constipation is the most unclean uncleanliness V' fierce ' Pleusant
lets cure it Thev never gripe. Easy to take as car.uv
ihe American National Ilnnk
Hanking Law and Is under the constant supervision of the U. S.
Not leys than five sworn rcxrts must be made each year, and
thi H reports were always called for on unexpected dates In the post.
This menus dully readiness. These reports must be published and
must be verified by the. expert Rank Examiner whom the Govern
ment sends here to thoroughly examine this Bank twice each year,
at unexpected times. This Bank has
Capital $100,000.00
Stockholder's Liability 100,000.00
Surplus and undivided profits 172,000.00
Making a total of $372,000.00
which 'tands, not as the total security, but as the margin of secur
ity for our depositors.
Every dollar of this must be lost before any depositors can lose
a penny.
This Bank Is restricted by law to conservative business meth
ods. If I funds are protected by modern Burglar Proof steel safes
and steel lined vaults, and are insured against burglary and sneak
Do You Want a Chicken?
that has been on ice for a week or longer, or one that has the en
trals left In It for several days? If you do, don't try to buy It at the
East End Grocery
But If you want one dressed to your order, phone, the night be
fore, to Main 536 or Black 251.
?i ri urn
600 acres of land, 15 miles east of Pendleton; 80 acrs in cultivation;
260 fruit trees, all full bearing; strawberries and garden. Four good
wells; running water; fine timber and grass. Good house, barn and out
buildings. Land all fenced and no Irrigation required. Prices and further
particulars on application.
CHINA . . .
Sets In any pattern and com.
blnation desired. Large line
to select from and at mod
erate prices.
See them before baying
White Havlland China,
White and Gold Havlland
China. White and Gold Ger
man China and Cut Glass.
Imported white Ironstone china, set of 42 pieces $4. 60
Pretty floral decoration porcelain china, 42 pieces 4.60
Fancy decorated seml-porcelaln, set of 42 pieces 7.00
Real German china, white, set of 42 pieces 8.60
Every needed article for the kitchen and the cook, at
r H'i 1 1
Medic?.! Discovery
is organized under the National
however appetizing, can be only a
suggestion of the delicious taste and
flavor that goes with every piece we
furnish. Prime Is the one word that
aptly describes all our meats and
poultry. The best procurable, that
the best of good Judgment can select.
Give us a trial order and know what
good meat really Is.
ITesh Fish Kocelved Every Day.
Central Meat Market
108 E. Alta St
'Phont Main II
Good Improved Farms
No Irrigation Needed
Is made from the choicest wheat that
grows. Good bread is assured when
BYERS' BEST FLOUR is used. Bran,
Shorts, Steam Rolled Barley always on
Pendleton Roller Mills
easiest to learn, write and
the best for all kinds of
at the
Pendleton Business
B, (). DRAPER, Prin
Further Information free.
What Shall The
Holiday Gift Be
Those who make their selec
tions now will reap the benefit
of the most complete lines.
We have a large stock of
beautiful Jewelry, watches, rings
diamonds, silverware, etc., for
you to choose from.
Make the selection now and
we will lay It away 'till you
need It.
We engrave nil articles
bought of us, free of charge.
A. L. Schaefer
Pendleton's 'ending Jeweler.
Milne Transfer
Phone Main 5
Calls promptly answered
for all baggage transfer
ring. Piano and Furnture
moving and Heavy Truck
ing a specialty.
Winter is coming
Remember the old adage: "A
stitch In time Baves nine."
Beddow & Miller
kxcu'sive PLUMBING
Will examine your plumbing
free of charge.
The work we do is guaran
teed to last and give satisfac
tion. Court and Garden Sts.
Phone Black 3556
Stock Food, and jj
Curatives for your horses I!
or cows ills.
Sells them
At ' the Feed Store
127-129 E. Alta

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