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Stintnx-r float Dangerous' to little
Ones Wliose flo els Are
A mother cannot do better for her
children than to teach them from
their earliest days regularity of the
bowels. Regularity can be promoted
without the child knowing It by
watching his food and by so varying
the food that all the elements of di
gestion are used, when nature will do
the re-st. The future health of the
child depends npon this.
But try as you will there are times
when the little one will become con-
stipated and bilious. In hot weather
immediate attention Is necessary, as
many serious diseases result from
8tuffed-up bowels. Don't give salts
or cathartics or purgatives, as they
are too harsh, but give a gentle, pleas
anttastln? bowel stimulant like Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. It has been
used by the children of this as well
as a former generation, and thousands
.f it, among whom we can mention
Mrs. Louise Reynolds. 909 Jackson
St.. Lynchburg, Va., who is g'ad to
recommend it. and Mr. Chas. W. Al-j
len. Manor. Tex., who writes that he
often felt 100 years old, but feels
younger now than his years.
Every druggist sells Dr. Caldwell's
?yrup Pepsin, and the price Is only
fifty cents and one dollar a large
bottle. It will cure constipation and
biliousness in young or old, break up
a cold and stop summer diarrhoea by
ridding the bowels of the poisons and
germs that cause the trouble. It is a
grand family laxative, with valuable
tonic properties.
Families wishing to try a free sam
ple bottle can obtain it, postpaid, by
addressing Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 418
Washington St., Montlcello, 111.
Now fjiws are Bolus IYuml MI1U
Must Io Absolutely ure Before It
Will bo lMsscri lMii for sale
Skliiunoil Milk la l iulor the Ban
Must be Plainly Marked.
The Orpl'oum.
Extra good program for Tuesday's
"The Silver Cigarette. Case," Vita.
Thinking to retrieve his fortune, Les
lie Lorrence becomes engaged to Rita
Patten. Lola dl Paoli, a beautiful
opera singer to whom Lorrence has
promised marriage, hears of the en
gagement and tries to kill Rita at a
masquerade ball. Lola is later pros
trated by a nervous attack and sends
for Dr. Hawley who is In love with
Rita. He recognizes her by a silver
cigarette case she had at the mas
querade, and she confesses. On hear
ing of the double dealing of Lorrence,
Rita breaks the engagement and later
marries Dr. Hawley. The leading
role3 are taken by Leo Delaney and
Norma Talmadge.
"A Stolen Identity," Kalem. A
young spendthrift disowned by his
father helps a young couple who mar
ried against their parents wishes, and
. by his sacrifices reinstates himself In
his father's favor.
"Religion and Gun Practice," Selig
firmed bachelor, has to propose to a
lady. He Is only too pleased to give
place to his nephew who offers to res
cue his uncle and take his place at
the altar.
"His Redemption." Lubln. An un
usual story, handled In an unusual
"The Fugitive." Patheplay. A
delightful love story.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Pendleton celebration, July 4
and 5. will be shown Monday and
Tuesday. All the doings of the two
big days.
"The Girl of the Hidden Spring."
Two reels. Ambrosio. This picture
was taken In Australia and tells a
thrilling story of life In that country,
giving one an idea of the awful con
ditions fxisting during a water fam
ine in that far off land. Besides be
ing an exciting story it will interest
everyone as It deals with a little
known part of the world.
"The Heart That Sees." Imp
1 . n . 1 I A nfnlXf
A missionaries daughter in the west, King waggoi anu ...
falls in love with Kill Kullen, who I that makes a strong appeal, telling in
has wandered from the straight and convincing way a tale of great hu-
narrow path. She thoroughly reforms! man .niereai.
him, but her father objects to the
CALGARY Alta.. July 13. (Speci
al) Stringent regulations governing
the sale of milk and creum in Calgary
are being named by the city solicitoi
and the medical officer of health
The new bylaw will be passed on the
aldermen at an early meeting and will
probably go into force some time this
month as its operation will be more
beneficial than at any other time of
the year.
Under new regulations inspectors
from the health department are given
authority to take a sample of milk
offered for sale anywhere at any time
in Calgary. Moreover anyone selling
milk in Calgary, whether living out
side the city or not, will be required
to have a certificate from the medical
health officer.
In regard to quality of milk the foi
lowing clause of the bylaw is import
"Xo person shall supply, sell or keep
or expose or offer for sale or for con
sumption in tne city any milk or
cream which is unwholesome or un
fit for human food, or any milk which
has been adulterated or reduced or
changed by the addition of water or
other substances or by the removal of
cream or from strippings which have
been held back or which contain less
than twelve per cent of solids, three
per cent of which must be butter fat,
or the temperature of which is higher
than fifty degrees fahrenheit or spe
cific gravity less than 1027, solids (or
fat) less than nine per cent, nor milk
known as swill milk nor cows fed
upon distillery slop, garbage or im
pure drinking water."
Under the new regulations It will
thus be impossible to palm off skim
med milk on the unsuspecting house
holder as the pure stuff. The
bylaw provides that skimmed milk
may be sold only from cans marked
'"skimmed" milk In letters not less
than two inches long or from smaller
measures similarly marked and It shall
not be sold at all unless asked for
specifically by the customer.
The new bylaw has the support of
all the better class dairymen who do
business In Calgary, and JJt is hoped
that working in .conjunction with the
new milk dispensary which provides
pure milk for Infants, that great bene
fit will accrue from Calgary's new
njilk legislation.
Tbo Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, lias borne tho signature of
0 and has been made under his per-
, Houal supervision 6lnco its infancy.
&f7jrt 'CCcAaZZ Allow no one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good " are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment,
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria is ft harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Props and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphino nor. other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is Its guarantee. It destroys AVorms
and allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it
lias been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomach and Dowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
(Bears the Signature of
What kind of a nirtif vvuukl twelve
ears of com ntuke?
Corn meal, of course!
"The Bewitched Band-Box." Ml-
mrri, w h nersists nn,i Kill i lano. Trick photography is used to
receives spiritual advice while he In
structs her in riding and shootng.
Father, in time, relents and all ends
"Beau Crummel and his Bride,"
F.dison. A young couple who have
eloped make a violent effort to escape
papa, who merely wants to add his
'Vblessing. A good comedy.
make some funny situations.
"Kellv on a Tight-Rope." Milano.
Kelly's attempts to perform on the
tight-rope are a scream.
Causes of Stomach Troubles.
Sedentary habits, lack of outdoor
exercise, insufficient mastication of
j food, constipation, a torpid liver.
I worry and anxiety, overeating, par
taking of food and drink not suited
motion , vour habits and take Chamberlain's
Tablets and you will soon be well
again. For sale by all dealers.
Pastime Theater,
The home of good pictures, offers t0 your age and occupation
four full reels of excellent
pictures for Tuesday's change:
"Two Little Kittens." Edison. Fea
There Mnv Uc
Tluin to le Obliged to go Without
Good Wholesome Meal
For Even One Meal,
lint We Can't Think of Any Just
Off Hand.
Don't Do It !
It Isn't Necessary.
We Sell The Host of Meat.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
Portland Socialists Adopt Resolutions
Asking Governor West to
PORTLAND, Ore., July 15. Local
Portland socialists at a mass meeting
adopted a set of resolutions condemn-
stroyed, his life threatened, and his
rights as a citizen denied, and
"Whereas, the business men's mob
have not only done these things, but
have also, with the connivance of the
duly constituted authorities of Ban
don and Coos county, violated the
constitutional rights of free speech
and free press, through the suppres
sion of Dr. Leach's paper, 'Justice.'
"Resolved, That this meeting cull
upon the governor to see that Dr
Leach is protected In his constitu
tional rights and' In his rights as a
citizen, and thnt the community of
Bandon and Coos county be required
to pay to Dr. Leach all damages that
he may have sustained either in his
property or his person, even, ift neces
sary, using the militia to that end.
"Resolved, Further, That, failing to
get action by the governor and the
state authorities, the socialist party
take such political action as will
bring about protection to the citizens
of the state of Oregon."
Empire Meat Go.
ilo'p; m rv in
turlng Mabel Trunnelle and Harry j
Beaumont. Two little kittens provide
a means of reconciliation between a
young widowed seamstress and her
wealthy mother-inlaw, but not until
the former haJ undergone many hu
miliations even to the extent of being
accused of theft in the hotel where
she was forced to seek employment Baker Motorcyclist Seriously Injured
Mabel Trunnelle has the role of Lettte! t Railroad Crossing Taken
Morris, the young seamstress and to Hospital
JIarry Beaumont plays the lover.
"His Tired I'ncle " Vitagraph. The
raanv admirers of the Jovial John
BAKER. Ore., July 15. While
crossing the O.-W. R. & N. railroad
Bunny will enjoy a hearty laugh ati tracks at Line, J. A. Stout was hurled
his latest predicament. He had re- 49 feet through the air, breaking a
fused consent to his nephew's mar-1 rib, mashing a kidney and otherwise
riage with a pretty widow. Taking.
advantage of an unfortunate mistake,
hl nephew places him in a fa'.se po
sition where Bunny himself, a con-
Ing the citizens of Bandon who drove-;
out Dr. B. K. Leach recently. The
ton. She was accompanied home by
Mrs. Jack Schellenburger. who will
visit here' the remainder of this week.
Mr. and Mrs W. W. Whltworth
were business visitors at the county
seat on Monday and returned home
In the evening
Miss Opal Call (son has resigned her
position with the K. O. I. Telephone
Co. at this place. The vacaii'y will I
In; filled by Miss liene Webb. Miss
Csllison expects .'oon to accept a !
si'ion with a local business hou-e.
Chas. Corder, who has been em
ployed at the Echo flour mills tW
past year, left for Portland yesterday
on a two weeks' vacation. He will
spend the time with his mother. Mm
Ira Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Thomas retain
ed home tills morning from fott.iinil
where they visited the pust week
with their son, Raymond Thomas, and
Mother's Advice
To Her Daughter
A Real Live Doll to Fondle I Woman'
Greatest Happiness.
resolutions, which were mailed to
Governor West, urge the governor to
Intervene In Leach's behalf and take
steps to see that he Is accorded con
stitutional rights, which are declared
to have been denied him by the Ban
don people, and also that he be
awarded damages.
The resolutions follow:
"Whereas, a mob of business men
of Bandon have by force compelled
Or. Bailey K. Leach, of that city, and
other citizens, to leave their homes
and business, and
"Whereas, the only cause of their
actions was that Dr. Leach held and
expressed views not In accord with
those of the aforesaid business mob,
(Special Correspondence )
ECHO, July 15. Farmers In town
today from the belt of country east
of the buttes and some eight miles
southwest of Echo, report crops the
best In years. The grains are plump
and heads well fried.
Jamt Ralph of Spokane, who with
Mr. Roth was granted a franchise
some time ago to put an electric light
system In Echo, is here today and
with a force of men has begun the
work. They must have the work com
pleted within sixty days, according to
their franchise.
W. H. Gulllford shipped two car
loads of beef cattle to the Portland
markets on Saturday.
Mrs. J. F. Young returned Monday
Whereas, his property has been de-j evening from a short visit in Pendle-
ISeatitiful Women.
Nothing adds more to the beauty
of women than' luxuriant hair. The
regular use of Meritol Hair Tor.ic
will keep the hair healthy, promote
Its growth keep It clean and bright,
and gives It that vavy appearance so
much admired.
The Skin and Xot the Blood.
Until recently it has been a gen
erally accepted theory that eczema
was a disease of the blood. Scien
tific investigations have taught us
that enema Is positively a skin dis
ease and curable through the skin
a'one. Meritol Eczema Remedy la
applied directly to the diseased skin,
the effect Is marvelous and its re
sults permanent Do not delay trying
Meritol Etzema Remedy.
Exclusive Local Agents.
sustaining Internal injuries, which
have not been determined. The mo
tocycle which he was riding was pick
ed up by the engine, but because of
its weight was not thrown so far as
Stout. It was badly damaged.
It is said the crossing at Line i
a particularly aangerousu one, as it
ij impossible to see a train approach
ing from either direction. It Is dif
ficult to hear, especially if the train
is coasting down the grade.
Engineer Ebe'.I was in charge of the
w rk train which was traveling 20
miles an hour. Stout, before his ap
proach to the crossing, slowed down
his machine listening for an ap
proaching train, but thinking he was
safe he attempted to cross the tracks
When the engine struck him in the
left side he was a trifle over half way
across the track. He was thrown
against a fence and when picked up
by the train men It was thought he
could not live.
He was taken to Huntington by the
trainmen, where he was left In charge
of the railroad physician. He was
later taken to Boise where he was
placed In the hospital.
Sleeplessness, Run -Down Condition
m fl :: : :v ' Si
mri-?1 jiCJ& !JAV t
W ill
III fiPl
Read this Important Statement
Greet English doctors havi recom
Moded for over 100 years the famous
Wtiltbre&d English Ale or Whltbread Eng
Hah Stout (Malted Extract) made In Eng
land from the finest bailey, malt and hops
to be obtained and matured naturally in
bottles in England and sent direct to
America. Fortifies the system and makes
rich blood. Thousands of sulTertnK women
here found instant relief by drinking
Whltbread Stout For mothers, invalids
end those In a nervous, run-down condi
tion it Ih invaluable. The most temperate
people drink Whltbread Ale, becnune it Is
not only delicious, but a wonderful blood
girti and tunic The anaemic and run-
SI. ,I..AM.. JMl'Jl
273 West I'.roiiu'vpy,
down drink Whltbread Stout Doctors,
clergymen and professional men drink
Whltbread Ale or Stout to build up the
system from Ills due to overwork. A glass
of the Ale or Stout, taken with meals and
at nlKht time, will give that restful sleep
Do not accept any substitute, because
Whltbread is totally unlike all other Ales
or Stouts ; belns matured in the bottles
It is most easily digested, in fact, a
wonderful tonic for the stomach. A trial
for one week will ?mvince you of th
wonderful effect of Whltbread Ale or
Stout. It can now be obtained from vour
local dealer from ....
Xew York City.
One of the most Important matters about
which women concern themselves is their
future status as a grandmother. Aud she
Is wisdom Itself who knows of or learns
of thut famous remedy. Mother's Friend.
This Is nn rxternal application for tbo
abdominal nuscles and breasts. It cer
tainly has a wonderful Influence, allays all
fear, banishes all pain. Is a most grateful
encouragement to the young, expectant
mother, and permits her to go through the
period happy In mind, free In body and
thus destined to anticipate woman's great
est happiness as nature Intended she should.
The action of Mother's Friend makes the
muscles free, pllnnt and responsive to ex
pansion. Thus all strain and tension upon
the nerves and ligaments Is avoided, and.
In place 01 a period of discomfort and con
sentient dread, it Is a season of calm repose
and Joyful expectation.
There Is no nausea, no morning sick
ness, no nervous twitching, none of that
constant strain known to so many women,
hence Mother's Friend Is really one of the
greatest blessings that could be devised.
This splendid and certain remedy can bo
bad of any drmzclst at $1.00 a bottle, and
is sure to prove of Inestimable value, net
only upon ths mother, but upon the hcalrb,
and future of the child. Write to r.rntlfiflc!
Regulator Co., 1""J Umnr HMu . ,U'p"tr
Ga., for their bool: to ex.ieeta.'::
Mt. Hood
Every Jar Guaranteed
For sale only by
T&ilman G Co.
1 'ja
in v 1
I torn
1 Antirrtl
, ...... .
a MNmir
i(nj -
Guaranteed 100 efficient
take do substitute
Will positively keep watercool
for 48 hours in the shade or
sun. Constructed on a simple
scientific principle. Will with
stand the severest kind of field
use. Is a boon to the stock
man, surveyor, miner, farmer,
prospector and traveler. Is
used by the U. S. Gov't. Is
durable light sanitary and
convenient to carry.
Adam Appell Water Bag Co.
Portland, Oregon
Left to rlnht: Iula Purr, Queen of Cowylrlti; Montana Karl, Hronco
Hunter. Ilottom: Auto Polo, the new M''Mliii!i! kuiiio of the dare men
with Buffalo RiU'a Wild Went and X'uwneii liill'a Far Kuyt, Pcndloton,
August 2nd.
Drink Pure Beer
Made in Pendleton by
the City Brewery
It is pure, sparkling and refreshing; contains no preserva
tive chemicals to injure your stomach, but gives .you new life
and stimulates lack of appetite.
By drinking PENDLETON BEER you assist in provid
ing employment for home labor, building up your home city
and supporting local institutions that place money in circula
tion here.
Boost your home town give home products the preference
over those shipped in.
When you drink beer, insist on CITY
BEER on draught a,t local saloons and
bottled at both local bottling works

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