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8ALEM, Ore, Dec. 26. With more
than 2,000 persons present, Santa
Claus made his appearanco Wednes
day night under the auspices of the
Chcrrlans before a brilliantly Illumi
nated live fir tree on the court house
lawn and distributed presents for the
needy boy and girls of the city. In
all, 1,500 boxes of candy were dis
tributed, each containing a ticket to
a matinee at a local theater and ac
companied by an apple. Through the
Idles auxiliary organization, baskets
containing dinners and provisions to
gether with clothing were distributed,
about 100 baskets being so distrib
uted. All needy families were. provid
ed with food and clothing.
The Chcrrlans were in attendance
at the celebration in full uniform,
for Infuiti and Children.
fte Kind Yoa Have 'Always Brcght
Bean the
You'll get the best meal
in Pendleton at the
Particular cooks
Attentive 8ervtce.
For Breakfast
Ranch Egg
Buttermilk HototkM
Good coffee
Every day.
We InvlU your patronage and
aim to please you.
A oleaa kitchen
Regular Meals
Gus. La Fontaino
tA Fontaine Block, Mela 8tnet
Come with the crowds and take
Suits and Overcoats for only
Suits and Overcoats for only
Suits and Overcoats for cnly
Suits and Overccats for cnly
All Our Famous "Bond Brothers" Suits and Overcoats to go
none excepted. They will be fit to you perfectly by our own expert tailor's and each
bears our personal guarantee of satisfactory service
Sale Ends Saturday. Night, January 3rd
BOND BROTHERS, Pendleton's Leading Clothiers
find the program opened with band
music. Ex-Mayor Rodgers, king of
Chorrlana then introduced Rev. Mr.
Marshall, pastor of the Baptist church
and the minister of the Cherrlans,
who delivered an address. After sev
eral vocul selections and - singing of
America by the crowd, the distribu
tion of presents commenced.
WESTON, Ore., Dec: 25. Mrs.
Chas. Miller stopped off at Weston
while en route to her future home
near Seattle. I
Mrs. Harry Twiner returned home
Monday from Walla Walla where she
has been visiting for the past few
days. I
Miss Ada Overturff of Pendleton
spent Sunday with friends In Weston
and Athena. '
Miss Agnes MacKensio returned
home Tuesday from Portland where
she has been 'attending business col
lege. Miss MacKenile Is delighted
with her school work and expects to
return after the holidays. . I
Chris Thoney of thia city made a
trip to Athena during the week.
Miss Alma Barnett of this city was
In the Garden City Monday receiving
opteopatchlc treatments.
P. T. Harbour, manager of the
Weston brick and wood yards, trans
acted business at the. county seat the
first of the week.
Chas. Bulflnch, Sr., made a trip
to Walla Walla the first of the week
for the purpose of having dental
work done.
When vou have freauent sneezing
fits, tickling In the throat, crusts in
the nose, spasms of coughing, rals-'
Ing of mucous, drppings in the
throat and offensive breath, you are
affected with catarrh. Immediately
steps should be taken to remedy this
condition or the ailment will increase
Aid a chronic and serious stage of
the disease result. .
At the first symptoms of catarrh,
use Hyomelr as sold by druggists ev
erywhere. It Is a scientific medicat
ed air treatment, that does not drug
and derange the stomach, but Is
broathed In through the Hyomcl In
haler, effectively destroying the dis
ease germs that may lurk In the nose,
throat and lungs, and quickly soothes
and heals the Irritated mucous mem
brane. .
Hyomet is sold by Tallman & Co.
with an agreement to refund the pur
chase prico to any one who Is not
benefited. Get it now, and be cured
of catarrh. Complete outfit, Includ
ing Inhaler and bottle of liquid, 11.00.
niTTV riem rtnunnxTTiv tT7-kttvt TrrvV rYPirnIV TiT? T n A V TlTPFAf TiVfZ 9 ft 101,1
(o JHU
advantage of this exreptional opportunity to secure the best looking; best
made in America at less prices than are charged for "ordinary" clothes.
Mrs. Joe Hodgson has been in
Athena for the past week visiting at
the home of her son's, Mr. Jas Hodg
son. Christmas trees will be held at the
t'lllted Brethren church and the
Methodist church Wednesday eve
ning. Special programs have been
prepared for both places.
Henry Stamper returned home
Monday evening from a visit to his
brothers at Nez Perce, Idaho.
Daisy Waddingham who teaches
school out from Helix came home
Monday to remain until after the
Mrs. J. V. Mitchell is preparing to
leave for Durkey, Oregon, where she
will join her husband who la station
agent at that place.
Dick Harris of Athena transacted
business In Weston the first of the
Robert Wheeler spent several days
in Weston last week visiting his
mother, Mrs. Margaret Wheeler.
The Misses Anita Klrkpatrick and
Ina Blomgren came up from Pendle
ton Tuesday evening to spend Christ
mas with relatives in this city.
Frank Smith was in Athena Sun
day visiting friends.
jas. Twiner has Just returned from
central Washington where he has
been visiting his son Muthew Twiner
who recently bought a tract of land
In that country.
Mr. and Mrs. James McDanlel were
down from the home on Weston
mountain and ' reports excellent
sleighing on the mountains. The
snow Is about six inches deep here
at Weston.
W. E. Johnson who has been liv
ing at Madras, Oregon, came up to
spend Christmas with his wife and
children of this city. Mr. Johnson
had charge of the Weston Lcador for
three months and he is now editor
of a paper at Madras.
J. B. Hart of Walla Walla was in
Weston Tuesday transacting busi
ness. W. K. Merrill of Portlnd is In Wes:
ton on Taclflc Telephone & Tele
graph business.
Claud Rlehacl of this city was a
visitor , in the county seat Tuesday.
Miss Norma Smith who has been
working In Davis Kasers for the past
few weeks came home this week to
spend Christmas with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Smith.
(Special Correspondence.)
STAN FIELD, Dec. 25 Friday
night the pupils of the Reeves high
school presented the play "The Coun
try Doctor." The large assembly room
was crowded to Its full capacity, eacn
and every one played their parts so
well that It would be a credit to ex
perlenced people. The leading lady
was Miss Bernlce Walker and the
country doctor was represented by
Clement Howard. The proceeds were
about $65, which go toward buying
$1 5.00
books for the school library.
Frank Nudo and bride arrived here
from Pendleton Sunday morning. They
were received at the station by about
25 of the citizens. Amid the shower
ing of rice and the ringing of cow
bells the bride was taken in an auto
and the groom was landed on a lum
ber wagon drawn by a pair of mules.
They were taken down Coe avenue to
their home.
W. A. Ford left for Portland Sun
day to spend the holidays.
Mrs. H. Duff left Saturday for her
home at Fossil to spend holiday week
with her parents. .
F. B, Stuart has moved his livery
stable from the Sawyer barn to a new
barn he has built Just back of the ho
SEATTLE, Wash.. Dec. 21. Four
women Jurors Mrs. Alva Graaf, Mrs.
Isadora Ford, Mrs. Eliza Brandon
and Mrs. Anna Wesson who with
eight others on December 2 last found
Theodore Pappns guilty of blackmail,
did so In order that Mrs. Wassan
might retire for the night, according
to their signed affidavits read in the
criminal court. Judge Ronald mer
cilessly scored the action of the wo
men. He said, if they are amenable
to the contempt law, they will be pun
ished. The affidavit states that Mrs
Wasson became 111 and that, in ans
wer to her pleas, they voted for con
viction so that she might go home.
Spokane Mayor Plays Santa to poor
on Downtown Corner.
SPOKANE, Wash., Dec. 24. Spo
kane's municipal Christmas tree . 50
At Alt Theater
Suits and Overcoats for only
Suits and Overcoats for only
Suits and Overcoats for only
Suits and Overcoats for only
feet high on a prominent business
corner, was lighted for the first time
It will be illuminated each night un
til 12 o'clock, December 31.
A program of carols and other
Christmas music will be rendered
each night. Mayor W. J. Hindley act
ed as Santa Claus and distributed
presents to the children who furnish
ed the program.
Man Shows Xo Mpn of Cerebral as
Think Tissues Shrink.
PARIS, Dec. 24. Before the
Academy of Science Dr. Robinson re
ported case in which life was sus
tained when a great part of the brain
had been destroyed. The case was
that of a man 62 years old. treated
for a year for an apparently slight
wound of the occiput.
During this time the patient show
ed no signs of brain trouble, but the
autopsy revealed the presence of an
abscess which had reduced the brain
tissue to a mere shell.
Young Woman Elope With Suitor
Who Ixwes Her In Card Game.
UOLLETTE, N. D., Dec. 24.
James and George Belknap, brothers
and suitors for the srme girl, played
poker to determine which should have
a "clear field" to the young woman's
affections. Jamos won and he and
the girl. Miss Jessie Peltier, made
arrangements to be married.
When James returned home George
was absent, but he thought nothing
of It until an Investigation disclosed
the fact that the loser and the girl
had eloped to Canada to be married
Next Monday, Dec. 29th,
fitting and best wearing
n. iv
vour vital
surely deteriorating.
Scott's Emulsion overcomes nervousness
better than anything else because its nourishing
force enriches the blood and stimulates its flow
to all the tissues and bathes
rich plasma by which they
Shan alcoholic substitute
stupefy. Take Soott's Emulsion for your
nerves. Its nutritive power is the greatest help
that nature affords.
LONDON', Dec. 24 Sir Hugh Lane,
the famous art connoisseur, said
"It is true I sold the Titian portrait
of Phillip II to Mrs. Emery of Cincin
nati, but the price of 400,000 named
is not correct. I am not prepared wo
say what the sum was, but I will say
it amounted to a small fortune.
"I was hard up at the time of the
sale." '
It Is stated that the price paid for
the painting was $350,000.
MEXICO CITT, Dec. 24. General
Huerta planned today to leave the af
fairs of hla tottering government be
hind for a few hours and spend Christ
mas eve with his wife and family. He
ordered a big Christmas .tree for tht
three younger . of his children, all girls.
Older Child at Xorth Bond Rescued
From Drowning.
NORTH BEND. Ore.. Dec. 24. Es
threr Berglund, 6 years old. Is an
Idolized heroine In this city, through
her rescue of 10-year-ld Dorothy
Wood from drowning. The two girls
were near a well In Simpson Park and
the Wood girl, In trying to find the
depth of the water, fell Into the well
The top was covered . about two
thirds over with boarding, and when
the girl came up she was underneath
the covering. She went down a sec
ond time, and on coming up again her
little companion lay flat on the
ground, rulled hr from underneath
the boarding, and then assisted her
to safety.
The mother of the Berglund girl 1
a widow, and the Wood family Is
planning to recognise 'be rescue in
1 a substantial way.
- ,
or worried or vexed at trifles,
forces are slowly but
the tiny nerve cells in the
are nourished.
that stimulate and
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 24. One
man was made unconscious and four
were badly bruised when the hose
wagon from engine company No. 19
turned turtle at East Stark and East
Sixtieth streets. Driver Rockwell
was thrown to the pavement ' With
such force that his comrades had dif
ficulty In reviving him., .Lieutenant
Frankols was on the seat beside him
end was painfully bruised. Hosemen
Allerton. Peterson and Frelhelt were
others Injured.
A Freh Shipment of
Direct fiom
the makers a
freshness of each package guar-
anteed by us.
Tallman & Co. ;
Exclusive AfenU

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