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1 Hi i I 1
Some Big Bargains in
L3 U
You know the word "HOLT" means dependable and any time you buw a HOLT at a
reduction you are making money fast.
One good JUNIOR HOLT HARVESTER; 16 foot cut; ground power; in good con
- dition and ready to go into the field. To be sold for JUST ONE-THIRD ITS REAL
One JUNIOR HOLT HARVESTER, good a new; 14 foot cut; ground power. To be tt
sold for only $750.00. 1
A few BABY HOLT HARVESTERS; 12 foot cut; their owners have bought larger
machines of the same make and they will be sold at a great sacrifice.
One BETTY BEST 10 foot cut HARVESTER, just like new, to be sold for only ?300.
to be sold at less than the cost of the engine alone.
HERE'S THE HOLT RECORD: COO harvesters sold by us" without a single rejection.
The above machines have been accumulated by their owners buying new HOLTS.
They are all in good condition and the first buyer here gets his choice at a bargain.
319 E. Court St.
Vendleton, Oregon
Telephone 518 tt
National "Hot Point" Week
Come in and see our special display of
electrical appliances for lighting', heating"
and cooking.
At the present rates, it is cheaper to do it
J. L. Vaughan
831 Main St. Phone 139
'. ' '"' '"ii "
(1 17 .-
at Local
Christian science.
Corner E. Webb and Johnson
street. Services Sunday, a a. m. and
8 p. m. Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Subject of lesson sermon, "Adam and
Fallen Man " Wednesday, g p. m.
The reading room at the church is
open aaiiy, except Sunday, from 2 un-
ii i y, in.
Open Day
and Night
Meals 25c and up.
Special Evening
Lunch e.
Qua LaFonUfo.
Fine, Clean
in connection
Steam Heated
fly-. UNITED IN ONE Mfil"
if".- , Y ' r AND YT DESPITE t I FsS
' T X "-.A THIS FACT 25 CENTS I f) ) I
; i) uisTHt admission vt-A-
Va'Wi 1 UAT IC vral U14MT TMFM ?5 , VI f rrwIWiiii
f 'T NvSlll Piajormuv Puistw Vwiiutome, livmi
1 HM7 ..... i r . T". . ...-.I., n r.
S" Dane... With MU,N1 DANDl OT Olous IF1PI ANI, UWIBWB
Vaouttoi. Ranch visit n Banii.-A gi Who win
PERFORMANCES 2:15 and 8:15
First Christian.
Corner Main Bnd Jacknnn ilroAt.
Tolbert F. Weaver, minister. A cor-
aiai invitation Is extended to all to
attend the follOWlnir SCrvlcoo tnmr,r.
row: Bible school, 9:45 a. m.; Chris
tian endeavor, 7 p. m.; preaching,
11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Morning sub
ject, "The New and Better Covenant."
Evening subject, "The Horizon of
Revelation and Zenith ' of Power."
Text, "That I may know Him and the
Power of His Resurrection," Phil.
Services at the Presbyterian church
tomorrow will be as follows: 10 a.
m. Sunday school, l la. m., morning
worship. Sermon by the pastor. Sub
ject. "Life Is More Than Meat;" 7 p.
m.. Young Peoples' meeting; 8 p. m.,
sacred concert by the choir. You will
need to come early to get a seat at
the evening service.
Sunday school at 10 a. m., Epworth
League at 7 p. m. Preaching at 11 a.
in. and 8 p. m. Rev. Andrew Warner,
1). D , of Walla Walla, Wash., will
preach at the 11 o'clock hour. The
evening subject, "Seeking to Know
the Truth." Text 1 Kings, 10:6-7.
"And" she said to the king, It was a
true report that I heard In mine own
land of thy acts and of thy wisdom
Howlielt I believed not the words, un
til I came, and mine eyes had seen
It: and behold the half was not told
me: thy wisdom and thy prosperity
exceedeth the fame which I heard."
Special music at each service. Chas.
A. Hodshlre, pastor.
Morning services: Bible school, 10
o'clock; preaching service, n o'clock
Setmon by J. H. Morris. Subject,
"The Twenty-third Psalm." Even
ing services: B. Y. P. U meeting, 7
o'clock; preaching service, 8 o'clock.
Rev. Thomas Moody, missionary from
the Congo fields of Africa, will preach
the sermon. The public is cordially
Invited to each of these services. Rev,
E. R. Clevenger, pastor.
Bible Students.
Bible students ahold services In the
Coffee Club hall Sunday, May 9th, f
p. m. Subject, "Will the Lord Make
a Personal Presence at the second ad
vent?" All welcome; no collections.
Church of the Hedeemcr.
The Holy Communion will be celo
brated at 7:30 a. m. Sunday school
at 10 a. m. Divine service with ser
mon at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. All are
cordially Invited. Charles Qulnney
Well Known Tobnceonl t Dead.
Charles Mnttheas, well known tobacco
wholesale dealer, died at his home
here after a long Illness. Mattheas
built up a small tobacco business In
to the second largest wholesale house
on the Pacific coast.
tv- . i-rjn
rim a Niwd
LONDON", May 6. Mrs. Resinald
rooks, who was one of the bfauti. !
ful Langhorne sisters of Virginia, and
who recently obtained an interlocu-i
tory decree of divorce from her hus
band, Reginald Brooks, has- inherited
$300,000 from Captain Douirlas-Pen-
nant of the Brit sh army who was
killed in action. Mrs. Brooks ob-
Ined her divorce because she claim
ed she and her husband could nut
agree as to what part of the world
they should live in.
Scratched and It Would Cum and
Hurt. Spread Larger and Larger.
Used Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment. In Two Weeks Well,
Joppa, I1L "I vaj annoyed both dy
and niicht by itching tod burning on my leg.
The trouble broke out with a run lomething
like be&t. wu raw and bncan
f to got worse. It itrhed very
1) badly. I would scratch until
the blood would come and then
Oh! how It would burn and
hurt. It began to ipread
Urger and larger. It would
hurt when my clothing touched
" I tried several remedies, such as
Balve, , etc., without succeM. I had
this trouble about ten months before I
began to use Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
First I would waah the affected parts with
Cuticura Soap and then apply the Cuticura
Ointment. In two months I was completely
well and it has not returned.'' (Signed)
Kuscoe Taylor, July 0, 1914.
Cuticura Soap to clcanae and purify and
Cuticura Ointment to soothe and beal are
Dust effective toilet preparations.
Sample Each Free by Mat!
With 32-p. Skin Book on request. Ad
dress post-card "Cuticura, Dtpc T, Bos
ton." Sold throughout the world.
(Courtesy Friduy's Journal.)
PORTLAND, Ore The advance in
the cattle market forecast In these
reports yesterday, materialized later
in the afternoon as expected. Pulp
fed stuff brought In by an organiza
tion closely allied with a local meat
company sold again at (8 or about
a dime better than the recent top.
General cattle situation at North
Portland is in rather good shape with
only limited supplies available. The
ent re situation Is good and while
light, well finished steers are in best
request, the demand is good for all
offerings at fractionally improved
prices over recent sales.
General cattle market range:
Select pulp fed steers. ... 37.90(3 8.00
Best hay fed steers 7.50 7.60
Good to choice 7,25 7.35
Ordinary to fair 6.00 6.75
Best cows 6.50 6.60
Good to prime 6.256.40
Select . calves 7.50 ig 8.00
Fancy bulls 5.506.00
Ordinary bulls 4.00 5.00
Hog Market 8.05.
Slight improvement was shown in
the demand for swine at North Port
land and a nickel rise over yesterday
was shown during the early day's
trade. Tops commanded 38.05 or
within a nickel of the top reached
There was only a small run of hogs
reported in the local yards over night
and these were quickly disposed of.
Weakness developed for hogs at
most points In the country today and
some price losses were recorded. Of
the leading stockyard centers North
Portland continues the highest in the
General hog market range:
Rest light : ..$8.0018.03
Medium light 7.851f".9,"
Good to heavy 7.50 ffl 7.75
Rough and heavy 7.0nir7.33
Mutton Market Steady.
Fa r supplies of mutton and lambs
reached the North Portlanl yards
over night and were offered at the
opening this morning. Top springs
sold at $8.50 again while other of
ferings brought former values.
General mutton and lamb market
situation is steady here with remand
somewhat better than offerings.
General mutton range:
Spring lambs $ 8.50
Grain fed shorn yearlings 7.25 (i 7.50
Best shorn wethers 8.50(96.73
Best shorn ewes 5.00ff5.73
Wool stock is generally quoted at
$1 higher than shorn.
Livestock Shlopers.
Hogs John Dysart, Condon, one
Cattle John L, Burke, Burley.
Idaho, three loads: Henry S. Cram &
Son, Redmond, one load.
Sheep E. J. Bridges, Yoncalla,
two loads.
Mixed stuff W. W. Smith, Corval
lls, one load hogs and sheep; George
Zimmerman, Yamhill, one load calves
and sheep; C. H. Farmer, McCoy, one
load hogs and sheep; F. B. Parker,
Plainvtew, one load hogs and sheep;
F. B. Decker, Sllverton, one load cat
tle, hogs and sheep; J. D. Dlnsmore,
West Sclo, one load hogs and sheep.
Contest Standing.
Standing of contestants In the $1000
prize contest at the Cosy theater:
Mildred Allen 2010
Mabel Brotherton 2170
Mrs. Jas. Body 5300
Opal Calllson 560
Frieda Eggereth 5560
Mrs. Glen Finch 4460
Geraldlne Froome 2420
Florence Forshaw 650
Miss Graybeal 14,396
Verna Kessler 5302
Mrs. Finest Knight 2525
Evelyn Kinman . ' 1025
Mrs. H. I. Lester 5665
Mrs. Chas. Morrison 10.840
Clalie McDonald 2495
Claudine McMonies 650
Florence Morton 755
Verne Parker 1040
Mrs Etta Pruitt 2670
Ruth Rugh 610
Nellie Sloan 1H5
Alma Scheer 7055
Catherine Daniels 945
Leta Kopittke 850
Hanna Standers 600
BERLIN, May 6. Germany is more
confident than ever that efforts to
crush her will be In vain. With of
fensives by the troops of the Fath
erland in Flanders, Gallcia and north
west Russia successfully prosecuted
the people of Berlin are celebrating
with more real joyousness than has
been displayed for months. The
training of Germany's new levies ii
complete and they are chafing to get
Into action.
Jitney Robbers Busy
SEATTLE, Wash. May 5. Irving
Gage, driver of a Jitney bus, lost $14
when one of the two passengers he
had taken abroad in a residentce dis
trict put a gun in his face while the
second proceeded to search his pock
ets. G. J. Reynolds, a former police
man, who now operates a Jitney bus,
was held up later by two men, whom
the police believe to be the same ones
that robed Gage. Reynolds put up a
fight, however, and was dragging one
of the men into his car when the rob
ber wriggled out of his overcoat and
got away.
Pay Radio Roadies Canal. j
WASHINGTON. May 8 Announce
ment that a wireless message had
been flashed for th,e first time dur
ing the daylight hours from Panama
to the radio station at Arlington was
made by the navy department.
The distance is about 2000 mites.
Hitherto all wireless communication
between these points has been .at
night. The new service is expected
to effect a saving in the government's
cable bills.
(Friday's Market.)
PORTLAND, Ore The only per
sons able to do foreign business in the
grain trade at this time are those
lucky enough to secure ocean tonnage.
Foreign demand for wheat and oats
continues liberal but the scarcity of
tonnage is the only factor.
Some eastern business continues to
develop in the interior for wheat and
Atluntio coast trade is again shown
at tidewater here.
Aside from these features, the en
tire grain market is a very limited
Flour business is still on the nomi
nal list, with no encouragement offer
ed In the orinental situation, although
talk of war between China and Japan
has developed some Inquiries.
Millstuffs remain firm with little
offering. Full prices have commanded
Flour Selling price: Tntent $6.80;
Willamette valley $6.80; local straight
$6.30; bakers, $6 SO; export, $5 501f
Hay New crop, buying price: Wil
lamette valley timothy, fancy $12.50
If 13: eastern Oregon-Idaho fancy
timothy, $15; alfalfa $13 i? 13.60:
vetch and oats, $11; clover $S'(i9 per
Gra n Sacks 1915, nominal; No. 1
Calcutta. 6 S-4c.
Millstuffs Selling price: Bran.
$25.50; shorts, $27.50.
Rolled Barley Selling price; $29
Corn White. $34ST35; cracked
$35 Jf 36.50 per ton.
Export business was shown today
In the local market. On the Portland
Merchants Exchange sales Included
25,000 bushels of wheat. Bids were 2
to 6c lower for spot. Sales included:
5000 bushels prompt club. $1.22; 5000
bushels prompt club. $1 21: 5000 bush
els prompt club, $1.19 and 10.000
bushels red Fife prompt at $1.20.
Spot oats and barley bids were un
changed with no sales.
feet of service pipe free
FREE, for Range Connections on present
mains. Service pipe means all outside piping
and is not inside or House piping.
This offer for a
limited time only
Phone 40
for the GAS MAN, and he will gladly call at
your home and give you an estimate on the cost
.of your inside piping.
Ranges and Water
Heaters Sold on
Easy Terms
Pacific Power 6 Light Co.
"Always at Your Service'
(Friday's Market.)
CHftAGO Wheat closed 1 1-4
2. l-2c off. Favorable weather con
ditions and weak cables caused a
lower opening in the pit today.
September wheat started with a de
cline of l-4c, May was down 1 cent at
the outset and July started unchanged.
The pit crowd were heavy sellers at
the start
In the later trading moderate short
covering boosted prices somewhat,
giving the market a firm tone.
The government report to be issued
late today is expected to be a bearish
There was no feature in the corn
trade. Prices opened lower. The
trade was light.
Oats were irregular. Provisions
opened lower.
May Open, 159 1-2; high, 160 1-2;
low, 158; close, 15SB.
July Open, 133 3-8; high, 133 5-8:
low, 130 3-4; close, 131.
Sept. Open, 123 3-8; high, 124 1-4;
low, 122 1-4; close, 122 5-8.
and that this accusation has been
spread broadcast by employers to
cover up their own shortcomings.
Wbn a fflrt tells ft ennceitpri- vnuth
that the best is none too good for her
it s up to him to propose.
low Is the Chance
To Consult in Pendleton
the Well Known
The Afflicted Should
Call Now at the
Hotel St. George
The Scientific Treatment of Thi
Well-Known Se1alit Has
Cured Hundreds.
Tlior Denies Rum Charge.
LONDON, May 5. Will Crooks,
labor leader in the house of commons
declares in a newspaper Interview
that there is less drinking In England
than before the war and that Chan
cellor of the Exchequer Lloyd George
was mistaken in the statements he
made regarding the subject.
Crooks asserts that if less work Is
being done at private shipyards some
cause other than drink must be sought
$100 Reward, $100.
Th. readers of thl paper will be pleued
to learn that there la at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to can
in all Its stag?., and that to Catarrh
Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only pusltlv
"tire now known to the mrdlcal fraterulty
Catarrh being a constttutloual disease, re
quires a constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, stilus
llrectly upon the blood and mucous ittr
faces of the system, thereby destroying tb.
foundation of the dUeese. and giving tn
patient strength by building np the const!
tution and assisting natnre In doing
work. Tbe proprietors bars so mneh faith
In Its curative powers that they offer One
Uundred 1'ollari for any case that It falls
to cure. Send for list of testimonials,
iddress P. J. CHEKY a CO., Toledo, Oblo
Sold bT all nrt.irtsta. TV
Take Hall's Family 1111a for con.'lnstloa
The following described animal has
been taken up by the marshal of tho
City of Pendleton, to-wlt:
One grown Jersey bull, age 2 or 3
yars, wearing. Iron yoke, no brands
If said animal is not claimed by
the own?r or those entitled to the
possession or it, costs and expenses
against it paid and it taken awa)
within 10 days from the date hereof,
then at i o'clock p. m. of the 17th
day of May the said animal will be
sold to the highest bidder, at public
auction, for cash, at the city pound,
located at the Depot Barn, Cotton
wood street. In said City of Pendleton,
the proceeds of such sale to be ap
plied to the payment of such costs
and expenses of making sale.
Dated this 5th day of May, 1915.
City Marshal.
( '' iM--tt r It turnout!
AJyCf 1111 ia K.4 H UpI4 m;.l V
.J N .(, wU' I HiUa. C
il - r lrnrM. aaw it 1.4 in .rmn
1 L Jf IM A MONTI HU -l I'M I A, ( r J
I M Ft wa.ikrn.wBMltft.Mltt.A'sra.lHfl'!
It is a rare opportunity that
comes once in a lifetime for the af
flicted to learn from a recognized,
authority chronic disease expert, a
specialist Just what their trouble is.
and whether or not it is curable. Air
they would have to do is to apply to
Dr. Darrin, who is now visiting Pen
dleton for the accommodation of tha
afflicted requiring the services of a
specialist. No time should be lost to
call on him at the Hotel St. George
any time between the hours of J a. m.
and 8 p. m. daily, and secure a fre
confidential exam'nation and advice.
A little talk will cost nothing.
Let Those Come Who flave Somo
Complicated Trouble.
Those who have suffered for years
without knowing Just what it was
that did ail them and are perplexed
by the different opinions given by dif
ferent doctors. Dr. Darrin Rill tell
them how they suffer, and if curable
he will tell how they can be cured,
and if incurable he will say so.
Dr. Darrin Is Honest With the Sick.
If he finds a case whtre medical
skill is powerless he frankly tt-lls the
patient so. and gives such advice aa
will aid them without charge. If
curable Dr. Darr n tells Just huw Ionic
it will take and how much it will cost
to be cured. This saves sick people
the trouble of going from one doctor
to another to find out what tliev
think'' the trouble Is, and then try
ing to decide which doctor was near
est to the truth. It saves suspense;
it saves time; it saves money for Dr.
Darrin points out the sore sp.iis, t-lh
every ache ami pa n, tells why they
suffer and how they can be cured.
There is no mystery about it it is n
superhuman bugatmn, but simply the
result of years of hard wnrk tre.itln
every form of disease, and the gram!
experience gained in treating thous
ands of similar cases that enables thu
doctor to tell at a xlunce what orgait
Is affected, how und whs, and what
the retnedv is.
Consult III111 Today. Tomorrow or
Any Time Next Week.
The doctor has the most effectlvn
treatment known for the successful
treatment of the put ent In the (privacy
of their own home. Dr. Darrin hasi
distance makes no difference In the
effecting of cures, as he gives every
Patient his permanent address ami
keeps In constant touch with them by
correspondence from his head offlrtt
on th. Sound until each cu.-.e is curef.
Many have been restored to prrfers.
health In this wav that nitierwfsw
would have d'ed or continued to suf
fer chronic invalidism.
Tho afflicted should call and securw
proper treatment before It is too Uih
anil beyond medical and huoujn aid.
for it Is seldom Ind I that I'.ndb-.
ton is favored by a visit of n hind
class specialist whose exponents haft
been world wide, covering many
years of practice.

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