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Newsy Notes of Pendleton
FOH THE CGUriTY FO 1 warm weather will make you think cf 1
Jon- .,v ' .x-nS -V j.-vJ"v"v-gfe.--
That we are wide awake
to the interests of our
customers. When it is on
the market we have it.
Groceries, vegetables and
fresh fruits at fair prices.
Our connections are such, that as soon as the new
spring fruits and vegetables are on the market we have
them here for you.
Where all re Pleased Court and Johnson Sts.
Mmv iUnA Roads Uhkhio,.
John iTow of this city has purchas
ed a 0-37 Pu'ck and Karl Pddley of
Wt-ston a C-2 5 Huiek, from the Ore
I'n motor garage.
May Manage Rubber Company,
J. S. Torniey, of San Francisco Is In
th city today and may be given the
management of the Pendleton Rubber
Company owned by Wesley Matlock.
Mr. Tormey Is an expert of 10 years
experience and has very high credentials.
Suit For Divorce.
Mrs. Maude Miller of M Hon today
filed suit for divorce against William
R. Miller, charging him with cruel
and inhuman treatment and failure to
support. The couple were married ir
Portland in August, 1907. W. M
Peterson is her attorney.
Neither Raglnska nor his partner, W.
L. Uiow n, were required to stand
trial, for the one had last night in
formed on the other and during the
night had undergone a change ot
Iluys ltoKlriotice Ixrts.
Henry M. Warren, local music
dealer, has purchased lots 3 and 4.
block ". in Cole's addition to rendle-ton.
Fined For SHe,lliix.
John Adams, well known Adams
farmer, was arrested last evening on'
a charge of violating the traffic or
dinance by driving his auto faster
than 15 miles an hour. He forfeited
f ve dollars bail this afternoon.
Tearliers F le Contract-.
Mrs. Lyda McDonald has filed her
contract for the principalship of the
Columbia school near Hermtston. This
will be her fifth year there. Miss
Catherine Carson has been elected to
the primary department of the same
school. Miss Ethel Freeman and Miss
Ruth Deli have been re-elected to the
primary and Intermediate departments
of the Pilot Rock schools.
throughout eastern Oregon. He alleges
they secured many cash subscriptions
by promising as a premium unique
advertising cards and without any au.
thority to make such contracts. Fur
thermore, he states, they kept all of
the money they collected and Invari
ably beat their board bills when they
vviin charges or obtaining money
under false pretenses and of beating
board bills, W. E. Courtenay and H.
F. Fulton, two solicitors for the Ida
ho Poultry Journal of Boise were ar
rested this morning by Officer Man- them- Mr- Brady states.
Will Convalesce In Mountains.
Clarence Pierce, who has been an
invalid for several years and who is
just recovering from a severe illness
that has kept him indoors for some
time, will leave Monday with his
mother. Mrs. Ben Pierce, for the
Greenhorn mountains in southeastern
Oregon to remain for the summer.
His father and brother are already
H we never were better preoared to mMi . I
I quirement for the entire famHv fmm ik- l.f.i- -.. ...i.- 3
Inspired by ambition to make 3 want the dainty soft sole to grown up, who winl ioZ a
of that town and community are; 3 wc Snv TUcaLJ. I"E G0LDEN RULE STORE. 3
making energetic plans for the fair Wt BUY THEM FOR LESS. 3
mis year which Is to be held there
from September 7 to 11 Inclusive. Cit-3
Izens are forming a corporation which; 3
is to buy a 20 acre tract inside the3
town and erect buildings thereon for! 3
the housing of the exhibits.
A meeting of the .Stanfield Com-! S
merclal club and settlers on the pro- j 3
Jet-t and on the Meadows was held 3
last evening and a head of enlhusl- 3
asm was worked up, according to (J. 3
h. Hurd, president of the fair board, , 3
who is up from that town today. Llhv 5
Ringham Springs May 15.
Next Saturday, May 15, will occur
the formal opening of Bingham
Springs under the new management
of Hoch & Van Dusen. according to
the announcement made today. Un
left a town, their game being to gainder the new Proprietorship the resort
entrance to a hotel by means of an ""i""eu in many respects
empty-second-hand suitcase which d an etfort wAl be made to Blve
they would leave behind them. Hotellthe Patrons P-endid service during
keeDers in Imhier t rsnrfs .- !tne season. Some business has been
other places are ready to prosecute! hand,ed alradv this y?ar b"t not
them. Mr Bradv states. 1 ul Saturday will the establishment be
ning. The complaining witness is Mr. Bradley located them this mor
their employer. John M. Bradley, who'ning in a restaurant after he had
come to the decision thta they had
gone on to The Dalles.
formally opened.
... v . , ... '
.. mriu uric aim loiaieu mem
for the police.
According to Bradley, the two men
were commissioned to secure subscrip
tions, advertisement and special sto
ries for the poultry publication
It's sometimes safer to throw kiss
es at a widow than it is to hand them
to her. .
WE have the most complete and
up-to-date grinding plant in
Eastern Oregon, and can
duplicate your broken lens in a few
W. H. HILL, Optician
with Wm. Hanscom, THE Jeweler
Two Marriage Licenses.
A marriage license was Issued this
afternoon to Guy J. Rockwell, a
young farmer of Birch creek, and
Irene Edith Guderain, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Julius Guderain. One was
issued yesterday to Donald C. Phelps
son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phelps of
Freewater, and Ethel Koon, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Koon of Grand
view. Idaho, and graddaughter of Mr
and Mrs. Nathan G. Mason of Free
water. The young man is 20 and the
girl 17.
A Most Susi-icious Man.
"I move that the case be taken
to the supreme court and we be tried
by a jury." This was the counter of
one John Baglnska in police court
this morning when Judge Fits Gerald
asked him what plea he desired to en
ter to the charge of gambling. He
stepped forward, made a polite bow,
addressed the court as "Ter honor,"
and made the motion like a real, hon
est to goodness lawyer. Though he
did not mean his remark as a Joke,
the police, other prisoners and on
lookers snickered audibly and under
the whiskers of the Judge might be
detected the faintest trace of a smile.
Supreme Court Adjourn.
Having completed the docket, tho eral promises of active support and 3
state supreme court at 5 o'clock last hard - work were made. President 3
evening adjourned its eastern Oregon Frank Sloan of the Commercial Club, '3
spring term and the Justices left last pledging one month of his time to-'jjjj
night. Judge Eagin went to I.a ward making the fair a success despite '5
Grande, his old home, for a brief visit the heavy demands of his private 3
and the others returned to Portland, business. 3
. A committee on exhibits, with M '3
C. Barager as chairman, was appoint-1 3
ed to look to the securing of repre-j5
sentatlve displays from every section. 3
of the county and another committee 3
with Ralph Holte as chairman, was 3
named to visit the various sections and 3
seek their cooperation in making thel
transplanted fair a success. Another! 3
meeting will be held next Friday at 3
which time the ladles of the commu
nity will be asked to contribute suggestions.
Th- fnl. K 1 V 1.. ... . L. I
.., uuam uaa umy lucuieu inn . . ' - t
... . j Hmra' rVrn 1 O n
up directors and of Supt. W. D. Mc- "l '"""wia ior me one year Out ""- - x.o.,
town believe they 5 l.toy, ?-.C3,
35 Coyote Scals.
County Clerk Saling has today paid
out 1105 for coyote scalps, 35 having
been brought in. Jim Barnhart, an
Indian, brought in 18, Ashley Janes
of Pilot Rock . C. W. Tarrott of No
Un 5, J. H. Baker of Helix 3, and For.
ter Royse and Archie Warner of Pi
lot Rock and R. C. Elder of Pendleton
one each.
! Judges See Round-up Pictures.
Through the courtesy of the Round-
Narv of the Eastern Oreeon Stata lne c'-ens of that
Hospital, the Justices of the supreme can keeP m a permanent Institution ' 3
court, who have been In session here,!1' theJr make a "edltble showing this 3
last evening witnessed an exhibition J'ear The fact that they are so ready!
of the 1914 Round-up motion pictures Purchase grounds and erect build-,
In the auditorium of the state hospit-!1" "omethlng of an Indication of S
A number of Pendletonlans were -i- xuicu uiey are worn
Have you seen those hew
ones? They are a patent
, oxford with vesting top
and dull trimming in
straight lace ; its a beau
ty, others get $4.50 for,
Golden Rule price ?2.9S
Lavalliers are very strong,
they are a one-strap slip
per in patent or dull kid
with dainty buckle on
one side and new heel, at
?2.49, ?2.98.
Men's dress shoes at a sav
ing of at least 25, come
in tan or black at ?2.49,
Kn na at am co nu
also present,
ors were all
The distinguished visit
enthusiastic over tha
Roy Kitten by Dog.
Jack Boynton, the eight year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boynton,
was this afternoon bitten in the wrist
by a dog when he tried to stop a fight
between the animal and his own dog.
The wrist was perforated In several
places by the teeth but the wound
Is not considered serious. The dog
fight took place In front of the Cosy
theater and the boy was taken up
stairs to the office of Dr. I. V. Temple
who dressed the wound.
Will Fix Street Grade.
The street committee of the city
council will this afternoon hold a con
ference with the property owners on
W'ilson street with a view to estab
lishing a grade there. No grade has
ever been established on this street
and the council wishes to get the
property owners Ideas before fixing
it. The matter was brought to an Is
sue through the repeated requests of
Walter Adams for a grade in order
that he may build a walk and walL
Property owners on the street are
contemplating paving the street if they
can secure a grade without too much
of a cut.
William B. Stetson alias Walter
Smiley, a painter who worked at his
trade In this city for several weeks,
will begin a long journey to Ordway.
Colorado, today and once there he
will stand trial upon a charge of a
statutory offense against a 14-year-old
girl, the penalty for which In Col
orado Is a penitentiary term ranging
from three years to life. Sheriff
Hunnlson of Crowley county, Colora
do county, Colorado, arrived this
morning to take charge of the man
who was apprehended through local
Stetson came to Pendleton two
months or more ago and worked as a
painter for both Murphy Bros, and
Hale & McAtee. While here he con
stantly changed boarding places. The
police department was finally notified
to apprehend him but he had left two
or three days before the notification
arrived. He was traced from h
$.-00 For School Fair. Athena, from Athena tn w.ii. Woiia
The L'matila county fair board hast from Walla Walla to Seattle frnm o.
set aside $500 of the fair funds for Utile to Auburn una fmm ih,.,n
j Pasco where Sheriff Taylor arrested
him last Sunday. The police depart-
t s lu-.rnmsi Fn I t il r f
Vrii,i,..f.;... "V-
Those new colonial pumps 3
are snappy, come in pat- 3
ent or dull kid, neat little 3
buckle. Why pay $4.00 3
when you can get the 3
same value at this big, 3
busy store at $2.98 3
Mary Jane or Baby Doll 5
slippers in patent or gun 3
metal, a new shipment 5
just in and every body 3
gets $3.00, our pr. ?1.98 S
A two strap patent slipper 3
on baby doll last 1(52.98
Misses' strap slippers in 3
patent, vici or gun metal
at a saving. You will ap- 3
preciate $1.15, $1.25,
$1.49, ?1.69. 3
Children's slippers for the
dainty little tots at 69, 3
79, 98 ?1.15. S
- '" WE LEAD a
JT . nTinnta 3
precaution of having another man call
for it. Sheriff Taylor had no trouble
following his messenger to where he
was waiting.
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It.. (:M-m .Js
Vitagraph Presents a Drama of the Northland
"A Child of the North
Selig Presents the Laughable Farce
Featuring TOM MIX assisted by DELL
BLANCETT one of our local Round-up
premiums to be given for the school
exhibits. All year the pupils of the
various schools have been preparing
for the school fair and, with the $500
appropriation, Supt. Young feels that
suitable prizes for the competition
may be offered. Supt Toung will
himself become a member of the fairj
board after May 22, at which time the
new law goes into effect. At present
O. L. Hurd of Stanfield and Major Lee
Moorhouse of Pendleton are the only
members of the board
ment had sent a decoy telegram to
him at Pasoo and, though he took the
their deaths. Hands were uplifted
and a cry of supplication or fear was
upon their Hps.
Mothers ( laliixI Babies.
"Mothers with babies clasped In
their arms in death were found by a
fishing fleet which finally rescued
us. They had . been unable to get
aboard the lifeboats In time and
though equipped with life-preservers
were drawn beneath the surface by
the underdrag of the big vessel.''
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Tlmmlna of Oa'nesvllle, Texas, a cot
ton buyer.
IHdn't Know of IbmJng.
WASHINGTON, May 8 If the
Lusitanla had disarmed before Its de
struction no Information to this ef
fect had reached Germany, the Ger
man embassy announced. The em
bassy, it was stated, previously was
advised the liner was armed. It was
added the embassy knew the Lusi
tanla was carrying arms and ammuni
tion to England,
1SI American Aboard.
WASHINGTON, May 8. No names
of American survivors have been re
ceived since this morning when 53
were reported rescued. The stata de
partment admitted It was likely the
others were dead. The state depart
ment figures showed 1S4 Americans
were aboard.
(Continued on Page t.)
Mrs. Lawrence T. Harris of llalem
who has been the guest of Miss Effle
Jean Frailer while her husband was
here as a member of the supreme
court, left on No. 17 today for Hood
River to visit over Sunday with Mrs.
Milton Culberson before returning
home. Mrs. George Burnett, wife of
another of the supreme justice, who
was here for the week, returned home
Mrs. M. J. Cronln has returned
from Portland where for two weeks
she visited at the home of her son,
Robert A. Cronln. .
Beginning Monday, May 10, tha
Patton barber shop will open at ( a.
m. and close at t p. m. Saturdays,
10 p. m. MARK PATTON.
Kalem Presents HELEN HOLMES in the
Sensational Railroad Drama,
A thriller from beginning to end.
World Film Corporation pre
aentg the Five Part Master-
- piece
"The Man
Who Found
The Moat Handsome Man in
A play that holds the inter
est from the first reel to the
Adult 10c.
Children 5c.
iK k ''ir-. ' a ?s-.'5- H
- t -if"" v v. " '
Rig Crowd Watch Workout.
The largest crowd that ever watch
ed a boxer work out in Pendleton was
gathered In the Commercial gymnasi
um yesterday afternoon at 3.30 to see
Frankie Conley, the boy who took the
championship belt away from Monte
Attel, go through his training stunts
preparatory to his battle with Billy
Farrell In the Oregon theater Tues
day. Conley is a well-muscled ath
lete and is In such good condition that
he only has to work off three pounds
before weighing in. Conley lays no
claim to being an expert and scien
tific boxer. He is a fighter and is
willing to take all kind of punish
ment In order to administer some.
That Is the way he fought himself In
to fame and a world championship
and that Is the way he expects to
beat Farrell.
"Death to Weerts!"
This must be the battlecry of Pen
dleton residents under penalty of ar-re.-it.
The city ordinance has a law
renu ring all residents to keep
their premises and the streets adja
cent clear of weeds and the edict has
been handed to the officer to see that
the ordinance is enforced.
Mayor Dyer and Street Commission
er Heathman held a conference yes
terday upon the matter and, as a re
sult, the street commissioner has been
Instructed to see that the weeds are
cut down. The street commissioner
declares he will give all residents a
few days to comply with the order
before he begins using the law a a
Jim Hill mustard and foxtail are
particularly placed under the ban
because of their prolific growth and
because, if permitted to go to seed,
they will soon take the town. I
I us
B r 4
e el:
59 '
it n 1
Keeping John Barleycorn off the
A Railroad Story from beginning to
Big Strike and Riot Scene.
A Headon Collision, amaihing two lo
comotive. A Wild Engine Crashes Through a
A Fight that Equal one in "Spoiler."
Vaudeville Montgomery Duo Hear the Chimes
Sunday TOMORROW Monday
The Famous Broadway Comedy
The comedy adventures of a society man who wagered he could play the pro
fessional crook without being caught.
efT-?'- A Paramount Picture From Laky Studio.
The Alfa Theatre

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