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H jiiwiiiwiii M
Something doing every minute from now on.
The finet stock of good dependable merchandise ever
brought to Pendleton is bow being unpacked and marked.
Just think of it!
Every article in our store will be new and up-to-date.
Not an old article in stock.
When our doors open you can buy here with your eyes
shut and get nothing but the newest and best.
Our stock represents the regular Bond quality, yet on
a far greater scale. We bought our lines months ago at
the old prices and can sell at the old prices.
Bond Bros.
Pendleton's Leading Clothiers
MAVOIS-Kl.rXT G. 1. lUJiM.U. t.
nmrnroi thhtee
"His Whole Life Work Had Become Centered in the Re
clamation of the Kings Basin Desert"
L. C. YEOMANS Offers
By Harold Bell Wright
iaiara U
2 S
A Strong Cast of Well Known Players.
A Beautiful Scenic Production.
See the Sand Storm in the Desert.
NOTE This is the Only Company in the United States
or Canada playing this play, hence the Original Company.
PRICES Lower floor $1.50, $1.00; Boxes $1.50; Bal
- cony 75c; Gallery 50c.
Reserved Seat Sale Opens Thursday at the Delta.
Warranty Dcedi.
B. Haneline, et ux, to H. A Friok.
tl, lots 4 and 5, block 6, Newport's
addition to Hermiston.
Herman Muller, et ux, to R. H.
Irvln, $2000, SW 1-4 NW l'-4 SE 1-4,
Sec. 33, Twp 4 north, range 29.
Olive Salisbury, et al, to Luella
Stott, $1300, 3-4 interest In 155 acred
In section 15, township 3 north, range
SEATTLE, Jan. 3. "The man
who steals pennies from news
boys does not deserve any sym
pathy," declared Judge Dyke
man following the sentencing of
Henry House to one year Jail
and a thousand dollar fine. He
was convicted of robbing news
boys' stands.
Masquerade Hall on New Years NiKbt
Given by the Yemca In Hu h En
joyed; Mils JUu'liel llatf-a and BUI
O'Siillivan tiire I'rlzru.
( Kast Oregonian Special.)
KTA-VFIELU, Jan. 4. The formal
opening of the new cheese factory antf
creamery was held Wednesday.
Mayor-elect Frank Sloan made the
welcoming address, a. L. Dunning
spoke in behalf of the dairymen, 0.
L. K rammer represented the Mutual
Creamery Company James M. Kyle
gave a very Interesting address en
the welcoming of the newcomers He
urged that they be extended the han.l
of welcome and advised that lew
knocking be done.
Mr. Sahll spoke in behalf ef tho
creamery and cheese business of
Ktanfleld. Over two hundred people
were present A bounteone lunch
was served. Among other good things
was a liberal allowance ef Swks
Mrs. A. Sahli and children return
ed Wednesday morning from a ten
days' visit in Washington.
W. I.. Robbing and wife left Wed
nesday fir their new home at Weston
Mrs. Tharles Hoggard la visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones at
James G. Kidwell of Portland is
here, looking after the welfare of hi
cattle on the Sunrise ranch.
D. C. Clark a cattleman of Port
land, was here this week.
Wm. H. Daughtry of Portland at
tended the opening of the cheese fac
tory Wayne Coe returned Wednesday
from Portland where he was the
guest of his father, Dr. Henry W.
Coe. '
Miss Lela Riches returned to her
home at Silverton after spending sev
eral days here visiting ber brother,
Lloyd Riches.
A. A. Wood ana L B uaaa of
Weston, were in town lor a couple
of days this week.
R, M. Straw of Hermlstea was in
town Tuesday.
Mrs. T. O. Yates spent several days
in Pendleton the guest of her mother,
Mrs. Hutchinson.
T. A. Brassfleld of Hermiston was
seen on our streets Monday.
W. P. Phillips spent New Tears
with his family in Portland.
Miss Jessie Brierley returned to
Athena Monday.
The masquerade halt given by the
Yeomen New Year's night was well
attended. Miss Rachel Hasen cap
tured the first prize for the best sus
tained character. She represented a
small child. Bill O'Sullivan was
awarded the gents' first prise. He rep
resented a hobo. Mrs. Herlick was
given a prize for being the best dress,
ed lady.
E. R. Jones and family of Hermls
ton has moved in rooms in the Hed
ding block.
Mrs. Rose Hawley returned Tues
day from a two weeks' visit in Portland.
Like A Boy at 50 Bubbling Over
With Vitality-Taking Iron Didjt
IKKtor Sn Nutated Iron l (,nntN
rn.xT the Strt rua h and r.n
Folks 200 Per font In T
NKW YoFlK, N. Y. Not Ionic airo
. man came to me who was nearly
half a century old and asked me t
g:ve him a preliminary examination
for life insurance I was astonished
to find him with the blood pressure
of a boy of 20 and as fun or vigor,
vim and vitality as a young man; in
fatt a young man he really was not
withstanding his age. The secret he
said was taking iron nuxated iron
had filled him with renewed life. At
30 he was In bad health; at 46 care
worn and nearly all in. Now at 50
miracle of vitality and his face beam
ing with the buoyancy of youth. A
I have aid a hundred time over,
Iron u the greatest of all strength
builders. If people would only throw
away patent medicines and nauseous
concoctions and take simple nuxated
iron,, I am convinced that the lives o.'
thousands of persons might be saved,
who now die every year fom pneu
monia, grippe, consumption, kidney,
liver and heart trouble, etc. The real
and true cause which started the'r
diseases was nothing more nor less
than a weakened condition brought on
by lack of Iron In the blood. Iron is
absolutely nece-ssary to enable your
blood to change food into living tis
sue, w ithout it, no matter now
much or what you eat, your food
merely pasties through you without
doing you any good. You don't get
the strength out of it and as a conse
quence you become weak, pale and
e-ickiy looking Just like a plant trying
to grow In a soil deficient In iron. If
you are not strong or well you owe
it to yourself to make the following
test: See how long you can work or
how far you can walk with becoming
tired, Next take two five-grain tab
lets of ordinary nuxated Iron three
time per day after meals for two
weeks. Then test your strength again
and see for yourself how much you
have gained I have seen dozens of
nervous, run-down people who were
t of All simnpli HiitA-i" oftrn ha.
durance of IHd'rnte, .t-roii
wo W '' Time.
ailing all the while, double their
strength and endurance and entirely
get rid of ail symptoms of dyspepsia,
liver troubles In from ten to tourteea
days time mmply by taking iron la
the proper form. And this after the
had in some cases been doctoring fo
months without obtaining any bene
fit But don't take the old forme ot
reduced iron. Iron acetate or liti'ture
of iron simply to save a few cent
You niu t take 'rn in a form th-U
tan be easily absorbed mid assimilat
ed like nuxated iron If you want It
to do you any good, otherwise it ma
prove worse than usebsn. Many aa
athlete or prize fighter has won tho
day simply because he knew tho se
cret of great strength and endnnvnca
and filled his blood with Iron befors
he went into the affray, while nian
another. has gone down to Inglorious
defeat simply for the lai'k of Iron.
E. Sauer, M. D.
NOTE Nuxated Iron, recommend
ed above by Dr. Sauer, is not a patent
medicine nor secret remedy, but one
which is well known to druggists and
whose iron constituents are widely
prescribed by eminent physicians
everywhere. Unlike the older Inor
ganic Iron products, It is easily assim
ilated, does not Injure the teeth, mak
them black, nor upset the stomachy
on the contrary. It is a most potent
remedy. In nearly all forma of indi
gestion, as well as for nervous, run
down condition The manufactur
ers have such great confidence h
Nuxated Iron that they offer to for
feit S100 00 to any charitable Irwtita
tion if they cannot take any man cr
woman under 60 who lacks Iron an
increase their strength 200 per cent,
or over in four weeks' time, provided) ,
they have no serious organic troiiWa, ,
They also offer to refund your money
If It does not at least double your
strength and endurance in ten days
time. It is dispensed in this city by
A. C. Koeppen & Bros, and all other
good druggists.
on the question of raising the tventy
fiVe million dollars purchaao price of
the Danish West Indies. Stone vol
unteered that peace was not discuss
ed. He refused to listen to pUftr
cause they
are the
need so
peacemakers, be
much patience.
iff " I !.
Resolve and Act
Resolve this year, among other things,
to save and have. Then act with persist
ence and determination in carrying out this
We invite savings accounts of $1.00 or
more and pay 4 interest.
-1 an is 1 1 iii i iiiism i i iii 1 SnTiliirl In 1 1 MsMi r '11 it -
PORTLAND, Jan. 4. General
trade conditions in the livestock mar
ket at North Portland continue ex
tremely favorable
Cattle run was again light; in fact
a mere handful came forward to the
yards over night Cows sold as high
as 17.10, which is an advance of a
dime, and the entire market killer
and feeders alike 1s very firm.
General cattle market range:
Best beef steers 18. 25 S" 8.50
Good beef steers 7.7608.00
Beet beef cows 7.00 7. 25
Time Is the test of truth. And
Doan's Kidney Pills have stood the
test In Pendleton. No Pendleton res
ident who suffers backache, or an
noying urinary Ills can remain uncon
vinced by this twice-told testimony.
William MncGregor, blacksmith.
711 l.illcth St., Pendleton, Bays; "Kid
ney complaint came on me suddenly
and I couldn't bend my back
to get under a horse. The kidney
secretatlons wefe filled with sedimejit
snd painful in Tassn.Re. I had no
strength at all and my back was lame
and sore all over. After a short use
of Doan's Kidney Pills, all these
troubles disappeared: and I could work
all day without stopping. My health
Is excellent now and my back is good
and strong." (Statement given No
vember 25, 1912 )
On May 15, 1916, Mr. MacOregor
said; "What I have said in my for
mer statement regarding my experi
ence with Doan's Kidney Pills still
holds good. I am strong for this old
reliable kidney medicine."
60c. at all dealers. Foster-Mllhurn
Co.. Mfgrs, Buffalo, N. Y.
Best heifers 7.006 7.25
Ordinary to good cows . . . 6.00tt6.50
Bulls 3 50 &5.00
Calves 6.00 7.00
Stocker-feeder steers .... 6-0006.50
ftoeker-feeder cows 5 00ig'6.00
Hog Market Is Steady.
There was a fair run of hogs in the
North Portland yards over night.
Trend of the trade remains very fa
vorable, with little if any change in
conditions or prices from the pre
vious day.
General hog range:
Heavy packing .... 310.75 8 10-25
Heavy butchers 10 00j-10.25
Light 9.91
Hough, heavy 8-50
iitockera S-0"
IiOmbs strike $11.
With the sale of east of the moun
tain lambs at Jll at North Portland
during the day, the general market
wa-i 25c higher-
Both sheep anil lambs continued
firm on the North Portland market
for the day. Receipts were somewhat
betti-r. but the bulk of the arrivals
continue to come direct to killer, and
do not enter the general market
General mutton and lamb market:
Best east mountain lambst 11.00
Best valley lambs 10.50
Wethers 9.00ST 9.25
Ewes O0WS.SR
Wednesday Livestock SliipjvrH
Hogs W. B. Wing, Eugene, 1 load;
C. P, Membree, Monmouth. 1 load.
Cattle F. C. Daly, Brush Prairie,
Wash., 1 load.
Sheep L. B. Miller, Lyle, Wash.,
! loads
Mixed stuff J. E. Pnrrish, Jeffer
son. 1 load hogs and sheep; M. L.
Forrester, Tangent 1 load cattle, hogs
and sheep; S. I Brown. Pecabo, Ida
ho, l load cattle and hogs; E. Gur
lish, Brooklyn, 1 load cattle hogs and
sheep; Frank Wunn. Mount Angel, 1
load rattle, calves and hogs.
Hny Buying price, new crop; Wil
lamette valley timothy, fancy. 317;
eastern Oregon-Idaho fancy timet hv,
121; nlfnlfa, 31SW20; valley vetch.
U li 14 51); cheat, 114 914.5"; clov
er, 314 00.
Refuse to Reveal Details But Deris re
They Discmved Raisins; Purcbsse
Price of Danish West Indies.
WASHINGTON, Jan. J Secretary
lnsing went to the capitol for a half
hour conference with Chairman Stone
He refused to discuss the meeting. Ho
said he talked with Stone, however,
How's This?
We offer One Hnndred Dollars Revtrd
for any rue of Catarrh that cannot be cored
By flairs ratsrrn run
Hall'i Catarrh Core has beea taken b
catanb sufferers for the past thlrtjflTf
rears, and has become known as the moat
reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Ca
tarrb Cnre seta thro the Itlood on the Mo
cons snrfaeee, expelling the Poison from
the Wood and healltur .ae dtseafted portions
After yon have taken Hall's Catarrh Can
for a snort time you win aee a great im
prorement In yoor general health. Start
taking Ball's Catarrh Core at once and tei
rid of catarrh. Mend lor testimonials, im
F. J. CHENKT ft 0., Toledo, Ohio.
SolS by all DrnOTista, 75c
Hall's Family Mlla for constipation.
LasJiMl Ah jomr Vrmmrtm fee ;
IMIIaia K4 trxi UolJ Rirtliic
Tk tlWr. Ituy f p V
yean known ss Best. Safest. Always RHahla
IS tf
A. V
Dreaded an Operation
More Than Anything
Mrs. Mary E. Franse, whose address,
la West Point, Nebr., Box 411, has.
written to the Pmus laboratories a
very strong endorsement of FTuitola
and Traxo. "About ten years ago 1
was about to undergo an operation
for gall stones when I heard of your -medicine.
Dreading an operation .
above everything. I determined to
try FTuitola and Traxo and have ne
ed been eorry I did so, as I have nev
er been troubled with gall stones,
Fruitola and Traxo are compound-,
ed from the original FMsall formulas,
at the Pmus laboratories In Montlcel
lo, 111., and can be purchased In Pen
dleton of Tallman ft Co., (23 Main
street; a doctor's prescription Is not necessary. FTuitola is a pure fruit oil
that acts as an intestinal lubricant and disintegrates the hardened particles
that cause so much suffering, discharging the accumulated waste to the
sufferer's intense relief. One dose Is usually sufficient to Indicate its
efficacy. Traxo Is a tonic-alterative that is most effective to rebuild an
restore the weakened, rundown system.
A booklet of special Interest to those who suffer from stomach tros
ble can be obtained by writing to th e Plnus Laboratories, Monticello, Illinois.
' I J.-S T, i ! J.1 , v
ir -
Your Bath Room Warm and
Comfy With One of Our
with 12
Yes. yon may
keep this new
FMIonn with
the diamond stylus and your choice of 1!
records, for $;!IH. Yon may pay a llttl
rtown and a little each month or week
Try the New KdUon lu your home before yot
deiide to buy It. KntiTtaln your friend!
with tour favorite records.
wk'itk today for our new bdi
SON ISOOK No obligation.
Mrs. Alyse Roe-GilGhrist
Hotel Pendleton.
trom $3.00 up
Once used you wonder how you ever got
along without it.
Pacific Power & light Company
si ' in
ml it1
llirTTKU AMI SUIT r'.ll
is assured by the iiw of some
of the.e beautiful futures of
ours. They give a Hicht that
Illuminates the room perfectly,
but that does not tire or strain
the eyes. They are not tx pen
sive considering thWr ejtra ef
ficiency and extra beauty. Why
not at least ee them?

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