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early six weeks
american wonder
Two Phones, 28
823 Main St.
itWRUIIHIIIIHIIIII lllllllllllllllllllllllllinilllllllllUIIIIIUlllllllllllll Illllllln
is here, at the price you want
to pay; the style will be right. 'm
and fabric as good as money -.
ill buy.
No store in Pendleton (the'
best city of its size in America)
will give you better values nor '
a wider range' of styles than
this, the best "little store" in, ,
the northwest: We have the
"Big Stock" of Ready-tjWearl
Will you let us show you. " .
! The "Poiret" Store "
storage battery!
Service Sta Hon
Five Great Navies Have Endorsed
Tht-re in a Gould for your enr that you
rely on. not merely liecau.-e it i made by
buildt-rs of Batteries for baltici-hips and sub
marintM. but lxrau -r the rt-li.'.i.ility is a gen
eration old, i harn f ri.-ti'- ol Gould Batteries.
rKKPA RL'UXESS U the keynote of our ser
vice. We can furnish rer:oual part." for any
battery or a fiew Guld Battery for any car.
Drive' around here today and let us take a
look at your battery ten minutes and no
t harge.
Pendleton Auto Co.
Only One SYra ist Month.
There was only one tiro in Pendle
ton last month, according to Chief
Kingold'a monthly report, the lo be
ing about 160. Bight hundred feet
of hose wm laid.
Sells neppier Papa1.
Word has been received from
George !. Pearce, formerly of this
city, that ha has sold the Heppner
Herald te U. A. Pattison of Castle
Rode ua that he Intend going to
Madras te negotiate for the Pioneer.
Oilct SayM Clean t'lK
"Now that the snow is gone It la p.
good time to clean up your premises
.ays Fir Ohler Ringold. He Is par
ticularly Interested In the removal ot
all debris of a combustible nature as
such material Is often responsible for
Who she Um Mule? '
Someone killed a mule and hauled
the careaaa on to the city property
adjoining the cemetery, according to
Councilman II. J. Taylor, and at his
sjutanoe the poUce have been In
structed t Investigate to learn who
was responsible. It Is the intention
to prosecute the guilty person.
Several funding Permit.
Two permits have been issued for
changes in the Association Building,
one for the putting In or a new front
and one for a partition change on the
second flood. "A permit has been Is
sued for putting In a glasa Partition
In the Bklund shoe store . A permit
has also been issued to Birdie Oliver
to construct a small stone building on
Maple street.
Bain or Snow Promised.
The following special stockmen a
Mthr forecast waj received this
morning from Portland by Supervisor
Cryder of the Umatilla forest: "Con
tinued unsettled weather with rain or
enow Indicated today. Friday and
Saturday without much change in
temperature or very high winds.
Should conditions become more
threatening will advise later.
Opens Tailor Shop.
Jacob Brand, who for the past five
lyeera has been connected with the
tailor shop of John JMepert, wiu
open a shop of his own at 11 East
Court tree In the location Just va
cated by the Matlook-Laata Invest
ment Oo. Mr. Branai, wno nas oera
In business for himself before, will
do a general tailoring buslnes as well
as cleaning and pressing.
Adding MsrhliM Takes Fire.
There was a llttie flurry of excite
ment In the First National Bank last
evening when the celluloid keys
caught ire from some unknown
cause K was after banking hours but
the clerical force was still working.
It Is Relieved ahat a coal from the
initnr-H nine fell on the Inflam
mable keys. In a minute the whole
top of the machine was anre, me
flames shooting up four feet The
rire was easily extinguished.
Recorder's Monthly Report.
During the month of February JJ
,m.ii...- umit. vm irsued. accord
ing to the monthly report of Recorder
Fits Gerald. The value of the Im
provements Is approximately 117.610
Four hundred lineal feet of sidewalk
was laid. 14 plumbing permits Issued
and six burial permits. There were
IS cases In police court, ten resulting
fn fines, five In forfeited ball, five In
lari sentences, one suspended sentenre
and one continued. The fines for the
month totaled 1317.
Haw Kvulcnces of congestion.
In returning tnrougn ''
. , uta ,Hu r tn Texas Roy
Buchanan, head of the dry goods de
partment of tne i-eop:e i"-
aw evidences of the tie-up of freight
traffic which Is .making it difTxntlt to
secure anything from tne east isear
Montpelier. Idaho, he declares there
Is about ten miles of freight waiting
to be moved. Blockades have so tied
up the roads that It Is elmost Impos-
Istbte to move the freight.
Kfcfe May filiate on Walk.
Children on roller skate may skate
on the sidewalks but they must keep
off the pavement. This was the sen.
timent of the city council last even
ing. The matter of preparing an or
d' nance to keep the children off the
treets was brought up hut evening
by OMincilmsn Phelpa With so
many autos on the streets, rhlldres
tm skatee are always in danger If thev
wm the pavement for s rink. It waJ
contended. Cert am objections to
sk-itlne on the walks developed thst
the elilldnn have some warm friends
in the council. Councilman Murpht
making it particularly ml'luu that
he would not be a pnny to barring
the 'tlds" from the walk a.
llMiH-m rroan llliiew.
Mrs. Spencer Bentley has recovered
f;om an illness that kept her con
fined to her home for some time past
Apiiointed Administratrix.-
Clara K. Clemons has been .ap
pointed administrator of the estate ol
her husband, the late B. I. Clemona
The estate-1 valued at about ftSOO.
1lvurce is Granted,
A divorce was grunted yesterday b5
Judge Phelps to the plaintiff in tht
case .of Edna Mcl'herrin Bell vs. 1.
A. Bell and she was given the custo
dy of her child. - '
Series of Special Meeting- :
I . ,1 1 . LJ. . .. .1 i- 1 , T V-
neeiuuiug lie, in.uu. . - . . u.
Snyder ot the Presbyterian church
win conauct a series oi m-e-i.-ings
every evening for a period of ten
eveninga ,
KM) Empties In l-a (irando.
There were 100 empty boxcars on
the sidetracks at La tsraude yester
day, according to E. B. Wood, chlet
special agent of the O-W. ' The cars
are for distribution among tho ship
pers' of Oregon.
Rarttman to preach. ' '
Rev. Vernal Backman, former Pen
dleton high school student and who
has been attending tne Divinity sen
at Kugene, Is to preach Sunday morn
ing at the Christian church in lieu ot
Rev. H. H. Hubbell. .At the church
last evening three new members were
baptised by the Rev. Hubbell.
Building a Foundry.
Work on the construction of the
foundry building for the Blewett Har
vester Co. is how well underway and
the structure will soon be completed.
The building is located southwest of
the company's -main building. The
foundry will permit the company to
do its own foundry work. " whereas
last season owing to the late start
had by the company K was necessary
to hare the foundry work done else
where. ' '-, - f
The United States Army
pUcing order, now for 500,000 army .hoe. and the ame amount again in 30 d-ys,
making 1 000,000 in all. Thi. i. not many, but with .uch a arc.ty t will mean
quite a hole in the market. The .hoe. for next fall that are being .hown by the man.
ufacturer are advanced in price anywhere from 60c to $1.50 wholeeale on a ..ngle
pair over last year', market. Do you realize what you will have to Py for the
familie. .hoe. next winter? A word to the wise is sufficient. The Golden Rule have
not advanced their .hoe. to any great degree this year,' a. the other merchants have
done. If you have the where-with-all, to do it, come in now and stock up at the
present prices. Look these over.
Men's iun Metal Drew Shoos 2.tlH to S5.R0
Men's Black Kiutllsh .Shoe - S5.R0
Men's White Sole Kiucllsh Sfl.R0
Men's Tan Kmtllxh shoe R-o
Mcu's Hk Harvest Rime $3.SS
Men's Mule Harvest Shoe. 1.7
Men's Cow Hide Work Shoe S2. to S5.2R
Men's Hbro Sole llnrvext .HIlM S2.BH
! Klk Harvest Slme, 13 to 14 9l.
Hoys' rlk Harvest Slim St4 to e..N. . -
Indies Blnx'k DreKH Shoo $.
Idles' Plain Rid, 8 inch top . to M.ta
Ijulies' latent, Button and I jut. . S3.R0 to S.5
Ijulh-a Patent, Cuban Heel
IjmIU-m' White Top, black kid vamp. ...... SS.Se
ldlra' Brown Vamp, doth Top 4.t
Isidlee All-White Kid 7.
MIhscm' rtwi Khoen 1.H to S.S
tilrls' lmw Shoes tl.-IS to !!.
Boys' School SIum-h !. Ut .,
Son Is Born.
rn at St.
-uTng at . E
hospital this morning at 5 o ciock to
Mr. and Jlrs. Tom KlUott of Nye. . .
Contractor Retiovers.
Fred Marsh, well known contrac
tor who has been ill for some time,
is able to be on the streets again.
Committed to Hospital.
Ben F. White of Athenu was to
day exumlned and committed to the
Kastern Oregon State Hospital. He
was brought down last evening by W.
K. Taylor. . "
New District Meets.
.School district No. 44. the newly
created district on the reservation,
vesterday held its first election and
chose the following to serve untirthe
annual meeting: Directors. Charles
Cmbarger, Earl Klrkpatrlck and
Charles fcterrell; clerk, Roy Foltx. The
directors are now considering several
sites for a school building and expect
to build soon. . T
manv cases are aetuallv owned or
controlled 'by liquor Interests, the as
sociation's committee report shows
that police have no conception of
their duty at dance halls; many po
licemen are found drinking; fights
are common; Indecent dancing pre
vails after about 11 o'clock, although
until they become Intoxicated, the
dancers are usually orderly; minors,
and often small ahlldren are permit
ted to ibecome intoxicated, while par
ents laugh at their drunken antics.
At one dance, given by a church,
as a "benefit affair, many little chil
dren were found "outrageously
drunk,' according to Mrs. Bomn'i
report, and intoxicated women threat
ended to mob a policeman who closed
it gambling device being operated
"Men and women become intoxi
cated," says the report, "and dance
indecently such dances as Wasklng
the Dog.' "On the pussy's Tall,' "Bbak
Ing the Shimmy," The Stationary
Wiggle' and 'the Dip.'
"At 106 of the ill halls Investigat
ed, liquor was sold, and at Its of
these minors were1 present."
, lku;S
jk . f V 1 -
i , i N " ' . .
liru-on Men Out for Track.
Although track season In the high
school does not formally begin until
Monday, ten to fifteen men are turn
ing Cut every evening. Judging from
the amount of "pep" shown the cross
country race to be held March 23 will
be a lively affair. Manager Reed has
secured three good medals for first,
second and third places tn hls race.
Abovu. fifteen men are expected to try
for these medals. '
You Don't Know
market unless you have tried it out and Compared it
with the coal you have been using as many of our
firmly Convinced customers have done.
Anyway, the winter styles have ac
customed the world to the promised
short Hklrted bathing suits.
Even Church Affairs Sell
quor and Permit
Yours for
Quality Quantity
CHICAGO, March . The Juvenile
Protective Association of Chicago is
fathering a bill In the legislature, pro
hibiting the sale of liquor in danre
halls, and providing a 1200 penalty
I for violation. Charging that the ma
jority of the dance halls are operated
primarily for the sale of liquor, and In
rpf LonerganCo
9. rtZFZrr.j - v-
Mlss Henlah Anddon.
Miss Beulah Amldon. the young
.. v. I , u i-Mr chanued her
ouiHan- from her home In North
Dakota to California in oruer to .
vote, was selected as tne stan
dard bearer of the women or tne .
Congressional I'nion, w ho marched on j
the White House on the afternoon of
March 4 to show the president the J
strength of the demand for suffraue ,
on the day of his Inauguration. She I
i.. sniH Vm the nrettVst girl In the I
ranks.f the suffragists In Washing- .
ton. '
Ta Conquer
Stomach Bitters
'it Helps Nature Wonderfully.
'AcHieswin 01 ln-l"oacock"
Phone 178j
Vmurn itUaaard la l aioa Co.
? almoxt like a trip from Iilrs
Tor to eouthem Csif-rnla to tome
frrm i n on county to f-ndletnn these
days, aocor-lng to K. K. Cleaver who
ret-imd last night from a trip ft Kti
usyrlw and If. (irintl He weti'.
over Hatorday and attempted to get
te lnterps-i Hon-lay morning How
ever, the snowplow was broken In
iMiofcing 'ie snow bks-kade near 1m
bler and he was forced o return to
Im. Grande where a res-uiar biuarl
raged during the day. All of the cots
on the Joseph line were filled with
SHsr, he va mifrni - were
stranded In many pls' nd !
were msr .- drifts .r.fii to I"
dew Kv ii last night wti'le In I.S
Orande IhrVe h-er. he sys two nc
half In. h-w of freh snow fell. It
hole i-nunT has been nnfler snow
' conlinuoojity since November he
f stalea. Cm ng s k te Peedisx.e h
' foand bot fw traces of snow and th
'.mm shining wrm and tirghl'y
HE real thrill of spring's
actual arrival will best
.be realized by stepping
Into our store arid trying on
one of those beautiful new
spring suits of ,
Bond Clothes
Edwin Clapp Shoes
Knox, Strtson and
Knapp Kelt Hat
Keiser nd Cheney
Bond Bros.
Mew's Os ss piste
Prndlrna-a lading
tVt birrs.
2 (
There are no important -world's records which
refer to a stock car that the Hudson Super-Six
hasn't won. The best former records are too easy
for the Super-Six. The events are too easily won.
For instance, in the 24-hour recordi 1819 miles, it
exceeded the best former record by 52$ .
And the Super-Six made the best time in the
world's greatest hill-climb up Pike's Peak. The
best time for 100 miles. The greatest distance
covered in one hour and the fastest time for a stock
chassis at the rate 102 ' miles an hour. '
Here we prove again that the Hudson Super-Six
has more endurance than we have ever claimed for
What can be more convincing than that round
trip across the continent made with a Hudson
Super-Six light weight 7-passenger Phaeton?
previous records were made with roadsters and
stripped cars, but the Hudson at all times carried
three, and sometimes four passengers, and with its
baggage weighed in excess of 5,000 pounds.
Remember that the Super-Six is a Hudson in
vention controlled by Hudson patents.
A hundred cars have motors of like cylinder
capacity. Many cars have more cylinders. But in
the Super-Six vibration has been reduced to almost
nothing. Thiit adds 80', to efficiency.
Cars here for immediate delivery.
. Ak for demonstration.
Oregon Motor Garage
117. II. 1X1. IU West Coert St.
TelephesM 4es

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