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94 Pall? and final Wrekly It P
4ton. oragao. Of ine
mt t tha mff1w at lodltoa,
a aaraad rlaoa Mil natter.
ciple that the .commission
now lays down with ' re
ference to the long haul.
Had the commission not
taken such a position, it is
only a matter of time un
til congress would ' hate
acted, because of the
greater number of con
gressmen from interior
The East Oregonian also is
Hotel News Stand, rortlaao.
Nra Co., Portland. Or(aa.
iru, Baiwi. thoroughly convinced that the
Bureau, aui w principle Deing set lortn Dy me
C. C. is sure to govern in the
future. The rule that the
long haul shall not be cheaper
than the short haul will pre-
I van oecau.se it is equiiaoie anu
i logical, not merely because of
jthe political strength of the
$so0 inter ocean territory.
'. if jo I This paper can also see in
1 jS . the situation possibilities for
, future growth in Pendleton.
iVniWith the new regime in full
CIW Official Paper.
County Officii PP.
Mambar United Praaa
Elftr, 9mm ftmrr. toy aiatl
Uy, all months, bv mall
ttr, tkree months, by mall
ttr month, by malt.
aitey, aaa jwr. by carrier
9miifr ate attiatfca. bv carrier. .
a.',( taraa aiootns, by carrier
montb. by jarrlar ....
fmml Waatly. one year, by mail
'aakly. el montna, oy maii.w
afclx, foor montba. by mall.
BP thire-
vhre liphtninKS are
fSb wiazxles irte nations with
rlpplea of red,
And she'll wave for us living, or
droop o'er us dead
The flair of our country for-
,?;. swing Pendleton will be in po-
.Ta'siuon to command mucn ais-
iriDuting ousiness now nanai
ed from the coast cities. To
what extent this may become
iobbinsr center is " hard to
jforsee but the situation carries
hope for us and should be an
incentive to keep alert.
jT ECESSARILY the send
3j inST of a huge American
army to Europe will be
a slow process. It would be
slow even were it not for the
submarine menace. The his
tory of the world is replete
with the difficulties encoun'
tered by nations that have
gone across the "sea to fight.
In our revolutionary war the
! Atlantic ocean was one of our
(greatest assets, the British be
ing compelled to send the
Ti troops across to the colonies
i . j , ! .....
iT .:.:
af sl s :-iv.$-,:--. r-:---iVttif I
3 i aC
Colonel I. V. Irvinf?, of the Ameri
can Junior Naval and Murine Scouts.
KivinK instruction to youths of that
organization in machine
Sc'a ni there Old Olory
how brisht ihe stars
And The lries like red signals
uf liht'riy Kleam!
Ash dare for her. livinpr. or
dream the last dream
TNrsiTh the flas of -ur coun
try furever!
Kfae up tht-re Old Glory no
TnTartt-dealt scars.
"Prank Jtanton in the At
ataunta Constitution.
aboard slow moving sailing
j ships. In the Boer war Eng-
jland was handicapped in si
Jjmilar manner because of the
( distance to South Africa. As
jthe ocean 'intervened . then so
i will it now be-a handicap to
J.America, particularly in view
jof the scarcity of shipping.
I nowever we can oe 01 greai
! assistance in the war even be-
Witt on her briKhtnesa, no ; fore we ffej- our S0ldiers to the
Z;" heS hath ; I fnt. The financial and . in
-crimsoned her bars austrial help we , have given
sale's the flag of our country the allies has strengthened
forever: ; them wondej-fullv. It mav be
(that this aid together with the
( ! knowledge that unlimited
i help, in men and money, will
,De forthcoming when needed
A CHAWCE FOR FEN OLE-; may be sufficient to end the
TON war within a year or 18
UBLIC thought in the) The administration is wisely
"l,e8. " .,"OI.ei getting ready for any necessi-
v .u V ,,,M";ty that mav arise. We are
'T0 the farreaching import-; providing a great aircraft di
i of tbe i continual rulings sion that promjsea to be a
interstate commerce vital factor in settiing the war,
vccMnnunon on the long and.we are building ships to re.
hrt baul subject. 'place those sunk by the U-
1.ThJe Portland Journal sees boats, we are getting a draft
the significance in the decision ar read for service abroad
a 5ew days .uSlnCe ?"d it is needed and can be got
cwnwnentir.g on the ruling ten across
ZHae new order is not
fikeiy to ever be reversed.
The riilroads naturally
; desdre development of the
s interior cities. Congress
owe lacked but one vote
' ' f declaring for the prin-
(cablegram to the Bureau
,of Crop Estimates, U. S.
Department of Agricul
ture, from the International
Jit . StorcHouse
r i
All the golden goodness of
those greatest food grains
wheat and barley is mel
lowed into the rich nourish
ment of
se M
ij Grape-Nuts
Pure, wholesome, wonder
', fully nourishing, appetizing,
i , ti Sold by Grocers everywhere.
Institute of Agriculture, Rome,
Italy, received June 25, gives
the condition of cereal crops
on the 1st of June as good in
Ireland and Italy, average in
India and .Egypt, moderate in
France, Great Britain, Luxem
burg, the Netherlands and
. The area of wheat in Italy
is given as 10,626,000 acres in
1917, or 91 per cent of the
1916 acreage, and 89.3 per
cent of a five-year average
1911-1915; in India. 33.041.-
000 acres in 1917, or 109.6
per cent of the 1916 acreage,
and 108.2 per cent of a five-
year average in-iitio; ana
in Tunis, 1.310,000 acres in
1917, or 88.3 per cent of the
1916 acreage, and 101.6 per
cent of a five year average
The area of barley in
France is given as 1,475,000
acres in 1917, or 95.3 per cent
of the 1916 acreage ; in Italy.
554,000 acres in 1917, or 91.3
per cent of the 1916 acreage,
and 89 per cent of a five year
averaee 1911-1915: and in
Tunis, 1,038,000 acres in 1917,
or 84.2 per cent of the 1916
acreage, and 91.7 per cent of
a five year average 1911-1915.
The area of oats in France is
given as 6,437,000 acres in
1917, or 82.6 per cent of the
1916 acreage; in Scotland, 1.
040,000 acres in .1917, or 195
per cent of the 1916 acreage.
and 109.2 per cent of a five
vear average 1911-1915; and
in Italv, 1.137,000 acres in
1917. or 130.1 per cent ot tne
1916 acreage, and 91.7 per
rent of a five year average
Trip 1917 Droduction of
wheat in France is forecast as
161.674.000 bushels, or 75.5
per cent of the 1916 crop; in
India, 379,309,000 bushels, or
119.3 per cent of the
crop, ana iud.z per cem oi
five year average 1911-1915;
and in Japan, 26,533.000 bush
els, or 93.7 Der cent ot tne
1916 crop, and 107.7 per cent
of a five year average 1911
115. When the state hospital was
located here a promise was
made in the name of the com
munity that the street leading
to the institution would be
Daved; it is a promise that4has
been kept in part only and the
time has arrived for fulfilling
the obligation in good faith.
Troop D will go to camp
with no blank files and with
some of the best riders in the
world in the command.
Let them call our troops at!
the front by their right name I
- Americans.
mMMmummKmummm ft ft m ff Si
- if l imm&si amis uimmmmBiiiO
"v .? urn m mim m m mm m m mmmmmm m m m m s$
v w. i a - i ii .i ruDDcr nenncaune uic ciuuc viutiiKi
l ,j ar- ii j i r -
1 ZP,n r No wonder Savaee Tires average so
r -mW i d IK I M much greater mileage. v
I ii n r'liiiiMianiliiiillafiii-l 1 I HI
p i iff n
ii ' I ii f i m
mm EmmE
I x ft. v l mvmmrsmmmma
m D M , Ml tffMM
lV4 0
searchliicht drill on board the 1'. S. S.
Uecrult, the wooden battleship erect
ed In I'nion Sqnure, New York, for
use as a naval recrnltinB heacl("ar-ters.
Savage Tires are built to give mileage first, then
road comfort and complete satisfaction they are
not made to sell at a price. And yet Savages cost
no more than ordinary casings.
Sold through our own distributors. We put th
middleman's profit into extra quality "Heap big
mileage 1" Watch for the red Savage sign.
sell who Is just slaying the finny beau
ties near Wilbur's sawmill.
Jimmy Hackett was noticed early
this .morning attempting to separate
democratic and republican grasshop
pers from among our Kansas visitors.
The former he drove to the old post
office site and the latter to the new,
completing this job he boxed up the
mugwumps and directed them with
his compliments to the governor of
Kansas, first having their photographs
That two months from today the
eighth annual round-trp will be his
tory? ?
That the objectionable bump on
Court street just off Main has been
repaired ?
That Moae Thompson, pioneer of
this county who is back here on a vis
it, was captured by the raider, Quan.
trell, during the Civil War?
That it is customary for a city to
give some dempnstration to "a horn
military unit about to leave for the
front and that Pendleton has as yet
made no plans for a sendoff frr
Troop D?
Heap big milnaqsi
Pendleton Cycle Co.
228 East Court St.
Pendleton, Oregon
Dolnr Rood.
Few medicines have met with more
favor or accomplished more good
than Chamberlain's Colic and Diar
rhoea ' Remedy. John P. Jantz, Del
meny. Sask, says of It. "I have used
Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
Remedy myself and In my family,
and can decommend it as
being an exceptionally fine prepara
tion." Adv.
V. F. Staats, et ux to Lettv K. Mar
vin $1, XK. 1-4 and S. 1-2 Sec. 13
and HE. 1-4 Sec. 14, Twp. 3, X. It.
28. and X. 1-2 Sec. 24, 3 X. ft. 29,
I-ttie E. Marvin to W. F. Staats et
us $ 1, same description as proceed
ing died.
' Cause of Despondency.
Despondency is often caused by in
digestion and constipation, and quick
ly disappears when Chamberlain's
Tablets are taken. These table's
strengthen the .digestion and move
the bowels. Adv.
"Ah, t think I understand." said
th distinguished Martian in Wash
ington. "President Wilson is an
'Anti and Kaiser Wilhelm an ardent
lllllllf lllllltlllllf lllllllftlllllllllllfllllltllllllftlllllflllllllllllltllllfllllllfllllllltllltllt
No More Currency Panics
2 ro you reemmber the shut-downs, the business s
depression and the lack of employment which fol- Wz
2 lowed the currency panic of 1807 7 5
WW "To prevent another currency panic the Federal S
S Reserve Banking System keeps hand an im- 5
S mense supply of currency to furnish the banks which z
S belong to the system of which we are one, so that
ZZ they may at all times meet the currency require-
2 ments of their depositors. WZ
Doesn't it appeal to you to
get its protection, without
cost, by becoming one of our
Chas. R. Hazen et ux to C. A. Ha
zen, $1, mete and hound description
in the XE. 1-4 Sc. 3, Twp. 4. X.
R. 2S.
New and Second Hand
Goods Bought and Sold
liar news. Shoe and All Kinds
of Repairing.
310 4 Webb St.. Pendleton. Ore.
American National Bank
Pendleton, Oregon I
All WMtte MlisHreSs
28 Years Ago Today
( From the Dally East Oretionwn,
July 26, 1KH9.
A couple on Main street this morn-
ins! huKsed and kiK-ed one another '
with much mutual satisfaction and to j r
th great edification of spectators; ( j
they seemed to have eyes for no one
else but themselves and neither knew
nor cared that many people were I
urlously watching the performance, i
Big Show at Summer Prices
25c 35c 50c
Albert Redd is now carrier for the eh
East Oretroninn and will look after j H:
the wants of subscribers to the dully, j
Max Haer received a prefu-nt ,,f I n 7!H1Mf!(Ufl!'l'iMn!!H!t!Mil
fine trout yesterday from Ted Man- fiiiiliililliliMiititliitiliullliil
and Concert Each Night

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