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miligllIUiUWM mi nam
The Dean Tatom Co.
Phone 638
Raspberries S2.75 crate ; 2 boxes Z5f
Loganberries, 2 boxes 25c
Blackberries $2.75 crate ; 2 boxes 25c
Oranges, dozen .'. 50
Peaches, extra fancy.... 30 doz., box f 1.25 ,
Green Corn, it's good, dozen 30?
Green Beans, 3 pounds 25?
Red Ripe Tomatoes, pound 15?
Canteloupes 15?; 2 for 25? '
Cotosuet, pail ,.r 75? and $1.23
Flake White, No. 10 pail $2.25
Kream Krsp 75? and $1.50
1300.000 FOR RELIEF
? El
UCVlM-d IJh f MHUHltlifH AM I.CMlll
of (.vnnan Air ltJd.
I A XIX N, July 31- The number
of deaths caused by Herman air rat 'J
over I.oti'Irtn July 7 totaled 59. ac
cording to hi) official revised ll-t
made public today.
An official statement July 7 re
ported 43 killed and 197 Injured in
the German airplane mid that da"
Three German airplane were broughi
down and seven- other raiders were
J destro d.
.it, -t
.y.i i-iivtvi
A 7-Jmwml, Thin MM Wmtck
and now Ingersoll is
turning out a 7-jewel,
very, very thin model
watch for $3.50
We bave them here for you
to look t; and they're inter
ettinf enough . to look at,
even II you haven't
the least idea you need
1 watch. The one v
Royal M. Savvtelle
Since ISS7.
TVIeKrainH from Ptrot(rad auree in
,tti tatemnnt that the (origin of r
icpiit l"voltH in thnt .capita: is ob
H.nrH, but th mumpU'Ioii In iibroud
l thiv, h It Is in t'hinit and the I'ni
i ti d HtntcK. that tin- 1' hunt IB nut ir
! ninny's unly liiwlesw mennn tf war
jf.'ire. A certain Kind of submerged
! flKhlinif l alwnva powlhle on land,
land we have aeen Home evidence of it
'in the senate chamber! at WanhlnK-ton.
That moat KUccesal'ul of all rente
dies for woman's aflment. l.yrTa K.
I'lttkham'a ' VeRetab'e Compnurl.l,
owes it oriKfn to a botanic recipe
which cain Into the powaepMion ot
Lyrtla K. I'inkham about fifty yearn
This preacriinion had proved ao ef
fective In the practice or a skilled
phyplcian that Mrs I'inkham ' pro
cured the herba and steeped and
prepared them in true old-time fash
ion on her kitchen atove for hor
frienda and neighbors who suffered
from woman's ailments. The fame
of the virtues of this wonderful med
icine spread, until it Is today recog
nized as the standard remedy for wo
man's ills. Adv.
The lied Cross war council has ap
propriated 1300,000, to he expended
in July for relief work In the Near
iSuut, through the American commit
tee for Armenian and Syrian relief.
The Red Cross will appropriate a like
amount for each of the five remain
irtfc months of this year if the work
of the committee is not sufficiently
hampered by the Turkish govern
ment to make further grants inad
Vina, ble -
The American committee is thi
only, organization outside of the Hed
Crescent ( (controlled by the Turkisn
government), which is allowed to au
minister relief In certain portions rf
th Turkish empire. Its field of oper
ations includes not only Asia Minor
and those portions of Armenia anti
Syria that are in the Ottoman em
pire, but it also includes a large sec
tion of Armenia now dominated b
the Russian army, as well as th-3
Russian Caucasus, Persia, Mesopota
mla, and portions of Kgypt and Ma
cedonia, into which refugees, Armen
ian. Syrian, and Creek have fed
targe numbers. With the exceptici
of the work being done by the Jew
Ish relief committee, the American
committee is the only agency organ
ixed for affording relief in this great
oofM'ratlnii MlHi lteUf Kciiries.
Th making of thi appropriation by
the Red Cross is in accord with the
policy of the Red Cross to Cooperate
with relief agencies in the theater of
war to th end that there shall be the
utmost Hid afforded, while overlap
ping of effort is as far as possible
avoided. The appropr ation is made
up'n application of Jan.es L,. parton.
chairman, and C. V. Vlckrey, secre
t iry, respectively, of the American
committt e for Armenian and Syrian
relief, and. after Investigation. Is thor
oughly ai proved by the Tied Cross
committee on cooperation, of which
Judge Robert S. ly.vett is chairman.
The appeal to the Ked cross for
aid estimates tha there are 2.100. U0'(
people in western Al-t whose death
can be prevented only by direct and
continued help from this American
committee. These people have been
exiled from their homes and are in
regions where self-support fs prac
tically impossible. From one town
alone there is a c V to pr-.vi 'e for
I0.fiii fatherless children The es
timated number of orphans in an
other district is gfvn by the Ameri
can consul as 40 000. Tn the entire
field the number of orphaned chil
dren is esttmatei to run into th" :
hundreds of thousan Is.
Of 4 he Armenians abme. nearly a 1
inilPon were massacred or driven To !
le-tth In H15. and the remainder o
the race within the Turkish domin
ions wprp deported from their hornet
into the desert region where self- j from n foreign foe.
support was impossible. Since then ' fidbiwinc mess;tge
appmximately 500.000 Creeks, who
'o r m- r 1 y resi ded i n prospe ro u s v i I -lag-
south of the Black Bea. have
been deported !n similar manner and
are now destitute and- helpless.
;' . f
' ' - av ' '
' ' , pi''-' . '
i .'yr 1
V y I
f. J i , ? - v' ; -
Cardinal, on His Eighty-Third
Birthday, Sends Word to
Young Americans.
WKmnXIHTKH. Md., July 30.
Cardinal iibbins celebrated his
eighty third birthday by taking n
y at the home, of his Intitnate
griend. T. Herbert .Miriver. at I'nimt
Mills. fie wits anxious to avoid in-
er views, but tiok Cfasion to ex-
n-ess his views upon the heavy re-PnFibiliti-s
of the Nation and peo
Ie in the pre-ient world crisis.
The far :inal expressd the opinion
hat only a small part of those who
n gisrered for the National Army
would be sent abroad. However, he
on;iderd the enrollment and the
minim or a large army and a com-
mcnurate naval force necessary to
miatantp, th safety of the country
..i .immmmi iiimMttiiMiiiiiirMI
Fridays and Saturdays
To September 29
Denver .. ..
Omaha .. ..
St. Louis ....
Chicago ..
Detroit .. .
New York
.$ 60.00
. 65.00
. 76.20
. 77.50
. ?8.50
. 115.70
Similar Fares to a!! C'.icf Cities E;u;t.
Long limits Slopovi-r privilotijs.
Union Pacific
Vis t Yellowstone. Great Salt Lul:. and
Kt'.s-Rocky Mountain Park enroute.
T. F. OE."iIEN, As int.
wMnkev"' Allen ttack at Hn.
OAYTOX. Wash., July 31. "Moil
key' Alien who escaped from th
penitentiary at Walla Walls a week
asro. piid a visit to his cabin a:
Builysburg Friday vninr nni la'er
in the night he oiled at the Chnrl
Harvey home in Iayton and askeit
for something to eat. He informed
Mrs. Harvey that he tv.d worked tw
or three days on a Uoppei ranch ail
expected to get a job in harvest if
the officers did not capture hlin. He
stated that he was well treated at the
peniuntiary but he enjoyed his free
dom and wanted to visit his friend
and therefore took the opportunity to
make his escape when left to irrir -The
en us. Ho was apprehended
O D Io vne Sa ur a v nbt e nd re
turned t the iTnit"oiary hy M
Vayne and H. H. Httdley.
and he sent The
o the eligible
young men
"Americans, always remember that
you owe all to America and be pre
pared, if your country demands it, to
give all In return. I am sure you will
bring honor and credit to the country
yoir birth or adoption.'
Helerring to the request of presi
dent Wilson and Mr. Hoover for his
cooperation th cardinal said:
'! hsve assured them of my will
in'i;ess and my desire to do so. Th
plan for co-operation on my part i
na: a letter will be sent, with my n.
loryeirem. to ever b shop in tb
"tilled States; th-y. In turn, will ge
nto touch with every p:istor in -f-
diocese and eah pastor will t-ike n,i
he details in his congregation."
keep the recor ; clear,
ur in uiiud that Xi
Just to
vl' to
Uenine. the leader of the so
anarchist forces In Russia,
in anarchist, but a socialist
is not
of th
.'ierman school, as are nine-tenths oi
present trouble makers In Russia.
EVKIiKTT. July 31. Believing
I toil Si fester possessed of an evil
spirit. eorf;e Johns, James Jeffer
son. Lena Jefferson and Rosey Wild
er, Indians, beat Silester to death
with clubs yestcrday afteraoon and
buried his body in sand, according to
another Indian, who reported th
murder to comity officials today. All
four are under arrest. All four are
members of the Shakers, a religious,
sect which has a considerable num
ber of adherents among the coast In
dians. Their attack on Silester took'
plane when the latter, a cripple, en
tered John's house, where the four
were preparing for the end of th
world, expected at midnight tonight.
They .ire iin-'erstood to have attemnt
ed to drive way by the blows, the
evil spi-it which they believed pos
sessed him.
In a raflv-r Inrdlv manner the Vos
sische Vcitttn?: of Purlin, speaking oi
th capture of "rman steamships h.
the Hr'tish off the Iutch coast, s;iys:
"The f Mitch government must recog
nise ibl wo require from it measures
und not nt.rre words if it attucnea
val-ie to h iisr rarded by us as re
ally i.f nrr-t!." hy threaten the
OutehV The surt measures would
le f.-e The '.'rii):in invy to prevent
the Prbish from raiding their coal
st tamers.
mam: kaij-s
M AIUSUF1 MUX re.. July 31.
Howard l.eep. former secretary to
senator liorse K Chamberlain and
son of Dr. and Mrs. K. A Leep of
Myrtle Point, whs injured proi-ably
fatally in the fall of an army air
plane at an American aviation stvi-
a co ird i n g to a d vices re-
parents. He was a
member of the aviation corps. H:
parents left for his bedside.
tion ttiday, a
eeived o" 1 h
if 1
I 1
. i i -IK
JJ IS.'1
j le tlet tin:: vVar Lord ni nt;.gv;sT iir.
on i t iol. - rril'l-.ed :tt a uii.iur re- I riiic-" J ne!
'view i ..: ! ef. ; t:i. ottiW.ik f the v ).. c ......
j-h.-w; h;nv liVdicte-l ibe f'.r.n e. V "c
y,-:!. , j up" of I'ltnee J ta.-h tn 's s'l wi
... t. I : :,. I I S rs old
The Final Farewell!
I to our stock of
Suits and
j Coats
The policy of this store is new
5 goods with each new season. .
E And now August all our summer
1 dresses and suits must go. Prices
have been cut deeply. Values are
1 large, and means more to patrons
this year than ever before owing to
the natural tendency towards higher
: prices on all new goods.
: Look these bargains over while 5
: the assortment is complete. ,
A bLKMAnl IVI T 1 rl
Was Circulated About Eliza
beth of Belgium to Cause
Dissension Among Allies.
PARIS. July 30. German propa
gandists schooled to promote rumors
designed to create dissension among
the Allies are responsible for a re
port that Queen KHzaoeth of Belgium
was made a prisoner by the British
for having supplied information to
the enemy.
The storv was circulated after the
nermann made their succ?ssful driv
in Belgium, near X leu port. It became
so widespread that the Belgian au
thorities at Havre announced that
any one who repeated the rediculous
tale would be prosecuted for "becom
ing unconsciously an accomplice of
Crerman manoeuvres by distributing
calumnies against the Belgian sov
The action of King Victor Emimn.
uel of Italy in presenting a medal
for military valor to Queen Klizabeth
has gone far to refute In the minds o
the people the rumor of her arrest.
The Marquis Sarignani. Italian Minis
ter to Eel gi um. delivered the medal.
which the Queen was Informed, was
emblematic of Kins Victor's admira
tion of the courage displayed by her
since the beginning of the war.
two counties have reported to the po
lice they believed Industrial Workers
of the World poisoned their cattle
Over 60 head have been lost.
Fed Cross Sets $1 ,500.000
Aside for Emergency Pur
poses Next Winter.
Cross War Council appropriated to
day $1,500,000 for foodstuffs to be
sent to France as an emergency re
serve for um next winter by either
American forces or civilian popula
tions. The action was in response to
a plea from Major Grayson Murphy,
head of the Red Cross commission iv
France, saying:
Ve must begin to prepare for the
coming hard winter and you cannot
possibly send us in ore than we nee-f
of the following: T'venty four-tor
motor trucks. sO.O'tO yards of flannel,
condensed milk, flour, dried or pte
served v'Ketabbs. corned beef, can
ned beef, preserved fruits. shoes
blankets, knitting wool and heav
white cotton sheeting."
Supplies will be purchas! for th"
Red Cross by the commission for re
lief in Belgium and special arrange
ments ha ve been made f o r s peed y
shipment. They will be transported
to storage places in France by a new
Red Cross fleet of motor trucks.
Grain Sacks
For Sale
Eastern MIde & Junk Co.
t Opposite O-W. K. A X. De-pot.
Telephone oS I.
"THE Anco Vest-
Pocket Specdcx
catches swiftly moving
figures without a blur.
It gets into action
quickly when every
second counts. You
can change the focus,
the speej and opening
of .the shutter instantly
and accurately while
viewing the image in
the tinder. Let us show
uu ii 1 15 camera. jKrriafc
Other Anscos $2 to & 1
Lvadinx Dru(fit
da; 'ill
y .
proln PtUsMmJitr of tattle.
PORTLAND. Ore.. July 3 1. nt-
Veterinarian W. H. I-S'tle announced
here (odav he would send men from j
his office to Clackamas county and
the eastern section of MtiMnomal: !
county to investigate reported pois- j
oning of cattle. Sttck owners of th- t
New and Second Hand
Goods Bought and Sold
llurnt'ss. shoe and All Klnl
of Itt'palrtnK.
3HK, Webb St.. Prndlolou. Ore.
No More Currency Panics 1
Po y.ui rcennnber the shut-downs, the business
depression and th lack of employ ti: cut which Nl-
S lowed the currency pat ic of
Tv prevent another curr ncy panic the Kederal
j; Reserve lunkin- System Keeps hand an im-
S meiise supply of currency t- furnish the b;.nks whieti
bclonc tt the ssiem of which we are one. so t h. f Z
t t !- may at all times meet the currem-v require-
ments of their deposi'dr. x
UoeMi't it appe.il to on l
get its protection, ithotit
co-t. b hcconmi; "iie of uur
deiHsitor '
American National Bank
Pendleton. Oregon
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