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525 Main St. Free Delivery. Phone 040
Mr. Sherman, who is demonstrating man
for L. Frank & Sons, Milwaukee, is with us
today and tomorrow (Thursday, Friday)
lie Is hero Co ili-nioiixlrnlc to hn fuiliHc llio fin,' ciuill
tlCM r i'lllllli'l 'mi Mi nts mill SOIIS,
I'runk'H Mrnt Trcul, run an
IVllllli's I tn riiiu l Mi'iil 'J'ri'UI, run !!"
i'runlt'ri limn Mi'ut Tri'iit, mn '2?tc
rYllnk'H Chicken Mi-ul Trrat, ran U.Vt
I'miik Tiinuiifi .Mrnl ThiiI, ran , itat:
rYmik'x Clili l.i ii A l a King, i nil Uli;
fr'ilink'H Clilckx'it llrotti, ran I.'h!
lYiink'H Iti-rf llnilh, ran I'm'
I Vank'N llamluircrr Slruk, ran !!"!
I'niiik'H Siilnarli, A l a Itoyal, run I""'
lrniikH 1'ranliloriH, ran 2."r
, fVank'H Yl(nii Kiiuiii;c ran I"'
onir in iiml try ii sainpli ami yon w ill Ik- iiiih inriil.
papis iiaim:psiv roit sou:,
. t i stom t ii. iii:i:t
nut, uysi'I rsi .
Time.it In five minutes your uruir.
add stomach feels flue No indiges
tion, heartburn, nr belching of or
erueta 1 WuiH nf indigested food, no diz
ziness, I) tout In;, foul breath fr head
ache. Papc'H Hiii pepsin Is Holed for it
fpeed 111 SWectenlnC Upset 'stomach;.
1; Is the sit rest, i-iilekcsi and iiiom cer
tain siolmaoh tint acid Lit t he whnU
World. II IKt besides. U Is harmless.
Millions of m n :nd ffumcii.nowcaf
their favorite fond with' ml f ear
thly know Papa's Idapopsin will wivj
1 hvm l'riin such in l. i tv.
1 'lease, for your sake, net a In ran
fifty-cent case of I "aye's liiapepsin
lioin any dniif Mnn and put - yoiu
stomach ri'ht. Don't keep on belli
miserable lift in too short you at.
ioi here Ionic, no make your stay
am eeulde. Kul what you like and en
y it. wlih.uit dread nf acid fermon-
falinn In the stomach.
I 'ape's I Mh pepsin belongs In your
hnm anyway. Should oik- nf the
family oat something which don't
n n r;o with them, or in eawo of an at
tack of indigestion, dyspejaslu, tms
t ril if iji stomach dera imcini'iit duo to
fermentation and acidity, at daytime
in daring the nUht, it is iandy to xv
llui iilekest, surest relief known.
New U. S. Bureau Devoted
Solely to Women Workers
The war has ma do wo tun n so hn
1 ortanl a. finnro In industry hat for
tho first time in lis history tho tnit-,
f-cl States Jovrnnicnt ha.s establishes I
a. department delod solely ti hv In- j
t'TOHt of wnnicn with a woman
The womon's rllvlslmi of tho I'nitod
Stait1 Kmplo iiifiit Scrvii'O, just or
Manlfd under the Scrrt-tary of I.ahnr
with Mrx. Hildn .Muhlhaiisor Hit hari
ur. director, will hp n clrnrin housn
fop woman Iniior of (ho Nation.
Should tho war continue for a Inns
period and tho necessity arise, a part
n. it hnslm-sH will ho to recruit wo
men to fill ihe rankH of the industrial
"A Confection Which is All Food;
A Food Which is All Confection"
Sold and Guaranteed by
Thompsons' Drug Store
Also other Feed.
Ve deliver, Fnone 3rd
Pupil of Fugcl, Frankfort, D'Albert, Paris
Will accept students on the Violin, Viola, Violinccllo.
Also will act as coach for pianists dosiring to enter
the orchestral field.
For (erms apply RT Thompson St.,
or Alta Theatre
aimy wherever men are released for
( in Hilary duty or, heeaiino of new in
dUKtrlitl conditions, traiiMferred -to
new lines of work,. M i ho name time
lr will aid to rnnservo lahor sian
dnnK 1 ,4 iiii I Pay l 'o i Work.
'We do ma iiim to ctTTivHtulo wo
men workers fti- men in any lino ol
work." said Mrs. Itichards. "Wnnicn
should not do mon'n mork vlion men
are, availahle for it. f'nly in oasof
v hr-ro men are released for militar
duty and other work than-their nor
ma 1 iktii pat ion should women he
called to replace them, and then only
when lhero in a shortage of lahor We
will protect the women hired to re
place men from exploitation hy un
scrupulous employers. We will have
no doa linns wit h employers who d,.
not follow the principle of epia! pay
for oual Work."
A hnildliu: at .il K Twenty-second
.str-t. New York t'ity, has heen rent
ed hy lh ("ntted Slates Kmployment
Service for Its activities ill tho New
Vol k M'ctlou and the entire first floor
will he given oxer to the work of the
woman's division. Mrs. Kfchards will
open Oiese fptartors next week an t
install a staff of workeis.
There are now Federal employment
agencies In seven cities. Kach of
those agencies, has a branch to serve
women. I 'la ns for the expansion ot
i ho service to meet new imln.-iri.i i
uci1m call for (ho establishment of a
women's em ployment. agency in every
com in un it y to afford the jobless wo
inan ami the job seeklntr a wmnan t.
No- Man Nhoriano Vet.
"The :. -tual work of our depart-'
in e nt." sa Id M rs. 1 : icha uls, "will he
done in these community bureaus.
Since there is no crying need at (his ,
ttme for the woman to replace the;
man In industry In this t-ountry. her ,
old job awaits her. We will encour
age her to stick to her accustomed oc
cupation until it is absolutely neces
sary, fur the welfare of the Nation,
that sh4 steo Into man's shoes and do
his work because of a shortage of man
li:MM itT wins IV .i oi;.i.
Independent. Who Wat:nt Actum
miii'm Seat In ( onui-Ow, 1ms.
t 'i l.i 'hi I M S. la., Jan L'J. 1 ncom
pleio returns from t he fourth con
gressional district indicated that W.
i . Wright, democrat ic ti..m'nee for
represent.'! I ivo in conui epp, had been
elected today by a lar-j- majority
over his opponent. J. J. ledlnway. In
dependent. The election was ordered
to fill the seat, of William' S Adam
sou, who res I if nod.
1 I IN I I 1TOX )l t ' 1 1 1 :st I ! A
t Pletohcr'si
(et'iiuiii ewsaM'i'M Tell of Attack on
Wounded Soldiers a Iiiwh
'AVMCM, fiwiczi-rliinil, Jan. 24.
; ITlIn newHnijtrr urivinx hir late
S;itiirdiiy anil yi'MtiTtltiy tii-oiiKht fli'Ht
'Ii tallH of the Hliorklnn' loimreatmrnt
f war cripple at the ma.il meetliw
"f t he- l'an-(JTinan Katnerlnnd o-i-leiy
Jn lierlin a. week ftiyo. The or
K.'iiii.ntlun had invited the menihers
, ot a. newly organized var partlci
I in 11 1 h' asHoclation to attend, proinlH
Iiijj: fret, ypeeeh. The veterani ' went
u ileleiitlon of crippled Holdlera to
ri prownt liie opposition to the pan
iliTiiian proKram, tint before tho moI
illers could ppeak the pun-tierinun
oiatorH denounced them a traitorM
imhI mime of the men In the audience
. ai-xaulted theirK
Kirk ll .Man 'Willi (We Log.
The Herlinor 'JVmelilatt miyH;
"One former noldler with un artifi
cial letc wan kicked to tne floor hy
Mi-veral brave home warriors. Anoth
er noldler with only one arm wuh
Htruc-K hy a man with two healthy
flHtH. Women aluo "took part In thewe
unheard of excenHCi, KtrIk-.-, the erlp
ph'H with iimtirellaH.
"Wlirn the rriiHKiun deputy, llerr
I'lilirniau,-' iayn the 'os:.e:ie Zei
ri'iiu, "accused tile Hokirera rn-enent ot
treason. miylnK that they yiqc deserted
;the flaiiif of lllndenbuiu nd l.uden
dorff to hc-tmy their comradex, a wild
t i iti till arose. There were shouts and
jlhe Koldlen were attacked with cries
of "To the trenches with them:" fists
'and ennes were used on the crlpple.s
' and some even kicked triom. When
'tile police appeared to load the sol
diers from the room cries arose from
;the senators, ' "Tear the iron crosses
Ironi their buttonholes!"' Those ut
torliiK. theso ci tes hud no war crosses.
Tiirlr tlil Wounds Hum Afrrwh.
"The war I'rlliples leave tho hall
slowly ami as liny file down the
slairs they lean upon one another.
-More than inn of then. Bather he
k w- In a little room to rest one of
them with only one arm plays the
Piano. There is not one in the R-ath-erlnK
which has not left arm or a
liK on the battle field, find there Is
none without a deep n.r. outside
in the streets it is clear and colli. Ter
rible are these niKhls In the ley wa
ters of FlilndiTs and bitter cold are
the winds In the rock carved trench
es on Monte Grappa. How- their old
wounds born on this severe lilKht!
Itut within the hall the ..ralors thun
iJer on, proclaiming the ,iernian de
sire for conquest and willingness to
make all sacrifices."
"A monstrous thoiiKht tins become
a fact.", says Vornaeit. "Koliust
home warriors excused from duty
have mishandled war cripples, who
roold not defend thein.-clves with
their wounded limbs and have kicked
ami beaten tlleni. The ioen who did
tills call themselves niemoers of the
fatherland purty. This porty always
proclaims that it represents the sen
timent of the trenches, out when
cripided soldiers from the front tr
to show them that they are wi'oiik
they assault them.
Moral Itankriiplry l Shown.
"These shameful assaults proclaim
the moral bankruptcy oi the father
land party." .
The pnit-fiorman Dentsene Zcituns'
and the Keutsches Taes.i itlnitf try;
to conceal the essential racts by de
scribing the men assaulter as "Uis-I
turbinif socialists," hut tns does not!
auree with the accounts In all the,
other newspapers. The .atter ac- :
counts uKt-ee in sayinK that the cto
plcs were not socialists infd that they
were attacked before they had an ,
o p,,rlanity even to say a word in
tbelr own defense.
Nriiily :tut.IO(( to t'inlertake Task ut
lEiNpirst of lll-siilMlt.
WASHINiiTt i.V. Jan. Nearly
.joii.iooi boy -scouts are aliottt to un
dertake, at I 'resident 'Wilson s re
iuest. the tasli of distributing to the
public war pamphlets issued by the
committee on public Information.
Pamphlets will he sent thrnauh the
mails to tile scoots ami the first win
contain the president's Klair Pay ad
dress. iiu.nr.N i)ii:. ti:m:ii:t i iisi
V. bile I 'rippled lallirr Is farrleil Out
Offsprllii? Iliirn to l)iatli.
Vil.Ki:i:W. X. v.. .Inn. "2. Thre,
: children were luirned to death In a
li nenienl file hero early today while
! the mother ami an older brother
! were carrying the crippled father
from the third floor of the httlldinv
i lo llie sireei. i mi- e,,,,..,,, ...
istroved and 24 lainllles were made
! homeless.
Captain ' Xiinimio Meads Aircraft
Mission l Amerii n.
AX ATl.ANTIi I'ttltT. Jan. 22.
Headlnu an Italian aircraft mission
to the Pulled States. Captain Hiiro
o'Annuivle,. of the Italian aviation
cups, sou of ilabriele d'AiiHtrio. the
poet, arrived here today with "4 air
craft experts' from the Milan facto
ries, where the Capronl machines arc
i 1 1 r- n eTt irrrn rnnii ?
x nc.HU oiurrtu rnuui
i f
J Snyn Cream Applied in Nostrils J
X Opetw Air PassaKcs liight l p. .
Instant relief -no waltinir. Your
closed nostrils open rifiht up! the an
pasnlies of your head clear and you
can brent he freel. No more Ikiw:.
Ini?. snuffincr. blowing, headache, dry.
ness. No struuulini for breath ut
nir-ht; your cold or catarrh disappear!.
(let a smal bottle of Kly's t.'ream
llaltn from yonr drnuist now Apply
a little of this fragrant, antiseptic,
hen lim; crea m in your nost rlls. It
penetrates throimli eery air passage
of the head, soothes the in'lanied or
swollen nuieons membrane and relte.
comes Instantly.
It's just fine. Ion t ftay slnffed up
with a cold or nasty catarrh..
M i
Hot meals at a 5 anil fl-cent
neighborhood kitihrn are'solving
a difficult domestic, problem for
nearly a hundred women workers
.'of the Kip's Hay section of New
York city.
;' On their way to i-ork In the
morning the women leave their
iinner pails at thie kitchen to ho
filled, and call for them at noon
to take them home to their fam-
fiiwsi.i s itv ix 'srini:x
sati ijihv i: i:mn.
Charles (lay, who won a person-
triumph in "The ;lodhoppr." will ap
pear In I he Idlest I ' ie lie has yel
essayed In tho Triangle jdny 'Sadden
.lim." the Saturday Kvenln Post story
by Charles Iludin'-ton Kelland. which
will be set-ii at the I -st inie t heat re
today. , v
Millions have read the story, either
hi s-rial or novel form, cunc'-rniiifr the
boy who was ffiven $.'.a.nnj by his fa
ther artd told to play or work, just as,
he miht choose. 1'layintf dhln't ap
peal to Sudden Jim. lie took over hi
father's chillies pin facrory up in Mich
igan, math t hinKs hum. otiKht down
a c" on bine that was t iy to force
hih p rices on the market and earneo
the title "hell on wheels."
taki'x rxi)i;i: ;r.m
Sentries were os-sii; m. d by the of
ficers of the traininif eamj at San
!t:e-.-o exposition to prevetit any inter-
I.1) N Nov. in ( I!y Mall J
Ca lied on Col. House ut ''host or I ie!d
House. The library in which affable
secretary and son-in-law lord on Au
chincloss asked mo to wait is the
handsomest room 1 ever sav. The
Manchester uardian man has si net
told me tho room was us Lord Ches
terfield himself designed it and that
the portraits forming a border above,
the four walls are original Hem
brandts and Von l cUs. Fancy hav
ing your interior decorating done by
those two Kent lemon.
Held short, though solemn. con
verse with the cobuitd on matters, of
urave i m port. J le told me (deleted
hy the a nth or. I am at liberty to
say also that our foremost Texas citi
zen was looking extremely welt, not
the least oppressed by the title jiiven
him in the London papers, "Special
Ambassador ot 'resident Wilson to
the Allied Countries.
One of those machine-tooled Knjf
lish serva tits a bout which one reads
made the mistake of opening the
door, wiihout having been sent for.
"1 'lease o out." sa id the folonol,
without raising his tdce r breaking
th- conlinnity of his conversation. Tho
servant went nut like a snuffed candle.
It was as though the three words.,
were three bullets siuinu' past his
As we departed tie- Associated Press
reporter remarked;
"That ilttcr man is one of The
shrewdest secret service men In Sett
lund Yard." .
And 1 replied with that nudity of
humor which readers of the 1 iary
will learn to admire:
"H c's vast in i;- his t into hero. Cot.
House will never tell him nnythin-r.
We passeil out upon the ery cob
bled pave where, a s;a in ccortinyr to
t he Manchester inardian man. I u.
Samuel Johnson was kept coo lim; Ins
fat heels by .ird Chesterfield until
he Rot mad and went off to write his
dow rirmht opinion of 1 1 is Lordship.
Telephoned M rs. I 'auk hurst, asking
for an interview. ,
"What about ."' slie nsked.
"M ititantisni versus Natiomi 1 Ser
vice as a Means of Uettin;-: the Vote."
I said.
"That's an old story," she responded.
"Hot some of our suffragists sitiu
to have revived it."
"Now don't vim think you'll et me
to say an tiling a -ainst oih suf
frauists. Theyiro fine women.'
When I assured her ! shared her
viieevv. that in fai't I'd once or twiee
eaten vf pie made by tine of tho self
same si if fraui.-ts now reported to he
decorating a Washington jail cejt, she
"Well, of course, over Uere we have
found." - -she beaan and talked at
some l.-nulh.
"That'll make a uood Interview." 1
Well, n
1 was.
ha vim:' bet
thinu to bi
mi iiettiiK it '.
hit experienee
Km: land
li t b;t( an interv lew is a
appi'oached throimh a s-i-
les of formal I
ca refill
verintr, footwork ami rim; uenei .i Ishtji
1 couldn't b.diev e it.
She ilidn't ecn s;i sht- must see ttu
copy bctoro it was cabled.
' Jit-
H(fVtroy'l1ji"'"'"r".TiiriM "TftHtM W
The kitchen is a great boon to
the many mothers in (lie neighbor
hood who work all day and then
rush home to cook for their hus
bands and children. It is con
ducted under the auspices of tite
National League for Woman's
There are places provided where
Weals may he eaten at the kitchen
or they may be taken home.
feienco with tho filming of scenes
in 'The Ilih SUn." In which Herbert
lla wllnson a nd I trowtiie Vernon i 1 1
lie seen at the Cosy theatre today.
When "Tin .Marriage Market"
comes to tthe Aha theatre today the
patrons of this theatre will have tho
opportunit v nf j-eeina the latest World -1
ictnre Hrady-Made in which Carlyle
lHackwel! and June Klvidue are the
stars and in which Arthur Ashley Is
in the cast. "The Marriairo Market,"
itrs would be presumed from the title,
is a story of New York society lift;.
The characters are nearly all society
people and the heroine i- a dehntante
ho dues Mot realize t he rea 1 va lue
of money until financial disaster oome
to her fat her. Cha : m intr June Kl-
idwe plays the role of the heroine and
t-'a rl yle I '.lack well is seen as her
sweet hea it wh ile Art hnr Ashley ap
pears as the wealthy "unu bt .under
v. ho 1'ecoines infatuated with her and
who l inn My m.irries her. Many ont
door scenes of su ikiir-f b'j uuy add
materially to tin- interest of the film
l.o.VPo.v. Nov. :i.-tny mail. i
Had inn rcirular Wednesd.ij session
with A mbassaiior I'ajv in his j;
Pb asa nt loom at the Km bass v.
"Well, boyp, 1 don't know u hat 1
can tell ynu," bey an tho Ambassador
.in his customar" li.-nial way. Then he
proceeded toi demons" rat e in his eti
iill.v ci'Stomar.v wa that he liin-w
rifht well vv hai Iv cfiuldn't toll us.
The A mbassaiior is the sort you would
not mind having for .uir own person
al fci andfat her, lull you'd hate to have
our newspaper career depend on
him. Ho has made neuslessness a
subject of private research.
When the weekly d cm oust ration
was complete to the satisfaction of ail
w e t urned to t he ne r endint; topic
of the censorship.
I-ist Satnrday the I. S. destroyer
sank a (lernian submarine, which she
had found fervently shidltni; a '-riti.-h
merchantman. Tin- episode had vari-
uks t lirillini? sidelights and formed,
we thought, just the sort of story to
stir American blood. Cvusnr killed it.
The Ambassador was very sympa
thetic. A s reed that the publication
of the news miht be a real st-rvice at
home: that too much nnstery about
the doiims of our fleet iui8ht have a
ll d effect : that it was unfort u nate
that most of the truthful colorful pic
ture of the war could not be reflected
in the newspapers, reinarkins: that fu
ture hb'toriaus miht find themselves
limited to the dry utienlmhii-nin-- 'f
fietal reports.
Th'i' New Yiuk Times man was
r;Uher bitter. 'The upshot of the
censorship polic ," he declared. "is
that most of the corresjmndonts are i
writ in tr humorous H uf f, 1 eople at
home a iv apt to tu t t he impression
that either this isn't a serious war or
th;.l we are a lot of ghouls who can't
see a n t him; but fun m i tie w h-de
lei rible business." -
The Ambassador was sympathetic
senninol", wiithoiit ijuestu.tn but he
didn't commit himself to the opini-ut
that the censorship is entirety in;
urii.led. Tall-ed with Ailmiral Halt at the
A din 11 a It . lie W.is so etlt hll-'iast e
oer esterda's biu- inlvumv towat i
('anibi.ii ttiat he couldn't uct his nun I
on the na . The mlk about t he
ji-alou-'.' bet w ecu the na y and a vtu .
but the .l:nii-;i! W.is so proud of the
work ib. links that be ins'st. .1 .-n
reli irin- tt Hi. '- i iiniiii.iiitlri' as "Tin
Admiral." We tr-v ! "in- k . k ;i!n:;l tho de-stro.-r
incident en iiim.
In,) on ihiiik of this "' he a-U.d.
e hadn't. ' Fhis" as a pha.-e oi
anii-i.boa! warfai.1 so relnete from
the s f :cht Ih.it the connection
lutwecn the two im cr woald have oc
enrrtii to an;-ltil nut r. -por. v 1 1 -le for
the w lode cam pa : - ll. We had l
:Kt'ri' iM;il thesiei re.i'tlx r-lombln l b-
told for a few da s yt t.
What 1 can l understand. " sat, I t h
Aiilllll.il. "Is V ti our sol. OS lho:?i;ht
,t !ii'i'.'vs;i-v I" s i ill'. 'It'l'li' ill
"isn't thf: 1 !o- 1 -i :i i-h pi .ot ic
s.oneooc asked.
v. . - " be ; ... w t -. i-'i a c nr.
blit ill! shoUUill I i ill il...t ' O ir IA t .: iv
I am doom.., I lo !.. h.ipio. I have seen
"The High Sign"
nod i shall inert m fate on
tin: cosy thkatrr
Where 1 sliill be taken in'" the fold
of the Ancient (Oder of The Vosi. If
V"l wont lo have a hicll till)" ee
Vou will never i.uret it and Uawlin
soo is better than ever.
Children 5c
with Arthur Ashley in
- AS'- i -
7 :
9 v
-v r it ,
i ...'
5.1 ,
! IK
"THE Hfl
A story of New York society ropte and of the startling- things
that come to them through a girl's marriaue for .the .sake of the
money that will keep her fa the
est iii8 and splendidly presented.
Singing and Piano.
Singing and Talking.
Children l(Jc
t - , T
H J" '
ay .lrES 'Sudden Jim'
A Pl;iv (Ii;i( Truly Represents Young American
tkian(;li: comedy.
Children ."e Adults 20c
mwrnrsamm milium
Adults 20c
- ,re r
1 1
; f l
- ' - i' t
' v.1'. -r-;ii.rt c.-tor-Mil J . Jr
!.'''.':'- -- r'!Vft..ff J ' v1. Y
....-..... ubk t j'l
. . . ,-iooe: ' X
.t.i.T. .ii-;-: L. r. v j
"I " ic Tariff . T
.aW,: .' - '."'.-' f Iir X
lrm the penitentiary. ery inter-
Adults 30c

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