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. first cciiampiox : tot.toin "u.t S.TSKRVIOE f - children Cry for Fletcher.?
1 i
ma w;v -w v s
Arthur Thnj-rr. hii Is toi prominent in cluli mid nntrimie work fcYeneh .n-ih.iii!" Mi.mi.k- ,, it... i
Irnve kkih for-her homo. In Montana, , in Prlneville. will remit In for a visit numuor of tickets have been sold and
iui Riven a Hiirprlvp iiarty lavt even- of several days in Tort land. many others who hnvo not vet iur-
lliit nt the home of her father, J. K. , Dr. and Jim. Uelknan left for a chased tickets-are planning to attend 1
llctt, by the rhi of the Youhr Lji-, hrief visit In the norm. Vort land The dance will follow Immediate!-.-dies'
Sewinir Olnh. Tho evening was .OrcRonian. after the basketball Rnnio between
i-rent in dninB needlework, after the girls of r. J I. 8. and The Hallos
v hloh dainty rvfi-eBhrnentK were m,. -,,,, .;..., .....,. hluh sehool
-- in- Ki,'.-.-, llteilllieil . JirS,
flf-nriro Pnubner. Pruni-en Welter
ma ?cheer. Catherine
Iton.i asked a croon of friends viviir.
Al- dav to iiimi. in vv-ill, iv-.n.. th..
TV)nlel. Ivy i , ,., .' ... ....
Alma Ruhr- J,ii, i tv,,- i.. .1... i..
r.an. Mary- Joerscr, Jose,.!,!,, Sum- wwt of Mr. willnrd n.,,,,1. Mis.
van. Ida Anderson and l.a .Morse. ,.,, ls ;llso .,., ,., .,,
Klnrk, Mary Schtiltz,
The ladies of the O. A. U. will meet
at the home of Airs.. Mcl'onnell Till'
.lane street tomorrow afternoon.
Serseant H. K, Chamberlain, who
an Informal evenimr in honor of her has been spending- a short fuioUKh
iiurace i-. iseinnan sna Miss iitarlys nonsesjtest and tomorrow evening
Anilre were inarrlwl yesterday at a ' Mrs. Temple and .Mrs Charles lloml
simple ceremony at the First Chris-1 will have four tattles of bridge In
tlnn church. Ucv. 11. 11. tlriffls offi- compliment to the visitor at the home
oLn(ln(r, There were n.. ntteiiiiant.s. or Mrs. Temple,
mid the ueddiu; jniests were limited - .
to relatives. lr. ltelknnp's innther. i Mrs. M illard Isuntl and daughter.
Mrs. H I. Itclknan, of piineville. and IVlty. expect to leave -Monday for
the parents of the lu-lde. Mr. ami Mrs. Hock Island. 111., .where Mr. lloml Is
William Ferguson of I'enrtleton, were in the ordnance department of the
nmnni; the quests, llohart ltelknap, army. They will probably reiuuin as
a member of the army, stationed at lon as he is stationed there,
i amp Ijewis, also came on lor the
wertdine, ami another brother. Wll- A number of the younger married .brother
lorn iieiKiinp. wno is a student at women of the Church of the ltedeem
tho I'nlv-ersily of W'Sshininon. attend- er n:rt ye:-:erday at the rectory fm
ed the ceremony. the lorni.iilon of a Parish House
here, left last nikht for his jiost at
Fortress Monroe. He spent five days
with friends and relatives here and
during that time was entertained at a
number of dinners and dancintj jiar- ;
ties arranged in his honor. A fare veil
dancing; party was given for him h !
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert U Jones and
Miss ranline Jones at their beautiful
country home three miles north of :
I'cndleton. A number of friends mo-I
tored out and spent a delightful i vp- !
ning with the youns soldier who is a
f Mrs. Jones,
Mr. and Mrs. c. P. Daniels enter-:
lh.rimr the ceremony, the onanist Tin v are plannlmr a number l""'". - 't"""' "" ,""rI I
i-Tii.-t in tin- iK'ar imuih'.
of ttm church il:iywl "T I.ove You
Truly." The lriii;il pnnr niul ri'la
tlvs went to the Hotl Ijnson where
near this -ity. Th.j mu-.xts incliut.l
hnrlcs Illmithrijr loaves tr- .1 .. .. .
hWillfnwt w wrvwl l .K 1., ri,-lw v x-....,. .... . ...... i,n1 -Morion. iCOllU illlWl
. ,.v U AVM till .1- 1 1 II J III'-J I I I (J,
,,""' v ii;i'-t-n ;n nu i it- win up a fcom ;( n i'tl iy Woslt'y
ltiiKitoly ai'pointrd laMo for f.mr- llassol who is i.in- cist to stinty
tf-n. " wiiul.iw trimming-.
Tho hrido. who is a. rinrmini Rirl.
Mnn attired in a sman la!llMir of navy ( Kill Kjtn Cluh monihors will In. 1.1
hluo hrondeloth. worn wilh small blue ihoir irtfiilar iliincm party this evn
toqne, and :i corsase of orvhids anajniny: in KaIe-Woodman hail. The
hyacinths. guest list in limit oil to flub members
Ir. Belknap is ont of tlo liest ; only.
Known yountr physkians. m smi of 1 r. ; '
H. r. rvlknnp tf rrimmllo, who uasj The l;l Crass siiruial ilressini;
unable to nnemt the wo1linf- nwin ulass of the :irls National Honor
: 7Vr : k -r
I 1 J I 111-. fl
Tiie ' Kind ' Vou Have Always Bought, anaj whlth has beefl ,;
iu usa for over." thirty years, has bornS: the. ciuniture $of
ana nas Deen maoo unaer nis per
-jr -fp-f-yi"- , sonal supervision since ltd Infancy.
utyjr -&.CS.4Z Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All , Counterfeits, Imitations and 'Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.' '
..Castoriu is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
iJiops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
i..ither Opium, Murphine nor other narcotic substance. - Its
tge is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency
Vind Colic and Diarrhoea; .-.Haying Fcverishneca arising
therefrom, and by rcguluting the Stomach and Bowels, aids
Hie assimilation f Food.v giving healthy and naturtl elefcp.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.' '
. - ';(:-
Bears the Signature of
liiiettit Spooner, lorothy lowis ;ind
t Kli".ul4'lli ami Kmily MI!rmiii.
. -
I. A. Melriile if 'esfon is a IVu
uh'toit visitor.
I.otHs W. of Knt-iirise ' Is ;
Knest at lbe I'endlt tttn. .
lh anil Mrs. S. " FV .Sharp come,
tbtwn from Aihena today;
I?. Anrlfrsoo of lalnes Is rt-is-1
Ifi'iMl nt tho St. UoorKP.
Above is the only honest-to-goodness professiouai champion now
i in tho service of I'ncle Sam who enlisted wunput .the am or prjeaa agent
1 nd thepublfity generally obtained. lie Is Earl Caddok, forrar-r
f mrestiing chnmpion, now u private in the V. S. army he. dldn'
ouncl trying to t't't a commission tis wrosilinK lnstrvii tor,
lliln't work
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Airs. l:l.ickl)iirii r Atlicna was n Hip Rovornntcnt hnrt tnr Titin.
t'r-i,,ll,i vWli.r ov,r niiilil. Vlmrl.. IT,,.-t mmlo u luislnoss
' Jnhn ami lloi-in.'m J.uri'nzcn oT Culil , trip -to lcnrtlctoti last work.
piinn, wore in (he tiolili-ii liulf
l:lst iiIkMI
in ... ....nr.! ,moi 01 orl.i.K to- f,-,,,,, ,,js home liltit (.v..h1(f.
I nlversny of Orosmi anil a. popular nisht in tho Kiileral liuililinu.
meuihor of Alpha Kappa TCappa. He . Stanley O. Jowott ff the biological
to a partner of Dr Harry McKay ana All indications point to a wonder- '. Kllvoy loft yemorday for a six weeks
ls Identified with several of the steel fully successful dancing party to- ,rin "'"nsr the Iesehutes,
and shipbuilding concern r,s house morrow evenins when the members of - K. P. Averill of the htoioKiuiil nr-
fciirKeon. the Phoenix t'lub will be hostesses in ey. has Rone to North Yakima to at-
Mrs. JI. P. IJelknap. Pr.. who is Liberty Hall for the benefit of the t nil u meetinsr of slocUmen.
Sarnll lllaiicott has returnt-d i
The baby boy . of Tom Kurinht has
oecii very sick:
lieu .Moore has been haulintf posts
from Oakland. -,,lir where she was fl)r A. K,.ht. of JtllUer wcc lhu
i'ttondiiiK" aunt who wns ill.
This pore oil from corn for shortening: and all
general cooking improves food quality and
saves animal fats.
MfcoMBLiiinflmn'mm' m
V. '-si jT '
IT has taken American ingenuity to solve the fat problem to find '
a practical', wholesome vegetable oil for shortening, deep frying,
sauteiog something that will enable us to save butter, lard and suet.
The result is Alazola a pure, wholesome oil refined from
golden American corn.
Mazola has taken the place of the old cooking mediums bccuu:e housewives nd
that it gives more satisfactory results.
And since Alazola is a , tv git able ail it makes i: easy for theni ta f.illoiv the ph:r:s
of Food Administrator Hoover. ' .
Alazola is economical not one single drop ii wasted it can be used over and ovcr
ajain as it does not transmit taste or odor from one food to another.
Get Mazola from your grocer in pint, quart, half-gallon or gallon tins. The large
tizes c've greatest economy. Also ask for the free .Mazola Book of Recipes or write
.us direct.
- Your mor.ey refunded if Mjzela does not cire eftliie atiif.cilpn.
Corn Products Refining Company
Tilford Corky ha rented a ranch at
Alba and expects to go o larmlnj;
Joe Corley left Sunday ror IVndle- !
ton for a short time. ! 4
'I'ho lied Cross hold a mretlnir lust
Trlilay afternoon at the penool nieet-1 s,
ug for the purpose of ori;aniliii( a J
.riinior lied fross. Mis. Vitii '.lles.
; Mrs. 1 1 ll'-m.-i n, Mr. lllleman, Mrs. Ar-j
ha. flarriim'lon, Mrs. Koy .MontKom- ! ''
ery, Arh.i llarrlnifton and rieoi
Taylor were appointed as trie romuul-j
tee. They orxanizi-d with- I mein-' ,i
Why rheumatism and lumbago sufferers should drink phosphated
hot water each morning before breakfast
17 Battery Place
New York
SIHa ReprcmUtivea
Johnson, Lieber
PartUnJ, Orf.oo
yyyill l""i" -r ""miMiM mrwnnM-" T awii-Mf Hhmiii hu ti ifi iTiiiw niiMiwil
; f;h I J-Ah , j
op v
trd CroK-i sent In nine imjit-
n.i suits and two pairs of mlliens n ml I 4
' wine that are. riot euniplrtetl. 'nl-vj
i. few of Che me-inhei'M flu Miltltnt? ami &
j h.-ivo not sent in much kniltint,'. Any.
v;ho would liko to-heln work for ino x
lijrd CniMs may f?ot knllthi nml siiit.s -- -
from Mrs. Kly. ; jtt aft coM,' wlirii it liitrn. V:ivr
Jim Knrljs'ht - and son Tom wemy Ix-liiini u e. rla.n ariuiunt f iuroniiai
over to Monument to look iifter some ! tiole mati i i.il in the lorin of'.il.ei, si
ind- I the ft( junl drink taken ilav :utr di
x m
tl m '
rust or
itip sloni:ii ii, ,iv. r, kidney nml howei
lie O'-w.nt-i iIa$ aeriiihiilntiiin oj toxin-;
and j.ownf.; l!i 11.4 i li aunt", swreteii-
inir and In'j'-iuti tln entin jilitnflint.irv
'hiif, Piquet nnd Arha Ilarrfuirton i leave- in the uliim-nl.iTy eafniJ a e-iiain 11 i, jie nim itmy, hefdii- n(titt'r niotv
I'fnt up to th mountains ihe first ; rutunniL of iiiiliitihle malei ini, w Ii i f"" into f!ie tuintt. !i. ' " " '
of tho wek to cut postn.
Kola ml t;nf f hu.4 retuincd from a
fhnit visit at Ileiiinie.
it not coiilpl tely elin;inate.t earh it;M . ' A unar.er iMntad of iime.-tn" uhm-
lu eornes food mr tlie niilinom of haeti ria finite n-rs Vi'iy IttUe nt the dnt sior?
u l'ieli infect thu Imwcl-. Krom this nias l,u i, ui.'ieieiit to make unv rluTiihtitic
Oeorpe itolina expects to have a leftover wj-1i miUeriut. toiiw and: or Intithaii Millrrer an LMitiuiiat on tfie
telephone ut his place mm suou as it
can he installed.
Chn.it noey 'lYoxel ha nmwd hut
family to Maker Chapman's plaeo on j
I'-utfer ereek whore he experts to 1
work fur M r. Chajmia n.
rnoM zi:ipi;i.iv
" The cool clays of early spring
'demand at least one gown of silk
; to wear under the light top-coat
and yet have a Rprlng-y air when
i the coat is laid aside. The model
j pictured is a practical dress of taf
J' feta, setni-tailorcd and simply cut,
j 'its brigades of buttons and the
j uaderblouFC.of embroidered crepe
' are the only trimming. .
' Ttom.Ufie-iike tmi-otis, citlleil urie arid, is niiMiiin'' ne-itie hath.
! fornwd and 1 in-ri Mtrk d into the blood ; Miiliom i jipeple keep tlifiir joint -
j where it continues to ciienlnte, ruilfct in freu from t !,. jin-umai iu aeid ly prae
I era in hv riun iu the joints of the i '.! Miring daily inli ritnl atiit.ilfon. A
; much lik" ribl eot,ci.t- on tiie Inne as las at hot wd-r wiili a teasiMHUtfui
siiown r.hove. , of . liiihVnu idioplijitea Iiank lit lor.)
lU n mid women who ender frini liiin- ; breakia-t, is xioudi-rlnlly inviflratin;
; bno, rJieumattMn or pure. t id', b a'-liin iM-iidej, it i-t an i-e IIf-nt Iwaltb moaiue
! joints should bin drinking jdiJ-.phat-d ' lurnn-i' it elean-- the nlirhentary oriratu
hot WiiP-r. net h a naaiii o ir.a'teioi all the wat ;isi, and four fenncn
relief from pain, but to prevent more ! tat'on-. ntakiie' '"i. Hik and l''d ck-jn.
" - i uric aeid forming in the M-tein. ' fiefon .-u ect Hiel fre-b all day.
'ASinxt;TX, Jan. H I. Majfr fotinjr l)reakfaft each nioriiiujr, d' ink :i ' I hn-e whn try thit- (or one wek mav
"Ien. Cern-e Itarnett, coiiiuiamlu'it ni ; plasd of real but watir with a teaspnon- find then wive- ir; frmn i.k bcdaplM"(
the marne corpn, "has turned over to ; f.il of limestone pliosphal.- in i). 'I'hlrt eotisf ip il ion, bilionn iiflaek, v ullowm-i,
the Nntlonal Museum tli flay of the j "'ill first neulnilie and then wash out id" ! na-dy breath and -Nun.t.-h y;idity,
'"rorman Xeppelln J.-4'J, which ! ' r,..r.':.':-LL":.' : . :v: z" : , '
' brotmht down virtually undumaucd . ;
in Fnuu'p on October 1" lust, whilo
! ret or n in from a. ra id on Kmrland.
The fla-jr was present el to Major
Henry I:. Lay, briado ndjustatit tf
i marines serving iu France, by JJeut.
l-efevre of the French army, who
.brought down the Cernian crew from
: the ilcriniin craft. A civilian hunter
(.prevented the tlerman crew front de
1 Htmyins the Zeppelin.
ifo jwvrltRAS USPEPEX
TWE Anjco Vest
PocKet Sjieedex
catches swiftly moving
figures without a blur.
1 C geti into action
quickly when every
second counts. You
can change the focus,
the speeu grid opening
of the fchutrer in-rantly
and accurately uhil
viewing the linage in
tllriinder. Itussiiow
vou tli'i camera.
Other Anscos $2 to
Leading Diuttuti
f "J K
A little care from the
dentist now and then is
the truest kind of eco
nomy. Newton Painless Dentists
Corner Main anil Webb BtrM-J
I'hune 12 Open Evening
Women, Prepare!
' . . ...
.JTiionpanJ.Vif .women nbat IhA enh.t
J.avc ovcr.-iiuto. their Hiitirin3, ami
h ivc liecn euii il m' woman's ills hy
Uf. l ii rce'rt Kaciiiito I'rrHcription. Thfs
1oiiiht;uiiu iiii-dirinc, tlifjult fitnrU'il
iienrly luiif a century n;;o, m.s ntot
widely to-ilay. i ean now he litjii in
talilet form si .ell an liquid, at any
tlrng ftiu-p. ami mtry miniun wlm ini
LiveWt. Dressed Wt.
Prime liht hops ........ $14..r0 $19.25 .
Prime heavy hogs 13.50 , 1S.00 '
Hough heavy hogs V.0) 17.50
Heavy hogs : I. .00 x ' 17.50
Pigs and feeder hogs .. 12.00 , ;
Pendleton Meat Co.
relephone 146 Hazel St., Pendleton, Or.
(il'ltlj.Wi;, Jan. ai. The wen (her
turned nioch collier -th iwst. w.-'k
with se-ijil inhp.'. of snow that only
l;.Me ,'t lew day when It all went
wiili n h.iivv liiln. Water ran off the Tors from lincktic-lf, liradaelin, iipr'vnnc-
hllMiiies and all little cre(..a are' full (,!i!) hir,,l tako lliiti " I'refeript ion "
1 Ur."i'y'..r the former, rook advan- oi U prepared from
t.-.Kc- -of lite nice, weather and havo r""tx r-nil al 1"'
S Iwn iilou-inij: until the rrpixhiff and contain n i.r.rliile of cienhol or any
- have Hioi'iM'd them.r..r awhile, nniviiie. It 's not a leeret preroi iition
Thfall Kialn lii this vicinity r all f,ir in?redi nt.-! are in inted on wrni-
Word . w-it reeeiel ln'r rhat Itoy
.Mari-iim, who h:iM lier n working on
ZZ tho l-'i'tiiik JoneH iilaee, ln- imiiKllt an
iiitei-est In the l.arher stk.j, at I'llnl
lt.-k and will make hirt 7i.,nie at that
per.. t-Vnd Hie. for dial jiaekagu to
Dr. V. M. l'ieree, liiiffalo N. V
?rt:iiFiii:ii. (Utfnriv "For (hrie or fnur
Jay.H nt, a titiin S wntild snlTer. 'titUold
iiuotiv . it was i h ih
.Mrs. will Helhy viiju-d at Mm Dave .fSfZJi L'i'v
In assure! hy the Use of wm
of ttiexo beautiful fixtures of R
ou i ft. Tboy Rlvo a liht tbat F
llluriiin.iir n the room perfectly, W
but tli;it clos not tiro or 'rnln 0
the ey. They ore mnt exrHn- m
Bive consbI-rinR their extra ef- A
fir(orK-y and ertra beauty. Why A
not at least them? W
U'yuu's l:ist Ufi'k
I'ri.iiU f hirishorti r lnrttoil from
J'cii flirt i hist w !! win-re hit iii;h b
liitjil (TfNir tm bin hofii' iiicftdi
jVi hii, I l.i rrii iV, ton inado a biiHiiiesf
ttij tt i' ii'll'-toii l;iHt wck.
Tin yn i fitf son of I "at. Momighun
h;tn tifM-n very irk.
J it u 1 its Wfi rnlb'ff Ihmimi In si
YWrtnes.'biy t caret fur bis fjiniily.
who h;i vo lii-f-n very Hlf- with' In
uriinn; .Mr
Kr.-inl; HiKiii'brvy of PlNn. It
ivjll ictmii to liin work ;ir- mui us bi
I'j.iiifl.v is- vv 1 1 ariln.
for v :tr-.
I ib.
-IVk tftn-it ail lb' Unto but
s, lu viT uni iinv b-li.
A Irn nil toiil tito
iiiMiiit Jr .i'ifrcoV 'u
r voriri'iTfsfripti(ii). I
1 t,mk three hot t n ntl
never hail any more
Irnlllile. At another
, tune i hau terriiiie
ttict.y rtn-ii.t Him 1
'"Xfv-.r,, ....1 ' 7 eiiMrrlial ronilil loll
, at-o:. hail Ihtir -a!l-
t trniie. lired feellntr:
Iti.wei-H Is workitiiT fur v.'as nervoui : ..'iini alter eaeh meal would
kiiiiil oioai Miiui'i.niiiu M-rrniiv. .iinii utilitre.s-
iioii iiiai. i 1-iiiiiu nariuy.-at aiivlliiiin
anil in v heart wu afle.-ieik J ai'aiu Iih.k
the l'':i'Olite Preeri fit inn and il eiu-e'l
W . i.l v.:.. ieer he. 1 here lij- Tom 1 1-1 a itiaial iii.ilii-iiii. and I atu ?lad
Mv. ,1 that l.ix Ill-other. .Manuel AlVeM. t('!1",11 ".l,.l''ri ,,"'' r"1'"''1 ""'' .
, , , , .,, . ' I ini - l lea-ailt l.'i -lieu ruriHl m of
v,h.. enli.-t.il III tint linnr, IK ill with rhrouie rnn. I illation: rek.llat.ilmv lunula
i In- mea- l.-.s. .Mr. Alves yvn ill it Iok- o that i never hud any innrn ir.iutile.
" hi" ' rA "H" mea-l.-.s. .Mr. Al' vth in it iok- o that I never had any innrn ir.iuhle.'
-' y- r'WVWWWWWWWWWVWWWWw"t"".'lf ca,"l' ut Tucuma, at w hich jjlaco' iluet. A. U, LllTI.t, 30 Clverstdo, AV9
A complete line carried in stock.
Wo are in a position to give you
An all now stock to select from in tho latest designs of
wall paper and fresh full strength best quality paints. "
Main Street, Corner of Court. Telephone 660
Front Paint Storo

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