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Latest in Millirie
- 1 .
Hosiery Cand Stationery
We advertise- aiKl offer War fiartngtf Stamps fur sale with every
,. , , , purchase. . v
x-' -
'', , I r in. .i - iTiir " rnii mm m n O
pork prices flew to now dlasy heights
f aPORTUk.t fir f April , J. Beef
the hoot iAiitfwr tho; moon and
. 'Ooodd news spreads rapidly and
druggists here are kept busy dlspens
Inn freexone. the recent discovery of
. a Cincinnati man, which la said to
loosen any corn ao It lifts out with th
fingers. j
A quarter of an ounce costs very j
little at any pharmacy, tint la aald
to.be sufficient to rid ones feet of
every hard or soft corn or callus
. . You apply Just a few drops on the
tender, aching corn and instantly the
aorenesH-la relieved, and soon the corn
Is so shriveled that It lifts out with
out pain. It Is a sticky BubBtunce
which dries when applied and never
inflames or even Irritates the adjoln
"' Ing tissue.
This discovery will prevent thou
Minds of deaths annuully from lock -.
jaw and InfectloYi heretofore resulting
Ironi the-suicidal habit of cutting
3- '' '
at North Portland during the day. and
perhaps the only reason why mutton.
did .not ascend to a still toiler point
Is because practically the only offer.
lugs came direct to a local killer. ,
Now high prlcea were the outcome
of the almost record small run fof
Monday morning, a total of 1ut 27
loada being received, which would not
be a very .big showing for a midweek
murket. not alone on the greatest
marketing day of the period. ' .
There, was no mistaking the fam
ished condition of the livestock trade
at North Portland during the Initial
transactions of the week. Cattle
prices axcended quickly for the very
limited offerings of good quality, aad
sales of ordinary stuff were almost
beyond reason. The sale of a. bull at
11c attracted much attention. Oener-,
al prices were up 25 to 40c- for the
day. '
General cattle market range:
Oood to choice steers . .112.00 12.23
Medium to good steers.. 11.76Z12.2S
Common to good steers.. . 00 ft 10.00
Choice cows and heifers 10.00& 11.00
Common to good cows and
heifers. .00 S0
Canner .' , 2.000 6.00
Bulls 6.50(i' (.so
Calvea . 7.r0i 11.00
Blocker and feeder steers .50 .50
Ilg Value Are lifted. V
Hog values received a lift right at
(he very start of the day's trading at
North Portland. Quick advance of
I So was forced early, with a sale of
917.65, and there was a demand for
more Bluff. The general market was
considered 25c up. I
ttenem! hog" market trange."" ' "
Prime light .$17-110(3 17.CS
Tom, this article sav-s that state -That
H alp Te To(uiatiW memt must Be
of the world is feminine.- vikohg accocd
Po Soo suppose The Loss of I ins to ome.
heaJ w The W4e isTh& Mother tmwcts
cause of that?i 'i thes sav
? ' i
Vj.lt 11.
because Thet sah that
ohe. half op the world
domt kmow hom thc
I , chueb hau Lives
We refer to your spare cash
that some of our foremost citizens are
walking to and from their offices. A few
months, ago, these men, were driving
big, heavy automobiles. ' They want to
, be consistent. The upkeep and mainr
tenance of a medium sized light weight
car is far less than that of a heavy one.
o ,
- YOU MAY 1JVK too far from town to walk, but
there is no reason why you should, especially In these
times, pay the upkeep and maintenance of a larger
car than, the new aeries. Model 40 Chevrolet. Hers
Is a ear with full and complete electrical equipment,
and service given to oar owners that Is not surpassed
by any other concern. We do not quote yoa a fac
tory price, that Is misleading. The total Investment
for one of these cars with standard equipment, ready
to drive home is J7S7.50.
IP OCR GOVEHVMEJfT permits you to remain at
at home with your family and loved ones, while pur
younger men are fighting our battles at the front.
Invest your surplus in War Bonds and Btamps, and
be consistent In other things as well. Drive a small
er car. Save gaoine and tires.- . '
Prime heavy .... , , 17.00S 17.50 TELL. OF fiFItMAX PLOTS. I pletely controlled by Germany.
pjge A , , 15. vii 16.00 , - Prof. Bperry declared the German
Slierp Situation Ktrniuc- College lleadT Says I'oc Tried lo Ar. Ireichstag, in 112, appropriated 1.000,
Wltb a general scarcity of offerings ouHe Jn,nan. 1 000 marks for furthering the teaching
in .ihi division for an extended ne- u'luurvinw ,-i .of German in schools in 'foreian coun-
i-rtod. sheep and, lamb trade was nat-
that Gerinsin lun if 1 1 ft v.. nr-,nHiir, In i trios.
urany quoieu very in ....... lne l nitea states had tried to stir up
Portland for the week's start. The Da(I feeling between this country and
only two carloads that came forward japan were made today before the
were direct shipments to a local meat senate committee Investigating the
company from lt own feed lot. German-American Alliance by Prof.
General sheep and lamb range: e. K. Bperry of Syracuse university.
Spring lambs $ 20.00 Mr. Sperry declared German propa-
alley yearlings 15.25&15.60 gandlsts had urged the use of the Ger-
Wethers 1.00i18.&0 man language and the reading of Gcr-
Ewes 12-00& 12.60 man literature In theTnited Mates to
Shorn sheep, 2 l-2fcJc below quo- prevent the assimilation of German I
The German secretary- of foreign
affairs arranged for sending teachers
from Germany to foreign nations and
those who were particularly success
ful in this propaganda were decorated
he said. He had no record of any
decoration of teachers in the United
' When a man has pluck -his friends
are apt to drop the "p" and call It
immigrants and to retard their adop
tion of American customs.
He rend articles published In Ger
' cKn.M.ixvs imit
cording to figures given out by the"
many which asserted that within 100 i general publicity committee for the'
years the United States would be com. i Third LaljVrty Loan: . .
H j ; i "i
C. & F.Motor Co. Inc.
' O
Germany's total indebtedness Is
$31,000,000,000, which means that
each of her 68,004,000 inhabitants,
men and women and children, will be
in debt to6. Here in America, with a
population of 110,000,000 our total in
debtedness of only one-eighth .that of
the German citizens, a matter1 of (57
"We can run our Liberty bond flota
tions up to 150, 000.000,000 before
each one of us owes as much aa each
German across the Rhine," says the
"In other words, we can run this
war at our prestnt rate of expendi
tures for eight years before we are as
badly off as the Germans are today."
"he hand ef fortune often looks like
four aces. - . ' ' '
Catarrh Cannot Be) Cured
with LOCAI APPLICATIONS, as tbey eaa.
not reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh
la a local disease, greatly Influenced ar
ooastltutlooal conditions, sod la ordee to
cure it yoa muxl take an Internal resMdy.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine Is taken Internally'
and acts thru tbe Mood eo the saoeous ear
faces of the syittem. flail's Catarrit mma
cine was prescribed by one of tbe best pay
slciana In tols country for yesra. It Is ,
ccmposed of aome of tbe best tonics known,
combined wtth some of tbe best blood puri
fiers. The perfect cooibinatlea frf tbe la- .
gredleats la Hsll's Catarra Medicine la
wbac prodoces sca wooterral ramus la
catarrhal conditions, Head for tesUaioal
al free.
If.'J. CDFN'ET Co, Props.. Toledo,. X
! Hall's Family Fllla tor eooatlpatloa.
All Druggists, 75c
The Wants and Needs of Pendleton Are Noted Under Proper Headings so You Can Readily Find Them
WANTKD Woman, to do washing
and Ironing Monday and Tuesday
of each week. Phone 107.
WANTED At onoe. pasture for 10
head calves. Write James Hill. lacH
Helix. Ore., or phone 171.
EGGS from choice, large, winter lay
ing strain R, L Reds, - one better.
$1.50 for 15; $8 per hundred, phone
Foit RBNT ( room modern bunga
low, full basement. 300 Tustin,
l'hone 242M.
N AM AN". WAiits work on ranch. Cook
'""'hoime or camp preferred..., 700
East Webb. ,
$iHkw of Payment or City of IVn
dktoa Imtn-omKMit ltomlx.
Notice la hereby given that City of
Pendleton . Improvement Honda Xos.
16. Scries D. 11 and 12, Berles X. 6.
Series IT and i. Sorlc X. will be puld
uim nresentntlon thereof to the un
dorslgned at the American Nntlonnl
Dank. Pendleton. Umatilla County.
Oreaon. . Interest on said Bonds
craws May 1, ll
Dated April 1. 11 .
v ' . Treaa,.'. City of Pendleton.
tly William Hlckelsen,, Deputy.
Allies Need Aircraft
Says English General
,' ATLANTIC PORT. April 15. "Send
us airplanes for Qod's sake, and more
airplanes," pleaded General Gordon
Howe of the Royal flying corps on
arriving here today. "During the
early days of the present offensive the
enemy filled the air with plunea.
They were so thick one could not
count them and It took the combined
efforts of French and British avia
tors three days before they got the
upper hand. The offenalve'a Initial
success was due almost, entirely to
the enemy's air mastery.. When the
allied airmen are anterior JUnden
burc'a drive will be siupped "
' WASHINGTON", April IJ. Queen
Alexandra has sent . the following
message In the Hrilbah embassador,
the Karl of Reading with the request
that It be transmuted through the
press to the women of the United
. ."An president of the ItillUh Rod
CroNi Cjclelv. I wish. lu send lo ihe
Women "f our great ally, the 1'nlled
Suites of Aniarlrs, a message of
greeting upon the first anniversary of
America's 'entry Into the war It is
my earnest ptsver thut !d in hi
n.erflful providence may guide and
guard our righteous cause.
CURTAINS laundried with
care phone 241-J.
Mrs, Jacob Kltzen or Hebron, N. D,.
soya she has been cured of a very bad
case of stomach trouble by Dr. Mel
lenthin'a treatment. Dr Mellenthln
will bo In Walla Walla, Dacres Hotel.
Friday and faturday, April 1 and 40.
Hours I a. m. to I p. m.
I BUT ALL KINDS of junk at top
prices. Iron and sacks a specialty
Pacific Junk Co., J. 8. Jones, prop.,
$17 Cottonwood street..
SCIENTIFIC rug cleaning. All work
guaranteed. Reference Furnished.
Phone 5S9-W. .Appointments for free
demonstration. 201 Water St.
Vester Arvln of Upliam, N. D-, says
he has been wonderfully, benefited
by taking Dr. Mellenthin's treatment
for hia lung and heart trouble and Is
very grateful. Dr. Melllnthln will be
In Walla Walla, Dacrea Hotel. Fri
day and Saturday, April IS and 20
Hours a a. m. to 4 p. m.
For Rent
FURNISHED APT. T77 Thompson.
FURNISHED APT. Hamilton Court.
FOK RENT Two room furnished
house. Inquire C20 Cosble.
FOR RENT Furnished room. Phone
2-ROOM apartment and sleciilns;
room to rent. 216 Garden. Phono
3(.7-R. ,
SLEEPING and housekeeping rooms
. at 60S Willow street.
WANTED Good, clean rags, at The
East Oregonlan office.
For Sale
FOR SALE Second hand Ford
Overland Pendleton Co., 812 John
son. Phone 42-
WANTED Woman cook and dinning
room girl. Phone or write Hotel WICKER IlAIiY carriage for
oicuiiieiu, Diaiiiieiti, un.'Kun.
Call 776J.
WANTED Woman for general house
work. Phone 68.
WANTED Woman, without children,
to cook and assist with general
house work. Apply 40-M this office.
WANTED Sewing, phone 4S2-W.
Used Cars
FOR RENT Furnished room with
private family. Inquire 107 W.
Court or phone 651.
I WILL TRADE my Chevrolet for
your Ford. See Miller, 722 Cotton'
East Court.
one to 4
p. m. "U39 Cottonwood St-
HOGS FOR SALE Fifteen good
brood sows with from six lo ten
pigs each. Tom 'lioylen, Jr., Echo,
Second-Hand Dealers
V. STROBL.E. dealer In aew and sea
ond hand arooda. Cash paid for ee
ond hand goods. Cheapeat place to buy
household goods. 216 E. Court, Pboae
COL. W. T. TOHNKA, Auctioneer,
makes a specialty of farmers' stock
and machinery sales. "The man that
gets you the money." Leare ordera at
Uast Orotronian Office.
FOR RENT Furnished house keep- I WE HAVB THREE Dodse Brothers
Ing rooms. 216 Willow. l'hone I louring cars, one r ora ana one tiu
s,9t tick for sale, reasonable. X. P. Me-
Lean, Main atreet. opposite Pendleton
FOR RENT Sewing machines cf all i Hotel. Phone 222.
makes, $1.60 per week. $2.00 per ,
month. McCilntock and Hlmpson, mr for SALE Valla In good gondii Ion.
E, Court. i passengerr Would make good
FOR RENT Furnished
Water St.
Apt, 502
truck Phona 40 or T4.
Auto Hire.
D. B. Waffle, touring,
Chart Co.. phona T. .
city trips.
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished
sleeping rooms with bath and tele
phone. Inquire 4S-M this office.
The month in which you print and
answer the most want ada will be
your 'rood-fortune" month.
RAYMOND W. HATCH, Architect. D-
spaln building. Phone til, Pendle
ton. Oreaon.
FOR RENT 2 room apartment In
steam heated building. Apply mis
office. "
FOR RENT 5 room apt. Steam
heat, hot and cold water. Apply
J. F. Robinson, Domestic Laundry.
move your household goods. Tele
Phone lit. Also baggage transfer
ring and heavy hauling.
Farm Land For Sale
FOR HALE 37S acres of I choice
wheat land near Weston, land lies
in gentle slope and tiest of tractor
land, half In crop this year. Owner
gela possession this fail. Price $110
per acre with terms. Corbett Reality
Co., First 4k Alder St., Walla Walla,
remodeled; furnished or unfurnish
ed sultea reasonable. 702 E. Alia. C.
P. Rarnett.
Barb aew advertisement will
be run under "Xtw T4a? te
tbe first Insertion only. During
subsequent Insertlens of tbe sd
It will appear under Ita proper
classifies tloa.
farmers. Attention,
The County Iirniers Union will hold
an all day meeting at Iloldman Sat- i
urday, April 11th, with dinner served
at noon. A flue program has been 1
arranged with W. W, Hurrah, wh'j
haa just returned from Washington.
as chief speaker. This meeting will
be- of Interest to all farmers and all ,
are Invited to he In attendance. j
H. A- HTUBng. '
Secretary Pendleton Local, j
HAVH your clothes cleaned or pressed
I Rudd's Hit W. Webb. phone tt. 1
WEDDING announcement. ! Contraciors and IiuiJders.
Call and see the different samples -of
engraved announcements, Inviia-'C, SWANMON K. R. DuPuls. Eftt
tlona cards, He, at the East Orego- j mates given free. All work guar.
Man oil Ire. Primed orders rurnlshed ; enteed. We build anything, rliy ot
If you wish. J country work. Phone ItJli.
W. A. M1LE& baggage, transfer and.
drayage. Office phona 64 Res.
1UR. . .
wairr an cni.rMit ann
CLAItlaUEn DittaMrroni'.
Counting six ordlnsry words to
the line and charged by
( the line.
Wanteds and lacala.
Rates Per TLIae.
First Insertion, per line -lee
Each sdd. Insertion, per line 6s
Ona week lalx Insertions),
each Insertion, per line le
2 mo. each Insertion, per line 4e
6 month contract, each in.
serti6n, per line ....., $e
lt-inonth contract, each Inser.
tion. per line te
No ada. taken foe less lhan...2fce
Ada taken over the telephone
only from Ksst Ovesonian sub
scribers and llioee listed In the
Telephone Direct, wy. Copy teust
be la our office not later thea
1.20 o'clock day of puLlicatioa.
FOR SALE Wheat hay at Yoakum
, see B. D. Smith.
FOR SALE Wicker baby buggy,
phone SS6-J. 14 Matlock Apt.
FOR SALE One 16 foot Holt Corn'
tine with Atlas engine. Write R. J.
Campbell, Box 6S, Pendleton.
FOR SALE the following slses In
second hand tires, 20x2, 20x1 1-2,
12x1 1-2, 22x4. 14x4 real snaps. Simp
son Tire Service Co., 221 E. Court.
FOR SALE Confectionery store do
ing good business In live Umatilla
county town. Wil sell at Invoice
Price and rent fixtures. Inquire 46-J
this office.
FOR SALE Assorted" Rurbank pota
toes, from I to 5008 sacks at - 15
eenta per 100 lbs Buyer must fur
nish sacks and sack potatoes at pit
located 1-4 mile from Stanfleld. Ad
dress H. E. Bartholomew, Stan field,
FOR BALE 4S0 acres, the best
slock ranch lii Oregon. Unlimited
grass and water. 70 acres In crop,
slfiilfa. wheat and hurley. If Inter
ested call at the ranch and look II
over.- I ten K- llrown. tiiuooii, lire.
FOR SALE Wheal hay. D- B. Bell.
Pendleton. Ore.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received at the office ot
i the City Recorder In Pendleton, Ore
gon, up to 5 o'clock p. ni. on April
24th. IMS. for $3.850 95 Street Im
provement Bonds of The City of Pen
dleton, bearing date ot March 1st,
1918, and bearing Interest at the rate
o, 6 per cent per annum, each hid
must be accompanied by a certified
check In the sum of $150-00 made
payable to the order of the acting
Mayor of The City of Pendleton, to
be returned to the bidder If unsuc
cessful and to be forfeited If the bid
la accepted and the bidder falls to
enter Into a contract In accordance
with the terms of his said bid. I
The Common Council reserves the
right to reject any and all bids at Its not I C10 of BIDS FOR 1MPROV E-
plcasure. MKNT BONDS.
Dated at Pendleton, Oregon, this t Notice la hereby given that sealed
11th day of April, 1918. I bids will be received at the office of
n-in-ia x.it- ..c-n a r t the City Recorded In Pendleton, Ore-
a e-l V-o , S V?' ' "P to er 'e,ock
Recorder of Tryj City of Pendleton. (K M. tor ,1891.,0 Street Improve-
LOST Gray mare. 5 years old.
weight 1250 lbs. Last seen Sunday
evening at Earl Dudley's. Finder
please notify Clarence Preston. Helix,
ment Bonds of the City of Pendleton.
TIME CARD bearing date of March 1st 1918. with
Wntton-Pr-adletoa Asto Stare I Interest at the rate of 6 per cent per
Leaves Weston for Pendleton at T:i j annum payable asnil-annualy, each
a. m. and 12:45 p. m. - I b'l must be for not lesa than par and
Leaves Athena for Pendleton at :$ ccrued Interest, and mtst be ae
a. m and 100 n. m. Icompanled by a certified check In the
Leave. Adams for Pendleton t $:$ , i" . &Zrj e'"..-
of Pendleton, to be returned to the
a. m. and 1:20 p. m.
Leaves Pendleton (Allen-Knight
Store) for Weston at 16 a. av aad
4:00 p. m.
, Attorneys
bidder is unsuceessfuL and to be for.
felted If the bid la accepted and the
bidder fails to take said Bonds In ac
cordance with tbe terma of his aald
The Common Council reserves the
right to reject any and all elds at I la
i pleasure.
Attorney at Law., Dated this 4th day of Apr!! 1911.
FRANK DAVIS. Attorney al Law. Of- "ecoroer OI J ue t-liy I 1W
Room 14, Smith-Crawford Bldg.
flee Smith-Crawford Building.
D. W. BAILEr. Attorney at Law, , NOTICE or ltllt Mlt IMPROVE.
Rooms 7. t. . Deapala Hulldtag. , MKNT HMK.
' Notice Is Merettv elven that slal
UKOKQB W. COUTTS. Attoraey at ' bid. will t.e received a, tbe office ot
Law. Room 17. Schmidt block. the City Recorder In Pendleton, Ore-
FOR SALE Good high speed WIs
ard washing machine, l'hone HV.
FOR SALE NEW and second hand
Sewing Machines, singer. White,
New Home and The' Free Machine.
MeCllntoek A Simpson. 400 E. Court.
- "-sui l UI m
. The least bolhera,ma boarder you ,
ill ever have alll come to you In
inewee to a want a,1.
CARTER A 8MTTHE. Attorneys a, f"n "p to A .rll lth 1 1 1 at ocleeg
I Law. Office In rear of American Na- f- M tvr $2' 0 Slreel Improvement
tlonal Beak Building. ; Bonds of the City of Pendietun. bear
I (lng date of March 1st 11, with la.
TEE a FKE. Attorneys at Law. Off lee j lerest al Ihe rate of per rent pee
In Despala Building. annum payable swial-annualy. each
R. L KKATOK. Attorney at Law. Roou. b,d mu" tnT "ot less that par an
24. Smith-Crawford Building. .aocured Interest, and must be ae-
cvmpatneu iiy a ceriirieu rneca in lne
S. A. NEWBFRRY, Attorney at
Smith-Crawford building.
IPKTEKaOS A rtisimp,
. l.w. Rooms 1 aud 4. MtuiLh-Crsw
ford Bulidiag.
JAUK8 M. HEkKT. Attorney at Uw
, - Office over Taylor Hardware Com.
The ofter of your rroperty viblch
will appeal to ou as "ru;li" Mill
icome from a reader of your id.
Farm Implements
! t -L n.rT,-, - - -. ...-.i
Il HIl "NilN'-HKIP ' Weeder gets all
the weeds Ihe flrt tune over the
"held. Saves one-third Ihe time ami
doe. lota (teller Vtork. Order now.
Pendleton ef,l, r works. 1.11 Coltt n- A UI KIJ. Attorney and Cooaeel
arooa St. . , lor at law, Office la Despala Bidet
HAI.KT A HALKT. Attorneys st I
tiffice la Aoiericsa Nstioaai iiaab
Build. nr-
w, sum of (I50 d made pavaole to the
, oruer of the acting Mv r of The City
of Pendleton, to be returned to lea
Attorneys al bidder If I, n.,i. r, , I . ,,.1 In ha f..r.
l felled of Ihe bid is accented and tha
. bkliter fail, to tske s.,1.1 Ronde ?a s c
conlance a li h tlie terms of bia said
The Common Council reserve tbe
rlsht to reject any and all bids st ha
: I 'sled this 4h rtsy of April 1911.
Tuna Firz oi.iui.ii.
Clly Recorder of 'lb t Hy of pea.
diatom . . - f m a i sal

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