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PAG n Tirsr
Jluj Thrift
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I: . 112--IIU lUlf 1111 III OVIJftJLfl IflU- ! ' ' - ; . . M :. - T AT
I 9 f hntfloA Via U ,ih. ov. fTh ifl hA fit a hnift a ft Wflll In 1 1 1 1 )1 S . f : f S f W .
t w .iK r ' j - - "l . - - ill! - . . m war Jr- ar f f r K a V '-mmr m ' ,
III At Tiiu aio. ia.fi
1 Jisal'n fna tosei
and Mrs.. . ilirusha left inrinv
' Chicago ana St. Louis, where thev
will spend several weeks. Mn. Bru-
"' "i 'Buy. the new fall stock
het-mllliiery stare. " :.
j Mr.
Mr Ch
Jle Visiting Parents.
' Joe Cnlesworthy, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. F. Colesworthy4 her vunt
ti hi parents. He entered the ser
VK lomt time ng-0 as a member of
tha navy and hoe been in training at
Seattle and nremerton-
IWt Willi the. City.
"Jim miey was -taken up, by the po
lice Saturday evening on a "D. and D."
charge. He put up Its as ball and
forgot to make his apeparance this
morning. . ( , ., .-,
hoje4 he M among the saved. The
Weotover was built' at Seattle, and
wae one of the new emergency fleet
Kill Ms In Merchant Murine.
John J. Attebury of Btunfleld.
yesterday for Beatlle to enter the Ma
rine Training Station there. He re
cently enlisted a a fireman la the
merchant marine. . .., . , ;,
he cfcr about 9 oelock aid '.It was lr.
Kated by BhlsriSf T. D. Taylor In the
outskirts of Walla Walla, tout the cul
prits are missing. Mr. Chlshold 'ex
pects Jo make a business trip to Wal
la Walla and will drive the ear horn.
Bully Ciirl Horn.
A baby girl was born last night to
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richard of Echo.
Office Open. " '!
! Fred P. Austin, superintendent of
eny schools, la spendng much of his
tune Mnce arriving In Pendleton
rw uays ago from Colorado at hla
office In h city hall, familiarizing
niaiseir witn the work her.
Will Motor to California.
' Ralph Xtanfield, the Echo banker,
was a businpss visitor In Pendleton
this morning. Mr. Btan field and son,
Jack, will leave next week on a motor
trip to California. Mrs. 8tanfbld ana
daughter, Maxine, who are spending
the ssummer at Venice Cal., will re
turn with them.
Ilrouglil lit frw PotuUiee. !
Jlarry Cobbert, I0 Lee street, Sat
urday brought In 11 sacks nf new po
tatoes from hla ranch on McKay
creeki. They'are fine spuds and show
the predicted shortage of the erop In
the northwest will have no terror for
Cobbert. ' , ' : .
Ilve Good Trip. , I
it. ana Mrs. r R. ITsvlor and their
guests, Dr. and Mrs. F. E- Warner of
I'vrliund, relurnpd yesterday from a
mbtor trip to Lewlxton, Idaho. They
started last Tuesday and report a fine
trip with good roads and cool weath
er. ' They say the fishing Is fair at
Two Canyon, near Dayton. :
f,rav finf Yellowstone.
'Dr. and Mrs. o. S. Holslnslon and
daughter, lm Mnrktn ITolslngton, and
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Illakiey left to
day for an auto trip (o Yellowstone
Park. They are making the trip In
two machines and expect to he gone
three weeks or a month. The party
will go by the southern route, through f
J. M. Rcrofotx Is Drnd.
J, M. Bcroggs, step fatner of Mrs.
Ross K, Carney, and of Mrs. Nina
Carney, dk?d In Portland on July IS
from the effects at blood poisoning
following an accident that occured to
him while he was working In a ship
yard. Mr. Scroggs was a Pendleton
resident for four years, having been
employed in the Burroughs mill.
Sliot In Heir Defense,
According to a news story In the
Erie Dally Times of Erie, Pann., Al
fred Frans, Hermlston mnn, recently
killed there by Detective Ernest King,
was shot by the officer In self de
fense. , King was a railroad detective
nd shot during a controversy with
rraa&. ; '
Parent of Iluby Boy;
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dcpew are
the parents of a baby boy born yes
terday. ,. . j . . ..: '
ISa by Hoy I torn.
Mr. aad Mrs. B. 8. Flowers are the
Parents of an eight pound baby boy
born Katurday evening at the horne
of Mrs. Xula Smith.
. r
I'lnal Itcport llled.
In tho matter of the estate of Sam
uel La Caldwell, deceased, Nina L
Coon, administratrix, has filed her it
nal report, ,,
Jlnnl Itcixirt l-llrd.
R. N. Stanfleld, administrator of
the estate of Jacob Hrott, deceased,
has filed his final report , of .the set
tlement of the same with tha, county
clerk. ;
I loll Rends Work-
The Helix auxiliary of the Umatilla
County lied Cross shipped here today
the completed work for the month.
oonnietlng of 14 sweaters. Is pair tf
hox, and 12 bed jackets. Mrs. M. D.
Smith head of the auxiliary there, ask-
more work be sent Immediately.
Ttr. Cress Ktnrgls Is Lieutenant.
I'Word was received Saturday by
Mrs. Una Hturgls that her. son. Dr.
Cress Kturgls. has received his cont-
nrUslon as first lieutenant and experts
to be sent soon to rjikewood, New
Jersey. Dr. 8turgls has been study
ing for the past year at Peter Iient
I-righam hcsp'tal in'Itnston-
Knots As Veomau.
. Clement Martin of ftsnfleld, en
listed Saturday in the navy as a mem
ber of the yeoman branch. Mr.
Howard, who. Is assistant cashier In
the Btnnffeld bank, experts to leave
this woeU foe Portland and from there
will go to Kan Francbtco.
I'reenl from lite nks-
' Fred P. Austin, superintendent of
morning a beautiful gift from th
Pendleton schools, received this
morning a beautiful gift from the La
Junta (Colorado) Lodge No. 701. R.
I', o. K.. In which he takes a great
ilml of pride. It Is a beautifully bound
Vf'ltirne of Ralph Waldo Emerson's
"Self Rcluince." The gift which I
presented In recognition of the es
teem In which Mr. Austin Is held by
the lodge, comes to him as a complete
surprise, ns he Is not a member of
the order.
Wax on Tonmlncd Milp.
Mrs. Frank Dorsey. 121 Johnson
street, has received the news her
enusln. Howard Swlgert. was one of
the wireless men on the Westover sunk
recently In the European war xone by
a fJerman submarine. No word has
rn received from SwlKert since the
jinking of the vessel except a wire
. irom the navy department saying
"Swigert's name did not appear am-,
ong th missing." From tbla H tm
Marguerite Mullhpwn Dcnd-
Margnerlt Matthews, daughter of
Mr-and Mrs. A. T. Mathews, former
Pfendleton resident died at Sherman
Calif, July 17, front, tubercular men-
Ingituv The funeral was held from
the Flrs't Congregational church at
i- Herman, being eonducted by the Il.
o, H, Thayer. Mr. Matthews while
here was proprietor of the Coles
worthy chopmlll business.
l imit dianccd- . j-
V. Swarts, recruiting offlsar f-ir the
nay received notice from head-juat-
tcr today that a chans has bn
r Mli in the ge limit for :h'. bra-ct
of the service and the ana Is
n4 It to 40 instead of 1) t , D.l.
ToniMrature Is 97.
. Maximum temM'ra(ore, 7.
Mlniuiun te4MMruture, 54.
Weather, eh-ar.
Wind, west, light.
Itulnfull, wiw, .
Rrturn front Seattle-
Mrs. James HIM and sons, Jarnea and
Frederick, and Dr. and Mrs. David
Hill returned yesterday from c motor
trip Iq Seattle, Tacoma and Mount
l.'ulnler Park. The party fcft Pen-
-dleton a month ago and reports a very
pltiKine trip. While away Dr. Hill
nttended the V. M- C- A. training
Mthool at Senbeck, Wasnlnston. He
will not enter .the Y M- C. A. work.
liahy tiirl Is lVirn.
A nine pound baby girl was born
Saturday to Mr. jind Mrs. Richard
Thompson at Bt. Anthn.v's hospital.
The liuie daughter will be called Bet
ty Belle.
Prepared to Answer Call.
Mra. L. N. Niccolls, 60t Thompson
street, is making preparations to ans
wer the call ef the government for
trained nujpies, Mra. Niccolls is a
registered nurse. Mr. Niccolls expects
to be called to the National army In
the near future.
May Kilter Tralulng M
James Johns, Jr.. Kenneth fSondnle
and Harry Chambers expect to go to
Walla Wal'a tofWsgrow to bo examin
ed, by Capta'n.Bteel of the training
e.in. at Whltn.i.t College, prapiiratorv
t tillering an officers' training camp.
As yet they have no definite plans as
to what camp it will. be.
A Tills Sale,
fori Cm Det It,
" ''' .,. r !. " it " '"t': '"" "
: t ' . z : 1
Cut to the latest fashions and of the newest ma
terials. Plaids, stripes ( and plain colors. Made of
silk, woolens and' Baroriette satin. Purchase you
skirt hei'e and be satisfied you're right in price and
style : . . $7.50 t6 $25.00
In pure white materials, such as pique, Ottoman,
gabardine in plaiifi stripes and plaids. Just the right
weight for summer wear. The yard., . 35c to $1.00
An all wool fabric of beautiful Japanese designs
and colorings, 27 inches wide. Suitable for kimonas
and knitting bags. 'The yard .V. $1-39
Of all kinds and descriptions. Oval, round and the
open and shut kind, of metai and shell, used in mak
ing shopping bags, purees and knitting bags. Each
20c to $3.00.
The real imported Pongee Silk in the natural shade
32 inches wide. A most practical silk for summer
wear. Thejrard , 79c to $1.75
yv J
I J.
m il' I ' l" I
Made of organdie, net,
Georgette, etc., fashion
ed to the latest istyle.
These are well made
and neatly trimmed
Each 50c to $5.00
A new lot just came in, all sizes and kinds, crochet
and Marseilles. Beautiful satin ones, too. Each
$1.50 to $15.00. r ' . . . . ; .
Red Cross letter.
The I'matllla County Red Cross re-
P.i : nled ns si.iK)l lloll luy.
A ttachcrs' ctt tract Il!cd Willi tho
e itty school eur-erintenden gives u
1 I. I .. , . I T .1 A
Clvcd a letter of titanks today from! , , . . . .
. i, . , . jemuse in i v iwinii;i , v
! holidays during tha year when there
shall be no school. These are two
vote Hoy sent his address, which
Private Marlon Hoy. who left in a re
cent draft, tor the lunch provided
nun ay mo wn minor ,,u,.ru. -- . ...., ,.jit ,l -
to i-r- ""' " - "
i at t'tinstmas.
4th Casual Company, Vanncouver, so
that the chapter
comfort kit.
may send him hie
Return from Trip,
Mr. and Mrs. I, a. Fraaier and lit
tle daughter. Jean, relumed yester
day from a motor trip to Senttlo and
PeoKlde- Thy made the trip to Keattle
a distance of 400 miles. In two days,
but say that the road from Portland
k rough and the travelling very slow.
Mr. Fraxier says, however, that he had
cmeellent luck with his machine and
hnd no tire trouble whatever.
I New Post Of first Rmftlorev
Harry Q. Warren, who has up un
til the present time been an employe
m- the postofflee In Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma, arrived here Hhturday and
will be employed in the general deliv
ery department of the Pendleton
! stoffice. beginning work Auguf-t 1.
Mr. Warren will take the place of J.
n. Bvans. who has held the poslstion
hesje, and r. Kvans will go to Okla
homa City to fill Mr. Warren's position.
Twenty Men Not Measured. 1
Twenty members of tho 134 Tiien MiHmiiitnmmii'nniiniiiiraiiiminiiiTi
who are members of Company A and !uaiiililllllilillliUlllliHlJiill!llllllllll
C of the Umatilla t;ounty liuaro n:s
not yet been measurea tor unuorma. ,
Major Le Drake urges that tjese 20 gj
go as soon as possible to The Peoples i g
Warehouse and have
ments taken.
I'onl l Mole.
J. J. Chlshnlm's Ford car was the
means of furnishing a free-jitney to,
unknown joy 7.
the machine which had been parked
In front of the H. W. Collins office
on Court street. Mr. Chlsholm missed
Is Vow a General.
Recause the Umatilla County Onnrd
haa now six companies, rheriff T. 1).
Taylor, commander-in-chief, auto-
general" and will
henceforth be known as Oeneral Tay
lor In t-onectlon with tho guard. Ho
has been -neaMirfd for his anifu'.n. .
The True
of Fit .
FIT the xray clothes
"set" and the way
they "hang" the
manner in which they
conform to the lines
of your figure you'll
find it well developed
Bond Clothes With
Quality Maintained
$20.00 to $10.00
The utmost in value
The ranll ' aervies Rives
prompt attention to all Inquiries.
rendlctoua I reading clothlcra.
Dr. mi Is llnrvcHter-
Dr. E. A. Mann, former Tendlaton
dentist and who Is now located In
Portland. Is here en route back from
eastern Oregon where he spent his v.i.
cation in the patriotic work of Tielp-
mE?r shixks as
I": ' 1 Jr '.
Th H phophet and her-, thref
wUh it hn tht Inyn rna with plo
turpi n thorn- a Kind tif nvwa re
view. ' i
la hi on ofr very plainly nxrav
l with th Sum anil Htrlo- a V and
i'rur l on it. Hofor tht oitcitement
had dtod dawn she adils to her won
derful work an ok lnwribo: whh an
aimhliK Tha crowning otfort came
one dnv Inter when the third en
i'Hliiied with tiie line uf a lKitleHhlp
n It.
After this the nherlff, W. C. Tarby.
. MM called oa the vrntm. Fy a Initen
.im nthd of deduction he trantdat
id the chk marka to mefin that the
Stttni and Stripes would be Vlcturlaua
Ing with the harvest. The doctor had t tuto the Germa-ns . chief, resistance greasing around them, emerged,
not hardened up fpf tha WotR 'at a j method. Gunners are ordered U re-! earchine for ration. Thep stepped
but saya he enjoyed the nurveetins :
neverthelea nnd atood up under tho J
work better than ha had anticipated, j
He Is taking back to Portland a heavy i
coat of tan to prove hla story.
until- Icflled or; In the doubhgoys midst..
Corporal Lynch was sent nut to do
llason work and brougtit In aeen
Bochea. Returning he captured an-
main at their posts
captured- After the Americans pa.
ed one machinegun line - yesterday
evening some Hochess, ao well hidden
'they could not see what waa t pro- J Other .
- Phone 522 r i
Call 15c and np.
measure- '
1 Mil njr Ills IMt In HarreiMt. S3
Wm. Mclirlde Is one of tfle men In fcj
the harvest crew employed on a larRp : gjg
combine harvester by J. A. Lumsden. g3
Mr. Mcnrlde Is not engaged In the g3
work because It Is necessary for him ' 3
from a financial point, but because to g
enjoys Ihe work and has the laudable I a
liatrlotlc motive of doing his bit In , 3
leathering the country"a great food I 3
staple. Mr, Mclirlde la a retired I ma- '
t'lla county farmer having sold a large ;
farm on the reservation about two EE3
years aeo at what wa t'.ivti toe -e--isi3
ord price of $200 an acre. He first J 3
went to Calli'' - ila nd men :-firn- 1
ed to Oregon, looating at Portland, i 3
For may years ha waa in tha drug g 3
business at Athena from whlcli busl
ness he took up farming, buying his
lsnnd at 165 an aere nnd seven years ;
later sold nt !00 an acre. He says 3
he likes Portland qqite well, but the 13
harvaHt season In Umatilla county IS:I
best of all. - ... . 13
V f '.4., .-. X -..
'Ennwjrh plPTi? have atreAdV IveenJ
given hy nomtncrcA for the leglftature
to Insure that ryrejron' will ratity th. I
national prohibition amendment." t
tmyn Kdwln Uawden, of the Oregon i
Anti-Saloon leiigua who Is In the city
today. Mr. Hawdeti aaya n is merely
a matter of whether or not the vote,
ran be mnde unanimous In the legisla
ture next winter.
Thirteen Mates have already rati-!
fled the dry amendment, five of thes'
states bring wet states. It will he
necessary for three fourths the stales,
to ratify the nfuendment to make It;
effective. Mr. Kawden say there la
nlight dnugt about there helns enough;
to make the amendment effective. Ifej
says there Is a. good ehtinee that Call-I
f 1. r tin la will rutiCytha amendment.
Signal Corps Sanon i If
Really Took Epiedsjp
(FfiKD FEIiirA-.) j III
July S. It develops thst n slunnl E3
ciirps Camion finally captured Kpleds. ' p
Kollow-tng terrific American shelling ,
afu-r the tleraians" last occupation of 3
the village, a tttrol was prenarlnaS -5
to enter the place to determine thhe ,
strenKth or enemy survivors when n i
ramlon rumbled up. The driver an- f 5
nnuneed he'd Just' been through"
Kpleds and hadn't sseen a single;!
Never in the history of the country "has the fanner been bo short of help
with which to move his crops to market -
Never has the price of feed been so high with such justification to dispose
of some of his teams and turning to Motor Power.
At the wrice truaranteed bv the Government for wheat this vear. a track
will soon pay for itself. Likewise, w bile it is not in use, it will not be eating; up
your profits.
An ordinary round trip to market with a load of grain requires all day
. with the team, while the farmer with a truck can make several trips; .ave his
noon meal at home with his family as an added economy, and make his return
trips to the ranch loaded each time with fuel or supplies. :
The NASH QUAD with its wonderful power and ease of handline is just
what you want to do all of this for you.
A demonstration will convince you..
Price Only S3547 F. 0. B. Pendleton
Hoehe. The America rm the-l .swept
in One year and that P-attlveshlps and! through the town and beyond.
Airplanes would pay a greet part. I Machine gunea continue to const!-
r.Jii itUtiiMUUHiitiM.HtHlUmittoH.iiitoiMiHiisJ Ul.iihii.H
a. m
I i
1 s

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