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:r vAcr. two
A new shipment of bcautif ul waists has just been re- ,
ceived, including all the new Autumn shades in a wide va
riety of color combinations.
Some are without collars and some are with collars..
Many having the new high styles; particularly good suit
waists. The materials are crepe and Georgette; sizes 3(J
to 50.
, "We especially call your attention to our stock of black "
waists. Prices range from $;).9S to $20.00.
Get in as our soldiers in France are in it, 100 per.
cent, all the time, heart, soul and body. Lend them
a hand! Buy Liberty Bonds! Buy them today!
Buy all you can!
Warm and toasty, full size, filled
with light, long fibre cotton, pure
white, will not mat, covered with
good quality silkolines. Prices are
richt, each $3.95, $1.50, $5.00, $5.50,
Don't delay your cotton purchases,
wholesale prices are still ascending,
our prices are the same as six months
ago. Regular size batts 15c, 20c, 25c,
to 40c; 3 lb. batts $1.65 to $2.25.
Do Your Christmas Shopping for the
now and be sure to see these com
plete comfort kits put up in water
proof cases, compact and easy to
carrv. The bnlv practical accessory
they need. From.... $2.00 to $7.C0
The gift Me iux,.' fine heavy qual
ity in brushes, mirrors, combs, files,
cold cream and powder jars, trays,
perfume bottles, etc., all at moderate
prices. , ' i
Silky finish, 48 inches wide for
scarfs, capes and trimming. If you
want to make over your last? win
ter's coat this will surely help.
Best quality, yard SS.50
Second Quality, yard $5.00
Every thread of it in a very fine
satin chiffon finish at below com
petitive prices. In all the fall shades,
yard $1.00
Made of soft all wool yarns in col
ors to please them, red, navy, black
and gray, pair . ; 35c to 95c
Aladdin Dye Soap, deans and
dyes . 10c
Prophylactic Tooth Brushes. . .7., 35c
Keepelean Hair Brushes. ....... 50c
Neckbands for men's shirts, each 10c
White Ivory Combs.'. ... 25c to $1.00
Nic-kle Finish Suit Hangers, each 15c
Combination Folding Hanger, ea. 25c
Cleanliness Economy - Service
Phone 15, all other depts. phone 22
Apples, good grade, but small,
box $1.00
Coffee, T. P. W. best cm earth,
pound . . 25c to 40c
M. R. Extracts, won't crack or freeze
out 25c, $3.00
Sandwichola, for sandwiches,
glass 15c
Mince Meat, home made, qt. jar S5c
Honey, cake white, 3 cakes $1.00 ,
Marmalade, Orange, from Califor- .
nia, jar .k 35c
Pimentos, can 20c
Artichokes, hearts, can . 85c
Artichokes, whole, can....-.... 60c
Mrs. Porter's Salad Dressing 20c, 40c
Olympic, Russian dressing, bottle 45c
Egg Plants, fresh, per lb 2'it
Cucumbers, pickling, per lb.. . 12 Vzc
Cauliflower, each 35c
Peppers, green and red, lb.... 12 c
TJfioPeoples vferohouse,
3wHrwF. it rW. to thade
.i:ii-0 HIVM It M ltl l
u - Tnm I un rn
1 Jut .r 11 iMw fj. I'.j
IT, T , on, a. A Kurhaif
. J' in tii .-ii v r.i y,.if hatpin hoiid,
i, . t- 1 d iiwl t-.t l w .1 fi muj, Hur y.lttt
t Ml (he I'm-.. rif 'ljb iOi
. t.oti'liMiHiitfe of Cnx'fal AJseiu
y r- t'-l ttit t if.i Ii U.iriiH r t,t
uli'i fo I IrMil lil (.f (flf 'jltl
I .!( 'ifi,Ai. ,' ttntt' ii! .tjli Itf (m,-
l'i.f Ph. . ',.i,hj( ti,fv., it
.t tdt :..! u i i-.tidjiwiitj 1 1
1 " -.H.'t i t W. ; H II If it h j .',J 4) I
liM- J b !,., fcfl.f 11, ! 1 .
rjwEUJ" r ft a aii 1 ii 1. i 1 ' J. 1 -,
I I 'ui i t t lit- ii.t I, u
tii.t i.J J J JfoM.i i.joi.. 1itf , I
t ' ill I ti 1 ,tl I Ift !,., iH-;,tJ. J till-
! . f. .4 'l t.t bad ' a imi iwi.
IH Mi.- I l.il.j'J-;!.. it!,') ,,t, . j-
-M." J,.. I In . fH" I'l .o( I U 1 iJH
i v..,c ii- i (. if, ;n nf mil,' &f .i
tJ lij 1 (. I hH ' 5 ' , ( 1- , 1 .
,.' J'(!fi SiV I ilVT'' '
'.mil 1 1 1 w w n ja ,( I ,
ft U.tt - i tt if l m ll oli'l i n ;
f.ff i.r U' di ;tt -tl Mi, in ,., t. 1
. For Iiifanti and ChfMrfn
In Us For Over 20 Yejrs
. I '' , :, fy .
1 . . ' ,.k ' , MP , - !
. ! . . , -A ;
x n z . 1 I,
. . '..'
I 1 1 :
J; '. . i . ,J I A,
t , . ... ... '1
. ,tmil. -What's tho uo'of a waMi-rag
when thirr Isn't ony watri. ,
'ounioM? I'nsolH, vim whh nn Am
orlcun Kill sow (tlrrilDK thr AniorK
run (."ro yrwhiK nmm Ht Nn-
vn, dtTovrrcd the unwor.
WiAfh-iaK ro hc-Imc rnv'iUt1 Into
NmnotM hy hundtedH of refuR worn
't( nni)rr hr direction- Fnre-clothfc
ir 'ti?r!s t th front. ltit innkff a
nrtful iuM it ion to th liyotto of rrir
upo -inotherH Uhtml thf lln.
Tho-kniKod smikA'vn uro'also iudr
,1nt j Ixitiy JacKtMa. tHir rloth folded In
plnrr and nthen'il tn nnolhor
makes t rap; two of them put to
pt ther, ttrcordliiff to a coinhltmt Ion tn
vnted by t'ountess fnolH. make the
jacket. The unmll garment are tied
Yrlth pink and hlue bows nmdo from
the t;ipe that 'tie the holtn of mate
rial as they come from the manufac
turer. The Xales workrooms are ftlno
making 'ahoo-.fly' out of scraps and
"cutting!. A doxen Ion narrow strip
of muslin ore Vastened with a bit of
red. white and bluV rlithon-at the end
of a ten or twelve huh bamboo Mick
"hoo-flya" uro used in children's
hospitals. ,
-Jll ImmiKs hiw iwntlomil nn l0 found In lio
Oiunly l.llirnry. -.'
Klrlt i'f inn".
IHK llll! IHt-
Aii'l Ihi-y
thH vitn
Knr.-I ilnwn! Him
IIiihk : Kriinro"
Speculation Centered on
Outcome of Germans
LONDON, Oct. 9. Tljo r.irt lin
vrosjiion Wilson's prcli-nt cim'
FUlprtition of the armistice I some
what l isapiiotntinK, csc'iaJl' tu
fiKht-to-the-fftush lulvocatcs. While
nil (juurtcrs recognize the dcsiral'ility
of HVoidinK HtreiiKtheninK watiiiiB
tloPman morale, which doubilest- was
the motive actuatiti Wiion' uuex
IH'cted leniency, there is ciiuieritt)le
speculation reKHrdini wlnit meuns
"coulti he emploxecl to enforce, - olher
important conditions besides the W
pointa if the armistice is Kinned on
retirement to the Gen-man frontier.
. j
books on France i ,
A.Nhliment of new lool -jvwt "r- I
rived ht the County Library comnlimj'
several relulhiK to. FruniS'. . Four mi
trannlationH of Kreneh aulhoii. ' Btu-
dentil of the war will Be especially In-,
ti l esled In the "l'l luclple. of Wv '
b;. tleneral Ferdinand Koch. ' ' j
Iturrt'M Tho I'lulyimf spirit of l-'rillltx j
"SI. lturres shows by means of many
UiuchlliK examplea, the omlvliiK loyal
ty und heroism of the youth wt
France. It would seem, indeed that
we have Known -only the rhryallM
form and that an entire peopla Is un
folillng its wtiiKs. The ever l llvin
I'"rance Is freelnR herneif . It Is fr
hcrnhHt the sons of France are dying
a death devoutly uccepted by their
mothers.'' v- n
JUkhiHnt A CrusauVr ut J'ruiicc '
- "Kcmarkanlc. Intiuiutv family let
ttra written by a youiTjc French doc
tor. They will be read for muny n
bnx year for their sincerity, tncii
lamlliar and provincial flavor, theii
piolotind Intimacy, liiclr feellnff fol
iK.ture und their relisious fervtir.
F0. I1 Tlio l"rliu.ipto of war.
"As a help to all who nre taking
part In the striiKKle tiKalnst autticracy
and to their rriends Ht home, these
lectures of the t;r;at leader nf mil
ci'led armies have been translated In.
to KnKlish. They were xiven before
this war bcm, yet tlenetal Ficb
Keins to have forseen It, mikI fron.
Lis first brilliant woric at ithe iritttb
;1 the Marnc until now he has ctm
Kltently lived up to every prlnelplt
v. hich he had laiii down ut that tmie.
'Meueral Foch uses hlFtorical ex
ainplcs in explaining his theories but
he does not indulge in hlynly tcch
rical lanmnme, yo that hiji wtirk re
uullcs of the rtader no preliminar
ki.owledso whatever of the clenpw or
-rw-r Tlio lllll-iowiw of lYnhco
'"iellKhlfiH sketches, dencrlpdvi
ui d historical, of these oldest towns
of France. The amhor's feeen appre
ciation f beauty and knowledge oi
uhlierturo will hold the Interest of cnunlry.
tl.o wcll-lnrMii 1 reader.''
Jordan AlsaiT-LorraUx'.
"This Vol U y wdlten 111 11113. It
is bawd on ii t inljjnimde In Alsace-
l.oirnlnc ut (hat M;iie. Writing then
before the war. I) '.'Jordan connmreri
Hliind 1.1 HunK ChanK.
ttland Iteceiit event ami present
pollcli-s In China.
- HoiilKr China.
Mro Clneso revolullon.
Conllle Sun Tut v Hen und
Ahuce to -n cyclone, tenter he nuii't , av ukeninK of Clilna.
place -lihin tho r.i where there is,
m. movement. ,. AMace.was thou the t
kat tf-arflkc :1aee In Kuropc. He'
1-i inus very clrl U the foieKround j
the cvH, results followlnit iermuny!
action In slrlvtnii to nbsoib a peojde tldilen city.'
Ciinier loiters from China.
Cecil C'hanBhm Chlnn.
Cirey Asia's needy millions,
lienhy China and her iieoplo.
lh-r LlnKTwo years 111 the For-
dies China and the Manillas,
tiiles Civlllrntioii of China.
(W'oUilch The coming- China.
C.owen outline history of China.
Jilffls China's ctni-y.
!tiot Heliiiion of I he Chinese.
Hurl - ibvlouH orient.
Headland China ' new day.
Itesdlaiiil Court life In China.
Kemp Face of China
Kendall Wayfarer In China.
Kent l'astnK of the Mauclius.
I.eonK Vlllane and town llfo In
agiiliist their natural Hfrillatlon."
Iti.UX ll I1IO IICMI 01 Honor.
"A tinnslatlon of French book j
Bhlch IoIIh the story of u yoiuiB ,
French lieutenant. Jt ives rt tourh
Ins plitnre of the Vpirlt of the French
peoplolmd shows n little of wliai they
have sacrificed- -'The irauedy of tho
mr has fareJy heu more uppcalinKly
presented." -
l.ewlsiliit-Nx'tM of miKlorii lanoe.
A little volume -.containing transla
Ion of sixty extaiistte brief lyric from
the pens of thirty modern French China.
Wools. The-chief exponents of svni- Martin Lore of Cathay
bollsm In Us various stanes o( devel- ( Morris Historical tales,
ipinrnt are apiueclallvcly Considered. ! Osgood Urcaklng down
hort life of each of the thirty po- walls,
ets Is given. H.-lusrh Intellectual and
Vadiuid llylnx Hiilil. - ! current in the far east.
"I'he-iucldents of tlie book are full
f excitement, daring und Ingenuity, i
The present at Ion of each event and1
hniacter, whether the 1 matter be :
Vniiy. brave or Kd. Is always vital -11
d distinctive.'
At tiiu request of the Oirivnt Lit-;
! a; ore Club u t.H;i ial hux of 1mm. k! '
tn rliinn has Ifeen vrnciired ftum th"l
Unto lihiary ftr .-t.H finrln-at the Hub
ur-. Thene t-MTrther with th cmuii-libr.-u
y book. mi -china make n j
he f.'!loKlnf list:
Anuriiati acndfiin of political and
f-rK'ial JMicnce of (hln ; tiMetat nml
. oitoijird c:ttnIltionK.
I:.".' vi(v Magazine -( h ina.
r.oUr 'pc-llof Chlnn.
Uinyi KliKht of thi (1raan.
j, ,ir(i -Chinese life in town nno
I Cos Clump In if Chinese.
f :re--r St or to from Chi new history.
Sin I' t ( n --Chinu as denci Ibed by
Ki'eat writ erw.
Sitniore Chlnn-
Smith 1'Wift f China.
fcimit h 'hineht l.r.rai-lerljl leu.
Siult h Chiiui iinil Aim-rlca totlny.
f'm it h ilhixe life In Chiim
Washbiirne--Cnlour f the cant.
nU Kiht for the reftubMc In
A -:"Hal uar mui in on al
flic lit rarv himI ii I mii It I Ik Hilvumxt
vf ul1k N wImim n. Stimll niai
I ins are iimm! Htnl h- tltr MrmleN ml
uimv, the tln are iiicii. ltil filn
nte iim-iI for the AmcrleaiiN, tthiti for
tlte I'rlll'li, lilac lor Hie I n im-Ii. e.
I w for the r.t'lKiaiLt mid inxii for llio
Italia ii-.
Will ew Directory.
The Pacific Telephone Company 1m
preparing a new telephone directory
whirh will be n the hands of the
public November 1.
!.lcit. Itet-kwftli Semis Pliottitt.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Keekwlth have
receiveti troin their Fun, Lieut. Ueu-l'i-n
Heckwiih. Knne nplendid phfo.
RraphK trf hiniFclf t;ikt-n Ince he re
ceived his commission.
Ohnlw Wall of Hiilldliur.
Steeple Jack Mnflo.a Hcaied t he
v.all of Hotel 4'entIeton twin yewter
4iy for the hntii of u lnrP'a audi
ence, lie will repeat the fea toilay
.Mendosta nay he intt-ml entering the
aviation service noon.
l lrsl 1a l- lc l
Alrw. J. C. V'oodworth was elect d
I resilient of the first aid cIams w hi h
met for the fii-nt time la tit ni'tit. lmUr
yie direction of Ir. K. . I'arker. .Min.s
tirace (Jilliam wan eleeted neeretary.
Twenty-neve n KirU were preHeut and
it is expected that 10 more will join.
Tht wiii'k hunt n i' lit was pre! i miliary
to tho work which will be taker) up
ibis winter. The clas4 will meet everv
Tuesday nt ht In 1 r, lai kei ' office.
;AM.A'I l). IN I ha i:
WASIIINCTii.V, oet. The widen
inK rttipe of Amerb an Anny aettvltte
in I-rauee in rcfb-M-ii-d In the IncreuHcd
rimandH beliiK'mudH on the American
I i d Crow u show n In a report re-
. hod today by the Wr council.
As a i t'Mu it of the recent neve re
f-Miitimr in which Americana parlicl
Pat'd, ttir- b.n b1 n a great Increase
in the hn.phal aul iioma work of the
ii liof orvai.ii.Ilon.
In A ost. I id 'rosw workers re-
etfied ami auswiiid 10,600 b-lters
fiom relaiivt'H in the I'm led KtuUa
s' K i n if tnftu ami Jon Hbottt men In ihej
flKhiiuj- Mini.. Many htteralHo weri- '
writien f r soldier to the folka at j
home. j
S v-n ritw hospital recreation hut j
j rt i-s'awisl t ii d'trlnx the inont)),
o Ml; a tola! f tieen imiw main
f hied by (he h. il Cro.- in France.
"'J he oi 'iiiilji!:, tl Is oprlatlliK toi-V-
hi t -i w . oi;- h -loiu U tn i lib-H und
fowns near tin- Ii miI lot In- lajiufi
.' Hie civ ill ,i I'Mfxilalion.
r -' J a :
f f ' ' i v' -'
111 I IMtV I lilAI II
ritA.Vi'K. Auk. 21 ( Hy nuijl ) --
'1'iieie 1h rreal llalry in Kraii-e I"
j iu whit ran Kara Ihe iliier maun
i luiiyuave fllt. All Ihe l-'ii lu li U II' (
! Haiti l'l t niiw A ! ""l'l' ,1 II. u Uiey ".lili
'lliu ICnull: ll I'iiikui .(te. mid Ihe An. ill-i
(cmuh ale lilnt hmd li pic. up
J (len-h. Try lo lull. Fl elH'li lo
' K-eli linian and li trim to reply In
i:iwlh, rlllnt Ihroueli Ihe dc.-iie Ii,
I hi inorleoiiH or to piaclit e hi "Am-
I l l-iriui. j
j Tliln lliniiw'ln- 1 1 !' IH l.rlir'.-'
i ,iil uifHotiiK 1 1, c : '1 ' ;n' m I'll one -u' i lit' J
I .ill! iriilllin- hl.'.uoiOH V Ii. r. Il'."p,
cu- ih.:ly i.i, tt connli iitf,. l-nowli ,
'"Auk H'll Anils lleillna." it loneK 111,
, !-lil'lllll..ll. t.Ut lli'illit, f.iiio-l l.iiiK Ml e j
''ll.MMi 111. Ii'lrt ltnl'-A "II-.." A villi, j
I'll, tt.il II. In ; I old lia 1 v I'll III.
i. villi- I., i- li-l'l" lliil.un.l II-. l.
i If
! !'i a;
' ' 'I In i i
: oi. i
, I1. . el V i
' hllle ...
I lie).- 1 v i
1 1 H ll II ,
II, I 114 I .. I
, .. Hill' I. pile I
li.i I.J'V.l. f .'I
,t, ..11 .lll.t III
I., re i .i ' I. ..
I.-'. I I, lll'l
1 .1 l.liu. Tiny
J'nl Ii.' I' .in.
v, a i ! a iiMii a
iii'l . ii. 1 1 ini''l I'
li i.i ' iill. H.luil
I lie, "HI. ml..
Hi., en
I n,' "If a I...!. .
OEM. ir Tt ROE
0 .ile 'I I M ,, i . I . .... .
1- h - I
, Kill- I.I" ii,", ''i. I
. I' I l. I I ' I' I' .''
, a i;i". ;. ' I
. . K lie u I . .i. Li I.i
. I' . I III!" .
. .Hill I I. f . Ih . I
f r"lliTi,,.n .'t Am Mil t .. ... l'l...
'! I In i...li.l.l "V I'd. I, III ll W'lh livti
, j l'l ll lll'l. ill. I' i.'ll
j "Tliiinl R. iu." Ii.. mil ,-lnipl' .
M M l!l.l lll 11 Mil H IN AITKIN
! , -M I l it "ti K !l Lit ' IOIii:s.
-t. H ltrlllll mul Amerli'Hlev mli
. ! Uiu eMtHlird liittanU rtilpMiy, ttavr
j'll.l l'l"t l-ti I III." I, en! f- ' r '
Good Friend of the f(
Coffee Drinker
Cof foo often Jisogrcc3
with the best of us
When you fiml it wiso to'
stop cof ice for a f ew days
on account of disturbed di
gestion or too mucK' nerves,'
Hwitchto Postum and note
the result. ,
Many people who love their
cof Con follow thin plan with
excellent results.
Postum comes in two forms;
Postum Cereal which must bo
hoilod.nnd Instant Postum,
made in the cup in n moment.
Thoy nre equally delicious ,
and ihe cost per cup is about
the same.
"Tf lore's a feason"
1 1

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