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Little Variations of Fashion .That Appeal to the Well-Bressecl. Woman
S .
' BY LUCILLE DAUDET. "chef d'oruvre" a fur M decorating U
N these war day (here U an empty concerned. Let the cloth be of blade
chair In many family, and men crepe paper with red figure! paited
friendl are acareer than ever. Very thereon. Demons, scorpion and bon-
young sets will doubtleu have their
parti es as of yore, but the "in-between
act it pretty well broken up by now. But
that dot not argue that the night of
ghosts, and witches, and gruesome things
must go uncelebrated. .What about
fires are but a few suggestions. Candle
light alone is sufficient for the spread.
And very clever candleshades can be
made from black and red paper, the
the black over the red, cut caldron
lhape. i For a centerpiece, how about
t '.-"""fit, . - V
. I a a .
' ! V '' 'f "
- ' - ' i 1
i il-bii - - L,
- , - I'-f'. - -V 'j ' - i 4
V iUf " .! -. . :
i I ' 2 1 , I M 1
;' ;7 -1
strictly family party? The strictly fam- using mirror the edge of which is sur-
ily affair is usually held on Thanksgjv rounded by black tissue paper rocks t If
ing; but then that is a much more so- the overhead lights are covered in dark
lemn occasion than Hallowe'en, isn't it? red paper, the reflection will be much
ham and minced olive sandwiches, fruit
in abundance, nuts, fudge, moISIses can
ry and cider are substantial goodie. The
roast pumpkin would be delightful serv
ed right in t!ie shell. Thin wooden
plate decorated to simulate tree bark
might contain the sandwiches, fruits,
nuts and candy. And tree bark cups or
halved cocanut shells make awfully
woodsy receptacles for the cider.
And after "tummies" are attended to,
there must be play. Of course, there
wilt be bobbing for rosy apples, and
popping corn, and toasting marsh-mal-
Can't yon Just see Mother and Father more effective. Then the caldron lamp-' w fortunes; in fact, all of the
masqued? Then there are your "sis
ters, and your cousins, and your aunts"
you know. Really it ought to prove a
tremendously jolly affair. But you must
insist on every one coming in costume,
else many of the older members will ap-
shades, four of them, might be arranged
at equal spacings along the mirror t
form a guard of honor. A small black
sailboat with an ugly red-eyed witch at
the helm sounds appealing, doesn't it?
Every one will agree that the simple
choice for this old-time form of enter
taining. Roast pumpkin, nut and raisin
sandwiches with brown bread, deviled
Beads Are Here to Stay
pear dressed a usual And the gro-, old-fashioned refreshments are the best
tesque costuming if half the fun.
Now, by way of planning, let nt be
gin first of all with invitations, little
cardboard bat with one side black and
the other white make novel cards. A bit
of tree verse something Ufa this will
give particular:
On Hallowe'en we meet,'
The Club Familia. - .
Disguise thyself and
Wink both eye.
64 tiordon Terrace ' Nine o' the dock.
Then there are decoration and re
freshmentt to consider. Upon these two
depends not a little of the success of
the evening. There will be witches, bats,
black cats, pumpkin heads, caldrons,
brooms, cobwebs, and moons to be taste
fully distributed. An old automobile
headlight with battery attachment cov
ered with orange tissue paper would
make a tremendously effective harvest
moon. Needless to say, it should occu
py a most conspicuous place in the dec
orative scheme. Gruesome cobweb eT-
old, yet ever new, pastimes for witches
night. Apple bobbing may be made just
a wee bit different by the concealing in
their snowy depths of ring for the
bride-to-be, a thimble for the spinster, a
button for the achiever of fame and a
coin for the rich man. There are end
less other things that yon can do to make
the evening memorable, but space does
aot permit of my telling you here.
WAY to give money that i cer
A tainly novel is to fold a new bill
in such a way that only the por
trait upon it will, be seen, then fit it into
pretty little gilt frame such as may be
found at almost any department store.
To people who dislike to give money
outright this idea may fill a want
and finish off the top of crib with
niching of the cretonne. A baby it per
fectly happy in a crib of this kind, for
it can be drawn to any part of the house,
being narrow enough to go through the,
doors easily. The change from room to
room will keep the baby more content
ed. It the crib is made right it will be
very pretty and cost very little.
, ! ,
it'" j y V
, 'J ?
' '. - j
- - ' i-
-it , ; -
; 11 ' ' I .
f - - ' - ' - ' ';
I - f
1 v
it . . s '
U i" "i .
HEN trimming the neck and arm-
holes of a corset cover use -lace
and then, instead of stitchinir
ERHAPS the great scarcity of beads of all sorts tut somewhat to do with may be secured by hanging smoke jween the two door and handle on beading to run the ribbon through, try
their increasing popularity. Yon know, they have been "in" for quite some
time now. And, what is more, they give charming indication of remaining
indefinitely. Milady teem to offer no objection to that How could she, when
beads are responsible for things as lovely as this frock?
It I of latin in the softest, pearliest of gray, and classically straight front
the shoulder. Further softness it given by a guimpe of tulle, which, by the way.
it removable, to making it pottible for the wearer to be strictly decollete or
aemi, a she chooses, and all with the one frock. But the beads, they being quit
the most striking tiling about the dress, demand special attention. Shimmering
iridescent things, they are ia exquisitely intricate design,
route they take, too.
This Negligee Features the Envelope Closing
ONT the points in front lap over exactly like the flap of an envelope? The?
right side- goes over the left, and the latter It drawn through a- long eyelet
and weighted down in place with a ball-and-tassel button." And the trt-
amrular corners are heavily marked with crocheted motif. The garment itself
gray net over the doorways, and in all tj,e app(.r panel between the door eon- crocheting just a chain from point to is ipade of a perfect rectangle. It i just as if a straight length of heavy whita
nook and corners of the room. A spider -ainina ' the shelves. By grasping the soint on the lace, usine 40 or SO crochet ereoe de chine were thrown over the shoulder and light curve cut out acrosa
Of tw suspended from th drapery helps handle knd ttetminff on the bracket, one cotton ; the result I most satisfactory the back for the neck line. The sleeve are measured off by ball-and-tassel
to make thing more realistic. Bat are atn reach the shelves without a chair or a the ribbon will run through 'easily button threaded through eyelet worked in the wide hemstitched hern. The hens-
PPER shelves of a kitchen cabinet
or cupboard are often hard to
reach. Place a step, using a small
iron bracket, on the lower panel be-
swung on strings from the ceiling, cats
may be perched oa mantels, cardboard
witches riding brooms might hang from
the chandelier) and with a few jack
o'lanteras and caldron sprinkled about
Note the almost sever the whole atmosphere ought to be quite
But the table oucht to be a veritable
T is possible to have ice water even
when the ice man fails to deliver
the goods. Fill an unglazcd earth
enware jug with cold water and stand
h In a soup plate filled with water. Then
and the ehaia-stitch
will outwear any
ISITING Is an art To make peo
ple feel at home in their own
hbuse is the highest point of hu
man conduct He was never any
stitching is done in white, but all the crochet, including the buttons, ia a lovers;
deep shade of rose, and the frilled organdy collar and cuff axe a delicate aadl
harmonizing pink. '
a as wup sisatv uuu w i tit wanii a iivsi , j
wet ,a towd thoroughly" and wrap it rtrouble," said a certain woman of her
OLE, beaver and table promise
to be the favorite fur during
the coming season, although
there it considerable caracul seen and
talked about
Military heel are continuing good
style for fall.
Gray squirrel Is finding
the fall fur.
wide favor
Comptllingly pretty camisole then
are that open up the back.
Colored lingerie waistcoat art at
tracting favorable attention.
Hand-painted feltt are the smartest
hats recently' launched for fall wear.
Silk duvetyne is combined with satia
' an stunning effects for fall suit models.
Liberty red and infantry blue are two
siew fall shades which the war hat given
The new neckwear mode how a de
rided influence of the prevalence of mil
itary "styles.
The peplumed and the tunic blouse
are aga'n admitted as favorites in three
piece suit models.
The collar on your suit blouse must be
very, very large, or not a collar at all,
but a bound neckline.
The latest veil fit closely over the
crown of the hat and fall la long grace
ful fold down the back.
A very lovely evening tearf I mad
f red and gold brocade and trimmed
with narrow band of far.
Oriental girdle if seed pearls are fre
quently the only ornament on trtns
parently lovely tulle dance frocks.
Simulated tucks make awfully fetch
ing trimming and at the same time de
fine the waistline on some sweaters.
For every fall hat ther matt be an
accompanying feather. Perhtpt thlt is
on thr theory tha( fine feather make
smsrt hit.
There Is more than a rumor that In
spit of the lavish use of fur as a trim
ming, separate fur pieces will be decid
edly smaller tills year than last.
With the revival of Cliantilly lace
scarfs -for evening wear has come a re
newed Interest in high tortoise shell
combs and gracefully twist'd coiffures.
Hats wilh velvet crowns, and brims
uluiit composed entirely at nncurl-
Jf ' , f-i AT
- y
X . ;,r ft' At-A '
'A v-;: 7a-4 a, a ; :
a i pT':..;
A ; ' A,,,
. ., ..... 1 ..i.... 'i i rnn.nr, -
around the jug, allowing the ends of the
towd to rest in the soup plate. In this
way it will become icy cold in a very
abort time.
PAD your ironing board with sever
al thicknesses of an old blanket,
drawing smoothly and tacking on
one edge. Now take the best part of
an old sheet and pin' it together at one
edge of the board, scam it up, hem the
ends and slip it on asyoa would a pil
lowcase. If you make two slip you can
always have a dean cover.
m O keep windows open and yet feet
no draught while sleeping, take
WOMAN who wished to reduce
A her weight says that she has done
oi fjv cnti!tmcr almost snllv (Ml
" " -,., ,.-,.f -..A.
an old sheet or a piece of doth ' ""
as long as the bed and about a yard and
a half wide, Fasten a loop of. tape or
elastic to the corners of one lengthwise
edge, loop over the posts at the head and
foot of bed on side next to the window
and you have a screen that will keep oft
all draught but still give plenty of fresh
husband, who, though he had never sup
ported her, had nevertheless made her
hanov thirty vears. What an eaitanh
for a permanent visitor I To visit prop- lettuce, dry toast and minced beef.
erly requires supreme gift. Silent vis
itors often get on one's nerve more than
the parrots. Their staring eyes, their
maddening acquiescence in everything
done for them, their almost inexhausti
ble lack of enthusiasm, leave one dead
and cold and weary. In contrast we
all know the jumping guest who is al
ways ready to meet your slightest sug
gestion with projectilejike activity, and
who bounces about the place from
morning till night Jostling your sacred
and inviolable ideas and tramping rough-
A girl to improvi her complexion ha which ha also caught on.
partaken -largely of onion soup, and American official ha had
onions, too, as a vegetable. Someone
had told her that the South Sea Island
ers, who hare the best complexion in the
world, lire almost entirely on onions;
and, well, this girl's complexion has' im
proved since her experiment Other
women have started deep breathing ex
ercises at their open Window, or show
er baths followed by the "sattub," or
are taking all kinds of kitchen physics,
each a barley and lemon water, thin
gruel made with cream (on doctor de-
. ME tees the most frivolous dancing
boots, high of hed and paper thin
of sole, with ttreet garb for shop-
Jung and runabout wear in town; but
such boots are not correct according to
the cannons of conventionality. Pretty
boots of bronxe or light colored glased
kid are intended for formal wear with a
dancing or reception frock, when one
travels by limousine or brougham; the
walking costume in tailored style de
mands a smart walking boot with long,
(lender lines, and heel, high perhaps, but
not too curved for comfort ;
Hand Scalloping. An Unusual Trimming
T it espedally ttaaswat awed ea a semi-tailored silk afternoon frock made with
a plain vested blouse and a straight full skirt Yet it I the only trimming
this French-blue tafieta dress can boast and beautifully tufficient it proves.
The deep silk collar, cut very Informally and so that it roll up high and becom
ingly against the throat, Is treated to big hand scallops done in a darker shade
of blue than the dress, with a huge round eyelet m every scallop. And, strangely
enough, this embroidery idea itopt right her. One might reasonably expect to
find it 'repeated at Cuff and sleeve ends, but no I
The modest white vestee Is of alternating bands of Organdy and dotted net
The sleeves are very fashionably t ght narrowing cufflett to the hand, and
finished with a row of tiny self -covered buttons The narrow taffeta sash is
crushed over the gather at the waitt and knotted in a negligent sort of loop
at the left tide, falling In long endt to the bottom of the plain gathered skirt
ed ostrich plumes woven together are a long loos chiffon affair trailing from
immensely becoming to formal evening the back.
wear. .
Smart little fur cottees, quit short
nd featuring a Combination of skins,
ar worn with the utmost chic wilh a
heavy woolen skirt bandsi at the bun
wilkr fur. v
Veil ar so insistently popular that
some hats feature three t once small
fare veil, a square tare panel hanging
tlrtigbt acres the front of the hat and
T It said that there i no Strr way of
preventing chapping, at one ean not
alwayt guard against heat Cold and
moisture, any of Which may produce it
But tinea this condition is the result of
unnatural drying of the akin, It may be
gaurded against in a general way by
keeping the skin (oft with tome oily
substance. Glycerine, glycerine and rote
water, vaseline and cold cream are all'
useful for the purpose, and at applica
tion! after chapping hat occurred. For
chapping of the lips, which is most fre
quent as well as most annoying, plain,
old-fash'oned camphor ice i about the
most satisfactory remedy. It has a very
toothing effect relieve the smarting
and burning and one application last a
long time.
IIMMimSHMMMm ILtpiJ. .!.!! ..II, MUMLII.
. v "
ted - : ; . n
rJ ; 1
-'I . t
A- :
f ? i
A Hibbon-Crowneti Felt Is Unusual
Whether or not you have a perfectly
good set of furs, you must have your
winter tuit trimmed in addition, for to
get too much of the (tuff would be quite
impossible in the present mode.
Imitation furs and pile cloths are he
ing used quite as extensively as the
genuine fur for trimming, and indeed
they are vastly to be preferred to the
cheaper gradet of the genuine atide.
ERE'S an easily constructed home
made baby crib: Take a wooden
bos 38 inches long and 28 inches
wide and 28 inches deep. Take four
pieces of wood (portiere poles ar best),
cut 4 0-inch pieces, fasten to box at bot
tom comers and put casters on ; pad the
box a I tile inside and out and cover
with fretty cretonne or tilkoline; make
a ruifle to put at bottom to hide the legs
scribes this a "worth (5 a cup" for th
delicate), or borage tea, camomile tea
imbibed to induce sleep the last thine
at night etc
' And there is the pineapple J trice era
A certaha
i hand ia
this with his verdict that "If you haw
one foot in the grave and are a nervosa
wreck through attacks of in'digestiots,
drink plenty of pineapple juice. It it)
the very best tonic that nature ha eve
offered man, and i even a better weapons
against old age and decreptitude than then
sour milk diet of the Bwlgariaa
There is a prejudice against (ha i
milk, SO much appreciated aBroad, aadV
which taste almost exactly like junket.
Yow simply poor fresh milk into opea,
soup plate and stand them la a cool
larder until the milk ha turned into av
jelly, which happen pretty soon. Palo
taken of with a tittle good cream, brow
bread crumb, and sugar, sour milk ia
very wholesome; really something of av
delicacy, and hundreds of peasant hi
mid-Europe limply "iv and tnova aatl
have their being upon it
, - -
Th girl whose employer think It I
a wast of money to give hi employes a
half day to themselves, ar who ia taa
inconsistederate to arrange his work aav
that he could let them off when he might
easily do to, feel that she it bad
treated. To her Saturday it the bluest
most trying day in the week. It i hard
for her to work when other people arw
playing. Most people, when Saturday
comes, feel th need of a rest and wel
come anything that la a change frata
the regular routine of their work. Evca
th girl who spend her half holiday at
home tewing for herself or doing any
one of the count est email task she fiada
to do would mis It terribly if die wen)
deprived of it, and it it at much of m
holiday to her a it 1 to th girl whet
goes to the theater or to a party.
It seems a pity that all firm that
could easily give their employes the half
holiday do not do so when it mean so
much to them. It is hard enough for th
people who work for concerns that have
to keep open oa Saturday afternoon, but
those who are employed in place that
could dose if they wanted to feci worse
about not having the holiday.
Ther art, happily, only a few (rata
that do not give vacations to their em
ployes, but there are some men who car
ry economy so far as to refuse to allow
their employe to remain away from too
office for a week or two during thtya4v
A STRAIGHT length of heavy white grosgrain ribbon is used to cover fls
entir crown of this chic little felt hat for falL The hat itself i black, and
th whit ribbon, which affords a very effective contrast I secured around
the edae of the brim, drawn np over th crown in soft folds, and fastened In a
bow in the back. One end of the latter is even allowrT) to hang gracefully over One girl, for instance, has worked for
the edge. Then, lest the ribbon covering seem too detached from the hat Itself, one company for four years ami hat no
it it fastened down to the fabric across the front and on the sides by the most
attractive silk embroidery in black and white and yellow. The whole thing Is
ridiculously simple and naive, and the effect is one of almost careless, unt'utlied
grace. Perhaps it is this very simplicity which nuke it to alluring and lend to
it just that illusive charm called dutiitcUoav,
had a day's vacation. Her employer
does not believe ia giving his help any
thing that he Is not obliged to giv thens
and figures that givui
-w" w"i-" t -

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