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lMoawK),NpAHrTflNpr.T 'isrvworKwo usva xtwi Wednesday November ity'ioia.-
ralld Dmllf and imil.WMKl
t-wbdleton. Oreiron. by the
tfre." at th poatofflce t Pendla
m, Urtoa, u (ccoBd-elass stall
'Ispa-os e
lmrlaUioteI New Stand, PurttaaS
Hnwmtn N'ewa Co, Portia!. OrajfOB
Chhmco Bureau. tut SecarKr Bulld-
WBanlnrtoa. O. C. Burw to four- I eml-'Wsekly. aJi moats, by
BBaatk Street. N. W. . I aI-V?eekl four aaeatha kr mall
be sincerely hoped they will
consistently adhere to liberal
broad-minded policies,
;mg behind the narrow-
jdencies which have ruled in the
.. 'past. This war has made Am
RAt r .erica the second maritime pow-
!t apvtscw) :er in the world, displacing
". OB aU k "BMaTt. 'Sy- jmm"'"0. n mm wa
oau. an moo the by Bta . second and leaving us with a
onir. three Botha by maii .. tonnaga not so very far below
oii,. n. mocvt ky m.u that of Great Britain, which
r ZZXZZZZZZ ft,"? hostilities pwned nearly
Daily., tare, moats by eanls 1.9. "l WOftU S, lOiai.
oiiy. on montt. kx a.rrtr . uermany may surenuousiy en
emi-we.kiy. one yr. by mn. Jdeavor to recover her lost post
" ition, but tor a period will be
' - ' -",' !. , . 1 jby impaired resources and
Mieh'vradiri rnntino-Anf nM 'worldwide enmity..' .The Unit
i have wan out unaided. Thev ie! States, .on he other r hajid,
(hart TMihr tv. iaH.ir. Tirv-tWUl start in the. race with a
iother necessarv essentials to'!vast new tonnaw and a foreign
anmoe Tk. (mv.tin r!commerce aready expanded to
jtheir success came from Ger-lnorm?uJ3 Proportion s by war
manv and now that th mrpl'u,,1?hu""uw'uue
of strength is broken it may
to employ this huge tonnage
not take Russia long to restore
.order. This of course is
Oh! let us not forget tae goal;
May God awake each heart and
To sacrifice his ease, his all.
Aye, life tf need, at freedom's
will require most inteligent
and careful action, we shall
r,n iKo. m,, 3v.tfi soou "ave to iiieenn ouen mar-
! assumption that all the men of ts keen competition in both
i brains have not been murdered Podv,-an flights We shall
ImflnnvL-K ' be obliged to compete with the
I r'-r T . . t . . , most experienced, capable and
virTTMj a wn r a miu ncum enterprising traders in the
I . world. . Our bankers, our man
j-W F you are with the victori-!ufacturers' our merchants and
!1J ous in the political fray our snipowners wiu nave w
i remember that honors Wrk together in intelligent
come and honors go. Treat ! co-operation. The old policy
not the foeman with utter 01" restrictions and high duties
scorn. Next time you and helwi11 have to be set aside, for
. !may. be aligned side by side now is 11 possioie o promote
shall we not heiut shall we not ! witH facing some new arma-irade by imposing all sorts of
m reeMnTtrench or battle- I Reddon. Politics makes strange! limitations ? How can we ex-
field; . , bedfellows. Those who differ Pect to sell if we will not buy?
our noiiie youth iri manhood-s jwith you may not be entirely j How can we find cargoes if
fiouer, , huM nnri riiciinnoer TVioir n.' orices and freights are higher
inions differ that is all. Alljthan our competitors? How
men are considerahlv alike Can we run ships if they cost
, Mid ewrefui scenes wo rest se- when you really get below the more to build and operate than
surface. , any oiners: vv ny suck io
If you are of the defeated be ! methods which promote inter-
!not cast. down., Things may j national friction and , war?,
jnot go as bad as you suppose. Our foreign trade as well as
ilf they' do vou can say "I told.our ships must be liberated
I iyou so." Furthermore, it wont from all such handicaps, unless
i be your rauit. iou aiu your!"5 oicu m ouuuti
idutv as vou saw it and vou can advantages to our rivals which
itake consolation that he wholwe may never again possess. !
weareth not the crown is not i From the Clews Financial Re-
TTTiTTcr ti.i v v,n,v,itirnubJirl with weannc thereof. View.
W V MjM. W Ik 1 kl kilaif UIC UUIOIIC-J ca
,viki are now on their!
knees also crying for-
, 1
Wko btoed to break the tyrant's
. . power..
And little hardships we endure,
While t,hey who bear the bat-
tie's brunt.
Must Meed and die on Flander's
Fremont Pollock Livingston.
uaper for several months xlnce the
MusiietiNion of the "'Kntwrprlne.""
J. U. Willeke hits returned from' the
Sound and purchased the restaurant
of his brother, t. W, WilleUe, on Ma In
Charles Barrett, veteran farmer o
Weston, was in lendleton yesterday
for the first tints in several years.
J. M. Bentley and company sold &n
acre of the Hattelwood property yes-
tarday tor the usual price, i500 to
Horaor Kambo.
Lee Curtright U down from Butter
creek.' He says the mountains theV-e
are now covered with the snow.
Gray Uniform Will Be
' ! Discarded at West Point
WEST POINT, N. Y.. Nov. 6. The
well known gray uniform of tile West
Point cadet passed Into history Thurs
day nittht. The 510 cadets compris
ing the classes of 1920 and 1921 will
be graduated as officers in the United
States army Friday. The entire corps
marched In the graduation parade
Thursday night, wearing their, gray
uniforms for the last time. Members
of the plebe class and the new cadetA
will wear uniforms of olive drab.
Soi Commands and
Fathei" Obeys Orders
PYARIS. Nov. . In a French
Infantry regiment are two men
who have ' been comrades since
the beginning of the war. One la
vomur lieutenant, who has been
decorated with the Legion of
Honor ami cited for bravery sev
eral times. The other is an old
point who volunteered in 1914,
won the Medal Mllllalre, became
a sergeant and. always refused to
servo in any other cnmiwiiy. The
old pollu punctually obeys with
the utmost resicct the command
of the young oiflcer. The offi
cer ts the iHiilii s son.
peace, with the allies bears out-
the long felt opinion that wkith'
a i i - . j i v II.
me jtajser. gone tne poisneviiiJ
will not last long. It is a. pret
ty generally-Accepted
J1.ANS for foreign trade
.development are already
being very actively dis-
view cussed-; ur leading comraer-
that the success of Lenine andial bodies, large manufactur
Trotsky jvaa due , to German erg. and. big banking concerns
money, arms and intrigue. It having laid down fairly clear
is illogical to believe that any i courses for the future. is to
... ' ''':
: ; 1 1 " 1 " i
Graduate of Vniverslty bl 1910 is In
the Army.
EUGENE. Nov. . J. K. Tomlnaeo.
Japanese student who was. graduated
hi architecture at the Vnlversitv In
France, with company I, 59th pio
neer's infantry. A. E. F. Tomlnaga
had difficulty in getting into the serv
ice on Account of being a Japanese
subject, but was later taken in the
He writes to A.' Hi Lawrence.'dean
of the school of architecture, from
his station ahout BO miles from the
front, saying he Is Very deeply im
pressed with the spirit of the French
people. . . '
He was with McKlm, Mead and
White, architects, of New York, be
fore entering the service. His work
has been unexcelled , in the school,
says Mks, Camilla Leach, librarian of
the school of architecture.
( From the Daily ' East Oregoaian.
i ; November 6, l890. j , t':
-iplnjn P. fhiijttt, newspaper, nan,
will soon establish an newspaper in
Arlington which, has. Ieen without a
i ti
,j ; ft A ' mm f
iiers Mrs
Thousand Vfeys
to help "the GoverDmen't
nab only duringfche war
but immedia4:ely after;
Household Economv fs One
--j . . .. . ..
I "tin 'following bulletin was amon
X the moat forceful and effective
bits of eoDBervation propaganda at
the New York Food Show last month.
It wai put out by the National Sugar
Refining Company of New Jersey:
"Save the waste!
"One hundred million cups coffee used
daily in United States.
"Seventy million cups tea used daily
in United States.'
"One hundred and seventy million
cups tea and coffee. -
"If even an average of half a tea
spoonful of sucar per cup is left undis
solved at the bottom -of cups of tea and
coffee the waste would be 1,7U0,UU0
pounds of sugar daily.
"Stir your sugar tmtil It dissolves.
It's estimated that one-third to one-half
of all sugars used in homes is used in
tea and coffee. Think it over how is it
in your home? Isn't there a chance for
From New York Times
Sunday. September 29. 1918.
Take the sugar
subject for
For a -table
the one re
quiring the
least sugar
Tastes like excellent coffee
Posturri WeecJs Less Su$r
" There's s Reason 99
Repel Plots Spread
in Berlin, on Rhine
PARIS. Nov. TtvoUitionnry
plots in Berlin and Hamburg and in
tjie Rhine provinces ,and Westphalia
have, n'econj so VldeAvtHLd that all
the ntnv.nita prrH Wire? utUhlxie ailal
to the people to refrain from anticipa
tion In such acts against the govern
ment' This Information Is telesrah
d ffom Zurich by the correspondent
of, Le Journal. . : . '
. LONDON",. Nov. -.Describing con
ditions. as he found them In Bruges, a
correspondent on the Flanders front,
"One beaut if iT private. htse -was
uhed by Gov. von Bchleln, the German
civil head of the city, who at lant was
t.ken away ill. Before leaving- the
houe, .the officers of his staff looted
it of everything and left it empty.
"In this work they seem to have
been ably assisted Jay German wom
en, who some six months ago began
to replace soldiers In secretarial and
5 n u u 0
Nt ' r.j Mft mm V
'. ' iilili
AIC,- r
' 'i .' " ' .
, Little Pimples On Face
, That itched Awfully and
Caused Loss of Sleep
"Little ired pimples appeared o '
rpy (ace, neck and cheat and I enulo
not find anything that would help me.
The pimples grew to be lame, and
some came to a head and had forma
tion in them. They itched awfully so
that 1 could hardly irntt sleep aynighl.
This trouble lasted about two months.
"1 aaad about Cutkura Snap and '
Jdintment and 1 purchased sumc.. " I .
v. ild tell they lwHed. me the fourth
time 1 used thenv a""! now I am com
pletely healtid." t(Sittoed) Miss
Zalies Stover, Mills, New Mexico.
It is so. easy to prevent skin and
scalptnmhieshy usiiiKCuticuraSoap,
and no other, lor all toilet purposes,
assisted now and then by touches of
' Cuticura Ointment to first sina of
."l)impk-, raslics, dandruff or irrita
tion. Besides they are ideal k for
evety-day toilet uses.
Saa(WEaoliPraBTKtU. AdrinsSDoat
card: "Ciuioura. Iri. R. B.toa.'' Sold
everywhere. Soaoiftc. Uintment SS aad alta.
TRY' "THIS! lf Allt ftRTS THICK.
GLOtvSV W.tVY AJ ni;.t- ,
. );TIl'litAT. VXVK. Y
,i .. l: u' '
Immediate? Yes! Certain' that
the Joy of It. Your hair . becomes
Ht?ht, wavy. fluffy,- abundant ana ap
pears as soft, lustrous and beautiful
a young girl's after a Danderlne
hair cleanse. Just try thai molnten
cloth with a little Daudorlne and
carefully draw tt through your hair.
taking one small .strand at a time.
Thin will cleanse the hair . of dust,
dirt or excessive oil, and In Just a few
moments you have- doubled the beau
ty of your hair. A dellghtfu surprise
awaits those . whose hutr has been
nedlected or i scraggy, faded, dry,
brittle or thin. Mesldea heautlfyimt
he hair, Danderlne. dissolves every
particle of dandruff; cleanses, puri
fies and invigorates the scalp,' forever
stopping itching and falling hair, Uut
when you- see new hairfine and.
town at first ?e--lnit' really ,new
hair growing all over the scalp.' it
ou care for pretty, soft hair and lots
of It, surety get 'a small bottle .of
Knowlton's Danderlne from any drug
store or toilet counter for a few cents.
Brunswick, Go., was commended for
Initiative and zeal In holding In tiluoW
wlth his hands a broken Igniter sprlne
his ship during a recent engage-1
ment, thus enabling the vessel to
maintain her speed nod position.
Machinist Mate John W. Hill of
Manchester, N. H., has been com
mended for-Jiimplnsr overboard In a.
torm and preventing the destruction
of a seaplane.
Sleep and Itct.
One of the most common causes of
Insomnia and restlessness is In din na
tion. Take one of Chamberaln's Tab
lets Immediately after supper and
see if you do not rest better und sleep
better. They only cost a quarter.
J-carn to- Lookout for Ynurpplf.
Somebody has declared bat when
people learn to treat slight aHmehts
themselves, there will be much less
similar positions. I heard from many I 'ckness. JMost diseases have their
directions that, both in insolence of;01""1" some minor aliment, and
manner and In stealing, these women : when- that is properly treated the
were worse than any of the men.'
AMSTERDAM, Nov. .TM'spalr.
dlHtreas and immorality are . running
riot In licrliii. .A, air ,linner costs
1 1-
huns nrn.D si ill's to
PARIS, Nov. 8. Increased ship
building .artivity is "reported from
Germany. In the midst of war the James Malone,
more Berlous diseases may be avoided.
This is particularly true or throat ana
lung troubles. Take Chamberlain's
Cough Renedy and gCye every cold
the attention it deserves and you will
be ubl to avoid some of the most se
rious' diseases that , afflict jnanklnu.
This remedy has. been In use ' for
many years and its value fully proven.
lA'Jirued Hie Real Value of Chamber.
Iain's cough Remedy.
"VTe first learned of the true value
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy sev
eral 'years ago when we lived near
Clifton Hill, this -state," writes Mrs.
Moberly, '' Mo. "At
Huna are feverishly patching tip their
shattered merchant marine. Neutral
newspaper! say many merchant ships
are being built in the naval yards of
Bremen and Jlamburg, The Oerman
program is said to call for the con
struction of 950,000 tons of shipping.
Fornior I.c-lator Tle.
PALEM, or., Nov. 4- W. A1 Jonen.
expert stockman, legislator, politician
and high tvpe of' citizen, died at the
home of hi parents, Mr. and Mrs.
T. Jones, in this city this morning
after an Illness of six months. His
ueath won due to paraysis.
that time I had a severe cold and an
.annoying cough. I got a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,' and
after tatting a few doses of It my
cough, luoHcned up and my lungs felt
better. I used one bottle of U and
by then my cold had entirely disappeared.'
It is next , humane, heeding .the
world's cry for food whieh wll .be
more and more compelling because of
the wasteaKe of four yeara of war. We
could not be' deaf to the entreaty of
those who sit at the common table.'
Ten of Them ptatlnlwUlied Them
selves by Ataondlnar Wounded I niler
WA.SHINO'JON". NW. B.-r-Ten phari
maclst mates and hospital apprentices
have been enmmended by Hearatary
Daniels for conspicuous bravery In at
tending mounded marines In France
under shell fire. The navy depart
ment also announced today that two
enlisted men had been commended
for quick thinking In efnersnneles.
The men commended for bravery are.
Machinist Msts John Fabrl of
Th tmlf JVIW
fac powder is
. U patai 50 yoarf , ,
Ob yes, there are maif ,'
many kinda of powders oa
the market, but this one is
absolutely dif farat . from
ny you hsT ever nL
The price la reasoBabl).
too- , ,f
50 cents "
"Mens Overcoats ;
and' Maclcinaws
Men's Overcoat. . . . . . v . ?. . $7.93jlo f!2.50
Men's Mackinaw Overcoats ,...'...., $18.50
Me.n's Mackinaw Coats . . . . V . . . ?7.95 to $10.00
Men's Logger Shirts . $6.50 to $9.50 ,
Men's Wool Mackinaw rants , , . . , . ... . . $G.OO
32 Sample Stores " 745 Main St.
Beauty Style Power -
C. &; F.::; ;
Motor Go,
- ,,. 722 Cottonwood. "
" -'
Rupert Motor Car and ias
Knglne nepatiiiiK.
Vt'e repair all mukes of -motor cars and stock Chevrolet,
t-'ord, saxiHi piu'ls. (
We are offering fHe "
o!d!nfIeat" Pad
This week at
We only have six of these and when
' they are gone the new shipment will
" cost more.
This pad is absolutely safe and can
be used for every purpose for which
you would use a hot water bottle, ex-,
They have been found very helpful
in treating the influenza. ,,
"Always at yeur service"
Look out when Shaving" ySur'' ipord
car repaii-ed that the genuine Ford
, Jiarts or,m.at,eriaIs are used. There are
many "bogus," imitations, or counter
t 1 :W - - so r; called
iNo rsogus
Ford Parts
Ford parts of
sadly inferior,
quality, "on.,, ,the
market. Be warn-,,
ed against them.
Buy Ford parts
and have your Ford, car repaired by the
authorized Ford deaWr as this is the
only way tov guaj-d against "bogus"
parts.- Bring your tar to us for service.
Come to us for Ford parts, purs is an,
authorized, Ford place.
Simpson Auto Co.
Water & Johnson Sis.
Phone 408

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