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. I'
TTT-rrr -sir t-t T;frtrff wrr) 1T1
; w
I ' 3
In lmr6viiK,.
L. J. Oolrimun, o( the Unlled States
lliologicnl Murrey, who has boon suf
fering for the aat wnek with Hpan
tsh InNuenxn, U Improving at present.
tint ml Jury In eknnlnli, -
The grand Jury Ih In session today,
having convened this morning:. Judge
O. W. Phelps has adjourned circuit
court, which whs en Hod to open next
Monday, the 13th, to open February 3.
J.efs for t'auiu j.otvt. j
Max Hppiiar mid It. IS, .Bald .who!
hove been. i.vo-fc liuj on the drati board'!
nere for several months, left Sunday
for CuiDll TIjwUi, ' having' oomflrtid
their ditlei hero, j Then expedite t
mustered our Jn s Week, or siijM '
for several week with Influenza has
been taken to Walla Walla for treat
mnnt. Jt to understood ha la Improving.
Former Pendleton Man IMcs, Flu.
It. I Jackson until about a year
ugo operator at this place at the O.-W.
depot, la reported to have died In
Kansas of pneumonia following; Influ
enza. Mr. Jackson wa well known In
l)r. Croup (Taken to Walla W ulla. .
lr, Floyd Oi oup,;Vbo hail been. sick
I'riro Continuance of liuiiran.
The Hed Cram, la urging the con
tinuance of soldiers' Insurance, given
the following; Information for the
benefit of men In the service: Sol
dlera must mall premium within 21
days from date of discharge to con
tinue war rlak insurance. Insurance
may be continued for five years.
be made to transfer Jt to other gov.
ernmental Insurance at peace-time
.rates, which will not exceed rates
charged by private companies, wur
tng period of five yearn, ex-soldler or
Kuflor'a dependents will receive pre
cisely the name aecurlty against acci
dent or death in civil life of soldier
that they would have received had he
remained in the aervice. .
; SALE. 1
iQi ioiioiioiioiioiiQiioiioT
HEINZ 57 Varietiesi
We carry flm prlurloal sellers in II FIN. Ql'AMTY IJXK.
Inoliiriing the KttcliiiH, Kauces, KcIIkIkhi, linked: Pork ' and
IM'UIW. JlwJ Kliliu-j ib-uiut, Olive lu laililrx, nil hind of J'ioklMi
In uulb bottles Mid bulk, "Tim 'rtiruo incuui," l-'Mr n 'lira
lIUtlllllgH, it. .
"'There is real satisfaction in Eating Heinz
iTry oufAll Pork Sausage7, county1 kyW4tts
seasoned just right and is made clean.
TclcplHim- Voar fcioat'nlul '-Oniatrv OrAvM'in !"jW'';l 'len,
HttH-4 lna lrleitVtvut ,,151 1 1-. ,!...- t.-.,.
Peiidletpri Cash Market. Inc.
1 -:i f Fine Groceries Fresh Meats
301 E. Curt St.
prhpnffeJU, rrjvate Kxchnge tJonfiectlng;
Do Work hy (jurMMpoiMli-iM.
Hchool teaohera In Pendleton and
other Vmatllla county towns where
the influenza ban hue" uauaed the cloa-
lna: of achoola are busy carrying on
'.hts-work ,ut .education ., Vy, meana of
carpondencc- Effone, tHf 1 felnB ,
made to have tkft ai-hoiil ' work eon
tinua In thla manner, ami enepurage
umi.C la ,helng tyn, fw Jnte study.;
(ikwiliiK at lueili.: . , -
i aatio about the skating fadlitlea at'
iitieth. A number or the youngsters j
apend the "flu holidays" -skating on 1
the frozen uond.. which they say is far j
superior to the ice In Pendleton.
,MIm i)eukor l-Mr. 1 1
. Miss Ada iker. who wus 1 badly
bruised in an auto accident recently,
la recovering at her home on Willow
street. Miaa Docker ia well on the
road to recovery at present.
Mrs. l'utnam and daughter, Miss
Margaret Putnam, left Bunduy for Sa
lem, where Miss Putnam will aat as
stenographer for Senator Itoy Ititner.
Guy Wyrlck left yesterday for
I'orthind to Join Mrs. Wyrlck In
Will 1.ee WediMsdajr.' '
Uny Ullner, newly ejected senator
,from,thla district, expect to leave on
.Uiednuwiay for Portland where he will
attend the Reconstruction Convention
and the, irrigation itJptlgreas before
going te Salem , for Ui session of the
legisluture.r t.,, .
I.ravn tnr Portland. ; v
M. O. Hennett, asalatant state highway-
engineer and W, I Thompson,
state highwi' convnitasloner. left
Monday for Portland to attend a
meeting . of. the. state highway com
miaHiou. 1
;p Health ahd
Accident Policy ,
Will ..pay yQU jf disaDled froin sickness
of injuries -r-salary surgical expenses,
hospital" expenses, doctor bills and in
deninity for loss of life or members vf
tn6 body by accident. : . "
i Mighty nice to be drawing $50 per
week when disabled.
. f 1 n 1:., JOE KERLEV " " i:
Insurance Ileal llale Loan
Vi:MI.IT"N. OltK(iO.
KKK. Sift IlKrVkllK TIIK PlltR''
! .
(ions to iuinn. . .
v Uoss Kennedy, formerly of Pendle
ton and the eon of -Mr. and Mrs. C.
F. Kennedy of this city, who has been ;
in the aervice aa a mechanic, has re- ;
reived hla discharge and has left Camp i
I,ewls to join hie wife In ' Condon.
Kennedy received training at Benson
Pol technc school and was In Vlr-1
glnia when the news of the end of the I
war brought him to Camp Lewis to be ;
mustered out -
Pendleton Mm In 41st Ilviloii. j
About 30 Pendleton and Umatilla ,
county men who were in the Idaho J
national guard regiment early in the j
war were later placed in the 116th 1
engineers with the 41st division, and j
many of these will lie returned home:
In the near future aa this division is
slated to he returned to America and
mustered out. Among these men are '
recalled: Bud ComfMd. tleorge Mor- '
gan. Ijester Norman. Itoaco Kroome,
Jerry Bennett, Ernest Boynton, I
Charles Sheets. Fred Geissel, Floyd J
Hoisington, Itoscoe V'aughan, Jewell 1
.Anderson.- ... j
Is AWiiNting..
Fred Dohnert of H. W. Collins of- j
flee, is asssistlng In the business of-j
flee of Alexanders' department store :
during a ahortage of elp in the de-
Funeral Vesttrdav. j
The funeral services of the late j
Robert V. Ilrownell, brother of Cyril j
Brownell. well known In Pendleton, j
were held Monday afternoon at 2:30 :
in Portland at the Mount Scott ceme- !
tery chapel. .
' . .. ..
I 4 g g k
, .'L'-,
The Returned ssoldiers" who' have seen over-seas
sei-vicetaN especially warm in their praise -for. this
highly popular car. No car took a more prominent
place in army use than Dodge Brothers. t
We can make. immediate delivery of ., a. Dodge
Brothers Touring Car. We also have a genuine bar
gajlri in,a'iised Dodge Brothers Touring Car.
U' Nte:i We,)ivo ,a ahipnient enroiil xCOiHalning two lodge
Tirol hMW,liou(l!t"t"B. tlie ffrst , lloadstera to l' hud since luat ,
'June.' iho Is'nlretlay sold, and we will' reserve the other for'
jthe first. ippitiit. 1,'f 1,1 wi n i' 'i ii ; ' .'
The miMilhio coii.niuiplioii is iiiuiNiially low,
( jj h , Tin- tire iiilli-uac is iiiiiisuiiII) IMnli.
' :, ' riitctt iv if. n. Ji;TiioiT, ios,-.. . '
Corner Cntl"v.oMl and Water StretMa;
Plume 530
Allotjnont Arrhea.
The Umatilla County Tied Cross re
reived an allotment of refugee gar
ments today which asks that 4(tr
yards of material be made .into clo
thing for the people of Helgium and
France. Work will begin immediate
ly. . ..
All Ctt.v School Closed.
All city schools In Umatilla-county j
are closed because of the Influenxa j
epidemic. These include: Hermiston, ;
Ktanfleld, Echo, Pilot Rock, Helix, i
Milton. Freewater. Weatoni Athena.
Adams and Pendleton.
Ale tJrease Cocktail: tlx- New lirink. i
, The first drunk and disorderly to
appear In the police court this year
was yesterday morning. It. was Jim
Mox Mox. an Indian. He pleaded
guilty and -was fined 10. - Mox Mox j
told Judge Fits Gerald he got "full" on ,
axle grease and lemon extract. There 1
ia no accounting for the tastes of i
some people.
. . .
lloriy of A holier Shipped.
The body of William. H. Absher,
who died of Influensa recently at the
Mate Hospital, was shipped Monday
from the Folsom parlors to Hood
Itivor for .burial. A brother. P. W.
Absher, Uvea In Hood Klver. The de
censed was born In Texas and was 23
years of age. He was a laborer be
fore hie committment to the hospital.
To Finish Knlltiiitt.
All knitted . articles, ..including
sweaters, helmets, wristlets, aox and
other, articles under process of con
struction under the auspices of the
Ked, Cross are to be finished as quick
ly as possible and turned In to the
chapter, says word received by the
Umatilla County lied Cross. No new
work will bo begun, and the entire
time of Hed Cross workers will now
be available i for the making of re
fugee garments.
Ia at Camp Meado, Met-
Sergeant -Anthony F. llrolshagen.
supply sergeant Co. K. 72nd Infantry,
a Hormiston man, writes M. II. Chess
man from Camp Meade. Mil., whore
he la now located. Another llrtintilln
county man from whom Mr. Chess-
Knu vf..l a 1 1 1 1 r is O. T.
rihult. formerly in the American Nn- 1
tlonal bank of this piaoe, but now in ;
the riavy. .He la on the l.Y S. ; Cen.
noreea. and had lust landed In New I
fy in . .
: . :j r -rari-:. i ll t '
J,C.!earan.ce' Sale-OtJylens and
Young Mens j
Our Annual Clearance'of Meifs Sitgs cnsints of the PeasSn's Newest Garments, Most
Noveltv Woolens, such as Cashmeres. Tweeds, Velours, etc;, the models beingin the
conservative three-button sack and the young men's eemt-form fitting- There Is not a
suit In the lot that Isn't a Great Big Value.
Mr. Business Man, lay In your supply of Suits for the next season to come. .ThiH An
nual Clearance of Men's Suits offers you a biff, rare opportunity to save money on your
clolhlpg hill., NOTE PRICES
ITou can buy a Qood Suit at. ht Cloaranee f?ale at the following prices: ,
Tha above prices cover alt the fntM inoluded in our Clearance
Try one on. Blue Serges at Clearance Prleea. ,
t, .- f -y
Come and see them
Infants anti Childrens Wear Cut
on tthis sale at unheard pt savings.
" Just a word of invitation to mothers of young families, who are anxious to take advantage
of unusual savings whenever the' opportunity occurs. , tWe are desirous of disposing of a large
quantity of infants' and children's wearables and realizing that the 6nly way to attain our ob
ject is to make a material price inducement, practically hundreds of useful articles of wearing
apparei have been reduced for Thursday selling. It is suggested that you scan tbe,list and jot
down what you need and look over the different, tables; the saving will more than surprise you.
e . .
Infants' Bibs. '
Infants' Band? ' '
Infants'. Shirts , 2
Infants' Stocking Caps
Infants' Rattles.
Baby Books
Infants' Vests i
Children's Gowns
, Children's Slips
Children's Pants
Infants' Outing Kiinonas
Infants' Wool Band
Infants' Bootees
Infants' Stork Pants .
Infants' Slips
Infants' Outing Petticoat:
Infants' Silk Vests
Infants' Silk Bonnets
Children's Gingham
Infants' Nainsook
Infants' Naincook Slips
Infants' Dresses
Children's Dresses . ,
Cap and Scarf Sets
Infants' Sweaters
Children's Princess Slips,
1 V .. 12 PRICE
The Biggest Silk
Event iof the Year
.EVERY PIECE of our Fancy fcilks, such
as Satin, Taffeta,' Foulard, Fanc Chiffons,
Messaline, of. plaids, stripes, checks, etc.,
are included and cut deep. - .; : n
; There isn't a pattern or color but what is
in good style for the coming season.
Worth from $2.00 to $2.50 the yard. Jan
uary Clearance Sale $1.59
A clean up of Women's Collars und Cuff Pets, made of Xet
Organdie. Oeorgette and Wash Satin, newest Btylc,' Janunry
Clenrance Sale One-Half Price.
These are of the newest styles and as we
only have a limited number left of the best
ones we can- assure you of getting a good
one greatly reduced. January Clearance
Sale 1-3 Off
And Mittens for women, children and in
fants. These come in all colors and sizes.
January Clearance Sale Price
onf. i.ot niti:ss coons
To be cleaned up during our January Clearance Sale.
These nre mostly fnney plaids, checks and striiies. suitable for
school wear, and Women's Drraw Kegularly priced at 50c,
65c and "5c the yard. January Clearance Sale, yard 3c
Worth $2.1'0 to $S.tin yard, to be placed on our Clearance
Counters. Some are plain shades, some plaids, splendid for
coats of service Many good desirable shades, worth !." to
$3.00. January clearance Sale, yard $1.50
No matter what their former price,
tomorrow in two immense groups at
$17.50 and $24.00.
An assemblage of the most distinc
tive models ever offered at such re
ductions. Either fancy or plain tail
ored styles, fashioned of brass cloth,
Poiret twill, . gabardine, silvertone,
men's wear serges. Sizes to 49.
Included in this Clearance Sale, di
vided into two lots, including plaid?,
stripes and floral effects.
Lot 1 All 25c Fancy Ribbons, yd. 18c
Lot 2 All 35c Fancy Ribbons, yd. 23c
York from Bordeaux. i

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