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iHIMinl Imlly (rxwpl Sunday) n
rHml-Wf?kly fll l'enfllelon,
"Z. tn-i-gon. by the
Dally, on year, by mall
- I. SO
. .SO
J. 60
- S.75
Knt'-rfMl .t the po.tofftce t Pendlc--
Daily, aix month by mall
Daily, three month by mall
Daily, one month by mail ,
Daily, one year by carrier
Daily, aix month by carrier. .
, , .. ton, Or.gun, m second-class mall
li li n
, . J1 phone ,.. , 1
on Hai.k in other cities. '
1nitriitMl!l'l NVws Bland, Portland
fiwnmn N-ws r., Portland, Oregron
' - .D -K1L.R AT
''i'lJiio Buruij, 90 Security Build-
wf.hlnton. D. , Bureau SOVPOur
nt Mrff. Jf. ,y -. XV. .
Daily, three months by carrier.., 1.85
Dally, one month, by. carrier ".C5
Scml-Weekly, one year, by mail l.M
SemWekly. bIx; months, by mall .li
Ssmi-Wekly'four months by mail .SO
v .7. : 1
rf.IjF sciirnxY
I wish t hat I could take my eyes
And turn them nauare around.
And look about Inside o me.
To see what might be found.
I linnw a lot of folkA, n wll
As ijnoks .wiHm my shelf.
fia( -.11 iiM'liiiiea, sorry trtith to
. , " " tell.
I'm stranger to myself.
And 1 would really like to see
Past all veneer and sham
What curious- things Inside o'
Have made me what I am.
I have no great ambition high
To posture as a saint.
But many a time I've wished
- that I
Might be some things I ain't.
- ?
ftp HE question of a league
OL f Aationa virt,iiv
HE question of a league
of nations was virtually
decided at : Versailles
when the armistice terms were
dictated by the allied powers.
This is shown by the fact the
allies at that time issued a de
claration of policy ..the follow
ing being a-part thereof :
The Allied, Governments
have given careful considera
tion to the correspondence
which has passed between the
President of the United States
'and the German Government.
Subject to the qualifications
.'which follow, they declare
their willingness to make peace
. with the Government of Ger- . determined that the ex-kaiser
.m?yJon th-e te?n ff should be brought to trial; the
.laid down m the President's . peace conference may decide
'address to Congress of Janu- that tj,ere are other gentlemen
ary, 1918, and the principles aside frorn the .kaiser who may
mm of settlement enunciated in hisneed same
tuosequeni aaaresse.
JV The provision for a League of
Nations which was the four
teenth point in the President's
t address of Jan. 8,
1918, was
OF OUR ; ;
Many men bouelit suits in
tin? first three days of llils
arcat italc.
We knosy that In Uie next
two days Hie number of cus
tomers will eoual IT not Mir
tlHtse of the first three.
Vou nill not be able to du
plicate l lie i alum for some
lime to come.
Men's fine suits, llefrolars,
Sxmiik and I-oiih. HI lie
HiTRes Ineluikyl.
allies to S35.0O
Buy now and save
accepted without qualifica
tions. This is the language of
the clause to which the Allied
Governments u n a n i m o usly
pledged themselves:
A general association of na
tions must be formed under
specific covenants for the pur
pose of affording mutual guar
antees of political independ
ence and territorial integrity to
great and small nations alike.
It will be seen therefore that
the real question as to whether
or not there shall be a league
of nations has been decided
and it is part of the terms by
which we required the Ger
mans to lay down their arms
and surrender their ships. The
question of details only remains
to be worked out and this task
though one of difficulty and
intricacy will no doubt be ac
complished in due time.
F sufficient states have not
already ratified the fed
eral rjrohibition amend-
iment they will do so, with a
big margin to spare within a
few hours or a few days. The
I death knell for John Barley-corn
is sounded. The law will
'c-o into effect one year from
the date of ratification but may
in reality becme effective next
juy under the war time prohi
bition provision.
"e l" -
nation and it is going to stay
dry. The law will be enforc
ed because public sentiment is
back of the law and because
federal and state governments
will cooperate in . prosecuting
those who attempt violations. ;
The Roosevelt estate of
$500,000 is said to be the larg
est fortune ever left by an ex
president at his death. None
of our president's have made
any money out of their positi
ons but the job seems in fair
demand nevertheless.
! ... ...
! : A florman rnmmission has
Some critics have been com
plaining that the work of de
mnhnliir.ation in America has
jbeen conducted too slowly; but
j in view of the danger of having
two or three million unemploy-
i ed men in the country it is per
tinent to ask if this is not a case
Not a Bite of
Breakfast Until
You Drink Water
Say. a glass of hot water and
phoaphata prevent Illness
and keeps us fit,
Just as coal, when It -burns, leaves
behind a certain amount of incom
bustible material In the form of ashes,
.so the food and drink taken day after
;day leaves In the alimentary canal a
! certain amount of indigestible ma
terial, which if not completly elimina
ted from the system each day, be
ef mes food for the millions of bacteria
i which Intent the bowels. From this
i mass of left-over waste, toxins and
; ptomaln-like poisons are formed and
sucked Into the blood.
Men and women who can t get feel
Ing right must begin to take Inside
baths. Before eating breakfast eaches for officers of Crook county
morning drink a glass of real hot) H. B. 30, by Sidler Relating 6 pro
water with a teaspoonful of lime-1 ceedings in probate. :
stone phosphate In It to wash out of! H. B. 31, by Smith (Multnomah)
the thirty feet of bowel the previous Defining crime of commercialism :r'
4ay'm accumulation of poiaoniv and
toxfnH and, to keep the entire alimen
tary canal clean, pure and fresh.
Those who are subject to lck head
ache,' coldt. biljounnefi. conntlpatlon,
other who wake up with bad taste.
foul breath, backache rheumatic stiff- j
new, or have a flour, gapwy stomach
after mealn. are urged to get a quarter
pound of limentone phosphate from
the drug store, and begin practicing
internal anltatlon. Thin will eont
very littl
anyone a
f. but i sufficient to make
enthusiast on the subject
Kmern htr in Me bathing is more
Important than outside bathing, be-, 'to apportion to Oregon a larger fund
cuuxe the sMn pores do not a-lmorbifor building roads in forest reserves.
Impurities into the blood, cauatng poor J Oregon's allotment under present
health, while the bowel pores do.
Jurt s soap and hot water cleanses, (a year, and if consideratipn were given
sweetens and freshens the skin. si to the Immense area of the stats Which
hot water and llmetton phonphateils confined in forent reserves, a ;1 nM
o the stomach, Jiver kidnejs and subject to HJwtnfttonr-Wf'il- ftnent
howtls. Jahould be not less than. i,bv4,W0,
Where We Should make Speed ;
One reason certain railroad
STATE CAPITOD, Salem, Jan. 16.
Sixteen bills were introduced In the
Senate and IS in the House Wednes
day. They are:
S. B. 7, by Norbald Amending at
tachment law.
S. B. 7. by Xorbaid Prohibiting dis.
trict attorneys from usin? public sta
tionary for private correspondence
8, B. 8, by Norbulad Authorizing
municipalities to levy taxes by popu
lar vote for boring wells for oil, gas
and coal.
S. B. 9, bv Norblad Permitting
justice court defendant to plead coun
ter claim.
& B. JO, by Xorblad Taking from
district attorneys one-third of moneys j
collected for fisheries fines and put
ting same in state treasury.
S. B. 11, by Eberhard Uniform
sales law.
S. B. 12, by Banks Compulsory
voting law.
8. B. 13, by Huston Relating to old
soldiers' taxation exemption.
S. B. 14, by Huston Providing for
women attendants in all public insti
tutions. P. B. 15, by Huston Creating state
market roinmisktn,
S. P.. If., by .Vorhlitd P:.-vidlnpr tr;
sale of bcth real and personal mor'
gagod prone: ty. en. masse on f :
closure if deemed advisable.
8. B. 17, by Bell Authorizing exe
cutor of estate to borrow mnnfv f nr
'navment of expenses of administra
tion, taxes pr other Indebtedness.
S. B. l,;:bK Rberhard To ; mnke
uniform the' Jaw, Relating to itmited
partnerships.' ' ' ' ":
8. B. 19, hv Baldwin Providing
that state bank reserve requirements
shall hot apply to sthte hunks which
ara members of the Federal reserve
banking system. '
8. B. 21, by Baldwin Authorizing
State Superintendent of Banks to fur
nish Federal reserve hank copies of
all reports and information pertaining
to condition of state bank members
of Federal reserve system.
S. B. 21. by Lafollett Eliminating
state aid for industrial accident com
mission. H. B. 23, by Dodd P.elatlng to dis
trict meetings for levying taxef.
H. B. 24, by Lewis Providing for
creation of tax supervision and con
servation commission In each county.
H. B. tr,, by Schuebel Relating to
opening public roads.
H. B. 26, bv Schuebel Relating to
construction of roads and highways.
H. B. 27, by Schuebel Relating to
establishment of general road fund
for cities and towns.
H. B. 28, by Gallagher Relating to
filing of reports of accidents with; pub
lic service commission. . (
H. B. 2'), by Burdick Fixing Kalar-
H. H. 32. by Cross Relating t cer
tification of teachers.
H. B. 3, by Burdick Fixing terms
of county court and salaries of officers
for Deschutes county.
H. B. 334, by Graham (Washing
ton) Relating to voters at district
road meeting.
For More JVjrcflt Iloads.
SALEM, Jan. 1. Addressing the
senate by special invitation L. J.
Adams, a former member of the state
highway commission, urged the legls-
inture to take steps to Induce eongretw j
national lawn in aproximately $a5,fi00
The End of theVTraaMIH Mfll
! f -! ir -r-, nn -i--ii--Tiir - rrfrt-1 HMTniiiiiai Vli mrmr- "nii
executives Object to McAdoo'S;Mr-ston and Roosevelt, leaves for
(railroad plan is that the gov-
I ernment pays no inflated salar-
ies to such men as they.
the speaker said.,
Mr. Adams UTKed that the legisla
ture make an. appropriation to send
two representatives of the state to
Washington to lobby for a larger allot
ment, and suggested this appropria
tion should be sufficient to keep the
men there for at least two years. He
also urged that men be serft to Cali
fornia, Washington, Idaho and t'tah
to enlist the cooperation of ftiose
states irt presenting claims for more
funds for fateat load) oonstrilction. j
' Wr' Owyhee troJTt. ' j
SALEM, tlan. a.tnder a suspen-j
sion of rules, moved by Gallagher, the j
house passed the senate joint mrmo
rial Xo. 2, introduced by Senator Hur-
ley, memorializing congress and the
Oregon delegation, to pass the appro
priation for th Owyhfte Irrigation pro
ject in Malheur county.
To VYatch Hi.
SALEM, Jan. IS. Drs. Dedman,
Mcrryman and Moore were appointed
by Speaker Jones as the house mem
bers of the joint committee to look
after the flu situation during the leg
islature. Major A. C. Secley and his
assistants spent the day at the capl
tol. and many members were inocu
lated. 28 YEARS AGO
(From the, Ea3t Oregonian,
. Jan.
l. 6,
Mr. C. B. Roosevt:it of the fii;nnof
Children Cry
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over thirty years, has borne the signature of
ana nas Been made under his per.
fyrz. Bonal supervision since its infancy.
4-G&iSc4iZ ail(,w no one tn dncfiiVn i?nii In hlp
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good " ore but
"Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of ,
Infants and Children Experience- against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless .substitute tor Castor Oil, Paregoric,-
Drops and Soothing Syrjips. It is pleasant. It contains. ..
neither Opium, Morphine nor otheriiareotic eubstancc. Its ' j '
' , ' , e.ge la Its guarantee.' For more than thirty yearo it has :
. ' , . been in constant us for rise relief of Constipation, Flatulency, ,;
'. '.Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; .-.Haying FcvcrlshEeca arising
therefrom, and by regelating the Stomuch and Bowels, aids ;
the assimilation of Food; civing healthy and natural 6le;p.
The ChUdren's Panacea Ihe Mother's Friend.
In Use For .Over , 3,0 j Years
ThiJUnd 'Yd6'Hawo.t Always Dought
" YHI ! MTti m
Chicago in a few days to buy goods
for the Boston Store.
J. It. Dickson nus resigned as sec
retary of the Oregon Building and
Loan Association and has been suc
ceeded by C. W. Brownfield.
Chairman Livernmre presided at
Inst evening's council meeting. Coiin
cilmen Taylor, Thompson, Hansford
and Alexander were grouped about
the municipal table. Marshal Mor
gan, Kccorder Lash, Attorney Carter,
Treasurer Stillman and Water Super
intendent Bhnffner -were present.
. John L Thompson of The Dalles
on his way to Portland, stepped off
the train and fell through a trestle a
distance of 15 feet, fracturing his
William C. Russell and Miss Alice
j Wilson
were married at the court
house Wednesday by County
A soldier homo from the front was
relating anecdotes to an admiring au
dience In the railway carriage. "1
remember one bocho sergeant." he
said, "who told me after he had been
taken prisoner of course that he
hud 100 eggs given him, and was or
dered to distribute them among f
company of 100 men, but somehow or
other, one of the eggs got broken.
Tho hoche was troubled at first as to
how he was going to share out 99
eggs among a hundred men. but he
had a renl Prussian Inspiration." "Yes.
And what did he do?" demanded one
of his hearers. Tommy heaved bla
pack higher on hia back and opened
the carriage door. "Killed one of the
soldiers!" he called over hla shoulder.
Ben Larrahee, 1 new secretary of
Tnscan Lodge In St. Louis, has an of
fice In the-mldftii Jif tho Railway; Ex
change Building and the otneri nay
he hired an office boy. A man 14 ths
for netciers? !
Signature of
Crescent Baking Powder
Wri tor Cm. Bh
OzMorat Mfg. Co.,
office who was suffering from an ul
cerated tooth sent the youngster out
t,x- i nn.rlk t.t alnitmu Tho UtiV w a
gone "for ages, and of course, every-
body assumed th, boy had decamped , snmu still necei.t money as, o. suuntt
wiih the 2." ' ' 'tllle.
Along about noon the now boy
burst Into Iarrabee's office and looked
around In wild fright. Then sudden
ly he saw the man with the swollen
Juw. and erleG: .
"Oh. there you are. Gen I had n
hard lime finding the place. I went
mil-with ta-to get the mumps and 1
never lonVed ut the name on the door
! when 1 came back ( hegnn at the.
top floor find went- into every office
on every, floor looking for the guy
with the bum Jaw."
One night an Irishman and an J3ng
lishman met In a lodging house, so
they had a chat together before they ;
went to bed. -When the Englishman i
woke In the morning he said to him-;
splf he would have a joke with Pat. j
Hi. I T'l .. . it ....1.1 V. " I 1
vmmiu iiitfriiiiiK. Mi, miiu hit. i j
dreamed last night you were turned I T
into a dog." I
"I see," said Pat. "Well. then, id
. iE
was iiiriimmi Mini niKni you wtre nii-
er turning Into a sausage. I was Just
getting the pan greased to fry you."
TIo Onlles Fmployc Mrs. lira den. j
THE TALLKH, Jan. 15. Mrs. Win-jj
nte Itjnden, a well known publicity K
worker for Oregon; has come from'R
Portland to accept 4ho position of g
manager of The Dnlles Chamber of 0
Commerce. For the" past year Mrs. 4
firaden has' been employed as a work , A
er !h the State Council of Defense. ijj
with headquarters tn Portland. Prior 5
to that she wan manager of the Cham- S
ber of Commerce at Dalian. Mrs. K
Praden will apmime her duties her
tomorrow. , ,
Quality, Prices
and Service
309 West Webb
Phone 334
ftMUlt, WMb.
Oiv a hungry mun mmethlng to
eat before handinn him advice.
All men are anxious for favor, but
Whit man's J
Just received a large
supply. You can't buy 5
better candies, better g
assortment, anywhere 6
in the world than right jS
here. t
We have tried to S
carry this policy of se- 4
lecting the best through g
out our business. , ! j
Come in and ' judge 4
for' yourself how well B
we have succeeded. . .' S
Tallman Co, f
Xjtmding Drags ; , ft

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