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Special News of Umatilla Co.
.night the Vincent school m-n.il
vhi. The pro
to piii'ch.'iHe a
at a Hhadow
re to bf uhpiI i
I talk Ins ma chin. The ntartlnmnt
i which pi'ict'tltul the bpIIIhk of the
(MhadowH wiim excellent and much en-
joyed hy the large nudlenee urenent.
M. . Hcuii.-hioni nuetloned off the
( KUiMt. OreKonlun Kj)e ial.) 'hadow8, the highest price paid foi
UMAP1XK, April 1- nn Friday one bein $11 by Cmg Tull. Tht
Don't ask for
Crackers say
Snow Flakes
in iwii i iiy i v i i
anil ImOM on ait
r.cu. PtaUgm
Aanlt Laurie Short Bread
Arrowroot Biscuit
AMortcd Cakta
Butter Thin
Chrex Sandwich
Cocoanut Waiere
Vim Boltana
aer waiera
oney JumLlea
IcedHoney j
Long bruicii
from the Oven
Crisp, light, daintily delicious
crackers salted just enough
in other words-SNOW FLAKES!
of Oregon
Twenty-First Annual Tour
in Songs and Stunts.
"Music That Everybody Likes"
Be sure and hear it.
High School Thursday Eve.,
Auditorium April 1, 1920
Prices $1.00, 50c.
M H,
mai-hine Will he purchased
Heveranre, principal.
James Kirk of Milton. Hold
Umaplno rohch of 40 acres to f
(.rover of Helix hint week for $17.- j
P00. About 12 yearn ago Mr. JCr :
paid J.'iO an acre for the plaoc
Mr. and Mrs. J, E. Jones and fam-j
lly were dinner UMU with Mr. and
Mrs. Qene Labadie on Sunday at tbe:r
home near the Walla Walla river.
Mrs. A. A. Wllfle.v returned home
from Portland on .Sunday after u
inonthH visit with her daughters there
K. Moore wan called to Seattle Sun
day evening by the death of his Hater
who lived In that city. I-ast fall the
deeensed visited at Umupine with Mr.
tnd MrH. Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hominger Teft
Sunday for New Mexico, where they
will stay for a month or six week with
Mr. Komlnger's mother.
Miss Lella I'hilippi Is avlsiting in
Spokane with relatives. She expects
U) be absent a month.
Revival meetings which have been
conducted hy Bee. Mr. Klein of Walla
Walla, In Umapine for the past week,
came to a close Sunday night.
Mrs. John Allen returned home from
Prescott last week where she was tak
ing care of her daughter and family
who had Influenza.
The sale of farm implement and
livestock on the Gentry ranch on
Monday afternoon was largely attend
ed and splendid prices were secured
by Auctioneer Eiffert. Since the
death of Lod Gentry hist month the
ranch has been under the manage
ment of Fred Marshall.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pogue are leav
ing in the near future for their new
home In Idaho. Their home here will
be occupied by Mr. Ward and family.
Mrs. Claude Hasselt and children
arrived in Umapine this week from
California and will visit Mrs. Bas
setfs mother. Mrs. Helen Severance.
After her stay here, Mra. Bassett
leaves for New York where she Joins
her husband, who is now living there.
On Wednesday evening Mr. and
Mrs. Das J. Kork entertained at din
ner, at their home Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Beser of Cottonwood, Mr. and Mrs. R.
E. Bean, Mrs. Helen Severance and
Miss Elizabeth Severance. An even
ing at bridge followed and Mrs. Reset
and It. E. Bean secured the highest
honors, a week from Friday night
the Bridge club will be entertained at
the R. E. Bean home.
On Friday afternoon the junior
baseball team at the Vincent school
defeated the Valley Chapel team on
the local diamond, the score standing
The L-adies' Aid of the Presbyterian
church was entertained on Thursday
afternoonat the J. W. Wilson home,
jjust north of Umapine. The after-
noon wai spent sowing carpet rags.
j after which tea was served. Mrs.
Wilson was assisted In serving by Mes
. dame Uaeinper and B.Tcon. Aidwill
jmeetnext week with Mrn. J. E. Jones
tor a tea and she will be assisted hy
j Mrs. it. McKie in serving:.
Dick F-axtor Is home on his Easter
OTU at ion from Seattle where he has
!i" n attending University of Washing
ton. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kirk. Mr. and
Mrs. Hoy Frazier and Arthur Kirk
were Sunday guests with Mrs. MagKle
Sanderson in Pendleton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Phillips and
family hare been released from small
pox quarantine this we -k.
"Grandma" ichaffer, mother of !
George James, a Umapine rancher j
was avictim Tuesday of the terrible
wind storm raging throughout the val
ley when she slipped and fell, break
ing her hip. Mrs. Scharfer was go
ing around the corner of the house
when a gust of wind caught her.
throwing her to the ground. Khe is
79 years of a,ge and will be 80 in May
so that her injuries are very serious
S-V Bodyguard
XwWSSl, Against
Jpi Colds
abfoents of insurance
A Jar of Vicks is Protection Against Colds
More than a score of years ago, a drug
gist in a little North Carolina town was
searching for a better way to treat colds.
He knew that epicac and internal medi
cines did not go direct to the lungs and
air passages, and often did derange the
At last he found a process by which he
could combine standard, time-tested
remedies in salve form, so that when the
salve was applied over the throat and
chest the ingredients.would be vaporized
by the body heat.
These vapors, inhaled with each breath,
carried the medication direct to the lungs
and air passages. At the same time the
salve was absorbed through and stimu
lated the skin, aiding the vapors inhaled
to relieve the congestion.
This preparation was named Vicks
VapoRub, and year by year its use has
steadily grown until now more than 17
million jars are used annually.
Vicks is a Real "Little Bodyguard"
to Old and Young
For mothers with small children
Vicks is a boon indeed. No dosing
just apply well over the throat and
chest at the first sign of 'sniffles,"
and cover with a hot flannel cloth. Leave
the covering loose around the neck so the
vapors arising may be freely inhaled.
An application at bed time usually pre
vents a night attack of spasmodic croup.
For deep chest colds, bronchitis, w
throat , hoarseness hot wet towels should
first be applied over the throat and chest
to open the pores of the skin then rub
on Vicks.
For head colds, asthma, catarrh,
whooping cough a little Vicks can be
melted in a spoon and the vapors inhaled.
Formula of Vicks
Vicks contains Menthol from Japan
Camphor from the Island of Formosa
Oil of Eucalyptus from Australia Oil of
Juniper Tar from the Mediterranean
Coast Turpentine from the long leaf
pine trees of the South Petrolatum from
the oil fields of Pennsylvania, and other
valuable ingredients.
If Filled on Prescription a 30-cent Jar
of Vicks Would Cost from 60
to 75 Cent
These ingredients are bought in enor
mous quantities, carefully tested by our
chemists and mixed by automatic ma
chinery in our huge laboratory, employing
over 200 people.
Recently an officer of this Company
had a prescription for a 30-cent jar of
Vicks filled in various cities below are
given the prices charged, which of course
do not include the physician's fee:
Lynchburg, Va. .60
Baltimore, Md. .65
NewYork.N.Y. .65
Chicago, 111. .70
SanFranciaco .75
St. Louis, Mo. .70
Insist on the Genuine
At AH Druggist
30c 60c $1.20
Chas. Dupuis motored In to Adams
Mrs. Clyde Sands was a Pendleton
visitor Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Winn returned to
their home in Adams Sunday after
visiting for the past week in Port
land. Jim Woodcock was a Pendleton vis
itor Wednesday and Thursday.
.Miss lift Plake and mother spent
the week in Pendleton with Helen
Mr. and Mrs. W. Boyer motored is
to Adams Thursday.
L. U Ltieuallen motored to Adams
Dr. Lynn K. Blakeslee
Chronic and Nervous Disease and
Diseases of Women. X-Kay Elec
tro Therapeutics. ,
Temple Bdg. Room 12
Fhone 416
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Office :
10-11-12 Belts Building
Pendleton, Ore.
Chiropractic Nerve Specialist,
Rooms 1 and 2 Inland Emptrft
Bank Bldg.
Telephone 1018
lira. 10-12 a. m. 1:30-6 p. m.
One Night Only,
The Celebrated Comedian
In the funniest 3 act Swedish
comedy ever written
It's to laugh. It will tickle
you to the soles of your feet .
Prices 50, 75c and $1
Tickets on sale at Wendt's
paint store, next door to The
Peoples Warehouse.
(East Oregonlan Special.)
ADAMS, April 1. The Adams Sun
day school gave an entertainment Fri
day evening in the school house. A
large crowd was in attendance. They
had a nice program and refresh
ments were served of cake and ice
cream and coffee. All enjoyed n
pleasant evening.
Airs. Otis Lieuallen was in Pendle
ton Monday.
P. M. YVhitely was in I'endlcton Sun
day. T. A. Lleuallen was in Pendleton
Ivan D. Blake was in Pendleton Sun
day. Clint Holcomb motored in from his
ranch to Adams Saturday.
Mrs. Otis Lieuallen has 200 young
chickens and will raise as many more.
Ed Huchman was in from his ranch
Mr. and Mrs. Will recourse were in
Athena this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Egxer and chil
dren of Athena, were in Adams Thurs
day. Mrs. Is(o nnd Mrs. Simonton were
Pendleton visitors Saturday.
Miss Gwendolyn Mclntyre was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Shatz
Friday and attended the Sunday
school party in the evening. She
went home to Helix Saturday.
Mr. Parr and daughter were in
I Pendleton Saturday.
YVendel Mclntyre spent Sunday ot
home on the ranch at Helix.
Blanche Wilson was in Pendleton
Sat urday.
Mrs. Broncll nnd bnl'y who have
been at St. Anthony's hospital, return
ed to their home Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Case and son
Dale, were In Pendleton Saturday.
Mias Esther Earl of Pendleton, was
the guest of Miss lleulah Spencer of
Adams over Sunday.
Mrs. Maiine Elliott of Walla Walla
waa a Pendleton visitor Sunday.
Everd McCollum has bought four
lots adjoining hia place In Adams and
has fenced them for a garden siwt.
Sullivan Iteinier motored t. All"
Monday evening.
ALBANY, N. Y., April 1. Lieu
tenant Colonel Itoosevelt, in a speech j
before the assembly today urged thai
the five suspended socialist members
be reinstated. He took Issue with the
majority report of the judiciary com
mittee which tried the socialists, in
which it was stated that the social
ists, as individuals and as a party have
been proved disloyal.
Roosevelt argued that a graver
question before the assembly is ex
pulsion of the socialist party and that j
such an act would be to "commit a
crime against representative govern- I
ment." I
In the Spring" Time
Any fool knows enough to carry
an umbrella when it rains, but
the wise man is
he who carries
one when it is
only cloudy.
Any man will
send for a doctor
when he pets
bedfast, but the
wiser one is he
who adopts
proper measures
J before his ills
become serious. During; a hard
winter or the following spring one
feels run-down, tired out, weak
and nervous. Probably you have
suffered from a cold, the Grip or
flu, which has left you thin, weak
and pale. This is the time to put
your system in order. It is time
for house-cleaning.
A good, old-fashioned alterative
and temperance tonic is one made
of wild roots and barks, without
the use of alcohol, and called Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery,
in tablet or liquid form. This is
nature's tonic, which restores the
tone of the stomach, activity of
the liver and steadiness to the
nerves, strengthening the whole
system. First put up hy Dr. Pierce
over 50 years ago, now procurable
at any drtur store; or send 10 cents
to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel.
Uuffalo, N. for trial package.
" ' Ln x-
What Beautiful
TSbW Sweet Peas!
TPHE beauty of your sweet peas depend
ICti e- J wpvi a . a- o. v - J awn T Ig-
orous, sturdy vines with luxuriant, fra
grant blossoms grow from seed of proven
vitality. Outdoor seeding must be done
as soon as the soil is in condition. A plan
advocated by many successful gardeners is
to sow the seed early indoors and trans
plant when the weather permits.
Start your sweet peas right by sowing
Northrup, King & Co.'s tested seeds.
These seeds are especially bred for hardi
ness, beautiful colorings, large and abun
dant blossoms. They represent years of
gardening experience.
You can get Northrup, King & Co.'s
Sweet Peas and other Flower Seeds for Sc
a packet from the convenient seed case
now at dealers near you. Then just follow
the cultural directions on every packet.
Northrup. Ki'ng&Cq's
,MWMEAJKMJ1 WtW JLmsA ssLJ Jfcstjy FlP j
i J 1

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