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The East Oregonlan la Eastern Ore
gon's greatest newspaper and aa a Bell
ing force gives to the advertiser over
twice the guaranteed average paid cir
culation In Pendleton and Umatilla
county of any other newspaper.
VOL. 34
NO. 10,238
eise American (QM
t .- -w- 1 . .
Ten Additional Roads Ask j
Agreements Similar to That j
. Agreed to by 60 Roads, i
Milwaukee Was First to Have
Men Return to Work; Hun
dreds Are Back at Work.
CHICAGO, Sent. J5 (I.". P.) Hun
dreds of shopmen returned to rworJi
today. Ten additional loads. Includ
ing tho Great Northern and Northern
PaclCic are reported seeking agree
ments Identical with that agreed to
by sixty roads yesterday.
Men returned to work first on the
Milwaukee following the news of the.
strike settlement being telephoned
over the system yesterday. Many
shops had full forces today.
The railroad strike on the. Chicago
and Northwestern was settled today,
it was. learned cm the lushest author
ity. Striking shopmen will return to
their jobs Monday "when the whistles
Klackburn Esterline, government
attorney, today read in federal conn
an affidavit alleging that Hurt Jewell,
shop hendi' had possibly violated the
Juugherty .federal restraining order
prohibiting violence in the strike. The
strikers attorneys declared there hud
been no injunction violation.
ST. LOfJS. Sept. Iii. Mrs. Mary
Williams, ncgress, charges that the
clulms of Rev. Monroe McLindon, also
colored, to bring back her husband by
laying his hands on her and anoint
ing her skin was false.
Tho husband had deserted her and
she went to Hev. XIcT.imlon. His lay
ing and anointing process, she claims,
called for disrobing to the point of im
propriety. She charges the parson
obtained $30 by false pretenses.
That t'matilla county can produce
hogs as good as the best has been
proved several times at the Pacific
Livestock show, and the prize win
uing carload of finished hogs there
this winter will not have any edge
on a lot of 91 which was unloaded
here this morning by the Pendleton
Packing and Provision company, ac
cording to Bert Whitman, preddent
of the company.
The carload which arrived today
was bred and finished by lleorge
Strohm. Hermiston breeder. Tim
plgrs are six months old and they
weighed Just a fraction under 201
pounds. Kvery one in the lot is a
barrow, and the company docs not
expect to receive a finer lot of hog;
this year, Mr. Whitman staud.
The hogs are corn fed. and tlx
Strohm method of feeding results in
a finish that makes the packert
smile Top price was paid for the
lot. Mr. Strohnfs reputation us u
breeder and feeder has grown to
such an extent that l.e market
practically all of his good gilts for
breeding purposes. The burrows I
and gilts that are undesirable for
breeders are sold to be put over tht ;
butcher's block. j remain unsolved. Tin- ident ty of :itraet coveiiug uuu und workin,-'
"I hope the time will come wheu i man found in the Columbia Uivr near 1 conditii us. The thirt-.n n.uds si:;u-;
our company w ill be able to h".y i The Dalles hn never l e- n -cur-d. llnf a. e ih-- X. u Vol A Central ami l!'
all the hogs we l'e.d riwht here in J and county officials arc of the ojiin- --ub.-idiaries. i
Astern lregon.'' Mr. Whitman stai- jiou thet the same thing will In- trie ir. ApprtN-li ng SttilniH-ni.
ed this morning. The ouality of this case. ' n!es a piece . f ge.o.l lin k N K Wi,i:k. IVpi. 5. ;. , The :
hogs fed as Sir. Strol.m feeds ca 1 1 t u ns up t'ut w ill make identification New York Central is rapidly ..ppioach
not be Improved on by f.-cders from j possible. big a tt!-in ni of their dispute with'
any other locality, and we want the- ni. fnop crjf; ,,rkeiK a r-jad state-
time to come when we can ; lv cpunn. miD,,e nftuw. "" """.o..,, s.i.l. An earlyj
our demand tiwh Oregon ireo aim
f--d hoge. The sum-ess wbtel:
Strohra has had I- provi, c a
mulus to other breeder, and mud:
interest being dii'la'e. in pork
v niimaii ana Mror.m -r gue.-T
or 4-OL J. t. .VleNaUg. l at bis I
ranch near Hermiston reatcrday. TT
colonel has 7 sows w hich l ave just
recently farrowe-1. The pig crop
from the 7 head .total- l; pi - s -
The hogs are I luroc-Jerseys, the
same breed which ha Mrohm for'iarted on the rt-.-on.t porr or ti-.e,
a booster. Colonel McNaught pur -
ehased hi fourd uion stnc from
ftrohm. ,
IBy tile Associated Press.)
C'HICAtiO, ill., Sept. 1 C . Tile peace agreement for a settlement of
the shopmen's strike on individual railroads, makes the following pro
vision: 1. The following memorandum of agreement is made upon the un
derstanding which the parties hereto accept, thai the terms hereof
shall be carried out by the officers uf the couiiaiiies and the represent
atives of the employes in a spirit of conciliation and sincere purpose to
effect a gonulns settlement of the mailers in cunlroiersj referred to
below. This paragraph does not apply to nor Include strikes in effect
prior to July 1, la;;:!.
-. All anon to return lo work in positions of the class they originally
held on June Si), 1H22. and at the same point. As many of such men
.is possible are to be imnncdiatcly put to work, at pie-em rutet of pay,
and all such employes who lane uecn on strove ve put to work or un
der pay not later Hutu thirty days after the s giiing of this agreement,
except sucli men as have been, proven guilty of acts of violence which,
in the opinion of the commission, hereinafter provided tor. shall be
sufficient cause for dismissal from service.
3. The relative standing as between themselves of men returning
to work and men laid off, furlouglied or on lave of absence, incliul ng
general chairman or others whr. were as of June So, 11122, proper:' on
leave of absence will bo rcstoied as of June. ;IU, l'.22, and they will be
called back to work in that order.
4. If a dispute arises as to the relative stund'ng of au employe,
or if any other controversy arises growing out of the strike that can
not be otherwise adjusted by the carrier and said mnployc, or the duly
authorized representatives thereof, the mutter shall be refi lled by the'
rganizations parlies to this agreement, the employes or the .unicrs
in the interest of any employe who may be aggrieved, to a commission
to be established and constituted us hcrei nailer provided, for final de
cision by a majority vote.
5. The comm'ssion referred to m paragi-upli four shu". be composed
jf six representatives to be named by the cluef office' of tl.e organ
izations parties hereto and six railroad o.'iieeis or representatives se
lected from and by the roads agreeing hereto. This commission shall
be constituted within fifteen days from the signing of this agpc
lnent and shall have jurisdiction to uecide all cases that may properly
be referred to it on or before .May 3 1, 1923, but nol thereafter.
tl. Inasmuch as this agreement is reached for ne purpose of com
posing in a spirit of compromise this controvci s , all panics hereto
agree that neither this settlement nor any dec.s.ou of tuc cummiss on
above provided for shall be used or cited in any controversy between
these parties, or between the railroads s gnirg the same, or any oilier
class or classes of their enipieyes in any other ci,n;rovei .- than may
hereafter arise.
7. Hoth parties pledge themselves that no iutldiniation nor oppres
sion shall be practiced or permitted against any el' Hie employes who
have remained at work or have taken, scrvic... or a:i against those who
resuanc work under this understanding.
5. All suits at law' now pending as flic, result oi the s:r ke to be
withdrawn and cancelled by both parties. ' '
Mystery of Death of Unidenti
fied Man Found on Highway
Month Since Unsolved.
I No added light on the cause of
death of the Identified stranger whose
j body was found 11 miles west of Pen- i
dlcton about four weeks since has
been secured as a result of the analy
sis of the stomach contents. T1,e
analysis results were received loday
by District Attorney It. 1. Keator. No
poison or alcohol traces were found in 1
the stomach, according to the report
received by the district attorney.
The report leaves the case in about
the same status is has been the offi- j
cials declare, and hope for finding a i '
solution ef the mystery surroundinl'l
ti':e man's death is made remote. All
efforts lo identify the body so far have
been unavailing, although every ef
fort has been made by the official? to
find who the man was.
Numerous clews were followed, b'tl
every one evaporated into thin air
when a careful examination was made.
The body was positively identified as
that of Walter Scott, to be disproved
when Scott turned up on a ranch near
Helix where he was working. Many
olo-r suggested identifications proved:
I erroneous when relatives or friend
I viewed the body of the man at the
coroner's office. ,
Circulars were sent out with a r. c-,
old of the dental work done on Ho '
man's teeth, together w ith pictures
taken of him after the body was
found, but so fur nothing tending to
j ch ar up the mystery has been receiv-:
Offieuils uro of the opinbm In
the. mystery of the brutal hllbu; will ,
jbflUUL DUnilO UUllll,
.tjSEVKl.T. I- I..
. ch;KIr n here went i, inl recentl)
loitn sMr.itig fo--. Tb- little rod
, !;.,::. r,--. io:rce,l n .,.,i
' i.roblem of wh-re to oi,en tb.s
j mor.;h is causing the local --huvi au-
, thorities to knit their hr.nfs. Th
children are not worrv.ng. The fne
i...iilK,i buiiuinc. and the frame .tra. - -
ture was a wreck before the fire cm -
paaies arrived
I .:
1 j
One of the most valued collec-
tions of books u the possession
of the I'cndleiun high school li-
bj'arv is one that lias only re-
ctntly been added to the shelves.
It is a net of 3!) volumes of
I'aucrofl's Histoiy of
.Slope States and is the gift of
.Mrs. John llaihy.
There is a high value sel on
the books from the point of view
of their' own his.torv. as well as
their intrinsic werth
ence books. The set was acpi r
ed by the lale John Hailey Sr.
while lie represi nted Idaho In
congress. The senior Mr. Hail
ey died mo:e Mian a year ago.
and at his death the books
passed to his son, John Hailey
Jr. The death of the Pendleton
man occurred dur.ng tin- past
winter. Mis. Hailey. a staunch
friend of j'oilii'; people ami the
cause of education, presented
the set to the high school li
bra iy.
"We ale deeply grateful for
the gift." ,-'upt 11. K. Inlow mid
in con-mieniing on II. e public
4. 1
, -
w '
spiritedness displ;
ed by Jl i
XUW bllK, Sept. 15. if. P.
llepresentathcs of thirteen railroads
-ii-'ne.j Mn ;,i.-reeini nt with the Hiotiier-
hood of Ka'lway Trainmen, aim ordi r
!"f Hallway Culliiduetors, extending
until September thirtieth next year.
Mary .provisions of the e.i.sting i on
im or the saop walkout Is . sported.
ullnwlii all uTeemi-nt of tb- load
:li!h ,w" ra" trothn-h.Msls this room-
P.l li't'tr- Hirneoy if t'o-
knock. d hs thlr'v-tiilli ihI Hi in v.
se'-nth homers in the ll-.irrl tn,li
f'.urth ,jt ,h,. Kmv h,r. to.
day. This tu-s him mi, K.-n V,i-
liaros i f the Piomn-
'' .IVITXK1i TI1D-
- POHTLAXD. Pept. 1; (a. Ki
I L -ecnovt and butter steady, esgs firm.
J iiitu DDiTumL'nnn?:
mill ni mrnr i'
Irregulars Emerged From !
Houses in All Parts of City
Shorty Before . Sunrise.
Rebels Worked Systematically
Following Carefully Pre
pared Plan df Campaign.
HI III. IN, Mcpt. 15. (A. P.) Free
Staler? ami republicans resumed
their extended hostilities' today for the
possession of Iiihlin. The rebels
Initiated tin' uttack. The Free Sint
ers fought with armored cats and ma
ll ne guns.
The attack began before dawn when
squads of heavily armed irregulars
emerged from bouses in all purls of
Hie city and opened fire on the Free
State garrisons. liebel searchlights
threw a g'aro over the scene. 'I'hc
llebeis worked svstoniutioally, followV
'ng v carefully prepared plan of cam
paign. The Free Staters immediately
launched a fierce co'inior-attuck.
i which are most largely patronized by
1 visitors. This altitude on the part of
14 TlTC, One Not True Bills j Ihe. municipal government was ex
j.i iii.v, v , )m,KHt,(1 r.1?1J ,.j v t (he meeting of the
Are Returned by Body After council Wednesday nisnt. it is being
I backed by the Commercial association
Session Lasting Four uays. i A ,.,.(Hlti wm i,c made ot visitors
I that thoy report any excessive' charge-i
1 Conditions a', the comity farm come
l 'n for some criticism and suggestions
for Improvements i" the report of Ihe
ialld jury winch was jiresenieu
W Phelps last night, follow-
Inveilliiatlon which was made
during the first four dns of this week
b;.' that body.
I'ouitee'i true and one not true
''Ms were ict'irneil by ihe grand jury.
In addition, it was recommended that
the county build a new jail to take
cure of Its prisoners. The Jury ".vns
discharged by .lodge Phelps follow-
ing the receipt of the report.
For the first time in the history of
I'luatlPa iconnty. there were two woin-
ivi on Ihe grand jury, and one of them
Kdith .M. I'raker. was named us fore.
woman. Tl' otler members of the
inunis'loiial body were K. F. .Werill.
i" IT. I rewn. Thomas M. Il'-eves. Uet- j
and I
ta K. Hailey. J. D. Whitman
eh ii b s M. I r.
oont !
The IllVeBt'gUllon Of I1'"
feji,, brti'pi'.it forth Hi- report from
(he L'l'aiei Jury that the home for the
r iK in an ii!'Salisfae1iu y condilion.
Tlie radiators '" '' f ",lv condition.
It 's .1 limed, and the.plninjiing Is not
.atislaeloiy. 1 eels alio o.
,j !
i eosallileiv and ale without sheets a IH
...... I . t,,:r.... .l tile relMirt avs.
i There hi "c ld ridden pat ients ',
in the h i i-e wlne'i si Id If iransi.i. ,
I-.-.I to a hospital, the Jury rei-nimncm!- j
l"h" food i- inl suiiica ni or oi
..,,. , t ii ielv r. IK etmi-s .HO ll "H'll.
tiM-coi'dtue to t!i M-i'i r:. Tin- farm l-:
in a run ib. no condition. II is claim-
' ed.
f In iv'r'n: on Hie loM" el ion of Ihe
oitntv l.i it tlie ..nillHIlt Is III ide thill
it is unsafe. iinanitiiry and tbi.'ie Is no
l i.rovis i.ii made lor f iring for woniee I
prisoners. Tb- r"-oiiirro o'i n ""
put forward lhat th'- eo'inly bail I
mw jail, .-imilar reports have I "',,
made lo o'her grand Juries. '
uf th'l indict na nts br.-o-lil in i'
Me Jir. M-..I-..I are for li'ff. ! Ml u -
(Continued on pane a. t
PHII.MiKI.PI'IA- K' pt '
IM-WlllUm A. Johnetmi
fornl.i. elli.itnat-i Mnrenl lib lianls.
of New lork. iii no -nii -
lb. ' nt h l.al tenni- sir.l tlv
"tie . orm were -. :. P.otb
mtn ,,ia,e.l g-llilant tennis during.
tlie firt set. but In ihe second two
the cI-ornia star strw.k his 1rl.e '
and Ktcb.nl. made many error
iT.ljen and Patter-on tiitn t..k tl.e
jcourt for the feature match. Patter-
on winninf the flrxt -
: !!
Here's Mademoiselle I'.tlmundo Guy
prize as the most beautiful in Krance
Follow Blue Card
Trail Admonition
to City's Guests
..i.i 11 it.. tl,.. Illn.t rVil'll "
uiiow " uen visit 1
This admonition w 11 be g n ; s it ..1
ors to 1'elulicion uiiriug uoiu..,-. n
insure that they will not be ovcr
t'harged for the things they buy. dur
ing their stay here.
Plans lo insure reasonable prices for
minis, shines and beds have been
made by a special committee of the
rmnmcreial association in co-opora-t'on
wtlh Ihe business places that deal
in these services. The lilue Card sys
tem has been adopted by the restaur
Hht ,)oon. jind the, ciuiimitlee expects
to !ise the same system to provide rea
sonable prices for beds.
j The power, of the city council! and
tin' mayor will be used to. back up a
system of fair prices to the legal limit
.. ..... .... ....ri. ul..,nl,l Ui.e.Umi
' II II Uen.ic lu jiiueii' i
in Ihe ranks of any of the businesses
to the offices of the association. The
l'lue Curds lo be Issued w'll be the
property of the Commercial associa
tion and may be recalled at vwiy time
that an Investigation shows excessive
prices jiave been charged.
The price for double beds which
mens with the approval of both the
Konnd-rp and the Commercial iisso
eiatiohs is i!.r.(l tlie nUhl. Shine
prices will be 1,1 cents, and the res
taurant men have indicated Unit their
pikes will be not more than 30 per
cent ubove normal prices.
VUCNHSTOWN. Ohio, Sepl. 15.
liecllnlng lo follow time-honored pre-
e-dent, Mayor William ti. Heese, suc-
cesser to lorincr .Mayor unimr i..
"hs. refused to luesent II convention
tot ministers nieeimg Here won
I "kci'B to the city.
I 'The ki
i convey tb
the mavor said, "imitlil
id- i Hint we have some- j
bin.- lo bid-'. Instead will give yon i
as an evidence of the fact that we .
welcome you, this white roce of pur-
and he pinned the fb wer tin tnr
' I
I of lb- coat of the pr. siding offl-
Kighl il c of imllau lan-i
)r (, urteruoon Ml tin
t) ,tvtt bidders
hleh was ill t harg
Seveiilem pb- es bad
IwiIim-.I but lion- win no
'bids on nine of the bits olfind. and
these will lie S'il.1 lal'r. aeeor-lin to
,Ma:or li hi tiaii'ler.
ir. J. A. H. I (...LI !! l. lo-l
, ftrlee I hat Wrt glvi ii In ii be liougl t
;sn t.i-r- and .aid flu.l.'C lor II.
iTbi-re was coliipillllol on only one
i pi wlileh was an and wii pur-,
teLam-J by A. P. Kiiixht for I v"'.
. Ii. A. Hist bid IT:, for Ho- r od for the n-iMiii-eiiient of city mi-
. e'i.1 n. w C lihiiKlurt bid nnl h,,eri, lit. Iiiuins fire equipment.
Vven .l . :: v ,,,ht i he tuidset committee an-
n.tin.nwlv f.vored a .iilwJantial fund
, . iinji-n, ,.r. .....
l-n,e Klen tfre as roiiows: noy
miner. ai-re l inn; Aaron I
4. ere., tl : Kvrt fatimar-h.
M.1; Krank Curl, m a. re,.
.i.; Iir. J. A. l-t. nrrew.
,,,. , ;; c.rt lrr,ner I,
7.H.; Sir.
aerwa. I2.IH
Km tht. is acre
and her arms which just won first
in a nation-wide contest.
What has hUherlo bei
stretch of road on the Columbia River
Vendleton is being
highway west of Pendleton
eliminated now by the construction
of the Daniels cutoff. Grading work
lias already been completed, and the
spreading of crushed rock started this
morning, uccordinU to Iloadinaster
1-ce Shannon.
The work Is being pushed in an ef
fort to have the cutoff completed in
time for the throngs of motoristH who
lire expected lo be coming fromthe
west to Pendleton for the show, next
mid baa been a
'I'he curve of Ihe t'e
bad snot for soverul months. It be
came almost Impassible for a time last
spring during the snow run-off, and
sand und muck deposited thore have
retarded trafllo ever since.
i com
Some Eliminations
if Levy is to be Kept
Within the Charter Limit.
Shall the city budget be made up
with-a view to 'gutting by" under tho
11 mill tax levy allowed by the city
charter or shall a measure be submit
ted asking for an Increased levy? I Jul
year an Increased levy was asked for
but It was voted down by I ho people.
As a result the city bus been econom
izing yet In a general way nas nut
'ccssfully compiled with tho demand
lov retrenchment.
As siibinitled to llio budget com
mittee last evening the estimates for
city expenses for mili! total $IH.
:ill.71 whereas the em limited reve-
hum for Ihe year are IH4.H'"'. I Hal
MIH k, a ,esci epancy of $11,4 1 1.7 1 and
if the estimates submitted are allow-
.,, . necessary to ask for ail
jhl, .,,.Hed levy.
May lk- Triliuuitl.
List evening the budget committee
wciti over tl, c entire budget in a ten
tative way bnl took no positive ac
tion, reserving that for miother ses
sion to Ik- held loulght. There waSiedthem lodisoider.
general accord that tho city hue been.
i oiiomleally conducted and lhat most j
ir nol all llie tiling, asseo i..r i.i-..
yi ai rc very desirable. There Is oil
llio other band a very strong sentl
ne in In tin- i-oiuiiilttee to hold the levy
within Hie charter limit. In order to
tin ibis mime estimate slashing will
! have to be done. It will be necessary
under a milello 'liniiulo a new flusher to cost
of Major K. I.Utd'hi wbl" h the sireet commiltee
Mblnl.s l badly m-ed.il. 1 nere is also
US' i.ossll.llity mat nii or siwvv
in- loay li- ' ttiiiiitali-d without stop-
1 pinic tin- wheels of goxeirimciit.
lM-irii-iMliin anil Mtiking IXimJ.
Hue po i.t uph:iKisedlF a - recent
u olit of the city finances by Whitfield.
Whltcimb o. Is that a sufficient
H iikiitg fund Is not being provided
.with which to retire bonded indebted-
new. and that a mistake has also been
n,B()e not providing a depreciation
, ,llkln, funU .,cn ear and
ibk.wise a deprecation fund for
'equipment. A the budget now stands
,lij.4 is provided f..r the sinking
ifuii-l and for the depreciation
fund. It I not likely the items will
; , cut But fcu,, u, tor
111. Ii allotments.
(Coauued ea page I )
foreign quarter
! of swrna swept
Thousands Killed by Turkish
Hordes; Armenians and
Greeks Are Tortured.
i Allies Stand
! Will Resist
Together and
Any Attempt
Neutral Zone..:
- -j-::.
to Invade
WASHINGTON, Sept. 15.-V(lJe "K '
Purported details pf Turkisii. atro
cities in Smyrna, placing the massa- ,
cred dead at a thousand, pnd picturing
the American situation r. at 1 Turkidh
hands was given out by the Qreel'le-
gallon hero today. The Turks are ,rc. ; '
porled to have carried oft American .
girl students and women w-ho i topk ;
refuge In an American college, v;
To Iteslst Attack. . ''. ,' . '
HONIXVN, Sept. lBi The allies Will
stand together to resist any attempt
by Mustuphm Komal Pasha to invade,
tho neutral xoub and seize constantl- i 1
nople, was the understanding In dip- :
lomntic iitinrters here tonight,' They 3.
branded KemaL's announced determl- j
nation to capture Constantinople, as
unalarniing In view of the solidarityV
oj tho ilius tin . the. absolute necessity;
of ma'iiitaln'ng possession P the fids- j '..
phorus and Uui'dauelleg. j, . ' ,; ;
VVholiwile Massaci, -'" ':
ATIIKNS, Sept. 10. (U. ' '.)
Turkish hordes murdered and' footed
us fire Hwept Smyrna today. American '
refugees reaching Piraeus, described
j Him Keinalist horrors which followed
'the wresting of the ,'elty from, .the''
lUrecks. The forolgn quarter . was 1
swept by fire reported set by the
j Turks. Greeks and Armenians iwere
! nuissacred wholesale. It Is feared ';
fseverul Americana were Killed. , .An j
Ainorlcan millionaire named Mack-,
llachin was beaten nearly to death;1
'Tho Aimerican consul general Norton
I was ordered to leave. A BrltisB ad-
mirul has rescued the Brltls hand ' '
I many natives and has threatened to . ,
i bombard tho Turk quarter If the
massacra continues. A hundred thou
sand persons face death ,by, starva
tion. An unconfirmed report stated
that Hrltlsh. t'roopa clashed neur Con,;'
slantlnopte with Turks, under Mustit
pha Keniul.
Hordes of Turkes, bent on excesses,
roameij the streets of thei foretgit
iltiarter, looting shops,, beating I anr
killing many found then. A ghostly
scene in which hundreds of Armen
ian were annihilated was described
by the refugees. . The Armenians,
ivhen the Turkish rein of terror p
peared Inevitable, fled to tho harbor
a nd boarded a barg ). Tliey were
owrtuken by K'emallsts ind many kill
ed following unmerciful tortures. Ac-'
eordlngto a report relayed from Lon
don, the correspond!!,: of , the Dally
Mall cabled that the Ta-k btamo the
Armenians for applying lo .ths foreign
,.unI.tl.r of fimvrnn
Mui ( , ,
LONDOJ -Sept. J5, iK. 1'.) lor
elgn office advices from' Smyrna to
day confirmed the reports ot massa
cres on a serious scale. ' Jjetailf were
not given. It was said thi Turks were
well behaved until forolgrtera prcvifc-
Smyrna HiMUing latino.. -.
I.oNIX)N Sept. 15. (U. V )
. Bm. rna - riJarlii Infosnn :Bj-..t..
(Continued on pagn .
Ueported by Major Lea lloorhouea
weather observer.
Maximum, 14.
Minimum. 47.
ilarometer, f.7Q.
TontgUt aad
-"- ii. n

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