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5mart nodes in Coats, Furs, Suits
and Skirts.
For it is absolutely necessary to visit this store if one would wish to see
all the real smart things and novelties. That we have shown from the
very outset of the season the real correct Coat shapes is evidenced by the
positive manner with which Lincoln women speak of 'FitzGeraldV a3
the Capital City's leading Fashion Shop.
' Mikers' Sample and Mode! Goats
Sample long and short coats; secured from
several prominent makers who used them as
samples or models in their show rooms. Each
ono diifejent Bnd distinct in style to the gen
eral run of coats. Colors: Oxford, Castor,
Brown and Black. Very specially priced
$15.00, 18.000 and 20.00
'Two specials in women's 27 inch
fitted jackets. Black and colors.
Made of all wool Kersey, lined
with good satin at
$8.50" S10.00
Misses' jackets in -J fitted, Monte -Carlo
effects. Round and fancy,
yokes. All styles of cloth and
colors. Values impossible to match
elsewhere at
4s- . j rl
$10.00 lo $15.00
Women's Walking Skirts made
of coverts, meltons and mixed nov
elties, cut in latest styles. Kilt or
flare . effects. All colors. Very
special: values at
$650 to $8.50
ig cftllection of Misses' skirts
all the desirable colors. Ma
terials of meltons, cheviots
and kersey cloths. Box
pleated and fancy stitched
$4.50 $6.50
Children's Jackets
Ac immense showing. Every new novelty for the delight and comfort
of t'u little folks. Special attention given to the little fr 7C CIA AA
tots at this store. All prices $0,10 tflV.VV
Wool Shawls, Art Goods
Shetland Wool Shawls, circle and square, very
sott and warm, black and white, each. .$1 49
Zephyr shawls, 39 inch square, black and
white 49c
Spachtel doylies and center pieces, round and
G inch 5c
9 inch 10c
12 inch 19c
16 inch 35c
Corsets and Outing Gowns
Straight front corsets in all the standard
makes, dip hip for slender or stout figures, En
glish Jean material, the best corset made
for 50c
Women's outing gowns, fancy stripes and embrdoiery trimmed collars,
special value 50c
Women' outing gowns in plain colors and fancy stripes, hemstitched and
embroidery trimmed, round and square yokes 98c
linnnn's art.
hiiiuuiii w en1
PrnnrrQQQiuQ o
0. a
Send for Catalogue No. 12. It's a money saver. . We prepay the charge
themselves the voters refuse to exer
cise the right of franchise. As to why
tney feel that way we do not know.
The work of husking corn is not driv
ing them, because the weather has not
been favorable 'to piling large quan
tities in cribs. It is a fact that they re
fuse to go to the polls. No substan
tial reason can be glvet ; why they do
not vote. It is one of the most un
fortunate conditions a free people can
get into. It is better a thousand times
to be defeated by an active, aggressive
majority. You know that either you
or your methods are unpopular. This
apathy, which puzzles the thoughtful,
is the same spirit that has preceded
the decay of patriotism and the down
fall of every republic that ever existed
among men. Fusion apathy and re
publican activity has turned Butler
into a republican county. It is a lit
tle tought to eat humble pie, in a coun
ty that used to cast a thousand fusion
majority, but we will have to take pur
medicine. It is not easy, to smile with
your mouth full of. raw quinine, but
that is what fusionists must learn to
do. C. D. Casper, in Butler ' County
A Foolish Practice
After a defeat some populist and
democratic papers conceive it to be
their duty to charge bad faith on the
part of their allies. The Plattsmouth
.Journal has. already begun this sense
less course, saying:
"It seems that most of the people's
party voted with the republicans this
year. If this should prove the case,
H1 Krt Viq loci voar rf fuoinn
llllS will uc mo iui jvi -
the democrats will have with that
party in Nebraska. When the popul
isms will go to the polls and vote for
such a man as Mickey, and against
as honorable, upright and able a man
as Hon. W. II. Thompson, it is about
time that democrats ceased fusion.
The Journal is not one of the fusion
kind, anyhow. Don't believe in it;
never did. and if we live an hundred
years, never will. But will always be
governed by the will of the party
After the way numerous Nebraska
democrats voted for McKinley and oth
er republican candidates, it comes with
pretty bad grace to begin to charge
populists with voting for Mickey.
Doubtless a few of them did. So did
some democrats. But the chief griev
ance any of us have is that so many
thousands stayed at home and did not
vote at all. The Independent believes
in co-operation, but would not go out
of its way to coax the democratic par
ty to try it again.
Must Take Our Medicine
The vote in Butler county as cast
yesterday showed more than the us
ual number of stay-at-home fusion
votes. There can no longer be offered
the plea that voters are deceived and
lack enthusiasm, and all that sort of
thing. For reasons best known to
A Point Well Taken
Shaw of the cabinet in a speech said
that it would cost the government 25
per cent more to operate the coal mines
than it does the capitalists. Well, sup
pose it would. The working people
would get' the 25 per ceil and . coal
could still be sold for one-half what
the coal -barons make us pay. J. A.
Wayland, in Appeal to Reaon.
And that applies with equal force-to
the same objection to government op
eration of the .railroads. Very likely
it .would cost the government more for
operating expenses than it now does
the corporations, but as Mr. Wayland
says, the working people would get
V e amount ,of the increase, and the
whole., people would have the advant
age of equitable rates on the start, and
(ventually much lower rates. Three
nvarrprv! of a cent per ton mile is not a
heavy rate for hauling frisht but
that Is an averasre. It's the fellow
who has to pay from five to fifteen
,-ents ier ton mile, while some other
gets a much lower rate, who finally
must close up shop.
The Brass Bands Won
Just why the Rock Island railroad,
with its few miles in the Fourth con
gressional district, should care to elect
one of its attorneys as congressman, to
tue extent of sending special trains and
brass bands over its line to boom Mr.
Hinshaw, has never been fully ex
plained. The facts are that the Rock
Island has become one of the great
railway corporations of the southwest
and much of its mileage lies in the
Indian territory and Oklahoma. This
section has been a very rich railroad
field for several years because the
roads there enjoy the protection of the
iTailed States government and pav no
f-tatf taxes because no state govern
ment exists to tax them. Schools,
bridges and all public improvements
in th?t rich section must all be ob
tained by private subscription and the
'all roads have so far blocled all at
tempts to secure any local govern
mi ! t by the residents of those locali
ties. This state of affairs is so profit
able that a congressman in Judge
ftark's place who would throw his in
fluence to continue it would be worth
rveral brass bands and lot of passes.
I hat s why the Rock Island is so cor-
Stop to think how much pleasure of
life you were loosing by not owning a
We make it easy for you to buy and
the prices are as low as $3.00 for one
You know we carry the largest
stock in the west of ail styles ma
chines and records.
South 11th
Main Office
Lincoln, Neb.
Chronic and
Private Diseases.
AH private diseases and dis
orders of men. Treatment
by mail; consaltation free.
Syphilis cared for lif.
AH forms o' femels weak
ness and Diseases of Wo-
u men. .
.Kcab'.es cs to Emarantee to cure all cases cnrabla
of the nose, throat, chest, stomach, Hrer, blood,
kin and kidney disease?. Lost Manhood, Night
Emission, Hydrocele, Varicocele, Gonorrhea.
Gieet, Piles. Fistula and Recta;. Ulcers, Diabetes
and Erieht'p Disease, 910O.00 for s case of
or SYPHILIS we cannot core, If curable.
SfriCtlifB & GlBfit method withontepafn or
tutting. Consultation FREE. Treatment by mall
Call, or address with stamp 1 Main Off lea ,
Qrs. Searies & Searles I Rtea
mm-1 mm
mm j war
dially inviting you to vote for Hin
shaw. W. J. Waite, in Exeter Enterprise.
Treasurer-elect Mortenscn - has an
nounced that he will appoint H. A.
Babcock, present insurance deputy, to
be deputy treasurer. This- will be
hailed with delight by certain lines of
insurance which . have been treated
very shabbily by Mr. Babcock during
his incumbency as insurance deputy
under Auditor Weston. Mr. Babcock
is such a thorough old-liner that he
has ;no patience with men who fool
with mutual insurance, and, while he
doubtless tries to be as fair as he rea
sonably can, he can't well do it.
Meantime the Country Looks On and
Wonders What Would Happen if
the Army Were to Engage
in Football.
hip nV aflO 1 UiCCV And exoenses to
TIL rAl HI 8 HCCrVmen with rigs to
introduce 1'ouitry compouna. international
Mfg. Co., Parsons, Kan.
More men are injured playing foot
ball in a single season than were
wounded in the Spanish-Amerian war.
More American men lost their live3
as a result of this great athletic sport
in October and November of last year
than were killed by the Filipinos dur
ing the same period. Nevertheless
eacn year finds the football fever more
intense and the college rivalry more
Those of us who regret its cruel bru
tality and wish it might be refined are
simply wasting our regret and thank- (
well give in. The boys are determined
to play football. They know of no
other form of athletic sport so fascin
ating. The best thing for us all i3
to accept the situation and make the
best of it. Fortunately the life insur
ance' companies do not include foot
ball ' as a prohibited game or occupa
tion, and
invites-every first-class football play
er in the west to take out a policy
of life insurance. Although there i3
some risk in insuring these reckless
athletes, they are usually most excel
lent subjects for insurance. Trained
athletes, full of life and vigor, their
exercise and training make them espe
cially healthful. For this reason
Bankers Reserve Life association, in
vites every football player in the land
to communicate with him. Ask for
premium rates on our 20-payment
Gold Bond life policy. It is just what
a young man needs. Now is the time
to investigate. A postal card will
take the reader full Information. Ad

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