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What Feeding.
How Many..
lie Wakes up and Bids Deflaace to Demo
cratic Plutocrat Say. He was Be
trayed and Tricked
That the next triumph for reform Is
to come from the eastern states no one
who has been watching the course
of events there can for a moment
doubt The triumph in Rhode Island
is only an indication of what can be
done there with the right kind of can
didates, and platforms that embody the
Ideals of the great common people.
With the right kind of a candidate
and the Williams platform, which was
printed some time ago in The Inde
pendent, Massachusetts would have
lined up alongside of Rhode Island.
Mr. George Fred Williams has issued
a manifesto to the people of Massa
chusetts and begins the next campaign
right now. Conditions in the eastern
states are entirely different from what
they are in the west They are ex
periencing there the full fruition of
corporation rule. Ninety-nine men out
of every hundred in Massachusetts,
so the statisticians say, are wage
workers. In that list what are called
"salaried" men are included. There is
no difference between them and what
are ordinarily termed "wage-workers"
except that they receive higher wages.
The cost of living has increased more
than 50 per cent and wages have in
creased hardly at all. So, as one of
the great dailies there recently re
marked, "it is hard times for the most
of us." Meantime the privileged few
and the trusts laugh and grow fat,
which -will be the result everywhere in
time unless there is a change in gov
ernmental policies. The manifesto of
Mr. Williams is as follows:
"Permit me to announce my return
to active work in politics, and my rea
sons and purposes.
"Last year at the democratic state
convention my temporary withdrawal
from political work was joined with a
promise that whenever the principles
for which the Massachusetts democ
racy ha . stood since 1806 seemed to
me to be endangered I should return
to the defense of those principles.
Last summer William A. Gaston and
Charles S. Hamlin were contending
for the governorship nomination.
Neither was loyal to the party in 189G.
but to my friends they gave oft-repeated
assuranes that they did not
countenance any change in the man
agement or policy of the party. To me
personally, Josiah Quincy gave these
assurances from Mr. Gaston, after con
sultation with him. Believing that I
was dealiug with honorable men. and
that the party principles were in no
wise involved, I remained neutral and
Inactive in the contest for the nomina
tion. "Mr. Hamlin proved faithful. Mr.
Gaston secured a majority of the dele
gates, and in the first moment of vic
tory proved false. Secure in a ma
jority obtained by misrepresentation.
1044 O Street Lincoln, febr.
he refused to allow the national demo
cratic plafotrm to be mentioned in the
resolutions, and deliberately repudiat
ed the three cardinal planks of ad
vanced democracy, namely, direct leg
islation, public ownership of public
utilities, and the protest against gov
ernment by injunction. These cardi
nal planks have not yet been rejected
by the democratic voters of Massa
chusetts, and I return to active ser
vice in order to undo, so far as possi
ble, the mischief to which my faith
in faithless men has contributed. Next
year will furnish an open contest, in
which deceit will not avail.
"It is a serious misfortune, for
which I take my full share of respon
sibility, that at the very time when the
people, oppressed by monopoly and
extortion, turned to the democracy for
relief, the party In Massachusetts
should have selected for its chief nom
ination the one man in the state who
ought to have been rejected.
"The West End Railroad company
has been the greatest corrupter of leg
islatures in our state; its successor,
the Boston Elevated Railroad com
pany, captained by William A. Gaston,
last year held up the legislature of
Massachusetts and secured outrageous
privileges in the streets of Boston
which were only defeated by the veto
of a brave republican governor. Mr.
Gaston personally solicited legislators
and secured even democrats to take
from the people of Boston the right
to approve or disapprove at the polls
a vast expenditure of their own mon
ey. Mr. Gaston stands as the chief
offender in the state against the demo
cratic principles of local self-government
and the direct vote of the peo
ple. The selection of such a man as
democratic leader was a political farce.
"In his canvass, instead of appeal
ing to the people upon principles, he
has, in small rooms, preached registra
tion and naturalization, and poured
money into the itching palms of the
politicians. He and his methods are
representative of all to which true
democracy is opposed. The result was
not unexpected; indeed, it was fore
told. Mr. Gaston has succeeded in
doing the one dreaded thing, namely,
building up a powerful radical oppo
sition to the democracy, giving to the
socialist i the balance of power in the
state, a vote approaching 10 per cent
of the total vote cast. If next year
the democracy, with a strong progres
sive program, can demonstrate that
this vote was merely a democratic
protest against plutocratic control of
the democratic party, we may hope
still to stand for ultimate victory. If
Mr. Gaston runs again, the socialist
vote will be doubled, and the progres
sive elements will abandon the democ
racy for good.
"There was an unparalleled oppor
tunity for our party in the late can
vass. A powerful feeling of disgust
prevailed against trust-breeding repub
licanism, and there was a strong de
fection against the candidacv of Mr.
Bates. Had not all democratic prin
ciples been belied by Mr. Gaston's
nomination on a flimsy, hypocritical
platform, we might have prevailed
this year in the state. It was done in
uiiode island by an alliance witn the
labor vote, and the nomination of a
radical democrat, but we, with our cor
poration candidate, have succeeded
this year in acquiring thousands of re
publican votes, which came to Mr.
Gaston because he was more accept
able to some republicans than their
own nominee. Such recruits not only
lend no strength to the democratic
party, but will desert it at the very
moment when our party becomes truly
loyal to the people's interests. Wo
have had enough of treason in late
"It la now apparent that Mr. Gas
ton's candidacy is part of the scheme
of reorganization which proposes to
restore the democratic party to the
control of the tory element, which
for bo many years, by the purchase of
nominations and conventions, made
the party a poor second to the repub
lican organization. Mr. Gaston is a
type of these forces; by the lavish use
of money he believes that the service
of the democratic party can be turned
from the people to himself and the
corporate interests for which he
stands. He is of the kind which deems
Juggling with tariff schedules to con
stitute democracy. The great social
protest which thundered forth from
Chicago and Kansas City is as dis
tasteful to him as it is to the republi
cans. His policy cannot be distin
guished from republicanism, except in
"It was with such politics that I
foolishly attempted to create harmony
In the party interests, only to be be
trayed at the first available moment I
now ask support for an uncompromis
ing war upon such politics and such
"In tne spring of 1904 it is to be de
termined whether this sham democ
racy is to prevail, or whether the stur
dy spirit of 1896 is to dominate the
national convention. Those who have
stood so valiantly in this state for the
progressive democracy of Bryan must
be in control of the organization in
1904, and must have the honors of vic
tory. I am eager to act again with
the loyal democrats of the state to
keep the organization out of the hands
of the trimmers, hypocrites and bood
lers, who would make our party to
serve capital and betray the people.
We have not yet failed in this state
when the Issue was squarely made with
the voters of the party; nor can we be
disarmed by a single act of trickery.
"In our state, the three issues above
described, namely, direct legislation,
public ownership of public utilities,
and restriction upon the power of in
junction, are the real democratic is
sues. To this should be added an ef
fective law against corrupt practices.
By what form of organization these
principles can best be advanced must
be determined after careful consulta
tion among those who are willing to
undertake the contest; but I desire
herewith to invite all friends of these
principles to the formation of an or
ganization designed to advance them,
and I herewith announce my purpose
of appealing to the democrats of the
state to reverse in the caucuses next
year the verdict of the last state con
vention. From those who desire to act
with such an organization, I invite im
mediate correspondence and co-operation."
As an offset to William's manifesto,
Colonel Gaston has invited all the
democratic candidates on the state
ticket and for congress to dine with,
X. Jl. 1 A 1
aim ac me swen Aigouqum CiUD la
Boston. When Gaston and his sup
porters get together they will lay plana
to wreck the democratic party some
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Editor Independent: Every honest
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