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the commiselon they are liable to get
hit very hard. The probability is that
finding that the commission would In
sist upon examining the books of the
operators, that settled the question as
far as they were concerned. If the
enormous profits which those books
would reveal should become public,
public opinion would be so aroused
that something might happen which
the coal barons would not like. Be
sides that, the testimony of the physi
cians introduced by the miners showed
such a horrible state of affairs that
every member of the commission was
visibly affected. It is the most dan
gerous occupation on earth, far more
accidents occurring than on the rail
roads. Those black caverns breed the
most horrible diseases. Out of that
sort of suffering and death, the Godly
Baer and his partners have been coin
ing millions. The Independent is sor
ry that the investigation did not go
on until all the facts were made public.
It Is announced that diplomatic re
lations between Greece and Persia
have been resumed after having been
suspended 2,393 years. The last diplo
matic relations between the two pow
ers was when Darius sent his agents
to Athens to demand the submission
of Greece to Persia and that was in
the year 491 B. C. If the two minis
ters plenipontentiary and envoys ex
traordinary should meet half way be
tween the two countries, they might
sit down under a palm tree and have a
pleasant chat about the doings of Dar
ius, Xerxes and Alexander with side
references to the little fight at Thermopylae.
. It is said that the new reciprocity
treaty made with Newfoundland will
be beaten in the senate, for Frye, Hale
and Lodge are all against it. Every
reciprocity treaty ever made has been
killed in the senate as every one will
be' until the personnel of the senate is
The truth is slowly coming out con-,
cerning the cruelties practiced upon
tin Filipinos. Captain Brownell, in
an official report, acknowledges that
he tortured Father Augustine, a
Catholic priest, to death by using the
"water cure" to obtain information.
According to the report of Judge Ad
vocate General Davis, Brownell is now
beycnd the reach of either the civil or
military law. General Davis' inter
esting argument against trying to
punish this officer, whose offense was
so grave, is that "the act was commit
ted in time of war and by an officer
of an invading army. International
law recognizes that a member of an
army of invasion is not amenable to
the laws or courts of the country in
vaded, but even if it were granted that
Captain Brownell was liable to trial
in the Philippine islands, and by in
sular courts, there exists no treaty of
extradition under which he could be
sent there." As the Philippines is not
a nation, but an "appurtenance" of the
United States, hew could an extradi
tion treaty be made? The dark devil
tries that were committed in the Phil
ippines and which were suppressed by
means of a military censorship and
the falsehoods of Secretary Root, will
some day all be revealed. And the
men who committed the deeds as well
as the secretary of war who covered
them up, will by the historian be made
Dr. John O'Malley, in testifying be
fore the arbitration commission, in de
scribing the miners asthma which af
flicts so many of them, said: "The
effect of asthma was very debilitating
it disturbed nutrition and the person
suffering from it had a gaunt, ema
ciated appearance and could not do
good work. There were but few who
could escape even moderate attacks."
Another briber was convicted in St
Louis last week and sent to the pen
for five years.
It appears that the Southern and
Pacific railroads have quit burning oil
on their engines and gone back to coal.
Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma
will pjead earnestly for admission as
states, before congress at the coming
session and there is no good reason
why they should not be admitted.
Russia seems to hold Manchuria.
The old world is very jealous, but don't
dare to pitch in.
Eleven Cuban children were brought
to this country the other day to be
educated, but were sent back. Why,
no one seems to know.
There seems to be a hitch in the
Panama canal treaty with Colombia.
Somebody is waiting for boodle no
The irrigation surveyor has decided
on seven sites for reservoirs. St
Mary's river in Montana, Gunnison in
Colorado, Gela and Salt rivers in Ari
zona, Carson and Turkee rivers in Ne
vada, Big Horn in Montana, Sweetwa
ter in Wyoming and Grand river in
We remember when anthracite coal
was written down as a fraud. It took
so long to get it to burning that many
people threw it aside.
Another "bad break" at hand. We
cannot sanction so much gang murder
ing. The sheriff, constable and jailors
should carry guns loaded with bullets
and the gang men should be shot down
who undertake to break into the jail
to get a prisoner out for murder. So
the sheriff, constable and police should
defend with bullets any prisoners held
by them under arrest. There is no use
in having any laws against crime if
they cannot be respected and enforced
by executive officers. No section of this
country can boast over other sections.
Nebraska is in the mud puddle with
the extreme south.
We would like to know where the
law is that dictates or restricts the
motives that may prompt us to vote
for a certain man at state elections.
There, are nearly a score of men in
this state, who have held public office,
whom religious and moral laws would
forbid voting for again, but there is
no constitutional or statutory law dic
tating that we must not vote for them
again. There are two or three of them
that could not legally hold office or
vote if they had not been pardoned.
Giving six thousand for the support
of a university is much more credit
able than giving six dollars election
or bribe money.
For over sixty years Mrs. Winslow'i
Soothing Syrup has been used by
mothers for their children while teeth
ing. Are you disturbed at night and
broken of your rest by a sick child
suffering and crying with pain of Cut
ting Teeth? If so send at once and
get a bottle of "Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup" for Children Teething. Its
value Is Incalculable. It will relieve
the poor little sufferer Immediately.
Depend upon it, mothers, there Is no
mistake about it It cures diarrhoe.
regulates the stomach and bowels,
cures wind colic, softens the gums, re
. duces inflammation, and gives tone
and energy to the whole system. "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup" for chil
dren teething Is pleasant to the taste
and Is the prescription of one of the
oldest and best female physicians and
nurses in the United States, and is for
sale by all druggists throughout tht
rorid. Price. 25 cents a bottle. Be
ure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup."
What Andrew Carnegie has done for
colleges and libraries is a bright fea
ther in his moral cap. It was more
what Mickey had done for the Method
ist university that influenced votes
than membership of the church. A
man who will give six thousand dol
lars for any school will influence a
certain class of voters and they are
generally the best class of voting citi
zens. A man has the same right to
vote for a man because he is a mem
ber of a religious church as he has to
vote for him because he is a member
of a political party. Then there was
another thing that drove many voters
to Mickey the fact that saloonkeep
ers fought him. Bad men don't draw
good men only by deceit and fraud.
We met a real stylishly dressed lady
on the street the other day who had
her hat ornamented with a bird's head
and wings and we were highly pleased,
not so much with the lady as with the
fact that the bird had been killed, for
it was a crow's head and wings. Our
memory went back at a single jump
to the time, in boyhood days, when
we had to get up at daylight and go
to the corn field with a "gun loaded
with a bullet" and protect the growing
corn. They would pull up the corn
and eat the seed kernel at the root
We used to get a bounty of 10 cents a
head for every one we killed. Father
had a calf get drowned in the water
trough one spring and after taking off
the hide we placed the carcass six or
eight rods back of the old ashery and
then we would open fire through a
large knot hole. The gun we used was
an old flint-lock musket that father
used in the battle of Black Rock and
Lundy's Lane. It was big and destruc
tive. We killed eleven at one shot
and fifty-two in one week. Then there
was another thing we saw around a
fine lady's neck which pleased us fully
as much. It was a roll of skunk skins
with tails at each end. It ought to be
lawful to destroy and take for orna
mentation such birds and animals. ...
Improved Farm
Half section of land ten miles from
O'Neill. Fine farm land. 120 acres
cultivated. Good frame house, well,
wind-mill, corn crib, barn and sheds.
Well improved farm, and immediate
possession given. Price $20 an acre.
O'Neill, Neb.
On Trial
The time will come, when the voters
of Nebraska, who by the thousand
refused to perform their political du
ties, will repent for their criminality
in sackcloth and ashes, or if events are
delayed, their children will. When
large masses of men, as was the case
in every state in the union at the
last election, become so indifferent to
their political duties that they will
not go to the polls and vote, there is
danger near at hand. This state of
affairs is attracting attention among
thinking men everywhere. One writer
in commenting upon this criminal ten
dency, for it is a crima in a republic
for a man to refuse to perform his
political duties, says:
"Our republican institutions are on
trial. There never has been a republic
yet that has lasted 300 years, although
there are monarchia! forms of govern
ment which have records many times
longer. If the American republic ends
in failure that is, by the gradual dis
appearance of those principles which
were so dear to its founders it will
be because with us, as was with the
Roman republic, the growth of great
vealth and its disproportionate pos
sessions by a relatively few citizens,
with the growing indifference to their
political duties on the part of the
great mass of the people, will give to
the possessors of large fortunes the
opportunity to rule the country as
they please."
Turned Bryanites
There can no longer be any doubt
that the treasury and mint officials at
Washington are determined to push
the Bryan financial theories to the
very extreme and that they have joined
the Wall street gang in the demand
for still "more money." Secretary
Shaw has exhausted the last resource
of the government in adding to the
circulating medium and the treasurer
of the United States announces him
self a worse , inflationist than the
rankest populist. This has attracted
general attention and the Springfield
Republican comments upon it as fol
lows: "The United States treasurer, Ellis
H. Roberts, appears to be an inflation
ist and cheap-money man of the first
c-der. He says in his current annual
report, after referring to the recent
great increase in the production of
" 'The means are thus confirming the
gold standard steadily and invincibly.
They are creating an inflation of cur
rency, which keeps pace with the en
terprise and industry of the country,
'.'hey are contributing to an advance
in prices in general commodities, and
add impetus to the prosperity of our
"This was precisely what the silver
i en were aiming at, and for which
they were so roundly denounced as
repudiators. That the same result
has been reached in another way
makes no difference in its essential
character. Depreciation of money is
always of course measured by the rise
in commodity prices, and there is as
much actual dishonesty, in relation to
debts and business contracts, about a
gold dollar whose purchasing power
has been reduced 33 per cent within
half a dozen years, as there is about
any other dollar similarly depreciated.
And there can be no moral difference
between a public policy which delib
erately permits of such a deprecia
tion under a previously established
monetary arrangement, and one which
seeks to change ai. old arrangement
purposely to effect the depreciation.
But Mr. Roberts does more than toler
ate the gold depreciation. He rejoices
over it"
a Trial Box Halted FRXB whieh
will giro any laity a beautiful com
plexion. It it no a race powder,
cream, coanietie or bleach, but ii
absolutely pur) and roa ran u
it privately at bom. It perma
nently remow Both patrhai. red
ne. crow' feel, nimulei. hUrk
head, fleihworms, lkwne, freckle, tan, (unburn, an.) all
completion dtifi'irmrnn. aridrent.
MADAME M. IUBAULT, Mi Eisa Bldf., Cincinnati, 0,
Smoke Cigars
Don't say you can't afford them-
we'll sell you 9 5-cent cigars for 25c
or a box for $1-39 these are not cab
bage leaves but the known brands.
A box would make a good Holiday
present. We are going to move to
1321 O street and we want you to at
tend our removal sale.
$1.00 patents, 64c.
Holiday goods cut in two.
Cut Rate Pharmacy
12th & O. Funke Opera House.
ww C in am rAi
W ill fw Print Prloe List t
wwijt w?th R e d u cto '
lieduce jour fat and be refined. Kefine your
1st and be reduced. "Keducto" Is a perfectly
harmless vegetable compound endorsed by
thousands of physicians and people who have
tried it. We send you the Formula, you make
"Reducto" at home If you desire, you know
full well the intredlents and therefore need
have no fear of evil effects, bend fi.oo for re
ceipt and instructions everything mailed in
plain envelope. Address
Ginseng Chemical Co,,
3701 8. Jeflerson At., St. Lwnia Mo.
Doei Track Farming in the South pay? Writa
the UUdnraio-nori trr a fru xnn. r.1 T 1 1 i I
. -r .v w.. iiuuui.i vuu-
trai Circular No 3, and note what is said coa
J. F. Mvert, Ass'fc Gen'l Pass'r Agent
Illinois Central Railroad, Dubuiue, la.
Do You Want a
Genuine Bargain
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Weald' larTet mailt houee; eeU everything known in Mneie
Thousands of people come or send
every year to Dr. Bye for his Balmy
Oil to cure them of cancer or other
malignant diseases. Out of this num
ber, a great many very old people
whos: ages range from seventy to one
hundred years on account of distance
and infirmities of age, they send for
nome treatment A free book is sent
telling what they say of the treat
ment. Address Dr. W. O. Bye, Drawer
mi, Kansas City, Mo. (If not af
flicted, cut this out and send to some
suffering one.)
Cancers Cured;,
why suffer
I nain and denth
from cancer? Dr. T. O'Connor
cures cancers, tumors and wens;
no knife, blood or plaster. Address
1306 O St, Lincoln, Nebraska.
These excursions leave Omaha ev
ery Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and
Saturday at 4:25 p. m., in Pullman
Tourist Sleeping Cars. The cars are
aeconiraniedall the way by conductors
sVled in the service of excursion par
tits. The Union Pacific is the only
Mrifrom Omaha running four excur
sions to California every week.
These excursions can be joined at
ary point en route.
For full information call on or ad
dress, E. B. SLOSSON, Agent,
Lincoln, Neb.

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