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Tb Pcoplo of Boston Just Finding Out
That the Press it Controlled an Kd
Ited in the Interest of riutracjr
That a few populist papers are bad
ly needed down in the eastern states
is manifested in. various ways. Out
here in Nebraska every populist
knows that the great dailies are all
published andx edited in the interests
of money as represented by the great
banks, trusts and tariff grafters. It is
now ten years since these Wall street
robbers bought up all the great agri
cultural papers as well as most of
the religious weeklies. The dailies and
the Associated press were controlled
by them before that time. The peo
ple have been kept in ignorance by
this means and but few of them know
anything about the transactions of the
treasury department or how the trusts
have been organized. The following
from the Springfield Republican's spe
cial correspondent in Boston, is news
ten years old to populists, but 'it has
just now come to the knowledge of a
few who reside in that politically be
nighted region. This correspondent
"A report here is traceable to busi
ness circles in this city to the effect
that great financial interests, like the
Standaid Oil company, are buying up
newspapers in different parts of the
United States for the sake of keeping
from the people such information as
shall be unfavorable to the power of
tie trusts and of presenting to the
people, in addition to the news, such
reading matter as will make them con
tented with the administration of pub
lie affairs which the trusts and com
binations of capital may choose to
give. Mention, is made of a recent
conspicuous consolidation of newspa
per interests as having been made in
behalf of the Standard Oil company.
It is certain that the power of money
over the press seems to be increas
ing, and instances are related here of
a corporation which puts reading mat
ter into the columns of the suburban
press in such a way as to give a most
favorable impression to the public of
its unselfishness and its methods, this
matter being paid for at advertising
rates, though there is nothing in its
appearance to show that it is not dif
ferent from ordinary reading matter.
It is not a week since I was told
by a prominent official of the republi
can state committee that the weekly
press of Massachusetts, with due ex
ceptions, of course, was frightfully
venal. This information about the
above-named corporation comes from
a source which is positively entitled
to credit, though in the nature of the
case, it is not advisable to come any
closer to names.
"Comment upon the alleged great
newspaper trust, whereby the finan
cial interests are trying to control the
publication of the news in order to
hold the people in ignorance of what
the combinations of capital are doing,
is to the effect that it is right in line
with what is done by strong people
in power now when they have oppor
tunity; that railroads never give out.
anything they do not choose to; that
committees of investigation in con
gress and elsewhere befog the public
as they please, and that even the gov
ernment itself, when it suits its pur
pose and without necessity on the
part of the situation to demand it, de
clares a censorship of the news in or
der that the people may be kept in
ignorance by the world-managers who
like to do as they please, make the
public their servants and keep them
in the dark." '
The Dead Past
How the dead past and superstition
Tule the world is well exemplified in
the following letter from the brother
by local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deaf
ness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
Inflamed condition of the mucous lin
ing of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rum
bling sound or 'mperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed. Deafness is
the result, and unless the inflammation
can be taken out and this tube restored
to its normal condition, hearing will
be destroyed forever; nine casf-s out
of ton aie caused by Catarrh, which
is nothing but an inflamed condition
of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Do'lnrs
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for cir
culars, free. F. J. CHENEY & Co.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best
of one of the most ardent populists in
Nebraska. The gospel of "keep on let
ting well enough aloae" has charmed
Mr. Whitford into believing that the
party that freed the black man can
never do wrong through all eternity.
He forgets that many of those who
bbre arms in defense of slavery are
now high in the councils of the repub
lican party. He forgets that the home
stead law was accompanied by the most
gigantic land subsidies to railroad cor
porations which the world ever saw,
and that by alternating the sections
given to the railroads with those given
to the homesteaders, the settlement on
homesteads enormously increased the
value of the land held by the roads.
With all due respect to Mr. Whitford,
the "onward and upward" movement of
his party into "the realm of peace and
plenty" has been for the favored few
and not the many. But let him have
his say:
Editor Independent: Yours contain
ing five mailing cards received. Excuse
me from distributing populistic litera
ture, as I have been a republican since
William Henry Harrison's whig doc
trine metamorphosed into the political
party which has placed us where we
are today, the richest and best gov
erned nation in the world. I shall
never denounce the administration that
freed the slaves, gave us our homestead
laws, irrigation and every other meas
ure that has been conducive to the
rapid growth and immeasurable pros
perity of this grand old republic. Not
withstanding my affectionate, but po
litical erring brother, of Arlington,
Neb., had your paper sent me, I am
not ready to sever my political affilia
tion with the administration that has
tided me onward and upward into the
realms of peace and plenty. The pop
ulist party non-est except in Nebraska,
and it is waning there. Here they are
after each other's scalps, divided into
several mercenary factions all after
offices and spoils. Non deplumed anti
trust populists and fusionists; Heinzia
and Clark, democrats. Yes, and labor
party. On account of which the sensi
ble republicans expect to carry the
state next Tuesday.
Love to my brother, C. A.
Butte, Mont, Oct. 31.
A Trust Cure
This, in theory, is a government of
the people, by the people, and for the
The unit of political power is a free
All political units are equals before
the law.
If one citizen assaults or robs an
other the law affords a civil and crim
inal remedy.
If a hundred or a thousand join
in the assault or robbery the injured
party may bring them all before the
court as principals.
If such wrong be perpetrated by a
vast number organized as a party or
trust the injured party should not be
deprived of any legal remedy on ac
count of name or number.
All who participate in sharing the
plunder should be held to answer to
the injured party as principals.
To forestall the market is a species
of robbery or theft and from time im
memorial has been regarded as a
common law crime.
Those who commit crime axe crim
inals. Organized trusts are boldly and
boastfully forestalling the market at
their immense profit and to the injury
of the people along every line of pro
duction, transportation, distribution,
markets and consumption.
The various trusts work together as
one man against the people; they pro
fess the same creed, all vote the same
ticket and while absorbing the wealth
of the world they all stand pat and say
"let well enough alone."
If their combined operations should
only succeed in wrongfully getting a
penny a day from each of our eighty
millions of sufferers the trusts would
dailv reap, where they have not sown,
$800,000 or $4,800,000 a week, and
$240,000,000 a year of 300 days.
The trusts are apparently prosper
ous. All outside of the trusts agree that
the trusts are wrongfully appropriat
ing property to their own use that
don't belong to them.
All suggested remedies have failed.
The immense wealth and apparently
exalted respectability of the wrong
doers have, by common consent, lifted
them beyond the reach of common citi-
At all drug stores. 25 Doses 2 So.
zens, courts and juries.
Whenever a trust, In the course of
its . business, wrongfully takes any
thing of value from a citizen permit
the injured party to sue the wrong-doer
in the local nisi prius court and recover
both compensatory and punitive dam
ages if the facts and the law warrant
it. Permit the injured party to not
only sue the trust, but also made dis
covered individual stockholders there
of parties defendant.
If justice demands it hold all stock
holders in such a trust individually
responsible to the injured party.
If a trust be good there will be no
ill-gotten gains for stockholders to ac
count for.
If the trust be bad a judicial Investi
gation will disclose the fact; and if
it be made to appear to the satisfaction
of the jury that such trust was organ
ized and operated to forestall the mar
ket and plunder under color of law
then further make it the duty of the
court upon such finding to promptly
place such bad trust in the hands of a
receiver with Instructions to utilize
its assets in righting the wrongs in
flicted upon its victims. The stocks of
bad trusts would soon begin to tumble
for the proverbial timidity of capital
would then cause it flee from bad
trusts like rats from a sinking ship.
Upper Sandusky, O.
The Aristocracy
Editor Independent: The aristoc
racy have always managed to make the
laws to greatly favor the rich, and
thereby make hard times for the labor
ing classes. They are still inventing
new schemes to Enrich themselves off
hone it industry. ' It seems that many
newspapers are subsidized to deceive
the voters to vote themselves into a
cruel financial slavery that has al
ways favored the1 desire of the greedy
aristocracy. The tillers of the soil,
as well as all workers, have been kept
at hard work to obtain the necessaries
of life, consequently having little or
no time allowed them to investigate
the cause of their hard lot; they have
simply trusted to the honor of their
representatives to make just laws to
govern all classes. Mark the result
of the misplaced confidence the pro
ducing classes have received of their
law-makers, especially since the civil
As proof that the producing classes
have been robbed of the largest share
of their earnings during the last 45
years, a simple statement of facts will
fully illustrate the cause of the small
holdings of the workers, viz.: over four
thousand millionaires have sprung up
within a few years, likewise thousands
upon thousands of rich men have got
ten their wealth without . honestly
earning it (as all wealth comes
through labor.) Whence come those
collosal fortunes if they were not tak
en from the toilers, without due com
pensation? and who but the party in
power is directly responsible for this
gigantic robbery? President, A. Lin
coln warned congress against favor
ing capital more than labor, for, said
he, capital was first earned by labor,
therefore labor should have the great
est consideration.
But it seems, congress was mainly
composed of selfish men, therefore, A.
Lincoln's good advice was unheeded.
Then the subsidized press has all
along been teaching . fallacious doc
trines on finance on purpose, it seems,
to mislead the common people on
money matters.
The schemers wish to perpetuate the
ignorance of the workers, for they
have learned the ignorant can be
cheated with impunity. It is evident
that the unlawful use of the schem
ers' money has been the main cause of
the working man's poverty. Had all
the voters in our country been cor
rectly informed on the true science of
money, they surely would not have
voted themselves into a cruel financial
slavery as they have been doing up
to the persent time. Negro slavery
under the overseer's lash has been so
truly copied by the schemers finan
cial slave-holders that in effect the
two systems are. twin brothers both
systems stand for robbing the labor
ers that the aristocracy may live lux
uriantly off the earnings of the cheated
toilers. As the history of the world
shows plainly that the real producers
of wealth are those who personally
toil to produce the livelihood of all
classes of the human family, therefore
the producers ought to possess the
largest share of their earnings. But
the statistical condition of the people
show that a very small part of the
earnings of the workers are found in
their hands.
To get justice the producers must
put on their thinking caps and find
out the cause of their poverty. After
the workers discover where their earn
ings have gone, they will see the nec
essity of striking at the ballot box
by voting for justice, regardless of
... . W.' rv 11.' Il l
Salem, Ore.
Very Sensfble
Mrs. Eddie has issued a decree to
her followers, that will have a ten
dency to allay the bitterness that was
arising all over the country. She
says: ..
"Until the public thought becomes
better acquainted with Christian sci
ence, the scientists shall decline to
doctor infectious or contagious dis
eases." .
This Is a fortunate and happy con
cession to that great, preponderant
body of people who have not the felic
ity of, holding the Christian science
view regarding bodily disease. It is to,
be hoped, too, that the decree, will
never be rescinded so long as the most
of us fail to be convinced that Chris
tian science doctrines are the divine
embodiment of ultimate truth. So long, "
in practice ,as the 'healers," big and
little, keep clear of diphtheria, small
pox and all infectious and contagious
diseases, Christian scientists and anti
Christian scientists should be able to
live in the same community and main
tain their mutual' respect for each oth
er, and exercise toleration for mere
religious differences.
Attorney E. W. Simeral, in an in
terview with the Omaha World-Herald,
avers that he was not the tale-bearer
who made public the famous Baldwin
statement that "we are not bothering
about the governorship any more,"
But Mr.-Simeral carefully avoids say
ing that Baldwin did not say It
NEB. 1 ;
Three days of this week have
brought only moderate receipts of cat
tle, yet market has been slow and bare
ly steady on best. Short fed corn cat
tle are being hammered unmercifully.
We quote cornfed beef $3.50 to $5.50,
with choice at $6.00; high grade year
lings $4.50 to $4.75, good fair feeders
$3.40 to $3.C0, common $2.50 to $3.30,
choice fat cows $3.00 to $3.50, good
$2.50 to $3.00, canners $1.50 to $2.50,
veal $4.00 to $5.00, bulls $1.75 to $3.50;
good steer stock calves $4.00 to $4.25,
heifers $2.50 to $3.00. "'
Hog receipts moderate. The market
is 25 to 30c lower for three days, but
Omaha was the highest hog market
on the river ' Monday. Range $5.90
to $6.10. -
Receipts of sheep falling off. Mar
ket is up today to about best time of
list week. Feeders in good demand.
Fed. Feeders.
Lambs $4.75-$5.00 $3.50-$3.80
Yearlings .' 3.65- 4.00 3.00- 3.25
Wethers 3.25- 3.50 2.90- 3.10
Ewes 2.70- 3.25 1.00- 2.00
STOCK FARM 920 acres of the choic
est land in the Middle Loup Valley, of
which 150 acres is under cultivation, 80
acres in alfalfa, 100 acres choice hay
meadow, 25 acres orchard, all young
trees just beginning to bear and not a
tree missing, 565 acres in pasture and
correls, frame house, barn3, granaries,
corn cribs, hog houses, etc. Switch
and stock yards in center of farm.
Seven miles from county seat. Price
$35 per acre, one-third or more down.
Address W. R. MELLOR,
Loup City, Neb.
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Terri
tory, Texas, and many points in Lou
Islaaa, Arlzoaa and New Mexico
on October 21, November 4 and 18, De
cember 2 and 16. Rate one fare plus
$2 for the round trip. Arkansas is the
finest fruit country in the world and
is productive of cotton, corn," coal, min
erals, grazing and the land is still
ridiculously cheap. For descriptive
pamphlets, folders, etc., call or apply
at City Ticket Office, 1039 O st.
F. D. CORNELL, P. & T. A.

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