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JUNE 16, 1908.
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Big Discount to Reduce Our Enormous Stock Before
5 the Building Season Closes, dt
O If you intend building: a house, barn, granary or corn crib we want to give you an O
...estimate on your lumber, shingles, windows, doors, and mill worki It will cost you noth-
v ing to get our prices and we can save you money, carrying, as we do, a large 'stock at
3 Lincoln, and having the most complete planing mill in the state. We make water tanks
O of all kinds, store fixtures in fact everything that can be made in this line. No matter $
O "-.- v
O where you live write us for prices of goods delivered at your station. O
X We invite a visit and personal inspection of our lumber at our yards, 700 O street,
. O and of our planing mill and equipment at 21st and Y streets. o
O 1 ' O
If you cannot Call, your Order by Mail will receive
a! g Prompt and Careful Attention s
owe Lmmlber Go
700 0 STREET,
o A
A. 1 V ' X JL Jk Ji 4 W f ' J A
A Weekly Resume of the Really Vital News by the Editor y
It is said by the papers in Massa
chusetts that when the Liberty Beil
was on exhibition in that state that
the Poles, Hungarians, Swedes, Nor
wegians and even the Chinese showed
much more reverence for that relic of
the days when men were willing to
die for liberty than the Americans did.
Most of. the foreigners raised their
hats as they passed by, but tne Amer
icans looked at it as they would any
curiosity and seemingly only to say
that they had seen it.
Trusts continue to go into the hands
of a receiver every week, but the great
dailies have no comment to make.
Last week the New England cotton
yarn trust, passed a dividenl even on
the preferred stock and the stock has
fallen to 25. It was one of the reg
ulation kind, consolidated a lot of
mills and issued $5,000,000 preferred
and $5,000,000 common stock, reduced
the number of superintendents and
clerks and was going to coin money
by" "capitalizing prosperity." There
are more to follow.
The leaders of the republican party
are just beginning to realize that they
have a race problem on hand of the
most serious character. Anarchy
reigns in a good many parts of the
United States. Many white people as
well as blacks have lost their lives,
The courts have teen defied and to
maintain a semblance of order the
military forces have been called upon.
In very many places the negroes are
preparing to flee the country just as
the Jews flee from Russia. The negroes
have presented petitions to some of
the state governments for aid to enable
them to return to Africa and such a
petition will be presented to the next
Kansas, in Indiana, and Illinois.
These are all northern states and un
der republican rule. It is very evident
that it has not been the "spirit of se
cession" that caused the inhuman bar
barities in those states. The Indepen
dent can tell these partisan writers a
truth or two concerning these worse
than savage outbreaks. It is not the
spirit of secession," but the spirit of
imperialism that has brought about- a
condition of affairs which disgraces
the United States in the eyes of the
whole world. If the United States
soldiers can torture the brown-skinned
people of the Asiatic islands, burn
their towns and ravage their coasts,
why should not infuriated whites burn
negroes at the stake in these United
handful of Americans there, for they
cannot endure the climate. He says
that even in the revenue service, posi
tions that are sought after here at
home and held to while life lasts be
cr.use they are considered so desirable,
seven out of eight refuse to serve
longer than a year and then return
home. It is his opinion that the IsU
ands will be .simply a "dependency," as
India is to the British government, and
while a dependency the natives will
make no effort at advancement. How
ever we look at the matter this Phil-
ppine invasion is a sad piece of busi
The New York republican dailies
Btill continue to blame the savagery
of lynching upon the southern people
and claim that it is the outgrowth of
the "old secession spirit." While the
south is no more guilty than the
north. There have been victims
burned at -the stake In Colorado, in
The big gambling den of New York,
one that even a Jerome dare not raid,
is getting a little too rottei or those
who have built it up. The Indepen
dent had its say about the corner in
cotton some time' ago and now the
Financial Chronicle is forced to pro
test It says: "Such operations ought
not to be possible; they' ought not to
be countenanced by any reputable in
stitution. They are disorganizing to
every legitimate interest dependen
upon the price of the staple. What
merchant or manufacturer can make
provision against such an unnatural
proceeding? The affair needs to be
investigated. Banks as well as other
participators in the movement should
be made to disclose their interest and
the assistance they have extended to
the corner." ' These much-vaunted
"captains of industry" are just what
The Independent has so often "called
them, namely, financial pirates.
The Boston Transcript has a very
bright and energetic Washington cor
lesnondent who signs his articles
"Lincoln." When congress adjourned
he went to the Philippines, to find out
how thincs were there for himself. He
writes home that if we hold the isl
ands for the next fifty years, at the
end of that time there will be only a
T. Thomas Fortune, whom the pres
ident sent to the Philippine islands on
an inspection trip, has returned and
says: "The whites cannot live there
and make a living. If they live at all
it is as a parasite. The white man
may go there and suck blood he can
not make it; for the white man in that
climate is the most listless being im
The bondholders are getting In their
work in fine shape in the Philippines.
There are to be $3,000,000 more certifi
cates of indebtedness issued during the
next few weeks. Those islands will
scon be bonded for all the traffic will
bear. The people there have not a
word to say about how much indebt
edness shall be created against the
"captains of industry" and they are ;
honored above all other men.
The Austrian empire is composed of
many races who hate each other and
for a long time it has been in a state
cf semi-anarchy. Of late matters have
grown worse and there is much uis
turbance, especially in Hungary. The
old emperor, who seems to have had
more domestic sorrows than fall to the
lot of most men, is heartily tired of
it all. Last week he announced that
if order was not immediatel restored
he would abdicate The. heir apparent
is hated all over the enmire and espe
cially in Hungary. If the old emperor
abdicates there will be revolution and
chaos, war and : bloodshed, and what
tne end will be no man can foretell.
The map of Europe may be changed.
Another trust of the New eJrsev
breed went into the hands of a re
ceiver the other day. Twenty-seven
flour mills in Pennsylvania went into
a combine and issued $4,000,000 of
stock and $800,000 of bonds. They
failed to meet the interest on the hnnria
and not a cent has been distributed as
dividends on the $4,000,000 stock. The
stock is a total loss and it is said
that many people will lose their all.
if they had been readers of The In
dependent they would not new be
Great Britain is the great imperial
nation, but its imperialism has never
helped the men who toil in that coun
try. England has colonies and depen
dencies in every part of the world, yet
a recent census report of the city of
London shows that there is only one
employer for every five persons asking
for work. The last imperial effort,
that In South Africa, has made th3
matter worse. The men who were
fighting for British imperialism in
South Africa a short time ago, are
now starving by the tens of thou
sands in the streets of London.
Gustave Terlinden, a director of a
large company In Prussia, has just
been sentenced to six years' imprison
ment for overissuing stock. If the
courts of the United States would ad
minister justice after that fashion the
penitentiaries would have to be en
larged. Here such chaps are called
If . our exports to Cuba continue to
decline at the rate they have fcr the
last few months we will soon have
no trade at all with that countiy ex
cept the one-sided sort which con
sists in buying from it immense quan
tities of sugar and tobacco and selling
nothing in return. That Piatt amend
ment don t seem to work worth a cent.
, A short time ago the papers gave an
interview with Mr. Cannon, the next
speaker of the house, in which a very
positive stand was taken by him
against the "rag baby" currency advo
cated by Aldrich and demanded by
the New York banks. Then another
interview with 'Mr. Cannon was pub
lished partially denying the first on
The New York Herald and papers of
that stripe are very insistent that some
sort of a rubber currency bill shall
be .i passed at the next session of con
gress and Wall street never yet de
manded anything of congress- that it
did not get.

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