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Big Discount to Reduce Our Enormous 5tock Before
the Building Season Closes.
1 i
i i
If you intend building a house, barn,granary or corn crib we want to give you an O
estimate on your lumber, shingles, windows, doors, and mill work. It will cost you noth
ing to get our prices and we can save you money, carrying, as we do, a large stock at O
Lincoln, and having the most complete planing mill in the state. We make water tanks
of all kinds, store fixtures in fact everything that can be made in this line. No matter
where you live write us for prices of goods delivered at your station.
We invite a visit and personal inspection of our lumber at our yards, 700 0 street
and of our planing mill and equipment at 21st and Y streets.
If you cannot Call, your Order by Mail will receive
Prompt and Careful Attention
Wo Brown LMniber C
700 0 STREET,
Mark Hanna seems to have aban
doned hla stand-pat-r-let-well-enough-
- alone policy.- It has just leaked out
that smooth old Mark at a private
banquet a short .time ago broke loose
in the. following language:
i "Everything that, Wall street
J could do to foment trouble it has
been guilty of doing. Millions '
upon millions of , securities have
been issued, and the great middle
class has been pumped dry. The
buying power of the workers has
been reduced greatly, and we have ;
offered every inducement to the
laboring man by our attitude to
revolt When that day conies-rand
it is coming soon I would
not give a mill for J. Pierpont,
Morgan's head, for the workers .
blame him for a great many of
past sufferings."
That is a fiercer and more furious
howl than ever was uttered by any
eld long-haired, wild-eyed pop on
- ihesa western stains, besides.. the last
8f ntence has a clearly anarchistic
tinge. There is blood and murder in
it If a mob kicks J. Pierpont Mor
gan's head down Wall street some day,
then Mark can say: "I told you so."
himself suffered from the debasing ef
fects of it! Hence, its suggestion: It
desired to know Mr. Livesey's juali
fuations. , u .
It seems evident that Mr. Livesey
has dodged. His handwriting bears
earmarks which indicate that he may
have learned to write in one of the
very sort of schools he affects to de
spise. If so, he is qualified to de
nounce them.r But if he really learned
the three R's behind the plow and be
fore the mast, then The Independent
insists that, he has laid no foundation
for expert testimony on the subject
Science means acknowledged truths
and laws in any department of mind
or matter, arranged into a system.
Sdence must have logical-perfection
and the charcter of real truth. To
call the theories advocated by social
ists "science," is a complete misuse
of words. No two of them agree on
what socialism is. It is true some
vague ideas of similar nature run
through air their writings from
Moore's Utopia to Bellamy, but
as exact Knowledge reauceu : w
svstem of acknowledged truths,
has no such characteristics.
The claim is an egotistical assump
Francis B. Livesey of . Sykesville,
Md.,.has been for a number of years
circularizing the newspapers of the
United States asking them to "read,
print, circulate" his screeds against
the public schools. Some time ago
The Independent suggested that it
would be interesting to know where
Mr. Livesey learned the vigorous En-
dish he uses In denouncing the pub
lic school system. He Ignored the
hint Later, in answer to another
be ten of his circulars, the associate
editor wrote him a personal letter
waking the same suggestion. To. this
Mr. Livesey replied:
Editor Independent: As Pitchfork
Tillman got his vigorous English from
the barnyard, so I got mine irom De
hind the plow and "before the mast'
Now, The Independent believes tha
thn-best lecturers In behalf of tee
tctalism are those .who have been
irninrii tho mill oft drunkenness; and
by parity, of reasoning ' the 1 befet
eouinDed assailants ofu our. public
school system should be one- who has
tion. The doctrines and theories of
n publicans, democrats or populists
have just as good a claim to be cauea
Science"' as has socialism. To set up
such a claim has neither science nor
sense in it. ." - - v r .. .. !
Writers" for The Independent must
understand that It will not publish
controversial articles. on religion. It
is a waste of time to write them and a
waste of postage to send them. The
Independent assumes the existence of
a Supreme Being, It is not possible
to develop any scheme or pnliosopny or
political economy without starting
with that, assumption or at least com
ing to it as a conclusion by induction.
The development of science depends
upon that "assumption", and upon
seme others that cannot be proved, but
which, nevertheless, must be accepted,
such as the infinity of space and the
eternity of time. The very first step
In science is to "assume" .that there
la "an unknown." Without that as
sumption no new discoveries, wouldi be
possible, , " no ' advancement' could if pe
made J- In assumlne that there i$ian
' unknown," in believing that there is
an "unknown," or, in other words, by
having faith in the unproved and un
provable, science, places itself exactly
on the same grounds upon which re
ligion rests, that is, science like re
ligion rests upon faith.
Some of the country editors have
complained of the quotations made
from their papers in the great dailies
and the fun that is poked at them for
tee way country journalism is con
ducted It is the opinion of The Inde
pendent that the country editors de
serve all that they get, and more, too
Most of them do not show brain power
enough to write twenty lines a week
of editorial matter. " That is getting to
apply in great measure to populist pa
pers, too. A few years ago every edi
tor of a populist paper had a column
or two of good editorial writing. Now
many of them have none at all, and
then they complain of non-support
During fair week many populist farm
erp called " at the editorial rooms of
The Independent and there was a gen
eral cbm plaint & Jut the way their lo
cal papers were -onducted. There are
a few populist editors in this state
who do good writing every week, but
tbere are far too many who do none
at all except to record the local hap
penings. If they don't -want to end in
disaster and complete failure they had
better "get a inove on themselves."
If Secretary, Shaw thinks that he
car. maintain prosperity . by pouring
money which has been taxed out of
the people into Wall , street and the
national . banks, he is a very badly
fooled financier. "Capitalizing pros-
ptrity" won't do. How does Shaw sup
pese that the buying up of great mills
and then dismanteling them actual
ly destroying the property and the
issuing of stocks or bonds to the
amount of twice or three times of the
value of the destroyed property and
then forcing the. people to pay inter
est on three times the value on this
destroyed property, is going to bring
pei manent prosperity? That Is just
what the trusts have done in hundreds
of cases. They have bougbt.plants and
paid twice: their value, -in (Btocks and
bonds i and them shut tdown . or ae
strayed the purchased jjroperty. How
cjan inilU that have been destroyed or
shut down pay , dividends on twice
their real value when they were in ' :
full operation? -
There continues to be a good deal
said about the frauds in the Indian
service. It i3 dawning slowly upon '
the people that the postofflce scandals
are but a drop the bucket in -com- '
parison with the wholesale thieving
in the interior department. The whole
system of Indian inspection and the
whole crew of inspectors, with one or"
two exceptions, are frauds. What
would be thought of a judge who
should come to a place to try a crim
inal and who should upon his arrival
go to the criminal's house and accept
of his" entertainment, ride out with
the suspected criminal and make the
criminal's house his home all the time
tt.e trial was in progress? The in
spector Is really the judge before
whom every - man charged with . rob
bery and thieving from Indians or the
government on an Indian reservation
is tried. The inspector hears the evi
dence, and makes his decision which is
forwarded to Washington, and that is
the only guide for action. Can . any
man believe that men who always act
p. that way will make impartial
judges? " That is the way every Ind-
aii inspector acts while on a reserva
tion. The editor of The Indenendent
has seen scores of them when en
gaged , in hearing y charges against,,
agents and other employes and that is
the. way all or them conducted them--selves.
. ., . ; - ...
The International Socialist Review
says: For the measurement of
length we must take something having
length. And so for the measurement
cf value we must take something hav
ing value." During the war and for
several years afterward we "measured
value" with little pieces of paper that
had ho value. For very many years
and even at the present time, the Ar
gentine republic 1 -measures values"
with little bits of paper, and trade
and all sorts of commerce goes on,
there just the same as it docs in coun
tries where values are ' measured"
with gold. .The Independent has often
called attention to the. perfect agree
ment of the socialist -with the repub,
lican, gold bug ... philosophers. The'if
cenceptioa of. value is. precisely :l the
same, ... i!

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