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DECEMBER 24, 1903.
jIV-A;iu Osur,?:;'; WM.ol Money.An-
ti'.U cientMaU-s.:;;llist. of Money, Modern
Irfh'-ip ion, gj.M; Science i money, ?1; Mone
tnry crimes, 7.r;c; Verms li Milo, iXe;
1 iij.tr, bout eloth bindings, bandstitchcd.
CAMbklCOE PkfciS, tox 160 Aaduson Square
P. O , New York.
Join the Old Guard of ropulism.
A book of thirty-nix large pna, dcwirlotnK Hit stan.
dard works on Miciallmn in auchaway tiiatUieKlniii'nt
can readily juJK what in to bo learned from each. An
introductory ettnay by Cliarlea If. Kerr on "The. Ven
tral Tiling in Horlatltitn," tud to tho value of
tho b.iok for iifiw convert or Inquirer. Handsomely
printed on flnn book pappr with portrait of Marx,
Kngcla, I.ielikiifcM, Yaiidcrvtldo, Cariwnter, Wlilt
man, Ulatcliford, Bimona and otlior writorn. Mailed
for only ONB CENT a copy J 1 CO a hundred.
CHilil.K'i II. KKKIt A CO,, Pul., tO fifth ., tlUlAUO.
Write a postal to C. Q. De France,
Lincoln, Neb., for prospectus of "The
Old Guard of Populism."
i fraa from dleeeea.
Honeat In quail'.
U Hudded l'eche, 6c Budded Clierrfet, 20fj jfoodvarie
ti. CWord Grapes, 3. po 100. 1000 Ah $120. li. and H.
I-o.ust, Ku. Mullrry, e. Low prlre. We pay fretaht. Cat
alog i;ce, Calbralth Nifraarlaa, Boa SB Falrbury. Nab.
Talk with your populist neighbors
about enrolling in "The Old Guard of
Populism.". ,
5 apple, 2 yr old; 2 cherry, 8
ft.; 2 iIum, 8 it. ; 6 Concord
Krape, 1 yr. ; 8 Pomona cur
rant", 2 yr.; 2 II. I'. Hoses, 8 yr.:
2 Hpirea Van Iloutti, 2 It.; 1
snowball, 3 It.j 21loneyuckle,
fcand for Catalogue. -
, Wakefield, Neb.
Fruit and Orna
mental, Shrubs,
Roses, Bulbs
3 t-a
B-nd forJ)fcripti rrloJ Catalog FKEK
600 Acres. U dreeis houses. EstabliuLied 1852-
u m
rLAllI Intto. you are bleeplnx; they
I iniii iiiuuui vvlll lur,.8n you )ruft
and Hbude, and enhance the vuiue ol your prop
erty. nil'J TUTU direct from the prower of his
lilll Intlil local Kcnt. Then you have
uui iiiwiii a bollrCB 0( redrew should
they lull to grow or prove nntrue to urnae, Our
trees are home grown and prices very low. Cat
alogue and due bill good lor 25 cent tree,
tairbuiy untri, i'ox i, i uirbury, Neb.
Holiday Offer
If you will cut out this ad. and send
us $1.20 money order or stamps we
will send you 10 Elberta Peach trees
postpaid. We sell direct to tho planter
and save them agents' commission.
No better trees grown. Write for
catalogue. Chattanooga Nurseries,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Two rKular tr.eti acketi of
choice Vei.-etattle and one of
beuuttful Klowi-r 8fd and one
packet each of Itronma, lnermi,
spcltz. Jap&nwe Millet. Kshi liape,
Teoxlnio. ivncillnria, ThoiiMand Head
ed Kale. VlrlaVIIIIOHa, SoJiUt-anaand
Katllr Corn and llluatrated catalogue
nmnual. fn-e. Aim), all who answer
this ad will rwoive
worth of eNl tobeiflectnd from our
cataloir. All aut for lOronta, (coin or
tanip to neip pay potuwe
and wn'klne. Catalog Manual
y'4?h tree. Write ua.
Barry BaaJ Ca.,
Clarinea, la.
Capital, $100,000.00
Surplus, 14,000.00 1
Deposits, 1,350,000.00
J(n! II, Whiuht, Prfsulnl
J, II, WfcinroTr,
J r. Samhw,
V, U Hsu,
W. II. lUlWB,
lt Vlc Trfi.
2d Vk' Pre.
. t'ashlfr
Af, C'LIer
Ylillbllt ',,B Jllt rUMr VUAC
t...t. -.. VtuidniWl tN4 U al.t.M4 wif C
i I At fl MP, at in. a. II IU-t.li
f ANIi4Tti. ri.lut, tfftt.tr. hr".
I'iair 11AUIKHIU., It. , Wm, Mia a.
a Sills
rir.i Wtsk'c Enro!lnant-Hprlntcd from
I.uat Week's Independent.
Although the 9C0 test letters were
not mailed until late in the afternoon,
Saturday, December 5, 1903. the en
rollment for the first week, including
last mail Saturday evening, Decem
ber 12, is as follows:
Samuel M. Maund', Daleva, Ala.; farm
er, merchant and teacher.
W. II. Durdyshaw, Jonesboro, Ark.;
A. W. Files, Little Rock, Ark.; law
yer; member national committee.
Oliver S. Jones, Prescott, Ark.; farm
er and mechanic.
W. D. Wilson, boxl22, Booneville, Ark.
William Wallace Dates, 38 W." Second
ave., Denver, Colo.; retired ship
builder; author "American Naviga
tion." :
, Washington, D. C.
D. L. McKlnnon, Marianna, Fla.; law
yer. A. C. Barton, Danville, 111.; contractor
and builder; author "Life and La
bors of the Late Col. Jesse Harper."
J. S. Jones, Iuka, 111.
Flavius J. Van Vorhis, Imlianapolis,
Ind.; lawyer; political economist.
Samuel W. Williams, Vincennes, Ind.;
lawyer;, member liational commit
tee; Central division organizer.
Abel D. Chase, Ardmore, Ind. Ty.;
farmer and trader.
Lewis Iddings, Mapleton, la.; farmer
and stock raiser.
A. Norelius, R. F. D. 1, Kiron, la,;
retired farmer.
S. A. Black, It. F. D. 2, Manhattan,
Kas,; farmer.
Anthony Dolezilek, Silver Lake, Kas;
II. B. Hewitt, Stafford, Kas.; harness
dealer. .
M. Kozel, National military home,
Kansas; physician.
Joseph A. Wright, Lebanon, Kas.; real
estate; editor for 17 years until re
cently; secretary county committee.
James II. Lackey, Canton, Ky.; phy
sician; member national committee.
F. W. Anthony, Mattawan, Mich.
A. T. D, Austin, Alden, Minn., farm
er, salesman and fruit grower,
J. II. Briscoe, R. F. D. 4, Harrison
ville, Mo.; farmer.
George A. Campbell, Odessa, Mo.;
J. S. Cantrell, North view, Mo.; farm
er; secretary state committee.
Jacob Florea, Kirksville, Mo.; car
penter. Oswald Hicks, Macon, Mo.; farm loans;
member state committee.
A. II. Livingston, West Plains, Mo.;
J. T. Poison, Laclede, Mo.; physician;
chairman county committee.
A. C. Robertson, St. James, Mo.; re
tired farmer.
Chris Smith, R. F. D. 1, Bunceton,
Mo.; farmer; chairman county com
mittee. J. II. Calderhead, Helena, Mont.; tele
graph operator; at present state
auditor; member national commit
tee; secretary -Denver conference.
John A. Barker, Franklin, Neb.; edi
tor and publisher The Franklin Sen
tinel; chairman county committee.
Charles W. Real, Broken Bow, Neb.;
lawyer; editor Custer County Bea
con. W. S. Beebe, Seward, Neb.; farmer;
chairman county committee.
L. A. Beltzer, Osceola, Neb.; nursery
man; former editor.
W. P. Brooks, Cook, Neb.; physician;
B. N. Cleaveland, Fremont, Neb.; re
tired farmer.
II. E. Dawes, 1832 S. 15th st., Lincoln,
Neb.; educator; assistant superin
tendent International Correspon
dence schools.
Chas. Q. De France, 1836 S. 25th St.,
Lincoln, Neb.; associate editor The
Frank I). Eager, 1328 O st., Lincoln.
Neb.; business manager Tho Inde
pendent. James It. Ferrln, 1452 O st, Lincoln,
Neb,; real estate; secretary tttate
John II. Kelher, Harttnston, Neb.;
merchant; chairman county commit
tee. L. U. Flott her, Bancroft, Neb.; farmer.
O. H. Gth-hrut, Mead, Neb.; black
smith. Ship
Hides, Wools and Furs
Tour iiiuuuj
- Thos. McCulloch.
The eldest f.Ub!Ubed Iiide hnue la N rMk. Fy hluhmt nurket
price. MikM I ruin, t rdurn. Write for ric end ihipj ini? U'.
A. F. Parsons, North Platte, Neb.;
Geo. A. Roberts, Edison, Neb.; farmer
J. O. Smith, Ord, Nco.; carpenter.
W. O. Starkey, Violet, Neb.; iarmer;
formerly coal miner. '
T. H. Tibbies, 1328 O st., JLincoln,
Neb.; editor The Independent;
- farmer, author and lecturer.
B. R. B. Weber, 514 So. 16th st, Lin
coln, Neb.; farmer; real estate;
chairman state committee.
J. J. Streeter, Vineland, N. J.; editor
the Vineland Independent, East di
vision organizer; author of the Cin
cinnati plan of organization.
E. B. Whitmore, 52 Reynolds Arcade,
Rochester, N. Y.; solicitor of pat
ents. R. II. Reemelin, 36 Garfield PI., Cin
cinnati, O.; physician.
H. C. Patzwald, R. P. D. 1, El Reno,
01la.; farmer.
Wharton Barker, .Philadelphia, , Pa.;
former editor The American; author
"The Great Issues;", candidates for
president (1900) "mid-road' peo
ple's party.
J. M. Mallett, Cleburne, Tex.; editor
The Watchman; president National
Reform Press association; chairman
county committee.
Milton Park, Dallas, Tex.; editor
Southern Mercury; treasurer allied
people's party national committee
vice chairman Denver conference.
W. M. Sanders, New Salem, Tex.
R. T. Short, Putnam, Tex.; mechanic
and farmer.
Newton B. Sandy, R. F. D. 19, Man
nington, W. Va.; farmer.
Total enrollment, U2.
Vocation: Farmers 22, editors and
newspaper men 9, lawyers 7, physi
cians 6, not given 5, mechanics 4, mer
chants 2, real estate dealers 2, retired
shipbuilder, teacher, nurseryman,
telegraph operator, ana farm loan
agent, 1 each.
Former political affiliation; Repub
lican 24, democrat 17, not given 16,
greenbacker or independent 5. .
Nativity: . United States 40, not
given 16, Canada 2, Austria, Germany,
Sweden, and Switzerland, 1 each.
Age: , Nineteen made no report; ol
the 43 reporting, 6 are over 70, 15 are
CO or over, 8 are over 50, ten are 40 or
over, and 3 over and 1 under 30. The
youngest is 28; the eldest 77, and the
average a little under 56.
States and territories represented:
Cash contributions, $23.77.
First Rate
Editor Independent: Enclosed find
draft for back dues and for another
year. I am a Bryan democrat, but I
like The Independent first rate.
Davenport, Neb.
Proud ef The Innependent
Editor Independent: As a member
of the Old Guard, I highly appreciate
the fight you are making against or
ganized greed. One grand feature of
your paper is its arraignment of a
hypocritical religion as well as cor
ruption in politics. I am proud that
we have one paper whose motto is
"The truth about everything " In re
gard to the Denver conference, I think
it was a move in the right direction.
All honor to Mr. Edgerton and all oth
ers who dared to unfold the populist
banner and declare for a people's par
ty Independent of the two old frauds.
Dayton, Ark.
The Little Children
Editor Independent: Find enclosed
a dollar to pay for The Independent.
It is the best paper published In the
west or anywhere else. It tells the
truth and exposes rascality In all its
forms. If we had more like it there
would be a great change In this coun
try. I cannot Bee what will become
of the laboring men In this country If
things keep on as they now are. Chil
dren tale the place of men and wo
men In tho factories and the parents
carry tho dinners to tho children
when the little ones ought to be In
Bchool. I wUh The Independtnt suc
cess In trying to liberate the masses
from the oppression of the el-uses.
Napoleon, N. D.
Shortness of Breath
Is One of the Com
monest Signs of
Heart Disease,
Notwithstanding what many physic-.
lans say, heart disease can be cured,
-v Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure has per
manently restored to health many
thousands who had found no relief In
the medicines (allopathic or homoeo
pathic) of regular practicing- physicians.
It has proved Itself unique in the his
tory of medicine, by being so uniformly
successful In curing those diseases.
Nearly always, one of the first signs
of trouble is shortness of breath. Wheth
er it comes as a result of walking cr
running up stairs, or of other exercises,
if th heart ia unable to meet this extra
demand upon its pumping powers thera
is something wrong witlr it. .". 1
The very best thing you can do, is to
take Dr. Miles' : New Heart Cure. It
will go to the foundation of the trou
ble, and make a permanent cure b
strengthening and renewing the nerves.
"1 know that Dr. Miles' New Heart
Cure is a great remedy. For a number
of years 1 suffered from shortness of
breath, smothering spells, and pains in
my left side. For months at a time I
would be unable to lie on my left side,
and if I lay flat on my back would nearly,
smother. A friend advised using Dr.'
Miles' New Heart Cure, which I did
with good results. I began to improve
at once, and after taking several bottles
of the Heart Cure the pains in my sida
and other symptoms vanished. I am
now entirely well. All those dreadful
smothering spclln are a thing of the
past." F. I. DKAKJ3, Midciletown, O.
If the first bottle dor-" not help you,
the druggist will refund your money.
VHV.li Vrite t0 us fr Free"friaT
x xvxjxj l'ackaee of Dr. Miles' Anti
Pain Pills, tho New Scientific Remedy
for Tain. Also Symptom Blank. Our
f.oecialist wiH diagnose your case, t -11
you what is wrong, and how to rfsrht k.
I To the Farmers of
2 '
V 1 Do you know 5
Renras a r c"nt ?
pet elegant 2j
robes or coats made from the j:
hcrfe or cattle hides you Fell to 3j
local dealer? Write for particu- 2
lars or send your hides to
5 henry Holnr, Prop. O Street.'
:S Lincoln, Neb.
Pay Frwe Tr l.
WK ear lt'l the beet fnmbs,tor taAt
I Try Hud 10 Wtimt IOU ttt.uk. tin
pay oniilf tlfleL Aut nutto ud
I oc-Uin. Beid for UUl plan. CateJoe;
free, with poultry pp 1 year le.
Dopl33, Des Moines, la.
No nirht watchincr because we use our
5-inch Double wafer Regulator, all latest
improvements, California Redwood cae,
copper tank, 30 days trial. Your money
back if you say so. Catalogue free.
Burr Incubator Co. Box zJb.Umana.JNeo
Lots of Eggs
Lots of Profit.
Wtiat la tha ua cf hlnr a
tuck of beat that woot ra h
lay aa H everv dayt 1 hty
will lav durlm tall and wiutet,
If yoa feed them
Barry's Egg Food
Cuaranlrrd t viva rewlt of
miiaey rWunclnf. A a. IsnliAc
tomlxnu..a o( tha uimuil
rtenteata (( ftKal tUat produces
formula vet di oert4 Casta laaa laa alkara.
Jm.1.1 by the pnuad. btn I l"t out l.a. n.'bitkea M m
Ml,B.lii,a u full wm.Mai,w(maiblT wtiHt
a. a4fcanfiw'totat. a,; mm Ikal ,'u 4
Ua4kM. t K r- mm tall KF tr J- "W.
A. A. Barry Im. Ca., B( IS, ClaHaaa, la.
TIFPANY'i Sure 0ath IB
LWa (I'owdar) aprtnklwl
la tb neat krei your
fowl f !"' from llc. hprlBk.l
f lien and tha liula chk wiU
V ha To no lie. Tiffany 'aCBTBtroa
. J"rW -a.l IV BafrtUOlica.Tliiany ai-BTBifoii
Xfl) U Uqaid'-kiiUBiU.-aUu.tAnUf,
.VVf v Bprii.kl M for hog, rooa'e
' ,if-j'lii3f forfowla. Hoi powUrforlit
;n vt1AAv U turkey and rhU ka pott
tla turkeya and rhU ka pl
CalJ lV Wa want aarrfa.
TIIKTIr l AVt C ..
Uitrvln, Nab.
The Hotel Walton
title II kTllKPT.
Th l and mt eonrriilnil b j.rl. rd
lu.iiw In ttt t Uy, luiva II tr Jay t i.d ui
iji ill

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