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DECEMBER 24, 1903.
C;e Debrasha Indcptnditit
Lincoln, tltbraska.
1328 0 STREET
Entered according to Act of Congress of March
j, 1879, Btthc ros'.office at Lincoln, Nebraska, as
econd-clasn mail metier.
$1.00 PER YEAR
When making remittances do not leave
Bioney with news agencies, postmasters, etc,
to be forwarded by them. They frequently
forget or remit a different amount than was
left with them, and the subscriber fails to get
jropet credit.
- Address oil communications, and maka all
iraftc, money orders, etc., payable to
tht tltbraika Independent,
Lincoln, Neb.
Anonymous communications will not be
toticed. Rejected manuscripts will not tx
T. II. TIBBLES, Editor.
C.Q.DE FRANCE, Associate Editor.
F.D. EAGER, BuBintss Manager.
' Join the Old Guard of Populism.
Mr. Hanna still bows low and says:
"After you, my dear Teddy."
The Advance Agent of Adversity
looms up in plain sight.
The great question agitating the
minds of the statesmen at Washing
ton is: "Who killed prosperity?"
Senator Tillman says that the dem
ocratic party is "a howling, squalling
The political fences of the republi
can party are getting down in about
as many places in Nebraska as those
on the ranges where Uncle Sam's land
has been fenced in.
. The Springfield Republican writes
about "the next step in railroad con
trol." The Nebraska Independent
would like to know when the first slep
was taken.
The only thing that now seems prac
tical in regard to the Missouri bood
lers is to call a special session of the
legislature and impeach and remove
from office the whole supreme court
The cost of food has increased 16
per cent since 1896, and wages have
been reduced during the last few
weeks from 17 to 30 per cent. Where
doe3 the prosperity, except for the
corporations and trust promoters,
come in?
Things soem to be coming to a crisis
in Pennsylvania at last. Rev. S. M.
Vernon declared in a. public meeting
In Philadelphia the other day after
considering the conditions there:
"Better have a monarchy, for then we
can put safeguards around it,"
The president appointed Wm. Buch
anan as minister to Pauama without
any authority from congress and with
out any appropriation to pay his sal
ary or expenses. Go it, Teddy.' This
country like strenuorincis. Constitu
tion and law don't count any more.
When you want anything jtut hnuo
your order and an obedlcut congress
will pa a the law afterwards.
As a rule, the newspaper, In al
most all in the imuKiinis Sp'it'Nh
AmerUan reputlks, fill their column
v.Uh the must vindictive and vkdvnt
expression that the tfpanUh l.uiguace
tan supply to wurd thlr hatred and
Horn of Ann l it an politicians and tin
petiallstle Hley, Mr. 11 y eero to
K the epcvl.il target of their tpluful
attack. They are all looking forward
to the day v. hen It will he their turn
to H 'beuevideutly atimlUlcl."
In accordance with the agreement
made at Denver, July 23, Chairman Jo
Parker of the allied people's party has
issued the call for his national com
mittee to meet at the New St. James
Hotel, St. Louis. February 22, 1904, at
10 o'clock a. m. The Independent had
hoped to hear from Chairman Butler,
with the call for his committee to
meet at the same time and place, in
time for publication in this issue but
was disappointed. It trusts, however,
that in the near future the call will
be made because it is none too early
now to talk over the matter and find
out who will be In attendance.
With both national committees In
attendance, together with the Denver
conference organization committee,
the St. Louis meeting ought to" be a
big one and enthusiastic. Read the
letter from National Committeeman
E. Gerry Brown of Massachusetts,
elsewhere in this number. He sounds
the key note. Let the cry be from this
time forward, "On to St. Louis!"
There is no doubt that Christmas
has a great deal to do with Increasing
the happiness of life. For a little
time at least, most of the world pre
tends to adopt the teachings of Christ,
and although it is only a pretense, it
makes life for a day happier and
brighter. All the year following, the
remembrance of Christmas brings to
the mind pleasant memories. The lit
tle shams and pretences, as much as
anything else, bring about a happy
state of mind. The whole thing is an
effect produced upon mind, brought
about in various ways, and it is all
psychological. Happiness and unhappi
ress are things wholly of the mind.
One man afflicted with poverty, poor
ly sheltered, poorly clothed and poor
ly fed is happy and goes singing
through the world, while another with
all that wealth can buy may never see
a happy day. It is not material things
that produce happiness: it is a condi
tion of the mind.
The dread grind of the years as
they pass by is broken by the Christ
mas time. Then for a short time all
join in trying to bring pleasure to
others and thereby bring the greatest
pleasure to themselves. If the ef
fort would only last through the year,
what a different world this would be.
In some hundreds of thousands of
homes this year, the homes where
wages have been cut down or where
all the wages have disappeared by the
discharge of over 1,000,000 workmen,
it will take a great effort to be hap
py, but for one day let the effort be
made and whatever hardships the
coming year may bring, it there be
one bright day around which a joy
ous remembrance will cling. Let it
be a day of smiles and loving kind
The days of those two old pluto
cratlc barnacles, Piatt and Dcpew,
seem numbered. Depcw obtained a
promise from Piatt of re-election, but
since that time Odd I has overthrown
the boss and taken his power and au
thorlty from him. For years theso
two, Piatt and Depew, havo ruled New
York, Piatt the boss and Depew the
lieutenant, one represented tho rail
road and tho other the express com
panies. They were not elected to rep
resent tho people-, but for graft, ami
they fieeurcd millions of It. Neither
one of them ever pretended to lo a
fct.ites.uiau. they iH UT Introduced any
levjUlatten in tht Interest of the po
p'.e, hut they controlled the noniltn
Hons and appointments to oittce in
their Btete and to a .hUrat U? do
e,rce In the country nt larite. Onee
in a while d iritis the last thirty years
their muthlne hx lipped a cg an
the democrat)! hive teen rlua
ta to of the public epe.ll and when
that occurred, men men ai lue Hilt
and Giovcr Cleveland have come to
th nuruue. Tb result was that
New Years Greeting
Special Holidays Combination.
We Pay the Freight.
We will deliver the following f 10.00 combination to any towns
in the state of Nebraska, freight prepaid by us, any time during the
month of December, 1903. Reference: First National Bank or The
50 lbs. Best Granulated Sugar fl.00
i lb Fancy Mixed Candy 50
i lbs Fancy Mixed Nuts 50
5 lbs Fancy Bulk Currants.... 50
1 lb Bakers Chocolate .50
1 lb Fancy Bulk Cocoanut 25
lib High Grade Tea... 50
5 lbs Gilt Edge Coffee.... . 1. 00
4 lbs Fancy 4 Crown Raisins 50
6 lbs Choice Prunes..... ; .50
4 lbs Fancy Apricots. 50
4 lbs Fancy Nectarines. . 50
4 lbs Fancy Muer Peaches... 50
6 lbs Fancy Japan Head Rice .50
2 Cans 16 oz. Cream Tartar Baking Powder .... .50
3 Packages 10c Baking Soda 25
3 Packages 10c Corn Starch. 25
3 Packages 10c Gloss Starch 25
1 lb Pure Black Pepper .25
12 bars Good Laundry Soap.. ,50
3 Bars 10c Rising Sun Stove Polish.... .25
All the above for ... . 110 . 0
Orders for customers outside ofthe stale of Nebraska and on line of railroad
entering Lincoln add 75 cents to pay part ot ireight.
Branch & Miller Co.
Box 29G2. Cor. 10th & P. St., Lincoln, Neb. What we advertise we do
"where one devil was driven out ten
more returned, each of which was
worse than the first.
The first result of the overthrow of
the Easy Boss will be that Governor
Odell will take the place of Depew
in the United States senate and short
ly after Piatt will follow Depew into
retirement. There may be somewhat
of a struggle, but that will be the end
of it. The moment the followers of
Piatt find that he has lost his power
they will turn and rend him, just as
a pack of ravenous wolves tear in
pieces and consume a wounded com
panion. There was never anything
more inhuman than machine politics.
The thing that ought to engage
right-thinking men is a study of such
prenomena. wow is it possible mat
hundreds of thousands of honest, hard
working men Christian men in
spired for the,, most part by pure
ideals, will year after year follow such
a leader and cast their votes with the
regularity of a perfect machine for a
generation or more just as such a boss
dictates? How is it that these hun
dreds of thousands will believe every
word such a boss says and believe it
all the more firmly the more the proof
of Its falsity is presented to them?
No doubt the study of such actions
by Mayor Jones resulted in his con
viction that good government could
never be obtained as long as the party
system existed.
Why is it that when a political party
Is onco established and a boss gets
control, that a man who has once
become a recognized member of that
party proceeds to deify it, to act as if
he could do no wrong, to firmly be
lieve everything that Is uid In Its
defense, and denounce as Ilea every
accusation that Is brought against it?
There U r.o doubt that there Is a suf
ficient cause, for fetich a state of mind,
but what U It?
There are tens of thousands of hon
est in Mi In the iitato of Nebraska to
day who will not believe thai the ft
lou i;t ate Rovvnmient paid off $''",
() of the M tte debt, or that Hos re
publicans since they tame tad; into
power hive, tltuo November 3,
nerene.J tho state deht ;..7::. Vx
If one thonld r a certified copy of
the condition of the lte treasury
over the lif.nature of U.a tute tn n
uicr, who they themelvf elected,
with the treat teal of the tUt at
tached, they would declare that the
document was a forgery. The .ques
tion is what produces such a state of
mind as that and what is the rem
edy, or Is there any remedy? There
is a field for "original research"
which could employ the best talent
of the most eminent sociologists and
psychologists of the world.
There does, not seem to be any re
lief in sight anywhere from this state
of mind which The Independent has
called "partisan insanity." Piatt and
Depew in their old age will be aban
doned for younger bosses and the
hundreds of thousands of voters in
New York will go on voting as the
new bosses tell -them. The old divi
sions of spoils will be maintained.
The republicans will take the "state
government and the cities outside of
New York and the democrats will
have New York. The up-state farmer
will swear by his new boss and city
democrat will swear by his new Tam
many leader just as they have in the
past, and that will continue until some
method of curing partisan insanity is
The Independent acknowedges re
ceipt from the author, Will M. Mau
pin, of a copy of "Nebraska The New
State Song," set to music by William
O'Shea. Mr. Tibbies, editor-in-chief,
is the only person about this office
capable of passing Judgment upon mu
sical stuff and he Is absent at tho
present time. But tho associate edi
tor is assured by persons qualified to
know, that "Nebraska" ought to bo
suns In every public school in tho
state and It doubtless will be before
long If Daniel Freeman doesn't dis
cover something savoring of "sectarian
ln.it ruction" hidden in Maupin'a jin
gling praise of the state.
Prof. Hawkins of Syracuse univer
sity d' no!ine i iTof. Small of th Chi
cago university nu nnnrchbt on
Ui 1 our.t cf Prof. Sniall's Mate no tit ,
about r,t;i!taj which were printed In
The ludep.-ndent U t we. k. piof.
Hawkins d cim3 th U "academic free
dom cannot be used a a cloak fur tho
dtfentlnatlon of lner;dl.iry ptHl.il
eoctr'.n- t." It r . !.s th.it the t.M At,
U on a i!ft. Prof. -.-.or In unlmN
tl j i.iTt te.nh pluto. ra.-y or r-1 o :U
Join thtj Old Guard 0! Pop tiMni,

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