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JUNE 29, 1905
Real Estate and
g Farm Land
0' - "
The Independent guarantees the reliability
ol the advertisers using this department. The
Real Estate and Farm Land Directory has lust
been established, and it is desired to continue
It a a regular feature of tbis paper. " The ad
vertisers who are. makintr use of this section
would like to know that Independent readers
are taking an Interest in it. When you write
to them on any subject please mention The
TT. 4 f Central Kansas farms Reasonable
Vjf You can't missH where corn, wheat
, . oats, and alfalfa, all grow well;
Abundance of srood water: a fine stock country,
I1ARGAINS:- 480 acres, finely improved. 15o
acres alfalfa and bluegrass, $20 per acre. 220
acres: we!limiroved:flne spring; timber: some
bottom. 28 acres alfalfa; Price $6000. W. 80 acres
all smooth; small Improvements; well located;
2100.00. Write us for good descriptions on these
larms and lists. Garrison and Studebaker, Flor
ence. Kansas; also offices at Salina and Min
, neapelis. -.-.
. . , i ...!
and nrnmiginop larce returns. run tar-
- v. . 1
ticulars on application. Jo. A. Parker,
Louisville, Ky.
Call on or Address
F; D. EAGER, 1328 O St.
Lincoln, Nebraska.
5 1,329 Acres
' Republican Valley bottom farm
for sale, cheap: Red willow county; well
improved; close to town, write for il
lustraten descriptive csrcular, giving
'prices and terms. This is a bargain.
McKillip fit Swallow,
Humphrey, Nebraska. ?
OCEANA Is the most productive
county in Michigan. Fruit, Grain, Clo-
ver. Alfalfa, Potatoes, Stock, Poultry,
Fine. Climate. , All sizes, . all prices
Easy paymcn'.s, good markets, and the
best people. Send for list to J. D. S.
Hanson, Hart, Mich. .
OTATE manager WANTED By an estab-
Hsbed Ohio corporation; to handle present bus-
fnen nq locate new agencies :V"E?
omtitn nns nam nne onDonumiy lor men 01
character and ability, qaress Aianager iv54.
Ontario Bldg., Toledo. Ohio.
A. L. Hoover & Son, Props.
. . 1 .
Centrally located, Cor. 13th
and M Sts. The largest hotel
in the city, up-to-date and 1st
class in every respect. Prices
moderate. American and Euro
pean plans. Phones in all rooms
52 rooms with bath.
Vi i mi f ni nnnmriiT nirrrr-ir
In a pistol fight between al-lout the country, acting as agents for
wod MfAhinwpra and oolicemen in I manufacturers of clothing houses,
nhicaffo. Patrolmen William McGeo-
hegan was probably fatally Injured,
and John Maloney, alleged to have
been ; one of the cracksmen, was
wounded in the stomach and leg.
Labor Commissioner William Ander-
son has concluded to add a new feat-
ure to his forthcoming annual report
to Governor Folk and has instructed
his agents in the field gathering, sta
tistics to collect all data on municipal
ownership.- The order is the result
of a movement in Missouri, especially
among cities of third and fourth
classes, to own weir ow wr
gas plants.
Carter of Hawaii mailed his
I fnclnmotinn in TProolrton t HnnSAVPlt. Hfl
wjibuuwu . w i
"ill leave vu. iiuuvj t iui ii uumu0vv-
to discuss the matter of his retire-
weui nuui me ex uw ou.xy.
.. J- iUA Mni.AwnAhln Via nOC 1
been in cable correspondence with the
president regarding it and has re-
ceived permission to go to the capitol
for a personal Interview. The resig
nation was the culmination of a long
series of events which led , Governor
Carter to the conclusion that he could
be of more service to the territory of
Hawaii outside the gubernatorial
chair than in that position
Bv the direction of President Roose-
vit rtinn has boon taken bv the ad-
ministration, which not only will facil-
itate the landing in this country of
Chinese to the exempt classes, but
will also eliminate from the immigra-
tion bureau such administrative fea-
tures as have been the subject of
fvrHif.ism bv Chinese. It is the de -
clared intention of the president to
coo that PhiriPOA morrhants. travelers J
a th0 f tho r0mnt
ioCMO caii a thc, enmA murtAsv
shown them by officers of th'e immlgra-
tion bureau as is accorded to citizens
of the most favored nations.
While traveling at the rate of sey-
enty miles an hour the famous Twen-
tieth Century limited, the fastest long-
Histanoft train in the world, ran
through an open switch at the little
town of Mentor, east of Cleveland,
causing one of the- worst wrecks
in the history of the Lake Shore road,
The engine was hurled into the, ditch.
a Dart 0 train - was crushed on
i , ' v
luu uj. it auu uic mew nao i)cii hi
l hlirT1(a(j Thp tprroi-s of thp wrpek
were doubled in the horrors of . thel
Br e". The train was crowded." Mt'wasl
behind time and the greatest of speed
was being-made to make up the lost
Postmaster General Cortelyou has
issued an order amending the postal
regulations so as to provide that no
postmaster, assistant postmaster, su
npHntpndent of delivery, assistant
sunerintendent of delivery, clerk, let
ter carrier, or any employe at any
nost office. - shall act as collector or
agent for any firm in the sale or man
ufacture .of letter .carriers' uniforms
or t any portion thereof. This action
was taken in consequence of the
practice which has for some time ob
tained of certain officers or employes
of the, respective postoffices through- hold of an old list.
Please Mention THE INDEPENDENT When You Write to Advertisers.
which make a specialty of manufac-
turing uniforms for letter carriers.
Outbreaks of a revolutionary char
acter occurred in the city of Lodz,
Poland. The workmen struck, barrl-
d we e constructed bombs were
tnrown and frequent collisions took
place between Cossacks and the peo
ple. Some of the reports state that
the revolutionists threw vitriol in the
eyes of the soldiers, driving them wild
and causing them to pour volley after
volley among. the crowds. While no
accurate count has been made it Is
estimated that 200 men, women and
nhHiWn wpw slain and that 800 were
wounded. Dozens of , bodies were
of , bodies
picked up In the streets, thrown into
,3 niA nir f tka nam a.
wagUUS UUU uaitcu an aj iu m
TPnes. lUc laical iclJUiLO liiuiVCH.
that the revolutionists have been
. I - .1 xi I
anven to cover ana mat me guvwu
ment js now .n control of the -situa-
Chief Engineer Wallace of the Pan
ama canal has returned to" this coun
try. Mr. Wallace comes to complete
arrangements which were left unfin
ished on his departure for the isthmus.
He says that. the work is progressing
very satisfactorily. The force is in
creasing ana seuung aown 10 sujauy
labor. The engineering committee is
preparing plans for tne Doara or con:
suiting engineers ana. mis is anoiner
reason ror ms return, we requested
a leaye or aosence Dy caDie ana comes
on to talk matters over with Secre
tary Taft before the latter departs
e rmupmes. me cousuiuug u
Uers will probably meet in August
or septemoer ana arter tnis meeting
Mr. Wallace will return to the isth-
mus.. Mrs. Wallace accompanied
District Attorney Jerome of New
York county has entered into an in-
vestigation of the Equitable Life As-
surance society-, trouble and tel-
egrapnea to oiaie ouperm.enaent oi
Insurance Hendricks asking' him to
forward him at once official copies
of his report. Attention was directed
to the fact that four of the Equitable
officers mentioned m the report of
State- Superintendent of Insurance
Hendricks as dra-wing salaries for the
last vwr fivfi arP. no Innr vrtivtAv
i j
connected With the company. E. W.
Lambert appears in the report as med
ical directbr with a" salary of $5,000 s
year. He died thirteen months ago
and yet, according to the ' table, his
salary was paid this year and last.
Edward Curtis, who figures as a med
ical director at $15,000 a-year, re-
signed that position eighteen months
ago. George H. Squire, who is now
- a director of the company, is down
on the list as nnancial manager at
- $1,000 a year, although H. R. With
rop succeeded Mr. Squire as financla
manager many T months aga ? J. B
Loring Is recorded as registrar with
a salary of $3,500 a year. Mr. Lor
ing ceased -to perform the; active du
ties of the registrarship in 1903. Offi
cers of the society today said tha
possibly Mr. Hendricks
had gotten
The Dr. Benj. P. Bailey Sanato
rium, Lincoln, Nebr Largest, best
equipped and most beautifully
furnished. In the suburbs of
Lincoln, this institution for the
medical and furglcal treatment of
all non-eon tagious diseases, pre
sents the ideal, in its nursing
corpe, its massage,' its electrical
. equipments, its bath' department,
physical culture, dietetics and, in
fact, everything which goes to
make up a scientific yet homelike
institution .A delightful place in
which to get well and learn how
to keep well.
The great extent of territory
served by the North -Western
Line in Iowa and the Dakotas,
as well as other states north
and east, enables it to offer
the most convenient train ser
vice to all important points.
, Fast time and equipment
that embodies
The Best of Everything
For tickets and full information apply to -R.
W. McGINNIS, General Agent
1024 0 Street Lincoln, Nebr.
Chic&go & North-Westera R&Uway
NW449 '
The Motas

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