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SEPTEMBER 21, 1905
G6c Nobraokc. Indopondont
vor or not. They believe it to be a
private perquisite of their own, and
they think that those of us who agi
tate against passes are intermeddiers
and a menace to their private rignts. :
Only One Way Out
The people of this state will never
get relief from railroad influence until
the old pass-holders are left out of
all conventions and until candidates
are nominated by the people them
selves who are not tainted with rail-
road influence. This is true of 'can
dldates in all political parties. I
would rather have a republican legis
lature composed of members who
have never ridden upon passes than
a democratic or populist pass holding
legislature. And the same way, I
would rather have a populist or dem
ocratic legislature composed of mem
bers who have never ridden on passes
than a republican legislature com
posed of old time pass-holders. What
I mean to say is that not until we
get a legislature and state officials
composed of men who are absolutely
'free from railroad influence and I
(believe that means men who have
never accepted transportation from
the railroadswill we shake off rail
road control and have actually a gov
' eminent by the people.
Gives People No Hope
' The platform is significant for one
other thing. It says absolutely not
one word about freight rates and rail
road taxes in Nebraska, and it gives
the people no hope whatever along
this line. The free pass Is wrong for
' two reasons. In the first place it is
unjust discrimination, and should be
abolished for that reason. In the sec
ond place, the pass is a bribe, and we
;want to abolish the passes so that we
may get rid of extortionate freight
'rates and properly tax the railroads.
,The real evil in the state of Nebraska
is extortionate freight rates and the
( undervaluation of railroad property.
This is the evil we want to eradicate
and I do not believe that we can do
it until the free pass system is de-
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' .
stroyed. Now then I would like to
ask the republican state convention
what its Duroose is after the free pass
is destroyed? What is your plan up
on the freight rate question? What
is your plan about the question oi
taxing the railroads?
President's Weakest Words
The platform adopted is significant
because of another fact. It quotes
President Roosevelt on the line of in
terstate commerce legislation. The
weakest thing that President Roose
velt ever said upon the railroad ques
tion is put in that platform. Here is
the quotation from President Roose
velt: .
"I believe that all corporations en
gaged in interstate commerce should
be under the supervision of the na
tional government. I do not believe
in taking steps hastily and it may be
that all that is necessary in the im
mediate future is to pass an inter
state commerce bill conferring upon
some branch of the executive govern
ment the power of effective action to
remedy the abuses in connection with
railway transportation.
In all the speeches that President
Roosevelt has made this is the weak
est portion of them all upon the rail
road question. In other speeches
President Roosevelt has declared that
he" favored the abolition of all dis
crimination in freight rates, such as
the abolition of the private car sys
tem, rebates, etc., but he has gone
farther than this. He has insisted
that the interstate commerce commis
sion should be clothed with power to
fix rates. This is absolutely essential
if anything effective is to be done
with interstate commerce. The res
olution Tuerefore is vague and vacil
ating upon the question of the pow
ers of the interstate commerce com
mission. "
I do not believe that the railroad
question will be solved untit the gov
ernment ' owns the railroads. Until
we can have government ownership,
however, let us in good, faith try to
regulate : them. I believe much head
way can be made along the line of
regulation. No progress will be made,
however, as long as the game of poli
tics is played. No real headway will
be made as long as the pass-holders
are in control. We must do this with
out them. If a republican legislature
in Nebraska will ever pass an effec
tive anti-pass law, and will ever ef
fectively control the railroads, I will
be the best pleased man in the state.
I care not what the complexion of
the legislature is that will pass this
kind' of a law. All I care about is
that a real law will be passed and
not a makeshift or a make-believe
that will give us no relief.
A Difficult Position
Two Irishmen were crossing a bog
when one of them fell into a mudhole
His companion, running to a nearby
farm house, asked the loan of a spade
"What do you want it for?" asked
the farmer. . -
"Sure, Mike is stuck in the bog and
I want to dig him out," was the an
"How far in is he sunk?" questioned
the farmer.
"Ud to his ankles."
"Begorra, then he can easy walk
out" . :
"Begorra, he can't," exclaimed Pat.
He's in wrong end up.
Provoking Mistake
The caller was -angry, and even
belli ererent.
'I want an exDlanation and an apol
ogy, sir" he said. "In your paper this
morning you had an account oi tne
wedding at the Smithbys last night,
and you spoke oi "tne jay tnat at
tended the hanoy pair as they wen!
to the altar.' Now, sir, I'm the "
"Gracious heaven!" casDed tne edi
tor. "I wrote it joy' "Chicago
Nye-Schneider-Fowler Presents an
Original Plea Based on a Claim
That Jukin Bill Supersedes All
Other Legislation
The members of the Nebraska
Grain Dealers' association, defend
ants in a suit filed by the state of
Nebraska to dissolve the association
on the ground that it is operating
contrary to laws prohibiting restraint
of trade, have filed demurrers in the
supreme court, but arguments will not
be heard for several months.
All of the defendants, with
the exception of the Nye-Schnei
der-Fowler company, have filed de
murrers challenging the jurisdiction
or the court and alleging that there
a a misjoinder of causes of action
and of parties.
A Unique Contention
The Nye-Schneider-Fowler com
pany alleges in a motion filed that
the petition of the state is framed as
a suit in equity under the Junkin act
which took effect July 1, 1905, and no
other law previously enacted or now
n force will support such an action
nequity. It is alleged that the Junkin
act if it is now enforced at all, and ap
plication all prior statutes on this
subject, hence all actions occurring
prior to July 1, 1905, are immaterial
add should not be permitted to be
pleaded. This defendant therefore
moves to strike from the petition the
words 'for the last three years," and
if the plaintiff desires to substitute
any other time therefore to limit such
time to a date not prior to July 1,
1905. In the alternative, if the fore
going be overruled, then to vacate the
restraining order.
State's Position
Attorney General Brown, who drew
up the petition for the state, did not
indicate under what act the suit was
begun. An intimation was given that
if the Junkin act or any of the other
anti-trust laws of Nebraska failed,
the suit could be prosecuted under
the common law. A temporary in
junction was issued when the petition
was filed. At it was an original ac
tion in the supreme court the case
will be tried in that court and deposi
tions have been taken. Further testi
mony was to have been taken yes
terday before Notary Minor Bacon,
but owing to the heavy rains and con
seuent disorganization of railroad traf
fic, it was said no witnesses were
able to reach Lincola and no hearing
was held. v
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