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FEBRUARY 8, 1S06 .
&6o Nobraskt. Indopondont
TcncrifTe Canary Grass
What would you think if told that there is
one of the most profitable farm crops which
can be grown in any part of the country and
still which is not grown anywhere? It is a plant
The farmers are just beginning to wake up to
the great importance of new crops, and quite
a number of items like Dwarf Kssex Kape.
Speltz, Alfalfa, Cow Peas and Kaffir Corn
which were almost unknown twenty years ago
are now covering thousands of acres of land.
But He Still Has a Kindly Feeling
For the Railways and Hopes the
President Will Be .as Easy With
Them as Possible.
The U. S. Dept. of Agriculture made an anal
ysis of the hay last September which was as
follows: Moisture 13.77; Ash 5.42; Ether Extract
2.65; Protein Bodies 6.54; Crude Fibre 21.98; Nit
rogen Free Extract 49.64. In their repovt the
Dept. of Agriculture states this analysh com
pares very favorably with that of many of the
leading grasses, and in so far as a chemical an
alysis can show it indicates that Canary Grass
is decidedly nutritious. While we have no de
finite report as to the actual weight of hay pro
duced per acre, still we have no doubt that it
will yield twice as much as Timothy or fully
equal to Cierman or Japanese Millet, and a pe
culiarity is that the grass seems to be of about
as nutritious quality after the seed is matured
and has been threshed out.
The Teneriffe Canary Grass is being introduce
ed this year by the Iowa Seed Co., of Des
Moines, Iowa, and f eehng sure that our readers
will be interested in this crop, we have made
arrangements with them to mail a small sample
of the seed to you free, if you mention this pap
er in your request, and they will also send with
same directions for cultivating, and a copy of
their large illustrated catalogue which describ
es many other choice novelties in farm, vesre-
t.ahlft and flowr sf1s Tin tint apt t.hia nnnf us
ed with other varieties of Phalarus which pro
duce a similar grain but are inferior in produc
tiveness and quality. If you are going to try
is, insist on having the true Teneriffe Canary
Grass Seed.
75c per 100.
. $5. per 1,000. -
As valuable in summer against
sun-scald, hot winds, etc. as
they are in winter against cold
and rabbits. Recommended by
all leading orchardists and hor
ticultural societies.
Send for samples and testi
monials. Do not wait until
rabbits and mice ruin, your
trees, -
Wholesale Nursery Catalogue
now ready; send for one.
Agents wanted everywhere.
Hart Pioneer Nurseries
Fort Scott, Kans., Box 84.
Washington, Feb. 4. Senator Mil
lard has given out the following pre
pared statement replying to a Ne
braska newspaper that asserted that
he had not for a year been on , the
best of terms with the president:
"Nothing could be further from the
truth. The story must have been in
vented by some one who is unfriendly.
Why, only within the last week or ten
days President Roosevelt took occa
sion to say to me that he considered
me one of hi3 staunchest friends in
the senate.
Strong Partisan
"Republicans throughout the state
know that I am a stroner nartisan
that I always support the republican
ticket (as the record will show.) and
that I have always supported the re
publican administration. It is mv
purpose to continue to support admin
istration measures in the senate which
include statehood for the territories,
the Philippine tariff reduction, the
railway rate question and all- aues
tions of party policy urged by the
president upon the consideration of
the senate. I shall vote with my party
in all cases. -
Justice to the Railroads
"As my residence in Nebraska ante
dates the advent of most of the citi
zens of the state, having settled in
the-territory in 1857. I believe I know
the people and the people have come
to know me. Some of them know, as
1 . do, what it is to reside in a region
without railroads; and the value of
railroads to the business interests and
to the farmers and the uplift they give
to land value everywhere. -While rail
way men in many cases have done
things they should not have done, it
is none the less true that the great
wealth of Nebraska is in an important
degree due to the help of the rail
ways in getting our products to mar
ket, . and in many other ways. This
fact should be recognized by men of
all parties.
"Conceding that abuses have grown
up in the method of making railroad
tariffs which call for restrictive legis
lating, we must not forget that the
Dear Sir: Please ash your WIFE, DAUGHTER
or SISTER io Read T.1Y FREE Offer.
From a Woman of Notre Dame, Ind.
I will mail, free of any charge, this Home Treat
ment with full instructions and history of my own
case to any lady suffering with female trouble.
You can cure yourself at home without the aid of
any physician. It will cost-you nothing to give
tne treatment a trial, and if you decide to continu
it will only cost you about 13 cents a week. It will
not interfere with your work or occupation. I
have nothing to sell. Tell other sufferers of it
Thisis all I ask. It cures all, young or old.
. t If you feel a bearing-down sensation," sense
of impending evil, pain In the back or bowels,
creeping feeling up the spine, a desire to cry fre
quently, hot flashes, weariness, frequent desire to
urinate, or if you have Leucorrhea (Whites). Dis
placement or Falling oi the Womb, Prof use, Scant
or Painful Periods, Tumors or Growths, address
Mrs. M. Summers for the Free Treatment and Full
Information. Thousands besides myself have cured
themselves with it. I send it in rilaln wrurmers.
TO riOTHER3 OP DAUGHTERS I will explain a simple Home Treatment which speedily and
fctually cures Leucorrhea, Green Sickness and Painful or Irregular Menstruation in young
es. It will save you anxiety and expense and save your daughter the humiliation of explain
her troubles to others. Plumpness and health always result from its use.
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Jnd will gladly tell any sufferer that this Home Treatment really cures all diseased conditions of
our delicate female organism, thoroughly strengthens relaxed mustles and ligaments which cauae
dsplacement. and makes women well. Write today, as this offer may not be made again.
Notre Dame, Ind., U. S. A. MRS. M. SUMMERS, Box 169.
"f ' v V J
railroads are entitled to fair treatment
at the hands of congress, notwith
standing they do things at times that
we cannot commend. My opinion is
that the railway is entitled to -the
same consideration that is due any
great corporation, large business con
cern or individual nothing less, noth
ing more.
, Position of the Senator
"My position in this regard is in
harmony with that of President Roose
velt, who in his message at the open
ing of congress, suggesting' remedial
legislation in the interest of shippers,
used this language: ; -
"'Let me most earnestly say that
these recommendations are not made
In any spirit of hostility to the rail
roads. On ethical grounds, on grounds
of right, .such hostility would be in
tolerable and on the grounds of mere
national self-interest we must remem
ber that such hostility would tell
against the welfare of not merely
some few rich men, but of a " multi
tude of small investors, a multitude of
railway employes, wageworkers; and
most severely against the interests of
the public as a whole. I believe that
on the whole our railroads have done
well -and not ill; but the railroad men
who wish to do well should not b
exposed to competition with those who
have no such desire, and the only
way to secure this end is to give to
some government; tribunal the power
to see that justice is done.'
"Business men throughout Ne
braska know that I am disposed to be
conservative in expressing views on
any Important subject of legislation.
In respect to a revision of the inter
state commerce law, there "is every
reason to believe that the senate will
adopt such amendments to the stat
utes as will meet the approval of the
president and the people of Nebraska
In my judgment, the new legislation
will not be radical, but will be based
upon the principle of the square deal,
to which I pledge my best endeavors,
regardless to what the result may be
to my political fortunes."
Friendly to Both Sides
The senator s private secretary,
through whom this statement comes,
adds for himself: , '
"Senator Millard's best friends will
understand this. While he is friendly
with the railway interest, he is equally
friendly with the business interests
and producers of Nebraska, and he will
treat every interest fairly, whether it
be that of citizen, firm or corporation.
If the good citizens of Nebraska will
wait until the railroad rate bill comes
up in the senate this session they will
have every reason to be satisfied with
Senator Millard's action in regard to
It." :
Insurance Policyholders Put Faith
In Boston Man
Boston, Feb. . 3. Thomas, W. Law-
son left this city for Chicago today
armed with a 'large number of proxies
made out to Mr. La wson by policy
holders of the Equitable, New York
Life and Mutual Life Insurance com
panies. It is Lawson's intention to
deliver the proxies to a committee
made up of governors of the Middle-
west and west proper who have as
sembled in Chicago to discuss insur
ance reform. -
Before his departure Mr. Lawson
declined to outline the policy he pro
poses to advocate, and he also refused
to disclose the identity of the gover
nors to whom he will deliver his
proxies, who are said to be in accord
with him in his campaign for improve
ment in the method of conducting
the affairs of insurance companies.
A large number of clerks have
been engaged in Mr. Lawson's office
for several months for the sole pur
pose of collecting and classifying
these proxies, and the number now
n his possession is said to be suffi
ciently great to command a voice in
the affairs of three companies.
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Medicine does it.
Man Medicino cures man-weakness,
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manhood, functional failure, vital weak-,
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ney trouble and nervousness. ,
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Medicine, and the full size dollar package
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use it. ' The full size dollar package free,
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The best known remedy for Rheumatism,
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send us 85 cents. If not send nothing, send n
money only your name, write now.
ThkDb.Bienemann Co., South Bend Ind.
Souvenir Post Cards, (Comic, Art A fl.l
View). No 2 alike. Postpaid. Address ftC
Sunbeam Studlo.K 44 Fulton St.. N. Y, IWUItf
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homes or investment; list free. JO
A. PARKER, Louisville, Ky.
$ Columbia
$ 100,O0O.UOV
1,350,000.00 JC
cjjohn B. Wright, President-
C,J. II. Westcott, 1st Vice Pres.
Joe. Samuels 2d Vice PresJr
P. L. Hall, Cashier
jQW. B. Ryons, Asst. Cashier,Qj
8 4 B anli
of Lincoln, Nebraska.
s capital,
Nervous, Chronic and
Private Diseases of
Treatment by Mali
Bloed Poison,
Kidney and Blad
der Troubles, All
Unnatural Weak
nesses, stricture
Disorders of Men
Young, middle-aged and old Men.
Examination and consultation free.
Write to-day. P. O. Box 224. Office
over Miller A Taine'a store.'
13th & O Street, Lincoln. Neb
Please Mention THE INDEPENDENT When Writing to Advertisers.
; i
I i I J f X 1 . I)

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