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Efo Nebraska. Indepondont
FEBRUARY 8, 1906
GEORGE W. BERGE, Editor and Publisher.
FREDERIC O. BERGE, Business Manager
Published Every Thursday
1328 O Street
Lincoln, Nebraska
Entered at the po.offlce at Lincoln,
Nebraska, as second -class mail matter,
tinder the act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
Subscriptions Can be sent direct to
The Independent. They can also be sent
thrjugh newspapers which have adver
tised a clubbing rate, or through local
agents, where sub-agents have been ap
pointed. All remittances should be sent
by postoffice money order, express order,
or by bank draft on New York or Chicago.
Change of Address Subscribers re
questing a change of address must give
the OLD as well as the NEW address.
Advertising rates furnished upon appli
cation. Add i ess all communications, and
make all dntfts, money orders, etc., pay
able to
' publishers of The Independent
want agents everywhere to canvass
for subscriptions and sell Mr. Berge's
new book, "THE FREE PASS BRI
BERY SYSTEM." See advertisement
of book elsewhere in this paper. We
receive hundreds of orders through
the mails. It is the only book writ"
ten upon a subject In which the peo
ple are just now vitally interested.
The people everywhere will want the
book. Ex-Governor Larabee of Iowa
ordered ten books before same were
off the press. We receive orders from
all parts of the country. This book
is a seller. All you have to do Is to
tell about it. You can make $100.00
per month. Write at once for terms.
. Lincoln, Neb.
' s
5 Tltt proper study of mankind is man. A
- rope.
. Swami Trigunatita is the resident
priest of the first Hindu temple ever
erected m the western world. The so
ciety has a membership of fifty and
the temple is located at San Fran
cisco. Prof. G. E. Santayana of Harvard
has been attracting large audiences
to his lectures in Paris and is awaken
ing the French to the work of Ameri
can philosophers. .
The most favored man in the king
dom of Siam is an American named
Strobel. He is the king's counsel,
and his . majesty takes no important
step without consulting his attorney
S.' T, .Dodson of Oklahoma has
named his ten children after as many
states in : the union. The daughters
are Virginia, Carolina, Georgia, Flor
ida, Idaho, and Jersey, while the boys
are " Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and
Henry Labouchere retires from par
liament without regret from the
women of Great Britain, for whom he
had no sympathy. It was he who re
ferred to the aristocratic dames of
the "Primrose league" as the "Prim
rose Pollies."
Captain Elmer Mikkelson, the Dan
ish explorer, who took part in the
Baldwin and Amdrup Polar expedi
tions, and who proposes to explore the
polar regions west of those explored
by , Sverdrupr has started for the
United States. He expects to make a
start from San Francisco in June.
Dr, M. V. O'Shea of Wisconsin uni
versity created a sensation by saying
in an address to the County Teachers'
intitute at Seattle the other day:
"There ought to be just as many men
as women in the schools. How much
more would the children be benefited
did they come in contact more with
strong, vigorous men? I think this
is the crying need of education today.
The profession is too much monop
olized by women." ' .
Alfred Gwynne Vandervilt has or
ganized a private automobile factory
in Sew York city, which is to be
equipped with all the modern labor
saving machinery, where cars for Mr.
Vanderbilt's use only will be made.
Mme. Melba possesses such a re
tentive memory that she can learn
an entire opera within a week. She
does much of her studying in bed,
where she is far from noise, but the
airs are chiefly mastered while she
is walking or driving. f
Sergeant Fred Calhoun Fagan ot the
Thirty-ninth coast artillery, now sta
tioned at Fort McIIenry, is the largest
man in either army or navy and is
one of the best gunners in the former.
He weighs 289 pounds and is serving
his fifth enlistment.
Professor Baldwin of the Johns
Hopkins university, has Just returned
from Mexico, where, at the request
of. the Mexican government, he has
spent six years inspecting the educa
tional system of that country, as a
guest of President Diaz.
General E.-S. Bragg, United States
consul at Hong Kong, will celebrate
his seventy-fifth birthday at Hong
Kong on February 20. He and Mrs.
Bragg remain in good health. They
expect to return home next summer.
The sultan of Turkey has a camera,
made by an American firm, the like
of which does not exist. The metal
work i of gold, the framework of the
finest ivory, the bellows of morocco
leather lined with black velvet, and
the whole inclosed In a case of white
morocco with a gold lock and keyt
It cost approximately $8,000.
General J. F. Smith, who will be
come the new Philippine governor
general, is little known in -the east,
but long ago achieved prominence in
his native state, California. His pres
ent position was attained through his
military career, beginning in the
Spanish-American war, when he saw
service in the Philippines.
On the day when the late Duke of
Westminister was promoted to his
dukedom he visited his children's
quarters to communicate the news to
them. "What do you think they have
made me now?" he said. "They have
made me a duke." "Why, father," ex
claimed one of the smaller denizens of
the nursery, "that's what we call our
Having been described In ttie Wash
ington Post as a noble red man, Law
yer Robert L. Owen has written a let
ter to the editor. "I hold as a self
evident truth," he says, "that a man
who is ninety-nine parts Irish and one
part Cherokee is to all Intents and
purposes an Irishman, even if he is
by the statutes of the United States a
Cherokee Indian."
Major" S. H. M. Byers of Des Moines,
la., recently visited the old Confed
erate prison at Columbia, S. C, where
he was confined as a prisoner during
the Civil war. He escaped by sawing
a hole through the building. . While
looking over the scene of his escape
forty years ago he discovered the very
hole and had the surrounding boards
cut out and the relic shipped to his
There is a proposition before the
Ohio legislature to abolish capital
punishment, and one of the advocates
of this departure is E. G. Coffin of
Springfield, former warden of the
state penitentiary. He points to the
example of Wisconsin, which, in 1853
did this thing, and says that murders
have decreased there. Mr. Coffin's
Please Mention THE INDEPENDENT When You Write to Advertisers.
Hon to Curs
I searched the whole cartb for a specific for
Rheumatism something that 1 or any phyi lcian
could feel safe In prescribing something that
we could count on not only occasionally, but
with reasonable certainty. For the ravages ot
Rheumatism are everywhere and genuine relief
is rare.
Alter twenty years of search and experiment,
I learned ot the German chemical I now employ.
A nd 1 knew then that my search and my etiorls
were well rewarded. For this chemical, in
combination with others, gave me the basis oi a
remedy which in the cure of Kheumatim Is
practically certain. In many, many tests and j
difficult cuses this prescription bus with regu- j
lariy justified the confidence 1 Uaii in it.
Mild cases are sometimes reached by a
long experience as warden leads him
to believe that persons contemplating
murder give no thought whatever to
the matter of punishment. .
The late W. C. Putnam of Daven
port, la., provided in his will that his
entire estate of $700,000 shall ulti
mately go to the Davenport academy
of sciences. His art collections and
library, the most valuable private
gatherings in that state, are also left
to the institution, with provision for
the erection of a fireproof buiridng in
which they will be installed.
Pettit's hotel at Jamaica, L. I., af
ter 167 years of active life, is to be
torn down, and a new hotel will be
erected. Washington mentioned it in
his diary as "a fit and decent tavern,"
and many other notables, among them
General Grant, found it up to that
reputation. - It must be hoped that the
old tavern prestige will not be lost
in modernization.
Congressman Olmsted of Pennsyl
vania expresses this opinion: "It
takes a man about four terms in the
house to familarize himself with his
office. . A district that intends keeping
a man in Washington for only two
terms might almost as well send a
clerk here, because the member never
learns more than the performance of
the routine duties before he is called
upon to give up his office to another,
who will go in the same way."
You are playing sweet and low,
The old songs of long ago;
And the high lamp's crimson shade
Poured a softened light that made
Mystic shadows in your hair
Shadows which were laughing there
As the shadows of the dawn
Leaped and laughed in days agone.
So you played and so I dreamed
While the pranking firelight gleamed
In its race along the wall ;
And I heard the boy days call
In the songs that thrilled my heart
With their subtly simple art
As when practiced hands are swept
O'er a harp that long has slept.
Winding paths through meadow lands
Brooks that sang on silver sands,
Bending branches on the trees,
Noontime chants of honey bees,
Drifting Indian summer haze,
Pelting snows of wintry days,
Wondrous stars that blazed above
All this you knew nothing of.
Yet you played, and, playing, wrought
All the glories unforgot;
And the high' lamp's ruddy glow
Where the glints swayed to. and fro
Seemed some way to blend and blur
Into those fair- days that were
Led me backward, mile on mile,
To each golden olden while.
WT. D. Nesbit in Chicago Tribune. -
Dr. Darlington, health commissioner
of New York citj, testifies that the
warm winter has reduced the death
rate materially that all pulmonary
Dr. Snoop's R
1 don't mean that Dr. Snoop's Rheumatic
Tablets can turn bony joints into flesh aain
and never fail that Is imvoible. But they
will with reasonable certainty drive from tha
blood the poison that causes pain and swelling,
and then that is the end of tii pain and swell
ing the end of suflering the end of Kheuoia
tism. - Any rheumatic sufferer who writes may re
ceive my little boot on Rheumatism, including
professional .advice as to diet, etc., free. With
the took I will also send without charge, my
"II: allh Token," an intended purport to good
health. Address Dr. ShooD, box 6910, Racine,
Wis. :
single package for sale by 40,000 Druggists.
heumafic Tablets
are no other diseases that increase.
"A fine day in January is Just as good
as one in April," he observes. But
you must not dress for April for a
mild January day you must dress for
Henry Vignaud, secretary of the
American embassy at Paris, tells of an
American who was being shown the
tomb of Napoleon. As .the loquacious
guide referred to the various points,
of interest in connection with the
tomb the American evinced the great
est interest in all that was said.
"This immense sarcophagus," de
claimed the guide, "weighs forty tons.
Inside of that, sir, is a steel receptacle
weighing twelve tons, and .inside of
that is a leaden casket, hermetically
sealed, weighing over two tons. In
side of that rests a mahogany coffin
containing the remains of the great
man."- For a moment the American
was silent, as if in deep meditation.
Then he said: "It seems to me that
you've got him all right. If he ever
gets out, cable me at my expense."
how to get rn
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paper by the number of replies we
Fill out this coupon, mail it to the
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