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The Nebraska Independent
Must Not Be Regarded in Light of
Endorsement for Presidential
London "It is two years before the
convention meets, and I am not will
ing to sit on a stool and look pretty
that long. I prefer to be in a position
to say what I think ought to be said,
write what I think ought to be written
and do what I think ought to be donej"
William J. Bryan in these words out
lined his position in regard to his
boom for the presidency of the United
Slates on arrival here from Norway
late this afternoon, twelve hours ear
lier than his friends - had expected.
With Mrs. Bryan, he landed at New
castle yesterday and remained there
over night, desiring an opportunity
quietly to complete some writing. On
reaching here Mr. Bryan went to the
Hotel Cecil, where he was soon be
seiged by callers. John Burns. Wil
liam T. Stead and Mrs. Stead came
early in the evening and paid an ex
tended visit. Messrs. Bryan, Burns
and Stead engaged in an animated
discussion of economics and of the
social and labor questions.
Outlines His Position
Mr. Bryan received a great mass of
American mail. When he had finished
reading his letters he received a dep
utation of newspaper correspondents
and dictated the following statement:
"The first suggestion of a reception
for me at New York came prior to the
action of any of the state conventions
and before there was any discussion
of the next campaign. It came from
the Commercial Travelers' league, of
which Mr. Hoag is president. I assured
him I should be pleased to meet the
members of the league, suggesting that
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the reception be characterized by sim
Now, that the actions of some of the
state conventions have raised a ques
tion as to the political significance of
the reception, I am glad to say that
it must not be regarded in the light
of an indorsement for the presidentia!
nomination. While I appreciate the
compliment paid by the various state
conventions, I do not regard their ex
pressions as binding upon them or
upon the party of their state. I shal
not prosecute them for breach of
promise if they ; transfer their . aff ec
tions to another;.! shall not even pub
lish their letters. To allow the recep
tion to be regarded as an indorsement
would in the first place be unjust
to others who may be candidates
Others To Be Considered
"I have seen the names of . several
mentioned as possible candidates
among them . Congressman Hearst
Senator Bailey . and Governor Folk
who' have all 'rendered conspicuous
service to the party and the country
and their claims should be considered
The party is entitled to its most avail
able man, and the question of avail
ability can not be determined so far
in advance. Circumstances and issues
may strengthen the claims of some of
the gentlemen mentioned, and the list
should be an open one until the time
comes to choose.
"I may add that . it would not be
just to me to be put in the attitude
of announcing my candidacy or admit
ting the certainty of my being a can
didate. I am advancing in yers and
can not spare two years out of my
life just at this time
"I shall be glad to return to Amer
ica, although every day of my trip has
been enjoyable. I shall be glad to meet
my friends in America, and after
have met them they will be just as
free as before to do what they think
best on issues and candidates." ,
Glad at McClellan's Escape
When told that Mayor George B. Mo
Clellan was in London Mr. Bryan said
he had not heard he was here. He
expressed his gratification that Mr.
McClellan had escaped from the Sahs
bury railroad wreck, and said he hoped
to meet him.
Mr. Bryan will speak at the Amer
ican society dinner tomorrow night;
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan will spend the
week end with -Ambassador and Mrs.
Reid, and then will go to Italy, re
turning here July 23, when Mr. Bryan
will attend the inter-parliamentary
conference. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan will
then make a tour oi Scotland, going
thence to France and Spain.
On Way to Meet Bryan
Jacksonville, 111. M. F. Dunlap, who
departed tonight for New York city,
will sail on the Lucania for Europe
Saturday to join William J. Bryan.
San Juan, Porto Rico. The arrival
of Secretary Root here caused a
laughable incident at the expense of
the captain of the Italian cruiser Um
bria. The wireless telegraph report
ed that the United States cruiser
Charleston, with Mr. Root on board,
was due to arrive here at noon on
Monday. At that hour the United
States revenue cutter Algonquin en
tered the harbor from the island of
St. Thomas, Danish West Indies, with
Postmaster Landis and Collector of
Customs Causten of San Juan on
board. The Umbria thereupon fired
a salute of seventeen guns, but after
wards "Sent a lieutenant on board the
Algonquin explaining ' thai the com
mander of the Umbria thought the
Algonquin was the Charleston.. The
firing of the salute by the Umbria
caused a rush of spectators to the
water front.
NOTICE Send 25 cents to the Inde
pendent, Lincoln, Neb., and the paper
will be mailed to you each week until
after November election. For $1.00 the
paper will be mailed to seven different
addresses until after the election. Send
In your subscriptions.
$350,000,000 IN SIGHT
Gold Field Displays More Wealth Than
- Combined Wealth of Vanderbilts,
Goulds and Morgans
Goldfield, Nev. Three hundred and
fifty million dollars more than one
third of the national debt is the con
servative estimate made by competent
mining engineers of the value of ore
in sigh in ten principal mining groups
of Tonopah. Staggering as these fig
ures appear, they are reliable. But
it .will require several years of hard,
intelligent and consistent work to ex
tract this great volume of mineral
from the earth and transport it to mill
and smelter for reduction before the
yellow metal will be available.
This $350,000,000 in gold ore merely
represents the showing made in the
ten famous groups of Tonopah. What
the score of other properties may yield
in the way of. yellow metal is purely
problematical, but the grand total
doubtless would be quite unbelievable,
and if the gold in sight in the mines
at Goldfield and other southern Ne
vada camps is taken into considera
tion, the combined wealth of Rocke
feller, Carnegie, the Goulds, Astors and
Vanderbilts would appear small in
Nevada, in five years, will be the
greatest gold producing state in the
United States, snatching from Colo
rado the yellow crown of glory and
wealth that she tore from California's
grasp when the bonanza mines of Crip
ple Creek were discovered and began
producing gold
The ten groups of mines at Tonopah
that have more wealth in gold ore
exposed than Rockefeller and other
New York multi-millionaires can com
mand, are the Tonopah, Tonapah Ex
tension. Belmont, Jim Butler, Mac-
Namara, Midway, Montana-Tonapah,
North Star, West End and Golden An
Philadelphia Inventor Says He Has
Machine That Needs no Gas Bags.
Philadelphia Airships will soon be
as cheap as automobiles, or even
cheaper, if Auriel Bratche of this city
is right in his calculations. He has
just patented a dirigible airship that
represents his ideas, and expects to
be able to market similiar ones for
1,000 each.
He has a " small working model,
which, with a two horsepower motor,
can lift 100. pounds. He will equip his
full-sized machine with a ten horse
power motor and expects it to have
a lighting power sufficient to sustain
fully 500 pounds of dead weight in the
air, in addition to the machine, which
will weigh about 300 pounds.
No gas bags are nsed. Bratchie de
pends entirely upon mechanical means
to lift and guide his airship. The mo
tive power consists of two huge pro
pellers. The driving motor is directly
beneath, them and under the aero
planes hangs a slightly built metal
cage, like a small oil derrick, in which
the operator sits.
The propellers in a horizontal po
sition will lift and carry the machine
orward, while an inclination upwards
or downward of their axis will aid in
the ascent or descent, as desired, Brat
chie explains. More than this he will
not say. He expects to make a pub
ic demonstration some time this sum
League Formed in England to Advance
Political Program
London The Church Socialist lea
gue has just been organized by a com
mittee of clergy at Morecambe.
The object is to secure the cor
porate action of the church, based
upon the principle that the church is
pledged by its creeds, sacraments, and
traditions to recognize the value of
the men's bodies and bodily needs,
as well as their souls and soul's needs,
and that only when the church acts
in its corporate capacity in a social
istic direction can it fulfill fts social
mission. "To this end the members
of the league accept the principle of
A letter was read from the bishop
of Manchester to the effect that there
could be no question of the urgency
of the present crisis, and of the duty
of the church to seize this great op
portunity. The bishop of Birmingham
was quoted on the present monopoly
of the church by the plutocracy and
the capture of the parish churches by'
the rich. L
Findlay, Ohio, Probate Court Demands,
Presence of Magnate
Findlay, Ohio Judge Banker of the
probate . court has issued a summons
for John D. Rockefeller in connection
with the suit recently filed here
against the Standard Oil company
and Mr.' Rockefeller, In which it is
alleged that the Valentine anti-trust
law has been violated. The summons
has been turned over to Sheriff Groves,
who says he will make services ' upon
Mr. Rockefeller as soon as the latter
returns from Europe. Sheriff Groves
has gone to Cleveland to serve sum
mons upon the Standard Oil company
through one of its officers.
Little Rock Attorney General Rog
ers and Prosecuting Attorney Rhoton
of Pulaski county . today filed suit.
against the Waters-Pierce Oil com
pany, alleging a conspiracy to control
the output and prices of oil and ask
ing damages in the sum' of $2,000,000.
They also ask that the company for
feit its right to do business in Ar
kansas. The bill alleges that , the
Waters-Pierce Oil company is asso
ciated with the Standard Oil company,
Republic Oil company and others.
Former Secretary of Treasury to Join
Madam Tingley
Chicago A local paper this morn-,
ing will state that Lyman J. Gage,
former secretary of the United States
treasury, financier and until recently
president of one of the largest of New
York's trust companies, will forfeit
a salary of $50,000 a year' and join
Madame Katherine Tingley;s Univer
sal Brotherhood at Point Loma. CaL
The paper further states that Mr.
Gage has been influenced to such a
move by a vision that he is declared
to have seen. The paper also states
that the former members of President
McKinley's cabient has purchased for
$8,000 a site on Rock Promontory, ad
joining the Tingley mission.
It is also stated that he will devote
his life and fortune to the spreading
of theosophy. His grandchildren and
children, it is stated, will attend the
Raja Yoga school at the homestead,
the training school for the cult, and
his relatives, his sister and brother,
will occupy houses adjoining his own.
Antonio Yovitch arrived here two
days ago from Los Angeles on his way
to Austria to see his wife and chil
dren. He was to sail today nn T.a
Mothers! Mothers!! Mothers!!!
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