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Tho Nebraska Independent
fULT 12, 1905 -V
'sanity and defense
if '
m m mm -
president Says These A; e Great Fac
tors in Solving Present Day
- ; Problems.
. Oyster Bay, L. I President Roose
velt delivered a Fourth of July ora-
ion to his townspeople in a natural
amphitheater in a grove at Oyster
tT Addressing his auditors as "my
ip. friends and neighbors, you among
rhons I was brought up and among
rhom I have lived for so many years,1
the president said it was a great pleas
lire to be here and say a few words
Of greeting and in a sense to give an
account of his stewardship. Mr. Roose
jrelt said that while there were two
6r three things which he wanted to
lalk about, he would take for his text
Jthe words of Abraham Lincoln just
after his election:
"In any great national trial here
after the men of that day as compared
jwith those of this will be as weak
and as strong, as base and as good
Let us therefore study for the future,
?A.nd later: "So long as I have been
here I have not planted a thorn in
any man's bosom."
Speaking on the conditions at the
time when Lincoln spoke these words.
the president said it was possible for
iincoln to say with entire truth that
he bore no rancor and did his work
without hatred to the doer of evil.
Lincoln did not treat anything that
was done ' against him as a wrong
calling for vengeance, but for a de
mand, and it is in just that spirit, the
president said, that the American
people must approach their problems
of today. "We have not as great
problems as Lincoln had," he said.
"but we have problems and the way
we face them will leave our children
cause for pride or for shame. If citi
zens of Lincoln's time had not done
their duty we could not have held up
our heads today." (Hear, hear, came
from the assembled crowd).
M. G. Rohrbough, president
Omaha Commercial College,
of the
"We are in the midst of a very
prosperous era. Te demand for high
grade help is an infallible barometer
that registers not only the necessi
ties, but the expectations of business
men. In more than twenty years of
constant contact with employers,
have never known the demand for
competent young people to be so
large. We cannot begin to supply
our requests for strictly first class
stenographers and bookkeepers. The
most notable thing about tnese re
quests is that employers are more ex
acting in their requirements than
they used to be, but while they exact
more they are willing to pay more.
"The demand for young lady ste
nographers is large, but the requests
for thoroughly competent male ste
nographers is unprecedented. Last
year was the largest in our history,
We expect a "Very large enrollment
this fall. Fortunately,., we are now in
our large, new building, and have
ample room for the future.
"To an outsider, running a commer
cial college may seem an easy prop
osition; I have found it a strenuous
one. The responsibility of caring for
a large number of young people is
very great; while it brings many
pleasures it imposes some burdens.
The ambitious ones never give us ser
ious trouble but the sluggards often
do. Happily, we do not have many of
Positions Secured
or Tuition Refunded
by the School.
For full information or
Free Catalog address
Allen Moore, Pres.,
Chillicothe, Mo.
This is Only One of
a Million of Homes
in Which Peruna
Has Been a Bless
ing. Read This
Family's Glow
ing Testimony.
baby v
II A ' s 7 1
I i - ; -ft 1
WWJ1" (: y Health."
T V "
Mr. HenrvS. Campbell. 1737 S. Williams St.,
Denver, Col., State Deputy of Modern Wood
men, Montana, and Delegate of Builders
Trades Council, writes: "Peruna'.has been a
blessing in our home. My wife was in poor health for
several years and nothing but Peruna helped her. She
gradually recovered her health and became the mother of
a boy which blessed our home. We call Gerald our Peruna boy. He is in
tne nnest or Health and his mother has never enjoyed such excellent health
"I have personally found Peruna of great value to me while traveling.
Getting Irregular meats and often poorly prepared food ruined my stomach,
but Peruna toned up my digestive organs and brought fine health to me,
"We are never without Peruna in our home and know by experience
thai It keeps us all In the best of health."
A recent letter received from Mr. and
Mrs. Campbell is, as follows:
"We still use Peruna and in addition
to our eon, Gerald, who i a fat and
eaucy lad of 28 months, we have another
eon, still larger for his age. He is now
ten months old and is always healthy.
"His mother says Peruna has surely
made both of our children as healthy as
Once Used In The
Family, Becomes
a Permanent Fixture.
they are, helped, of course by Colorado's
healthy air.
"A bottle of Peruna is at all times a
welcome visitor to our home."
A multitude of families hare discov
ered that Peruna is their standby.
In all the catarrhal ailments which
are likely to beset the various members
of the family, Peruna is the remedy that
brings quick relief.
No matter whether it be a catarrhal
condition of the head or lungs, or a de
rangement of the stomach and bowels, .
Peruna is the remedy.
the latter kind. You newspaper fe!
ows need not think you have all the
work. I am willing to concede that
you have-lots of money."
The Omaha Commercial College has
an ad in our advertising columns this
Without Them the Fish Would Stand
on Its Head
The pectoral fins of a fish are the
two fins, one on each side, just back
of the head. These fins aid the fish
to some extent in swimming. They
are small oars which the fish feathers
very beautifully and are of value
chiefly to preserve its equilibrium. It
s with these fins that the fish main
tains its horizontal position in the
water when not swimming. Without
them the fish would stand on its
head. Sometimes a fish loses one or
both of its pectoral- fins by disease or
by accident. A fish without pectoral
fins is in a bad way.
WThile most fishes keep a horizontal
position in the water when not swim
ming, there are fishes that do not.
One of these fishes is the fileflsh,
which when motionless suspends itself
in the water, head downward, at an
angle of forty-five degrees or even
nearer the perpendicular. A fileflsh
kept in an aquarium which had lost
both its pectoral fins inclined over
backward past the perpendicular when
motionless to about the same angle
that it would have kept In the other
direction if its pectoral fins had been
Intact, so that when not in motion
it seemed to be lying at an angle on
its back. "
NOTICE $1.00 pays for seven sub
scriptions to the Independent until
after the November election.. 25 cents
pays for a single subscription until
after election. Send in your subscrip
tion. Address The 'Independent, Lin
coln, Neb.
There Are Others
"If I had my way," growled old
Tightfist, as he opened his morning
mail at the breakfast table, "I'd have
a sign placed on every letter box In
the city,"
"What kind of a sign," queried his
"One reading 'Post No Bills,'" an-,
swered the old man.

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