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JULY 12, 1906
Summary of Mews
"Skinny" Madden's bloody and cor
rupt rule as chief of labor sluggers
and as a false union leader is nearing
its end, after a course that has long
held Chicago in terror.
Lorimer machine is on the way to a
wreck because of defections. Luther
P. Friedstedt's boom for congress and
the loss of park patronage are severe
bilows to the "blonde boss."
. Dismemberment of the Canadian
confederacy is believed a possibility
of the near future as a result of the
division of traffic by United States rail
roads which are tapping the Dominion.
Differences between the East and the
West give politicians a grave prob
lem. In defiance of a recent decision of
Ihe Colorado supreme court, Judge
John L. Mullins calls a special grand
Jury to investigate the Denver election
of May 15 last, concerning which gross
frauds are charged.
Error of the public printing bureau
in Washington in sending out copies
of the new railroad rate law which do
not show the date on which it becomes
effective cairses much alarm.
Unusual honors accorded the daugh
ter of president Roosevelt at the Brit
ish court, where she is triven nrerpd
ence over all titled persons outside
the royal family.
Edgar E. Clark, errand chief of the
Order of American Railway Conduc
tors, is appointed by President Roose
velt as a member of the interstate com
merce commission.
Dr. Julian P. Thomas plans to start
from New York in a baloon and drift
out over the Atlantic in order to test
a new water anchor.
'Senator LaFollette to open the Len
root campaign for governor" of Wis
consin with speeches at Milwaukee.
Secretary of War Taft and President
Roosevelt in a conference at Oyster
Bay decide ort brigade posts and other
details in connection with a redistribu
tion of the army.,
Iowa congressional delegation seeks
to restore harmony between the war
ring republican factions and avert a
split in the state convention.
Entries for the gubernatorial race
in Wisconsin are apparently closed,
with Davidson leading, while Lenroot
is expected to be aided by LaFollette.
Ohio bureau of inspection and super
vision of public o.Hces receives reports
seriously reflecting on the municipally
operated public utilities.
Six men, induing one former Illi
noisan, are named to prepare for the
convention which will draft a consti
tution for Oklahoma.
Producers sell wheat and oats heav
ily and force a lower range of prices.
Corn is relatively steady and provis
ions are in packers' hands.
Demands for pig iron becomes more
active and there is a marked stiffen
ing" in prices throughout the country
despite the fact that production is
Committee of experts engaged by
the Illinois Manufacturers' association
and the Chicago Commercial associa
tion to investigate conditions at the
stockyards makes its reports, giving
the packing plants a clean bill of
health. The products are declared
wholesome and the inspection effic
ient, and nearly all the rooms are
found cleanly and under sanitary con
ditions. Representative of the Macmiiian
company replies to School Trustee P.
Shelley O'Ryan's charge that his con
cern is asking higher prices for Child
Life readers in Chicago than in Kan
sas. The naval station at Plymouth, Eng
land, guarded by thirteen mighty fort
resses and notable for the part it has
played in British sea history.
Death in the arctic regions is fear
ed ' by Washington naval officers to
have overpowered Captain Robert E.
Peary, who has not been heard from
for months and who is though to have
encountered unusually severe weather
"Mrs. Warren's Profession," Bern
ard Shaw's play which the police sup
pressed, is not indecent, New York
judges rule, and Arnold Daly, the ac
tor, who was- arrested for apeparing
in it, is discharged.
Jame3 K. Allen, an aeronaut, who
ascended from Providence. R. I., is
rescued far at sea after being tossed
by a storm and twice ducked in the
ocean. ; :
Walter L. Houser. Wisconsin sec
retary of state, is acquitted of the
charge of having attempted to bribe
insurance Commissioner Zeno M. Host.
Life insurance officer nrotests that
less than half the members of the In
ternational policy holders' committee
are policy holders in the two com:
panies attacked by the committee.
Judson Harmon addresses Alabama
Bar association on "Independence of
the Judiciary," ; declaring that the
courts are check on irregular justice
against fraud and wrong:.
Governor Hanly of Indiana, in a
statement issued at Winona, says the
raids on the gambling casinos a
French Lick and West Baden are ful
filling his ante-election prom'ses and
that Taggart must bow to the law.
National republican committee will
not interfere in the contest between
republican factions in Iowa.
Suppression of gambling at French
Lick Springs and West Baden. Ind..
ends the reign of powerful influences
winch long apparently were above the
Judge Quarles of Milwaukee resents
the criticism of strikers in the Allis
Chalmers case in which he issued
an injunction for protection of work
men's homes. '
. Warrants are issued in Pittsburg for
tne arrest of Augustus Hartje and
John L. Welsohns, his wealthy friend,
on the charge of conspiracy with Cliff
ord Hoose, a negro coachman, to de
stroy the good name of Mrs. Hartje.
Winston Churchill, the novelist, be
comes a candidate for the republican
nomination for governor of ' New
Hampshire on an anti-corporation plat
form. Action which, if successful, may
send John D. Rockefeller to the work
house is begun in court at Findlay.
Ohio, Mr. Rockefeller being charged
with having formed a combination in
restraint of trade. Standard Oil com
pany also is attacked.
Frank A. Vanderlip addresses New
York. State Bankers' association on
"The Currency," pointing out the evils
of our present system.
Mrs. Thaw and her counsel deny
story that she contemplated a breach
of promise suit before her marriage
to Thaw, declaring it to be told by
Consumptive from Los Angeles is
refused passage on steamer for his
home in Austria and dies in a New
York hotel.
Democratic leader in St. Louis de
clares that the vote recount now go
ing on will result in the ousting of
all the democratic office holders, in
cluding the ' mayor, and give their
places to republicans.
Alfonso Zelaya, son of the president
of Nicaragua, is arrested in Washing
ton on a theft charge and his Amer
ican bride returns to the home of her
1 Suits attacking the charters of the
French Lick and West Baden hotel
companies are postponed by Judge
Buskirk at Paoli, Ind., until July 13,
and Thomas Taggart Issues a state
ment saying he will not resign as
chairman of national committee .
Patrolman Baker charges counsel for
the plaintiff in the Lonstorf case at
Milwaukee with trying to get him to
give fa'se testimony.
George J. Grammer. vice president
of the Lake Shore railroad, defies the
government investigation of charges
against his company and the Standard
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Oil when his testimony is scorned in
the grand jury hearing in Cleveland.
Senators Spooner . and LaFollette
reach an agreement to divide up the
federal patronage in Wisconsin, and
several changes are likely.
Oliver Bryant of Evansville, Ind., is
clubed to death by angry neighbors
because he beat his wife into insensibility.
Because of the rapidly increasing
number of burglars and thieves in New
York the United States Fidelity and
Guaranty company abandons business
Governor Higgins of New York com
mutes the sentence of Attorney
Wickes, writer of the "Lewis Jarvis"
letters, who was sentenced on con
viction of blackmail.
President Roosevelt is eulogized as
a typical republican working for the
good of the whole nation by Secretary
Taft in a speech at Greensboro, N. C.
Wabash Insurance company, the
gcuciai V7iiivja v ii i v ii aic ac nn 111-
mond, Ind., announces its temporary
retirement from business, due to loss
es in San Francisco and other places.
All parts of the winter wheat belt
market grain freely in Chicago and
force a lower level of prices. Oats
also decline, while corn and provisions
William Jennings Bryan, speaking
at the American Society's Independ
ence day dinner in London, points out
the duty of American and England in
the Orient, and says they are taking
up "The White Man's Burden."
President Roosevelt does not allow
rain to stop his address on "Patriot-
sm" at Oyster Bay, and thoueh wet
to the skin rebukes those of his au
dience who run away to escape the
Embassador McCormick delivers a
speech on "Our National Houseclean-
ng" at a banquet of the American
chamber of commerce in Paris. Amer
icans in many foreign capitals join in
Bourke Cockran in a speech at the
Tammany celebration in New. York
bitterly attacks District Attorney Jer
ome, the corporations and the repub
licans., Harry K. Thaw celebrates the
Fourth by buying ice cream and cake
for his fellow prisoners in the Tombs.
Secretary Root sails on the cruiser
Charleston on his mission to bring
about closer relations between the Uni
ted States and South American re
publics. Death of New York visitor from
overdose of belladonna is believed by
the coroner to have been the result
of accident and not suicide. t
Federation of American Zionists, in
convention at Tannersville, N. Y., puts
its official ban on the Jewish1 Territor
ial organization, of which Zangwill is
Gambling devices costing $50,000
captured in the raid on the casinos
at French Lick and West Baden, Ind.,
are to be burned after being used as
mute "witnesses in the suits to annul
the charters of the hotel companies.
. Prosecuting officials of Pittsburg
spend a busy day looking up evidence
of perjury and conspiracy in the Hart
je case and new sensations are as
sured. Movement led by New York clergy
man of many faiths to inaugurate a
course of non-sectarian religious in
struction in the public schools.
Evelyn Nesbit Thaw declares she
will tell her life secrets at the trial
of her husband for the murder of
Stanford White, not flinching from the
Mystery of missing steamship Amer
ica, now twelve days overdue from the
Azores, may be the result of disaster
from collision with derelict.
E. C. Bradley resigns as vice presi
dent and director of the Postal Tele
graph company after fifteen years'
Robert E. Hill, public debt commis
sioner of Milwaukee, former bank of
ficial and once a Chicagoan, dies sud
denly of heart disease.
Governor Cummins of Iowa declines
the proposal of George D. Perkins to

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