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Uneoln, Nefwska, July 19, 906
Subscription $1.00
Bryan wrlle'i Omihi'l Mafbf
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llll I Ihmii :ih Intended. ilt BHg-
thal II' llii' peitplti hf t) ill It lit
til ll'tl'W I! Mltllllllf greet lilt? W
advise Hull II be i!lU1tlM f'fF ft
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Jo nut;ti"?intt hf Mr. Brtntl WfS
linii!iH ,v iiH exjiresslrttt tit Ip
Ir, ami tliriuujli Hie ttttiyOr tH IhM
If of Omaha, of hist ltaHHitlt! fHF
ftlinllv Ifilerea! sltttth ttt IflMF
for ii rni'i-pllnii Itl Hit? Nt'tf'?t8
'troill8. The tiiiitl bi felHtif
lfti- in thin ell tU'hf htrt fl
jtly Biiilnnirliiry It? thtf IMrllt'S
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lis rwientlirn ft-nni Mr. lirytitl Will
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tmmi O'lH'l Kiams
AN9 FOR BRYAN Nfecfelf I6N
h L. Johnr;nn Will tt-MM a( RIU
Mfeting at MrtrflsbH StjUstl
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pyry recruit ticrL'ttftur mitering the
This ImwHviT lu hut I ha hci'llllllm
r'ff rr""-"-' r " n
(if tliu work, us Hie new system of
IriiWljflppliiH) Iho provides , fur the
lnMny; f flngor prints ofi&nh man,
li i)HSaf)ns HI le pr'JSPrvaq in uie
archives of the (temirlmi'nt as a lor-
ff tH soliliiii's record. Figuring
IHH Iha mpreBlnn8 of men or ine
In) fiiiL'ni'H nf llin llllll vlillllll lllllt I 111!
ill)H't'itiii)i of Ilia five tinners of each
liiiml fMHt-'ii ligt'iiiitr tnere wm go a
IdlMl Pf l.fiSO.'HIO lirpressions.
jSfepesaary appsratus and snpplios
for this vast project have alrondy been
provided hy I ho medical department
and. disirihwled throughout the world
wlmiMVer t'nlled Slates troops are
biatHneij. The immediate work of
uiiiherinir HiIh data will be Intrusted
D the officers of that department, be
ginning jSepi ember J, when the system
Unes into, effect. A brief personal de
scription added to the photograph nnd
finger print reenrd will, -It la believed,
make jduntineation In the army ab
sdllllely perlaitl.
. yfnimou for Pryan
Pf pniprse there ts on easy way out
pf (ha dlffleuliy for the republicans,
jf Jfr. ftoosevelt perslsw In his de
clination,, anil If they do not wish to
)0 defeated- That Is to take Mr.
Aryan, as their own candidate, nomi
nating him lit advance of the assemb
ling of the democratic national convention-
Wily WW they not do this?
jasprphsions come to us from not a
few Of tlta Pl'test and stanchest re
publicans n this state of a decided
preference fur Mr. Pryan over Mr.
Roosevelt, If the country Is to have a
radical man in the White House from
tflilt! tlH 1913- They freely say that
they reBurtl Mr. Pryan as the safer
man Pf the two for the interests of
Die country, and they believe there ts
less (if tho ''foxy" and furtive element
hi him In a word, that he is loss tm-paiient-
They feel sure that he would
put plan or on'er noon such bold
pamea. as Mr. Roosevelt Is now play
ing In relation to Santa Domingo, and
they believe that even the big cor
porations ad trusts could be sure of
jieins treated more fairly and more
"decently." to, ne one of Mr. Ttoese
velt's, favotite words. The Hartford
laFollett Does Things
Another investisation of the rail
ways, hv the interstate commerce
commission h:'s been commenced. A
letter was sent to each railroad In
the country, embodying nine ques
tions which have been drawn to dis
close the relation of the railroads to
the business of marketing grain. The
action was taken under the 1m KolleUe
resolution pas-sed in the closing days
uf the last sesslou of congress.
NQJICE Send 25 cents to the Inde-
fm:'uav vVt' u -Und. Ucclv Neb., and the paper
;vus rmailed to you each week until
W.. YWtti A a a af Z November election. For $1,00 th.
A r.wu aim mute I u seVev- W-' addresses until after t
1"! "V" fw.W iU w ,b.t,.M.
Interstate Commerce Commission
8ends Out Circular Requiring
Full Information
Washington, D. C An Investigation
Is to be made by tho Interstate com
merce commission by authority of tho
United Slates senate, of tho elevator,
grain-buying and forwarding business
of tho country to determine to what
extent Bpeclal favors have been grant
ed to them by railroad companies;
the Influence which the alleged mo
nopolizing of this branch of business
has hud upon the market; the Injury
It has worked to gra'n producers; the
extent to which railroads, their offi
cers, directors, stockholders and em
ployes own or control the grain-buying
and grain forwarding companies;
and the manner in which such hold
ings, If any, were secured.
The Interstate commerce commis
sion has sent a circular letter to every
railroad corporation in the United
States, requesting Its responsible offi
cials to furnish to the commission as
soon as practicable information which
will enable it to report to congress
next December.
In brief, the commission desires
railroad companies to supply it with
the name and location of all grain
elevators along their lines, together
with the capacity of the elevators and
whether the elevators are used solely
by their operators; the name and ad
tlrefs of each firm or corporation oper
ating the elevators; whether any of
the elevators are located upon the
lands of the railroad company and
whether such privilege of location Is
open to other prrsons desiring to erect
elevators a'.ong the railroad lines,
what, If any, interest the railroad
companies have In elevator properties
and whether any allowance in money
or otherwise is debit railroad com
panies for the elevation and transfer
of grain; the names and addresses of
the ten persons or firms who have
been the largest shippers of grain
over the -railroad lines since Junet
1905; the extent if any, to which each
railroad conuany since June, 1905,
has teen engaged in the buying or
selling of grain; the extent, so far
s may be known, to which any officer
or employe of the ra'lroad has been
engaged in the operation of any ele
vator; a dercript'on of all special fa
cilities or privTe-es wltich the rail
road compaaies, during the three
years past have p-ovlded under stress
of competition or other conditions to
maintain or inerea?e the volume of
grain traffic over the lines of railroads,
together with detai'a or such special
privilege or facilities, and a sta'e
ment showrng in dtnil the methods
of the railroad co-npanies in distribut
ing cars for the shi'.mient of grain.
It is expected by the commission
that it wtll re-.ulre three or four
months to obtain the information
asked for in Its circular letter, hut
no special difficulty la anticipated ulti
mately In obtaining It.
The investigation instituted by the
,u- th killinu of juirntU. TustercUy much a mystery as evtr.
nMtuu US

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