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OCTOBER 18, 1906.
The Nebraska Independent
Secretary Taft announces in Havana
that he and General Funston, accom
panied by Assistant Secretary of State
Bacon, will quite Cuba Saturday, leav
ing affairs in the hands of Governor
Magoon and General Bell.
Balloons and automobiles, as a war
experiment, race near Berlin, as a re
sult of which one person is seriously
and several others slightly injured.
Total yield of the leading grain crops
of the country will fall but 35,000,000
bushels below last year's record, ac
cording to estimates made by the de
partment of agriculture.
Earnings of the AmericaD Shipbuild
ing company in the last fiscal year are
reported as the largest since 1902,
equaling 14.25 per cent on the common
stock after the dividend on the pre
ferred was paid and other deductions
made. n
Joseph F. Glidden ,who made a fort
une by inventing the barber wire fence,
dies at his home in Dekalb, 111.
Governor Magoon arrives in Havana
and a broad amnesty proclamation
covering all offenses in any way con
nected with the revolution is issued.
President Roosevelt takes a hand in
the New York campaign, sending word
through Postmaster General Cortelyou
that a straight party fight be made on
the entire ticket and warning against
a projected alliance on minor offices.
Minnesota State Nurses' association
enters politics and study art of lobby
ing. Members are told to approach
the easy legislator empty-handed.
J. M. Stahl, president of Farmers'
National Congress, denounces certain
class of corporation lawyers who
scheme for evasions of the law; reck
less auto drivers also scored.
Bids for the completion of the Pan
ama canal by contract are invited by
The Well Known Specialist, Franklin
Miles, M. D., LL. B., Will Send His
Book and $2.50 Worth of His Per
sonal Treatment Free to any Reader
There never was a better opportu
nity for persons suffering from dis
eases of the heart, nerves, liver, stom
ach and kidneys to test, free, a re
markably successful treatment for
these disorders. Dr. Miles is known
to be a leading specialist in these dis
eases and his liberal offer is certainly
worthy of serious consideration by
every afflicted reader. This opportu
nity may never occur again.
His system of Personal Treatment
is thoroughly scientific and immensely
superior to other methods. It includes
several new remedies carefully select
ed to suit each individual case and is
the final result of twenty-five years of
very extensive research and great suc
cess in treating these diseases.
Each treatment consists of a cura
tive elixir, tonic tablets, eliminating
pills and usually a plaster. Extensive
statistics clearly demonstrate that
Dr. Miles Personal Treatment is at
least three times as successful as the
usual treatment of physicians or gen
eral remedies sold at the stores.
Col. K. B. fpileman of the 9th united States Re
trtars, located at San DieRo. Cal., says, "Dr. Miles
Special Treatment has worked wonders in my son's
case when all else failed. 1 h:ul emoloyed the best
medical talent and bad spent I'.WHI in doing so. I
believe he is a wonderful specialist. I consider it
my dnty to recommend him." For years I had se
vere trouble with mi stomacn, heai. neuralgia,
sinking spells and dropsy. Your treatment entire
ly cured uie."
Mr. Julius Keister, of S50 Michigan Avenue Ch!
cugo, testilies that Dr. M les cured him after ten
bla physicians had failed. Mrs. II. Trimmer of
Greensprlng, Pa., was cured after many physicians
had pronounced her caso "hopeless."
As all afflicted readers may have
his Book and $2.50 worth of Treatment
especially adapted to their case free,
we would advise them to send for it
before it is too late. Address, Dr.
Franklin Miles, Dept. G., Main Street,
Elkhart, Indiana.
'of News
the government and the reasons of the
commission for changing its methods
of construction are explained by Chair
man Shonts.
Will of Bloodgood H. Cutter, the
"farmer poet," is found in a secret
drawer. Relatives are slighted, bulk
of estate going to American Bible so
ciety. Quarrel causes hintso fne urder by
coroner against New York hotel man
at the Al Adams inquest.Official later
apologizes and suicide verdict is re
turned. Texas negro is lynched by mob of
his own race for attempting assault on
colored girl ; another negro is killed in
Argenta, Ark.
Jury composed largely of farmers is
drawn in the conspiracy case against
the Standard Oil company, which is
opened at Findlay, Ohio.
Republican candidates of Milwaukee
county adopt a platlorm denounciag
graft and pledging vigorous prosecu
Was the deluge universal or a mere
"local shower?" is one of the themes
to be discussed at a coming biblical
conference in Central Y. M. C. A. au
ditorium, Chicago.
Mayor Dunne of Chicago promises to
make the Tribune "smart" for charg
ing that he appointed boodlers on the
school board.
Frederick C. Fairbanks, son of the
Vice President, and Miss Nellie Scott
of Pittsburg elope and are married at
Steubenville, Ohio.
Caught in a burning freight car on a
train going at the rate of ntty miles an
hour, West Salem, 111., man with his
horse leaps to the ground and neither
the animal nor its master is injured
John Wipf, an Omaha farmer, files
suit for $2,000 against burglar he cap
tured after latter had shot him and of
fered him bribe for release.
Cablegrams are sent to all ports of
the world asking that watch be kept
for Manuel Silveira, who embezzled
$1,000,000 from Juan M. Ceballos & Co.
Mysterious Englishmen figure in the
Standard Oil trial in Findlay, Ohio, as
owners of the Manhattan Oil company,
supposedly a rival of the combine, but
which is shown to compete with inde
pendents and not with the Standard.
Three men suffocated by fire and
smoke in Hudson river tunnel in effort
to save comrades, who had already es
caped. Four others are probably fa
tally burned.
Former Wisconsin minister secures
a divorce in Brooklyn, his wife being
convicted of wrongdoing by their chil
dren. Expense of elections under the Wis
consin primary law is estimated at
about $1 for each vote cast.
Independence league repudiates the
Hearst-Murphy judicoal ticket named
by the New York county convention, in
which Tammany took all but two of
the places, and the revolt may imperil
the chances of the candidate for gov
ernor. Rhode Island Republican convention
renominates the present state officers
by acclamation.
That the average department store
girl is doomed morally is the state
ment made before the National Purity
Congress by Rev. John Balcom Shaw.
Rev. Father Nathan J. Mooney, for
mer chancellor and consulter of the
Chicago archdiocese and rector of St.
Columbkill's church, dies.
Miss Margerie Palmer, daughter of
General VV. J. Palmer of Colorado
Springs, gives up fashionable life and
enters a training school in a London
hospital to prepare for work among
the unfortunate.
J. M. Ceballos & Co. make an as
signment at New York with liabilities
of $3,000,000 to $4,000,000, as a result
of the abscondiug of an agent with
Young man, rejected by a school
teacher of South Euclid, a suburb of
Cleveland, kills her in the school room
where her pupils are assembled, nees
from a mob which plans to lynch him
and commits suicide when the crowd
overtakes him.
Woman who says her husband and
stepfather were ruined and driven to
crave by the Stand ird Oil company
gives evidence against the combine at
ihe trial ia Marietta, Ohio
Secretary of Treasury Shaw tells
Kentucky bankers if more power were
given the treasury department there
would be no need of a central bank.
Pamcs could easily be averted, ne says.
Mrs. Dorothy Russell li.nstein,
daughter of Lilliaa Russell, applies for
a divorce from her husband.
Three hundred Postal Telegraph
messengers in the Wall street uismci
in New York s:rike tor more pay and
demand that "dat buoke, Cutler, be
Wisconsin Democratic managers ar
range for Bryan to speak at iviuwau-
kee instead of Janesville, in hope ot
affecting congressional results.
Tammany ratifies its deal with the
Hearst organization by giving the in
dependence League two places on ma
judicial ticket, the league deciding to
make up no slate.
Fate of Standard Oil will rest with
Attorney General Moody, who will de
cide beiore retiring whether facts jus
tify proceedings.
New York Republicans say tneir
campaign contributors are only a
tenth of the usual sum and give as a
reason the new law on coiporation
Night steamers collide on the Hud
son between New York and Albany,
hurling passengers from berths into
the river. One reported dead, one
Vice President .Fairbanks in open
ing the Iowa Republican campaign at
Waterloo urges the need of "standing
pat" on the present national policy
and shows the need of keeping con
gress in Republican hands in order to
aid Dresident.
Street Cleaning Commissioner
Woodbury of New York city resigns
his position after a clash with Mayor
McClellan. in which each charges the
other with using e office for political
Plans completed for a dam across
the Mississippi river at Keokuk to cost
$10,000,000, and which is expected to
generate 211,500 horse power.
Managers of both parties in Wiscon
sin are worried by the general apathy
shown by voters, who apparently used
up all their enthusiasm at primaries.
President Van Hise of the University
of Wisconsin favors the appointment
of special pastors for students by the
various churches.
Dissension among Iowa Democrats is
growing as the result of the control of
the party management having been se
cured by the ultra-conservatives.
Both parties make a pool of Indiana
and declare the result is satisfactory.
Fairbanks and Bryan will take part in
the closing work ol the campaign.
Deserter from the navy who was
converted by the Salva'ion Army and
became a preacher surrenders himself
to the navy department at Washing
ton and is arrested at his own request
In a si)eech to the Knights of Co
lumbus in New York Senator Beve-
ridge says the destiny of America is
to uplift the world and that the people
will preserve the rule of righteousness
desnite enemies of the truth.
No trace has yet been found of
Manuel Silveira, the Cuban defaultei,
whose embezzlements caused the as
signment of Ceballos & Co. of New
York, with liabilities of between
$3,000,000 and $4,000,000.
Milwaukee church barely escapes
being sold for debt througn the inter
cession of Archbishop Messmer.
Further details of the operations of
the Standard Oil company and the
manner in which it operates under
different names are revealed at the
trial at Findlay, Ohio, for conspiracy
in restraint of trade.
President Roosevelt, fearing apathy
of ..
Mr. J. H. Eskew, Chandler,
Okla., writes : "Let me thank
you for what your wonderful
curative medicine, Peruna, has
done for me. I had suffered
from catarrh for ten years be
fore I took your medicine."
Miss Marie Pofrel.Pine City, Minn.,
writes: "I had catarrh of the throat
for nearly three months and have
been using different kinds of medi
cines, which did me no good. A
friend advised me to take Peruna,
which I did, and after taking two
bottles I was cured. I cannot say
too much in its praise."
on the part of New York state voters,
sends word to the leaders tint he re
gards the contest as moie important
than a national election.
William R. Hearst accepts the Demo
cratic nomination for governor of New
York in a letter urging a reorganized
party, from authority in which he
would drive all men seeking "control
for personal or class profit."
Secretary of War Taft will aid the
Republican campaign in Chicago early
in November.
Governor Taft tells Cubans the dura
tion of the American occupation de
pends upon them and will extend un
til fair elections are assured.
Interstate Commerce Commission
asks the railroads to appoint experts
to confer on rules covering require
ments of the Hepburn law.
Count John A. Creighton of Omaha
declares he will give away his riches
before he dies and starts with a dona
tion of $500,000 to Creighton Univer
sity. Ownership of oil companies in the
Ohio field by the Standard Oil com
pany of New Jersey is admitted by
witnesses who testify in the conspiracy
Contest for the $60,000,000 estate of
William Weightman of Philadelphia Ls
halted by the production in court of a
mysterious slip of paper, the contents
of which are not revealed.
United States Supreme Court denies
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