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“93,“?! ““ng .52?“
Owned uld controlled by Ornnllod Labor. The 01116.] of am..-
Cenu-u uhor Council. Hon-kn Trades and mum 111 ’0
WW It”. mun ot labor.
Abordoen Contra] labor Cannon—G. )1. Dow cm. L. Human. A: J.
Emilm m. and labor Conan—c. I. Brown, R. Bmm.
8. lion.
ALF. I. VIOLTIRt. Idmr and I”.
hand .- Second Cl“: lull latter a the mac. 3: Hog-hut. What.
Adda-I 11l communications to: The Southwest mm labor Prel-
Box :40. Abordoel, Wuh. Abordoon Oflico. 10. No. 0 “not. PM” 178.
The manual 0! the Southwest Wall-(ton Lam- Pnu I- not run-dbl.
tor mm “pm-0d In commuted uncles.
Imm 0" SUBSCRIPTION: 0m you, $1.00; 8!: months, We.
Avoiding the psyment of tsxes by stock dividends hss be
come s n‘stionwide sundsl. Hundreds of millions of dolisrs in
dividends have already been distributed in this my end the end
is not yet in sight. This has been the greetest Christmss for
melon cutting Wsll Street ever saw. Still this ssme bunch wsnts
to fasten onto the people the ship subsidy. They not only dodge
the payment of tsxes, but want to get out of the public treasury
all that is possible to get. ,
The supreme court ruled that stock dividends are not income.
That ruling will cost Uncle Sam many millions of dollars in taxes
not coflmdmstimated at anywhere from five million to a billian
This perfectly evident and successful attempt to evade the
payment of taxes on the part of the rich is no doubt responsible
for a good deal of the dissatisfaction in the country. A reason
able contented citizenship is essential to the welfare and pros
ress of our nation. There has always been It widespread belief
that those best able to bear the burden of government manage to
scape their share of the burden and shift it onto the shoulders of
the middle and laboring classes, 'l
Stock dividends are all right end have been declared for msny
years pest, but usually smounted to a very nominel .sum. But
since the late court ruling prsctically every corporstion worth
mentioning hes need this method to svoid psyment of tunes
tsxee thst ere sorely needed by the government st this time.
The eversge citizen wss shocked when they read of the 200
per cent stock dividend by the Standsrd Oil or 600 by the Victor
Tslking Machine corporation, but we hope the citizens effected
with heart trouble fsil to read of the dividend declsred by Brown
l Shape Msnufecturing company. This concern, engeged in the
msnufacture of tools, declared e dividend of 16,000 per cent.
This sudden stampede of huge profits is due to the well
founded belief thet the new congress when it meets will revise
the tsx lsws. And before this tskes place it is expected that the
tsxibility of stock dividends will again be presented to the su
preme court which decided by a live to four decision thet they
were not tsxsble as income.
Ir. Hosnt'l person! vie" Ipmd
over nun] now-mpo! columns,
mm to be that It 1- better to lot
million. tune in Europe And lot‘
the American tnrmer’n surplus cropu‘
rot. thun to nllow John P. lornn‘
:nd name other Intonation: hanker
mnke a commission on a loan which
man prove holpm to an cancel-nod.
Greeteet oppoeition to en weenie
America: navy mull, oonee from
the centre] Item. Although weanling
to income in reports they pay the
but towerd the support oi a any.
0! the other head theee lune new
we the greeteet beneficiariee of e
mpeum American nevy. Their lur
'piu eettle and min must find a.
foreign merket end In this respect
the new in e greet tector in develop
in; end mmuiniu Inch 0. market.
While we no at It. why not crate
e buffet mm between Germany end
Moe? A noun-u lon. compoud of
Hound. Belgium. Lmnbeu. fleece.
Domino end Swimrhnd, would do
more to keep mole two nation. to
their respective pruervoe than any
other uency. errenument or treety.
Since Ireland pncucmy m to be]
be given. up u I fro-Imus var
mnkhc country. u «mum ind to
he found. The public may a well
pupae itself for I. new claimant in
thin division. Hon; Kant, originally
a pm, of Chin: and under lane to
Mad for the past 100 yarn. is
wording to the in... to be returned
to China. "In louo inviu up“.
thither the Roma- not the
m can to give up tin island.
but will not an extension of tin;
hue. Tho "yoilown” will do win
M out to dole-t “V locking" .0-
W o! l loom who nun in
I. throw. but into n civilian“
M hm m
ummmuhu Inna-aunt
ill am my home
”nuclei-hr 111-ann
with “norm \o
Moth ”no mural“
Micah-hum“ M
mmmtnumflu when
needed bu cunt! mat loom to
the producers and It In no wonder
that romedlnl hat-lawn II no urgent
ly being ukod for.
“We do not contemplate commot-1
clulalootnou nor my other nloofnou
contrsdlctofy to the best American
tradition or lottlelt human pur
poses." These are the word- ot Pun-1
Idem Harding In his Intent mun“.
They furnish poor comfort to tho ox
trome Isolation-t- who sought to
crow! Into I hole uul pull the hole
inflow t‘OII.
War In Con-lured lmtuuo m
”Mom—A «clutch from AM
ny- tho entire Greek umy Is not!“
toward Thu-100. war lulu Mud
'lnoflulk. .
The dispute! Md- um for-Ir
Premiu- Vonlulou tempted . 'no
revolutionary govern-ant “vi-in. u
to and minim-noun to the Thin
ciu trout Ind akin to be Inform!
of the 111-bot of troop. than. A
moot!“ of tho albino! follow“ M
the "my now“.
Tho rennin- of the 1310 Ind 1038
clam. m m conduct. luv.
been called to the colon. er 11l
luto'r' Paulo- hu bun appoints!
commundoMn-cmot In M and In
km with hln mm” for Colo-Its.
cumin. o.—-Couonuuou o! me
New York. Chicago llld 81. Louis
(Nichol Plato). an Chlouo & sun
Lino nu! but. In. a “futon. Rm
wuu, Chestnut! a M and
the Toluo. St. Louis & Wagon
(Clout but). VII ”proud Inn by
the bond of director- ol tho (In nil
ml. Romy-flu a “W on
plullutlol d "an...“ and m
In: I.“ I“. of “at.
Am mummm‘
m! u... Mm alumnu
flat I’- It. “berth".
monk. and Tum.
{ln lam-ood- “one.
m cam msocm mm
In va.llkeo Con-c- Cuu Vii labor.
I'thw mm mum
The Church 18 mimuws Mm}
A light et once pethettc and 1.51
moron: in the nu who hurt been
inside a church since he wee e hey}
end who now feel. iii-eel! '
euperior to church going “hen-e
church ie more concerned “on it"-
on in the future. the: eheet living
condition. here." on. he h“ In”
tint then ere a few preach-n hob
end there whom the newepe’enlveed
reactioneriee cell "Mice!" who do
.concern them-elves with thing: In
which a working ml in
but. eeye he. “they don't hp
the church.” That man he: 0
things to unieern. *
ii attempting to will! 0!“;
principiel to concrete 11mm 090;
nomice, political. MOM] end inter
netionei lituetione ievto 'hedne e
"redicel," then the leedeerehip o!
lAmericen churches. ROM! W
‘ud Proteatent. ll hopeleeeb ”7*
"eels and none." No [her M
o! the chase a! e .‘II; he
churches in to be found it 7
ficiel pronouncements of r . ' '
other ottioen oi' the "do. r
notions. I append herewith the.“
pronpuncement o! the Boerd “am
one o: the lethodiet Episcopel
heceuee it in typical.
Study union: and emu MM. I
i “new the aocial; mm
iepiritual problem- oi ihe world
day, we call for a frank reep l
10! nailenalend racial mother 7
practieea. 'Chrluian aoclety la
’uponiheileellanotmtolld- .
eltreien nad eelr-aeeriiiee of j
our moat-5 aeeociaiad We. Yet
growth 6! pemnel end
[reed hea limited and ottan '
ed than ideals. Seem etude '
in grave danger from mean halide
of pin. one and control. “
"We look with preteen! M
upon the hevoc wrought by m
war. Four yearn Inel- the ' .
we live in a wont-1' muting
chaoa. mum at m Asiatic
and American with move their livea
at the call of Medina. Canola}
ihoee of I: who live ahoald have e
come in pnotiee the ideals. gm
‘which we enliated then: in battle.
It in aid to contemplate the pael
billty of our dead hevin; died in. veil.
he! ladder atill that we ehelld new
live in vain. The world waits for
ihai heroic hour 01 pereonal. WI
eccleiutlcel abandon to Chrlaifi bro
arena of confidence and good will?
Gail ier deem Repentance.
"The iirat corrective oi the world's
woee le qincere repentance. There
,iore. beginning with our own person.
‘nl livee. we call for individual and
national penitence i'or whiever there
we may have in defence and sup-l
port of un-Chriaiian presume of pow
er. We urge all Chriatlana to make
conieaaion with us and to enter Into
a world-wide and cooperative reatora»
Ormm for Weihn oi Ml. l
"The second corrective in the or
unintion of political and social lg;
everywhere upon the heels of !
welfare of all. instead of privilege
[or the few. Here. and here only; iiel
>reiieou from Biliary man 0! the
in» end from the pro-en commie
'cuuu of war. This manoeu
broedouing of brotherhood: the ‘1
“Junior: of service for row-rd: Chm
discovery of the spiritual nine- {'o‘
,lebor; u policy of freedom in need.
|preu. conference end contact: mien-4
Aberdeen Help Yourself Store
21: soon 6mm ‘ mu: g 3:
I’ll! DILWIIY—AW la Marleen or Cement“.
Saturday Specials
Gold Medal Flour. 49 lb. lack $2.80
Drifted Snow Flour, 49'“). ml: * . 32.10
Good mum spuds. porcwt~__Bloo
Fancy Doliclou: Apples, per box $2.00
Ghirudolli'n Bulk Cocoa, In». , 25c
Lune Puritan Hum, 10 to 12 lb. “once, per lb. ...---.-.. 30c
All Milk, not an ....-....,. --.-...--...-.--..-....----fi_~.-..-..-;10c
7 149 mm flu to and customer. ‘
S Cntup. 2 W...-.M--."..---n.--“-.-.._-_“-..__.-_. lie
03%» Outlay, 2 mo. ----...-‘-_..-..._...----__‘_».._".__4u
cum Hulda: W, 1 lb. can ...---fl.-,---“---_,;-...m 88:
K. C. Biking W. 25c m . -..._-_:a;;,.---_.;.:.-- 1’:
Shillim’l Biking Mgr, ”c It. .r-..._._~_‘....,......_‘..;.‘... 111
”fl ‘
Corn. 5 an:”..waw....*-;-.-.‘.-_......_,.7....---._.».__.ac
Tattoos. I an. w"Manx....._._.....w.........._.‘._.._.....w48c
firing Inns. 2 an .__.-.;u.......---_..~_...w--v---_.~-..u:
m m l‘lgu.~ I 15......---.J“_M«____~-__.--_--n.-lac
Luge mum PM“!Mi__-m;.-._.-*.-....._w_.-._--”-.lc
' ‘f’fli;eoeperetioe h m. eeo
nonie and eoclei creed-tine. such
a prom will re noeltpefltieel pro
are i! the mm at Chit as
to make It meet the late Ic
end aociel needs or the e, eon:-
llnky. g" ‘"-
, Once-[dug- Oerpi r 4
' “'9 am 111.- m:-
n- at W . ' or
he. anal-emf? nous hen
ciel WM' rum thet the
,cnmmLpn-mu of many ehail
lie eppl m to all.
“We deplore the attribution of ru
werde o! eon-est In the form of gov
ernment“ monopolies and territorial
control for penonel end hellish ed
Deetrey Armament.
“We deplore the Investment of tax
ea In emamente end pompous die
play and urxe the natlona o! the
'world not only to limit. but to deltroy
‘thie bulwark of hatred.
\ Accept World Leedenhip.
‘ “America should unheeitetinuly ec
icept her full reeponeihllity (or lead
;ership In the restoration of e broken
Tworld. She should notaequieece In
:Imperialietic policies and temptere
{thet make war Inevitable. She ehould
retuee to auction eny wer except
for strictest eel! defense or the de
tonne of humanity. She should con
tinue to edvocete universal disarm
ament, and she should not heeltete
'in eating thet en internationel con
'ference be celled for thin greet pnr-
Apply P lnelplee of June.
"it is our blew: Judgment that
nothing chart or the actual epp‘lics
tion oi the principle: of Jesus in gov
ernment, economic. religious. educs
tionsl and racial lite todny will meet
the need. The whole world etude up
pelled at the coloesal failure of other
programs. Let us now frankly end
honestly prsctice the presence of
Christ. -
"We pledge ourselves to cooperate,
with ell governmental, soclsl sud re
ligious bodies that leek s prncticel
procrem to hesl the auspicious and
hem which wound mankind today.
Conference is essential. Therefore.‘
without regard to traditions] divisions
we are user to Join hends with my]
uency which will tnhe adequate. de
cisive and immediate action. Thinl
is the hour (or ell Chrietinne in brood-l
est cherity to say. ‘1! you love what:
I loye; it your vlelon is as my vision; ‘
if your been is an my heart; give
me your hand'."
Weatenhaver & Williams, haber-'
daahm, are now occupying the
maniacs vacated by the Electric
Shop, com! of Heron and ,I streets,
two door: out o! murmu- baa-t
Mon. Since Wutanhavar & Story
started this store about a yaar ago
the business ha- “o““ngqu
until a larger atore room me noc
oaaary. Mr. William bought out
Ir. Story about tin-ca months ago.
Recently“. line 0! cigar- and to
:hmoc at the Unit“ Clo: Shu
wn added. The new. hito which
they jut moved bu been thoroughly
‘npolntnd and romodolod. Since they
have nequiud more room the flock
twill be increased materhlly.
Lump. Won-Km My,”
Bt. Leanna—m}. ‘ = 3
you" old. pro-Mm 0! ‘0 “i
In coup-u. mama “1.
am a mum annou- mm 1%
one. Into. The million-m " i
own» vu as. third nonhu- at"
Wham“!!! ”dbl!“
W. The m at m
be.) Mu my hon. one.
mm at 01.00.4300. may wu sold
u motion for mgm.
Sulphur Soothe:
Ugly, Itching Skin
TM Flo-u Animation ”than than
00°! and union-tabla.
I! you m'uufleflu tron scum: or
some other torturing. omburrullu
‘lkln trouble you my quickly be rid of
n by using Knuth-Sulphur. declin- n.
noted nun ”addict.
This “ler punt-nun. beam or
m germ datum m noun.
mlu to quickly subtle. Mum. even
of fiery man. The first myllcuuur
make- tho akin cool and oomtombh..,
Rub Ind blotch» Ire bound rlgh up-
Bowls; Mambo-Sulphur ll ”plied “to
any plenum. cold cream and in pot
fectly hsmlpu. You can obtain a;
small Jar from uny good drawn—l
Adv. ‘
Jacob Says:
Our January
Clearance Sale
Bring: to you Bargains as Follows
_ at 33.50 . .
Men’sdressGoodyearwsltshoeswithcalfto y
oak tanned soles and good workman-bl?” &
them on display in our windows. need
from $6.00 and $7.50 to $3.50; not all sizes in
any one style, but your size in some style“
’ at 87.50 .
Men’s sturdy Washington make dress win
ter shoes. Such brands as leather lined Dry
Sox, Wet Weather Resist, etc., shoes worth to
$ll.OO a pair, to be closed out at per pair $7.50.
at $5.00 ’
Men’s Goodyear welted work shoes double
stitched, full double soles, at actually iess than
it would cost to replace them in case lots‘from
factory, only $5.00, all sizes.
Jacob’s Shoe Store
110 VIII max smu-
Frye 8: Company
Fresh Dressed 89th: Roasting Chickens, 1b..-._:35c
Tm Nnt'meommaflne, 2 lbs. for4sc
Wild Rose Hams, family size (whole). per 1b..-.25c
Wild Rose Pure Lard, bulk, 2 lbs. for. H---,.. ...____3sc
Furor!“ BM Creamery Batter, per lbwwc
' Apples One Cent Each!
We are selling extra fancy Wrapped and packed
while they last. We also sell apples b the box at a
price so low that you will be amid); surprised.
Good Yakima Spud. at $1 cwt.
wmm mu m macs co.
V "manna. m"
Wishkah and G Streets
For Everything
“QM“ h m lino of
m “a lon’t M to
Hug Wampum-
CI m i i 1? ' ,
and Shoes
Clothing Store
The On. Prion luau
J. non, Prop.
418 I. Boron Phone 474

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