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In». W of mm.
No. M
H] mm
who mmfivm‘uufi In
y -1 “Guam
mu. April n—nm in no
”It. all m nus-n n. Ara
h" 9 ,i: It I!
gar?” * airman mafia-a-
M It 10 w ecu—rt the
w. angered with only two per
we: to m the Mallet M to
wind flux: to employ the lower-poll!
l.- efficient workern of the south.
“I 111-her 18. MW!“ Mr
ton-u: on on but 0! m‘i. ‘b
m would.
“(KM lam to New
w. 2’ 195 9 _-. Mm "so,
an M on the n eon-Eu m
we Ihll eeleqt o coulom- for 13-
w development. not only be
come of m m Who end 1--
int mm: ~-l «M of m
Mg; m It'll. bk. llto con-la
cluon health mm. doom rum
it illness Wee.
“Upto'the pro-outline moot otu
unkothulthwonh Imm ln
Gnu of m. of brotherllneu. of
juice. of dunking or of being up
m We hue dooelved 0W!“
about our undies-lung mini. but we
hove mm to Main our workmen.
m I: o N: can of trouble. We
in but no letting record. at cost;
we m odi- hula" “I’m-opt!»
loan with no npoclflc nntlclpulon of
(Conn-nod 6d P... m.)
Inn Tum-ton sad Chauffeurs 10-1
onl'o'l'fln Hui-bar mm 11' linking
In)“ promo mar muting tune for
a short poflod. The In]! wu ulna-t
Med Int Wetland-y nub: u. 8
o'clock. About 8:15, when most 0:
, a. bum-- Ina been mended to. n
was discovered mt most 0: than Ind
60m tor the motor held In tn
had a“. - '
1“. new laminat- mild to the
cm the utter put of luck
We bun manual by a nu-bor 0!
lim- find I. troublo ll anticlputod
maul-out. magnum-onto
m City “I M mm was
nodal u the lan "In. - ‘
The illry emfloyu’ went
“I rand tor the but tuna, 910nm
hour china.- mac n! onus-ad wru
m {trim to the «an owl
“of Moon and mum. Thu
“but nrlu M‘m m:
swim was” In». “it at
U the I‘m-sun a! M an:
III: cab for t m mm In
that. .
ulhu the poo-thumbs of email
umrydflvougld other taun
BOYS mmmmn
BY m omcnns
mum. on» m lan-mm
monthetnnotumflut bu
unmanned Hal land “toil-u}
hon rmmmmxm Polite;
«llama (unionismwhou has}
u the mvuiuu :fibh-fiki
when Rhwmmmm:
vhothnn-wlnflethonoutet that
m. 1
Swimming In our been“ at the
anti-unim policy at tin lake Car-E
,hythe mum-smug”
muovaodbytho A gm
mom.“ w_,._ ,i
During the w I ma
um twin tarot-rm “New!"
pushooks in which contain! M
motly tat-m amzflm
den-shes boon NW4 v“:
wuh noouh m it.“
3.. 1m vac-11. Mb: 3
wry-main; to n ‘
“ I 2 E ‘ l' , u
0!. F. 6. sum
i D'- F. 6. Mn. of the University
1 «91' 2* . Insulin,
mm mm - Mm...
mm: mm 1
In conformity with’decieion 1534 of:
the United flute. Rellroed Labor
Boer-II e vete he: jut been completed
a the mud Trunk reilwny (linee 1n
e Uni Sum) to determine it the
"end efiop cretuog that“ nurogd. desire
Britain Femthn'flo. 82 of the run
way In )nrtment. Lineman
”gunmen. or win-thither
would authorise the new conneny or-,
pnhetlon to do hueineee tet- them.
The unit I. en overwhelming vie
tory for System Federetion No. a.
A total of 2.11! we: eligible to vote.
end el tile ember 1m mrttctpet
mg” mutton of the Fonn‘
Thinning an e eouoleee contra
diction of the mertlone mode to blue
lQhor Board by otticinle of the cunt
may during the hearing, when they
declared thet more then 51 per cent
at the shop crnft employee had re
qneeted the compeny to nbrocete the
‘egreement with System Federetton
‘Na 92 end negotiate en eneement
Iwith the cm organisation. The
return would Ibo indicate that none
lo! the no”; “flayed during the
‘ptrke. even. vetel he Byetem Peder»
in“ No a; ' '
By I. I. much.
I‘ he metmpoliten My prose h
3 7’." m concerned shout emu-ed
:hbnr munching npon the territory
of hnnke end heaters. but tneteed o!
Hone celenalty. It In quite eurprlelnr
to note that meet of the comment le‘
‘ avonhle. realising thet the I'm-k-i
‘ m h m 111 end mere edu
eeted Inc et the In. the Ie unen-
Iu to Intelligent” dictate end an
m In the Int-ant elm-I at My
The Oentrel Tudo- end um
Con-ell of New York expect- noon te
out n ink. m. Week. .111!
m hen ”ted the United State-
We: of the currency for n
chem:- for s new cooperetlve bent.
The omnlntlon of moot of theee
erhood o! locomotive Mm' Co
epentlve New Bank of Cleve
:hn‘whfichlnt'eyeue’ the be:
«listed nee-nee tn exceee of $20.-
000.000. There in e. very moose-m
Jul! wemre' hank In 'lflnneepolie.
Hum. one in St. Louis. 10..
owned by the Talon-where. The
Commonwenlth Hutu! Savings Bunk
or Unwed”. mixed in 1909, VII
the tint of theee lebor finnnclel ven
‘ twee. end "and e e-eeee trondte
'l'» State humbly of New York
in W museum-W1” M
«win And ginor- m industry. 11-3
3 tzwtavond by Goya-not
“y, at inn-I- na- lg:
EM :7: ~ ;E ‘- Ipm, ARPIL ’13,.1923.
3 mm film mi! mammals
MM” ”“50 to'the workers and women
0! Audi. and to dilution 0‘; a whole we: revmd
to the League of Women Voters et its session in Cleve
hnd. When Frederick J. “Mammary of the Notional
Council for the Preventim’d Wu. took the lid off the
”hide. ‘
m Libby die M provisions for ‘hfioml
W which will not only take every young m for
mm W! but pk also “the proper prep
nation d.“ “M'mwoman for useful service
in the W' m o: tmion.”
llilitery and novel repetition for 1924 just psssed
by the last omm nuke increlied eXpendituree for every
brunch enthuses-vice amt the regular srmy. A huge
expension of the Air W‘t‘he construction of naval
hues and airplane “WW: close to a billion dollars,
the reel-dung 0! 40,000 pa end 2,000 officers for air
service in order to AM!” “the shrinksze in time of
war," and the experielv‘dqeeimentr in poisonous gases
and other weapons of destruction are now part of the estab
lished government war galley! M _ by declared. whether
the workers and women of W Tow it er'not.
Wet can only be ended. H. Li by asserted, by our
cooperating with other nation in order to organize the
peoples of the world for Writ peace. Only by such
united action can "no“ he abolished, for “the world
is too smell for one nstldflo M alone.” We must also
educate the people for peace. figinning by instructing the
children and “disennll‘the textbooks of the world and
getting the late out.“ ,4 t
Aloofnfi from at” rations willnot save us; instead
it will “hire" m9mnts and the mobiliza
tion ev‘en of our girls .for m We must oooperate'with‘
our neighbofiii'm sort of world association, else we
shell have to ”wring for the next war, which Wm.
Allen White aye” V 1330 the end of the white civilization.
Libby puts it “mint pp to labor, women and the
Churches to end wsr by whiting their moral influence
mint it. “If these moral forces at America,” Libby con
cluded. ‘cen show no more. iveness in the next four
yesrs the: they hue “fl years in outlining
in: their well-organized planet "'
(M 70““!!! fiMll.)
The United States Supreme Court
has Moi-ed mummies] the
women’l ”on me in: enacted
by Cm. f.- the District of Co
luhh. Ib- Into. 0! New York,
om. Mouton Ann! nanny oth
en were Influenced by their Attor
ney unenl'e oflioe “the hearing 1:
a. “friend of the court." and the opin
ion leezu to be general thnt the mini
mum wage lure of Wuhintton. Ore
gon and some thirteen other antes
h the Union will he knocked out by
the «m. olthmh a thorough
find! of the deolllol Vil he necel-.
Turing Out the Old Swimming Hole
say More n find conclusion can be
amnd nt.
Tho docilion has nrouud n tremen‘
doul indinntion throughout the en
tire mm and In- given a tremen
dous impetus to the movement
hunch“! by Senator Lnl‘ollette nt the
mt convention of the American Fed
ention of um. and since indorud
by the main block formed in
Conmu to mend the Radon! Con
stitution to ennhle Congress by a
two-third: vote to ro-ennct legislation
declared unconltltutional by the Su
promo Court. A limilu- pomr is
(Continued on Pnge 811.2
GOQIPERS fiififiib W 7 7
I Samuel Coupon, president of the
lAmoflm Federation of Labor. In re
g'elporuuu ht Atlantic City otter be
ing confined in I New York hospital
‘tor two wont: with n “tack of flu
‘moah. H. m Itrlchen while in
iNow York “tending to busineu o!
the Manon.
[ember- ot his omen! 1t...“ who
W In voter-n hbor louder re
port um ho hu madam recover~
ed to (li-pom with unlu- httend
once of I pity-mu and expect- to be
but It hudqunnon In Wuhhuton
wan- .wo mu. m- tuned
physique Ild moo-nub]. will povor
have curled him through an Illnes
thht for never-. 1 any: conned his phy
sician and friend- mut worry 3. to
the outcome.
lAlllllflY WIIflKHIS
The Lsnndry Workers sre still bet-1
ting sround the 100 msrk insofar as
their activities sre concerned. Some
‘0! the meetings of the locsls sre
‘eomewhvt dry snd sometimes the
some. one member wsiting tor the
other to express his opinion or View
on a certain question before the loosi.
Not» so with the Mundry Workers.
Ssy. it they display ss much pop on
'the job ss they do It their meeting,
snd they most. or how could so few
‘(oonsidering the .mpnistion of the
Harbor cities). do sll the wsshing.
ironing sud whet not?
The new president is s beer withi
the gsvei, judging from the my he
handles it—he prohsbly worked in s
gsrsge before the demountsible rims
were invented—you know we had to
“'drive it on." the tires. not the rims.
; The serretary is also on the job—
;end, by the way, you should see her
‘smiie when filling out epplicetions
for membership. Not thst it is e rsre‘
oocssion, becsuse it has become s‘
regulsr thing It every meeting. The
spplicstions of Mrs. Buyers and Mrs.
“were peeked st the lost most
ing. Both new members were obli
gsted snd initisted into the mysteries
'0: bring '91:: in dirty snd tske ’em
home ciesn society. The locdl is
more or less of in mystery to others
‘thnn the members. for unless you
hen the psssword—bing!—ont you‘
I- l
They get elong tlne with the on
players, too. In epprecletlon of their
‘eervlcee. Daley Cedwell. the praprle
trees of the Relleble laundry. sent e
86.00 check to help pay for the flue
Ipreed after the buelneee eeulon.
Some unread l! wee—lee cream. cake
end ell the trlmmlnte.
l The employee of (she Reliable, Clty
end Gloee leundrlel mete up the
membership of the local. Every “no
to. men end women in the city should
remember that when depositing a
bundle of laundry.
Cornell!“ J. Hnyel has ruined
a canon] president. of the Amiga.-
nutod Hut Cutters and Ratchet
Wlorkmen. He had that office for
two yearn.
PHONI 814 ‘
Price 5 Cents
UNflEVEIflPEfl fiflAl
Kenn Word Is prepsrin; to do
throne the kings of cool and bring
obsr to tens oi thousands at Ameri
can householders. Press dispatches
‘trosn Detroit within the last few
‘dsys give official ooni’innstion thst
\the sntomohile msnutscturer hss
\pnrchnsed 120.000 some of undevelop
}ed coal isnds in Kentucky with a re
serve cosl supply oi 500,000,000 tons.
This property. sdded to other cosl
lsnds previously scqnired. brings the
total screen oi snch lsnd owned by
the Incubators! to 166,000. Mr.
lord's lstest wellsse is said to hsve
cost him around 84,000,000.
From these holding Mr. Ford
hopes within s your to mine suffi
cient cosl to supply all his isctocies
in every out of the country. sli the
(notation snd mills msnniscturing
vsrious products for his own con
cerns. as msny other industries in the
Detroit district can can to buy cosi
‘trom him, and have fuel left sum‘
Mom to supply a large part of the do
mestic demand 0: the section si
Remove 0-. Only.
\ Perhaps the best pert of this news
iis that Mr. Ford will set all indus
‘trisl users of his coal to install run
mes thet will remove only the gas
and similar substances. leaving at
fuel unimpsired for domestic pur
poses. The coal. after this process.
still will be sold It about half mo
nopoly rates to domestic consumers.
The fuel remaining after the gas has
been taken out. it is claimed. will be
even more velusble for home-heating
purposes than before.
The latest purchase, located in
psrts of five counties of Kentucky.
centers in Clay county. The land is
covered with what is described ss
one of the finest stands of oak trees
in the United States.
There are 500,000,000 feet at this
?hst—redr for no us. but si
t on}: the rare inllstrfes assoc.-
000.000 feet of lumber every year,
not a foot of that standing in Ken
tucky is to find its way either to mar
ket or into Ford's products. it is his
purpose to use the surface of the
ground for scientific resssrch work
and , experiments in reforestation
while miners are digging underground
to bring up the coal.
The Ford industries will first be
supplied with coal. and there will be
no trouble in disposing of the ex
cess. One thousand Michigan menu
fecturin; firms already have made
spplieation to obtain their complete
supplies from this source.
(em. Fodorltlon News.)
SEATTLE. Wash., April 12.-—No
settlement of the wage controversy
between union miners of the stete
and the con] operetors had yet been
renohed es this bulletin is being mell
ed to the labor press 0! the state.
Bepresentetives of the Coal Opere
tors' Assoclstion end district atrium
of the Minere' Union have been in
session since Monday morning In the
office of the Northwestern Improve
‘ment Co.. in the L. C. Smith Bldg,
iseattle. Stronl hopes ere being on
ltertelned thnt en emteeble settlement
wlll be reached this week and the
Stine-honored nneentent between the
miners and operetors be renewed in
The con] operators ere contending
tor n reduction in the day we scale
of 81.50 per dey. whtle the miners'
representatives ere contendingr ibr e
renewal of the agreement et the old
wsse seele. In line with the national
Iy E. I. Roach.
1 Hum o. A. Cut“! ot omhoun
‘Ctty. 0n... who ran from street car
motormnn to the executive's choir,
opened his mutual common:- In:
Monday by drum n ’ strut car
through the ruin street- ot the city.
Corgi“. who was Iwept into office on
3 platform favoring orgnnlnd Inbor
and the common people. nllo gt one
who was 1 panama-n. and during the
II! he won Muted Into office he an
roceod tnfflc for 80 mumm- on the
m downtown corner. the old 10!:
‘ho but during the only pm or m

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