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‘ GEO. J. WOLF? 7-
Aberdeen’s Greatest and Beat Store Woflf’a Corner “way MI W
Kayser _Chamoisette
Displaying 1 Host Comprehen
sive Selection of New Styles
Plain Gauntleltt with phin overcuff, single
strap, sable color, only
Fang! Gauntlet, fringed cuff, fancy stitch
ing. single amp. covert ahade,
$1.95 ‘
Fflflll PIMflS BREAK
,Pflflflllfllflfl Hffiflflfl
DETROIT, Nick, Au. OpA totel
of 1050.185 Interactive ”graduate
were lmilt by the vex-lone d lam of
the Ford Motor compeny during the
first six months of the mount year,
according to finite: just compiled.
The output for the half year m as
Ford can and trucks. domestic end
foreign. “1,248: Candi. 46,871;
Fordeon W. ”.567. end Lincoln
can. 8,518.
. A new monthly record for produc
tion was utibliehed by the dementia
eeeegnbly, plants in June with e total
of 175,040 Ford cue, exceeding the
output of May by nearly 5,000.
New px’oductlon mark: have been
set up almost daily since Jonuery,
but there hun’t been a time when
manufacture even approximted the
With production increuing in an
enduvor to meet the demnd, it is
expoctod that tln company will finish
the your with a total npproxinutinx
1,800,000 Ford cars and truck: for
dome-tie me alone.
This is the opinion expressed by of
ficisls in view of the present pros?
porous conditions, the incressing
number of orders end the outlook for
even better times prevailing during
the coming months.
In bringing up production, efforts
all along have been devoted to build
in; better. As a. result many
improvements have been made, and
though Ford cars snd trucks are to
day st the lowest price level in the
history of the company, they are of 1
higher quality end present gresteri
value to the purchsser then ever be
The demand for Ford trucks and
light delivery can is particularly op
timistic since it reflects the sttitude
of business men as well as farmers
tower-d expension and greet"- effi
ciency. Soles of Ford trucks ere
more then double those of Int year,
which indicstes the extent of the gen
ersl prosperity.
For months Ford dealers have had
no stocka on hand, buyers absorbing
the can and trucka as rapidly as they
are turned out of aaacmbly plants.
With this condition continuing, pro—
duction in certain to remain at capac
ity to aid dealer: in making deliver
iea al quickly a: possible.
North Coast Products Company
WWI calm Tl] ITS
smut m m sm
Idaho M $9 2;}: Way '0!
92000.03. W 9 4
Mean hill. Mu this
, gamma ‘u can _
3.335% Mom tolfififi’m
‘ .. \ ~ » -tionl by
{s‘} 343,??- f m WE‘- %
'. ‘ [33,4 . . m \z. . m
..: r. .‘h. ‘u 3 “9M
.. v A guy- amending
it. n am: 318 Emu-um
at a tie Ann-lean nun rum
voir. r:3 ‘. Wurst”
Auburn-don of plum to build the
womb. which will be the hunt in
tho United Batu find the fourth in“:-
cltintboworld. witbncnpndtyoi
1.500.000 act. foot 0! water. was (Iva
It I new! Ml election in the
W Full irrinuon district. The
diatrict unbuc- npproximltoly 000.-
Macru. 'rbocootottboprojottiu
estimated at 312300.000.
The immunity of the moeed res
meat that it will he am the world‘s
wondere al I mean or wetc Ital-ace.
Time will be only three zombie
reeervé'ire. one on the Euphratee. one
on the Nile and the one created by the
Gatnn dam at Panama. which is not an
irrigation project.
The iloor or the reeervoir will con
tain eeooo acres when the project in
extended to the full capacity of 3.000;}
000 acres. All preliminariee have been 1
band on the maximum reeervolr. ‘
The estimated cost of $12,000,000 in- ‘
eludes all preliminaries. including}
foundation. moving the town of Ameri- 1
can Falls. the railroad. etc. The‘
height of the dam for the American
Fell- townelte unit will he 76 feet.
Addition of 20 to 25 feet will double
the capecity. or make the reservoir
8.000.000 acre-feet. ot the relatively
Imall cost. according to oillciels, of be
tween 33.000.000 and $4,000,000.
The benefit: of the project will ex
tend to all South Idaho, and a gen
eral atlmulauon of ‘bualneaa In all
llnea. notably agriculture, will result.
ofllclala lay. With an ample water
aupply to meet all shortages valuea
will be atablllaed and a remarkable
development In predlcted.
Experts Plan to Grow
Seeds From Tut’s Tomb
New York—Announcement of a
$600,000 Institution to be established
.3 Yonkers t 9 bear jiggknme relation
Phone 55
Phin Gauntlet. single strap, in shade; of
beixe, beaver, brown,
Fashionable three-qyu‘ter glove, covert
shade, single strap.
Single strap Gauntlet in popular shades,
a real good value at ‘ . V
95c . m
t 3 int. 'O3! that the flocke
follgr mflengoea to humanity, was
gogqlnod 19 g mimetic from there of
the tornhtion 9f the "l‘homroq luggi
tute for Plant Bacardi. go old by Dr.
William Clutter. research d’iredo‘r.
Doctor 050 cm! told Boy gowqul
electric Imp- are é'x‘bei-{eq t. supp e
ment minim: in mint plants in the
11:“:th flquim B. Thomp
-7 ' _ nou- uia country
9. 03h!“ .
' I slanted by Colonel Thomp
.n will plant seeds expected gigorfl
563. he tomb of King Tut-Adig
wtifieflg‘y “qu at Luxor.
pt. _ ‘
:nti‘eut plants by electric light, Doc
-53 Crocher said. some greenhouse?
l he provided with lune cranes With
powerful electric currents. These
light- cun be lifted over the houses at
night as u supplement to sunlight. Flue
gue- from the boiler- will be Icrubbed
cud purified and the cut-boat dioxide
thus obtained need an Inna-phone fer
Surgeon Says Norm
London-Fear I: never recyclable
M nix-plan ncddcnu. in the opinion
or m. 3. omm Alida-on. compu
ln; m of the much royal u:
ton-Q. Mn the canto-bu of pupil
nd his own upon-neon. Doctor An
aul-lon acid. In found that fear never
m It.” In the first few flight
boeauu the pupil. were too occupied.
The chief causes of accidents to
pllots. he explained. were due to nerve
exhaustion. which mlght develop wlth
‘ln even an hour after the heglnnlnc of
a flight. 'nle pllot then found himself
unable to use hls mental faculties
Doctor Anderson suggested that some
method should be devised whereby. In
use of are, the pilot“ could llbente
the cabln. to which a parachute of
sulldent strength should be attached
to carry It and the passengers safely
to earth. _
Panama Tolls Incl-am so Per Cent.
Panama—Commercial tramc through
the Panama canal during the fiscal
year that ended June 80 showed an
Increase In tolls of more than 50 per
cent over any preceding year. The
“tube of vessels using the waterway
was 8,987, sud these paid s total of
811.508.199.57 for the prlvnacs.
Utility Sun’s Rays In
Duke Power by Steam
Berlin—Germain. cold and rain
sohkea and shivering in their winter
turn. were much cheered up recently
by the announcement that a professor
of Berlin univerelty had invented. I
can interline. Bub-equal: explnnntiou.
however. diecloeed that the machine
would not produce sunshine. which has
been no sadly inching in Europe thin
spring nnd summer. but would only
more up bent “that“! from the 111
Ind utilise it for power purposes.
Prof. Adolph Hart-nu. in writing of
his iii-chine. explain. thni the m
ny- nre concentrated by a lens and
conducted into n ball with n and!
mouth. The bull in polidud out!“
and Neck We. are ball rent. mu
m venue! containing .0“. vii
become- very hot and com
its bent to n "NIEMIIC. in which
steam in manned. The wont-ut- in
reunion :- Min: cum-ll: ml
Cum of Air Crushes
Horn Bouts Fat
Train in Wild Rte.
A bone pulling a light deliv-
Iry wuon need for three miles
ahead“ 3 fut pal-engu- tram.
hm Pittsburgh. Pa.. and won.
The horn became frightened
when the train left the station
and ran on the truck. The trim
run almost full speed, but the
min-l kept ahead of It. 3:
halted. til. hone anally
from the track- nnd stopped In
I field, when It was recovend
by It- om.
Gamma-Ithaca v
am one Ind Emma-W
amend. nuwrbuum.
mated it map-7m hull with!!! I
To Test World’s Best
Chtonomeuu at Borne
Borne—One hundred and forty-four
chronometen hnve been ,depoeited at
the observatory of Neuchntei to under
go the international Brequet chroma
eter competition tent.
Thirty-one of them are to be tested
for marine oer-vice end 118 tor lend.
Font countries have eupplied the n
triee for the tut. mace. fiend.
Denmark and Swiuerlud. -
ed by 20 competinzarme; one finch.
two English. one Denim end 18 Swine.
The reunite of the teet will be made
known in September It n public um
erlng to commemorate the centenary
«3.1.3 net. :nm.swni
clock mag? fiehcg‘nstd.
up and forget your trouble.
Mr. Blnbody—Don't dare form It.
My trouble'l a not. that hm due next
Mondny nnd It 1 tom It then’d be
the devll am! an to 3:1
Nearbroke—Bmlneu n In an awful
state. I've Just lon bemoan on And
two hundred thousand douu-I.
Doubtmoro—Betwoen one and two
hundred thumnd dolllrl! It mm
lmpoulblo. Just how much have you
to lone?
Nearbroko—About I dollar and I
We buy und mall I" kind. or books.
0. H. Book Exchange. 108% 80. G.
Putnam's Lunar Pru- Mutts-on
mm»: 1. NEWMAN)
“Wt Ccn Do It"
Comer Market and F It.
Phom 90
For . Everything
and Shoes
Clothing Store
“3'. 2217.277"
The W. B. Store
Eighth and J
Girdlettes, made of alternating in
serts of coutil and firm surgical elas
tic below the waist line band. They
have a one and one-half inch top and
nine to thirteen inch skirt, and are a
nicely finished, well made garment.
Price $2.50, $2.75, $4.50 and $5.00.
Mallory Style
Mellon-y flats are wonderful for appear
ance as well as serviceable. Ask the men who
wear them. They will recommend the Mallory
Hat because it has proven its merit.
High quality, medium prided.
Heron at F St.
DANCE ”13355
Good Music by Union Musicians
Most Elaborate Dance Hall on Grays Harbor
Quality Mut- for Lee.
309 Eu! Heron Street Phone 486
Very Best Pot Roast Beef__»_lsc
Very Best Rib Boiling Beef_l2|/;c
Very Best Steer Round Steak---““WW---"--___.-‘-_--m-___~-20c
Fresh Made Hamburg Steak.--“-.--.-_.“WWW-“___-__-___----___lsc
Fresh Made Sausage Meatwm“... __"lsc
Fresh Creamery Butter, 2 lbs-95c
Sinclair Fidelity Hams ___..“.__3oc
Sinclair Sum Cured Bacon_“~__3sc
Rough Dry Hal-Md Work
W 0 luv. Am nay-h- and Canada.
m toot at a at; M.- m 818
Aberdeen, Wash.

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