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Southwest Washington Labor Press
A um W ‘IEML cmcuu‘non NILISHED m 'RIDAY.
on“ and controlled by Ormhod Labor. The Omen! cm 0! Ali-Noon
’Oontnl Labor Council. Hoq‘hm Trades and Labor Council, “a the
'uhlnxton 8m Mention of Labor.
Mn Gen Labor Comm-Id. G. Dothlehon, ‘J. L K: and R.
33.1%; B {an End. uud Labor Council—C. E. Brown, i Sturm
ALF. I. WOLTIRS, Editor and Man-gar.
“and u Second Class um latter at the Poatofllee 1t Hoquun. Wish.
Address all commutation to: The Southwest Wuhtnc'ton Labor Pun.
Box no. Abel-db“. Wuh. Aberdeen Offlb, 1“ 11,. G Strut. Phone 173.
The mnnmment of the Southwest Washington Labor Pros-boot mmflblo
for new: unto-cod 1n contributed nuclei.
TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: Ono you, $1.00: 81: months. 500.
What is clecr in that in the operation of coal minus, .3 in the opention
of railrondp. When“, water companies, or banks, the public intamt
must be rupee and served, and that thin requiromont plum limitations.
ondtge [rights of owners of coal lands, operlton, mine workers. «triers
an en en. \
The above portion of the United States cool commission’s
preliminary report is a sample of present—day economic thought.
That the public my be served, the workers’ rights must
be limited! Or, in other words, stop strikes when the public in
Workers may ask: .‘What of our rights ?”. The new phil
osophy (?) replies: “Not to be considered. You may not know
it, but when you accept this employment your rights are neoco
urily subject to limitttion, and therefore you can be jailed' if
you strike."
This is the hokus pokus now passingdor socid jmtice, and
which has been approved by the United Stotee supreme court
(Wilson vs. New.)
The public may continue its sweet way, oblivious of the
workers’ wrongs, but the letter must have ‘fiimitetions” placed
on their rights, that “the public interest may be respected and
Truly, these be unususl statesmen that doth advise—end
delude—the multitude.
Attention is called to the cunning runner in which the com
mission clsssiflea the workers' rights and the operation of pub
lic utilities. _
“Limitations on the right: of owners, of cod operators, mine
workers, «tiers and dealers” is whut the commission favors.
To limit the rights of workers means to control their fight
to strike, end jail them if they dilobey.
When a corporation is regulated, the liberty of its oflicinls
is not interfered with. Corporntions my be fined, and the
charge is panned on to the public, but corpontion oflicinla are
never jailed.
' It is absurd to say there is no difference, for instance, be
tween 3 government order that railroad rates be reduced and a
law that workers can not quit their employment.
In the case of the railroad there is nothing elemental in
volved. No fundamental right of the railroad president, board
of directors or stockholders is denied. 4
There may be differences of opinion between the govern
ment and the railroad. The latter may not agree on the justness
of the rate order, but this is a difference of detail and not of prin
ciple. The railroad: and all other public utilities acknowledge
the right of the government to regulate them. This principle
is never disputed, though its application often is.
The workers, however, deriy themrng—h'twotflgvoemment to
regulate them, as edvocated by the coal communion. '
When the worker is “reg'ulated’r’gi; 'l;an Tiberty is in
stantly aflected.
Personal liberty in fundamental. It must not be subject to
the mood of men or wild notions that run counter‘to the experi
ence of the ages.
The right of the hum being to own himself is imperish
able. It has survived every iron heel.
It is idle to say that vvage mike}. will synender ownership
of themselves because the agents of greed have evolved a soph
istry which, Kb?“ strbped bore, means:
“The public’a conv'ehiencéiilvséi—gwlhvery.”
M '
“All WNW
(Typo Nun Sanka.)
NEW YORK, Aug. 3.—W
of printer: from nanny citiu at the
United States and Genndn will nlly‘
here Augult 4 for the annunl tourm
ment of the Union Printerl Interm‘
tionnl Baseball league. Teams from
fourteen cities will participite. One
lost game eliminates a team, the ac.
rice lasting only seven days, barring
a tie. .
The opening deg will be marked by
e parade of the teem: end their root
erl, starting at Buttery perk end end
in; at city hall, where Mayor Hylen,
hintelf en ex-printet and vice preli~
dent of the Pritnere' Layne, will de
liver an address of welcome. The
mayor will also attend the opening
game and sociel events scheduled for
the week.
A huge buehll, mnuhctured by
e nationally known sporting good.
home, will be mounud on a float ut
the head of the pertde. A team 0!
small boys on u miniture dinmond
will the have a float. Thounnd- of
smell bellow, bearing stitches like
baseballs. will be spanked from the
a. In paddle: in the bud: at play
on. Each helloon wlll beer the nun.
“'Whfio fugue. The giant
The Gnrry Hemnn tropEy, pre
eented to the league by the Cine-inn.
but of the union. he: been on diephy
[in Fifth nvcnue jewelry lime: and in
sporting goods store- here for seven]
dove. It consist of two silver croued
‘hte, life size, and a group consisting
10f pitcher, catcher nnd better mount»
ed at the base. The Boston printers’
‘teun has been permanently awarded
a trophy given by Mr. Hermann lev
‘enl years ago on the strength of four
Each day of the tournament will
see a double heeder. In the drawings
eeetern teem: will be matched ezeinst
western teem et the beginning, thus
orousing sectional as well on inter
city interest. Cities represented in
the leegue include:: New York, Boe
ton, Weshington, Pittsburgh, Chicego,
St Paul. Cineinnetl, Indienepolis,
Cleveland, Toronto, Cen., Hemilton,
Can., Philedelphia and Detroit.
The Hotel Astor will be headquer-
Were for the printers, end on the oc
ceeion of the benqnet the dining
rooms will be turned over to them.
Seturday night, August 4, “Bi. Six"
union of New York will give e min
strel show end dence at the Aster.
Boetridee on Eeet river end the Hud
eon heye been emu-ed. end entomo
bilea will be provided to eerry the
visitors to, every point at interest in
or user the [renter city.
log; again: mon run
wAmmoue‘uwP I
‘ masmmcwma‘
www.mm ‘
, “mm 1
‘ In memory of preJnr days, when
beer we: still 3 popular drink end
Coney Island was looked upon as the
seventh wonder of the world, one
whole day will be devoted to I clam
bake and sea food bouquet at the
Sherbourne hotel It Coney blend. In
1908, the year of the first tourna
ment, the printers node their heed
quertere oi: the Sherbourne, which
hwet-“flier: known a the Riccedonne
DULUTH, Minn, Aug. l.—ln his]
annual report to the State Fedoratlon‘
of Labor, President Hall Inade this
plea for the labor press: ‘ ‘
“I do not know of anything that is‘
lax-ought into our unions that is dis.
cussed-more for its unfairness and‘
unjust criticism than is the panic
upress. Every trade unionist rasllses
that he can not get much consolation
lot friendliness for the labor move
‘ment in the daily press of the coun—
try, and yet the only avenue of infor
mation that is most friendly, thnt
speaks fairly for the men and women
of labor is the labor press, which has
the hardest row to hoe. I hope that
the delegates to this convention.
when they return to their home cit»
ies, will endeavor to stimulate an in
terest thst will make it possible to
have a larger subscription among the
membership that may awaken a
greater interest among the men and
women who work.”
O. A. Miller, member of the city
council end secretary of the Buers‘
union. and Mrs. Marthe. Andrews 0!
Boston. line, were msrried Mend-y
morning st 11 o'clock st the Episcovsl
rectory, Rev. F. F. W. Greene offici
ating. Councilmen Phillips 0! the
‘First ward acted es best men and the
‘bride wss sttendsd by Mrs. Phillips.
Mr. and Mn. Miller left for Orem
imm'edlstely after the wedding on a
motor trip through that stole. 0-
their return they will be at home It
their residence, 125 gguth Cow“
,To climb up, wake up.
mummy 1117159831. OK you:
LAUNnn: gsrs
Sport Coats and Bathing Suits .
W. L. Dauglas Shoes
(I'm-BWB . ~
321 5.11 mi» Aland". QM.
A 'e 1..
"< ," ‘ A®
, y ‘a" l \
‘ .‘\.,ul” ’ x
. 54¢qu 5 , "
’"VV‘ 'mmoJ ' ‘ M”; V
/ =1 ‘ . can 2 /'\""'-‘
Mil HEM! 9mm,
AIWISEI] HY Jllllflf
LITTLE ROCK, Ark, Aug. 2.
Federal Judge Jacob Trieber hu re
fused to cut red tape end order the
relate of Vurlen Orr and Luther
Wine, Missouri 4: North Arkansa
retire“! strikers, who confused to
burning nilrood bridge: on the ad
vice of n judge who told them if they
did not plead guilty their lives would
not be spend by the mob. ‘
‘ Federal Judge Trieber refund to
releue the prisoners on a writ of hu
beu corpus. He told them they could
ask the governor to pardon them—
thnt they should beg for justice l 0
clearly due them.
Former Circuit Judge Mitchell tes
tified that he advised Orr and Wise
to plead guilty to burning bridges
and take penitentinry sentences to
save themselves from mob violence.
The former judge is now acting u
ntt_omey for the workers. _ A__
The two strikers, Judge Mitchell
said, reluctantly accepted his advice,
after declaring thet they were not
guilty,,end were sentenced to men
years each in the penitentiary ,by
Circuit Judge Shinn.
Wise end On- told Judge Trieber
they were threatened with lynching
unless they pleaded guilty to the
charge, and again dechred thlt they
were not given an opportunity of 3
fair trinl at which, they “id, they
cbuld hnve established their inno
Former Judge Mluhell testified
that On- and Wise at first entered s
plea of not guilty, but that the mob
outside the court house, numbering
several hundred and men, uttering
thrests eninet the Itrikerl, becsme
so demontntive that he fared for
their lives and prev-lied upon them,
utter considerable smment. to save
themselves by taking penitentisry
sentences. .
This same mob lynched a striker at
Harrison January 15 last, and drove
300 railroad strikm and their fami
lies from the town. Officisls of the
Missouri I: North Arkansas railroad
issued a public call for all citizens to
“uphold law and order." The mob
was the result of this all.
A fire that threatened to destroy
the entire plant of the CarlialeLPen
nell company at Carliele late laat
Sunday afternoon completely swept
away the biz mill at that place. The
Aberdeen and Hoqulam fire depart
ment- rendered valuable assistance,
and it was through their timely arri
val that the fire did not destroy the
entire-plant. The loan in estimated at
between $300,000 and $400,000.
Pioneer Jeweler
41: Imm. Itmt
Hoqulum. Ween.
‘ Talc
Workmmhip und Fit
‘ Gnu-smut!
‘ 2219 Simpson Ave., Hoquinm
Aberdeen Help Yourself Store
Ln soon a sum A#_gnm sea
FRI! DELIVIRY—Anywhon In Abel-dun or Osmond“.
Pure Cane Sugar, 10 lbs.------___....-..___...____.____._,_BBc
Limit 10 lbs. to each customer
Crystal White Soap, per bar___«_.“__-.-,w____.s_.______ac
Limit 20 bars to each customer
Crisco, 3 lb. can._---_---Aw.--_.._s--_____._»___-__._-_-60c
Large valuable cook book with each can
Best Yakima O'ld Potatoes, as lbs._____.-__..__.._.._..._-..._-50c
Very fine Now Potatoes, 15 lbs.-__.,_,..,---_u_-_-_u--_m-50c
Olympia or Drifted Snow Flour, 49 lb. sackm-__-._.82.00
Fisher’s Blend Fleur, 49 lb. sack_s.____“...._____.__--82.10
Mason Jars, one-half pint“..-_-m_..___...-.__.__u7Bc
Mason Jars, pint _.._.____--...--».-----__-._"_-_-.--_._.-._-----._-82c
Mason Jars, quart _--___.._...____._______u_,_-____9oe
Mason Jars, one-half ga1._..._.._.1...___-._.._m__._--‘81.35
Relianceßubber-s, 4 dos.__~_._.__._..___.__~__-_m-25c
Welch Grape Juice, pints 35c; quarts _.____.__.“-_._.._66c
Jelly Glasses, 2 doz.--__..__.._.______.._._..__.___~.___B9c
Shinola or Jet Oil Shoe Polish, per can__.______._.__.__.9c
Sim-White for canvas shoes, per box__________._l2c
Calumet Baking Powder, 1 lb. size-_._.._.____'.__.._27c
K. C. Baking Powder, reg. 25c size, 2 cans____..____3Bc
Hershey's Cocoa, reg. 25c size, 2 cans.____-..__.._..__35c
Wax Lunch Roll, 8' rolls__..___.__....__..~_._._-_.._.._25c
Paper Napkins, per 100 »__.__._.___.._..__.____lsc
Paper Plates, 3 doz.______......_________._...-_”.__2sc
Lunch Sets, 2 sets-..___.___._.__.___.___.___.-._“24c
Large Roll Toilet Paper, 5 rolls.....__._____-__24c
Matches, per box _.”.-___.........__.___...____.___“..._...5c
Toothpicks, best grade, large pkg..__.____._____sc
Peas, String Beans, Corn or Tomatoes, 2 cans_.__.._.____2sc
Cream at Wheat, 2 pkgs..._..__~.___..__._._4sc
Olympic Pancake Flour, per pkg._____.___..___-_._-23e
Olympic Rolled Oats, per pkg.___._.._______-__~_._..2sc
Post Bran, 2 pkgs. ~...__._._._..._...._...___.._......525c
Fisher’s Pancake Flour, per pkg.-_.____.~...__.___m2sc
Alber’s Flapjack Flour, per pkg..__..___...._.___-_-_.25c
Free Delivery Service
When the
Mercury Is
High Ice
Cream Is
3 Relief
In hot weather nothing is more refreshing than Ice
Cream. Our Ice Cream is pure and delicious. You will
enjoy it because of its fine texture, its wholesomeness
and its coolness.
Satsop Farmers’ Dairy
1 Plant located on Simpson Avenue between
Aberdeen and Hoquiun
“Deliver in Aberdeen and Hoqnlun.”
Phone 637 Hoquiam.
419-421 East Heron Street ' Aberdeen

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