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PlllfllliAl 'Aflllll
llllfllNß PASI WEEK
Mamet-unfit and West Vlrglnla Bhr!
Work of Org-flung.
A meeting to form a New York
state branch of the Conference for
Progressive Political Action was held
at Albany. Sunday. July 29, with
morning end evening sessions sched
nied in Union Hell. corner of Hudeon
avenue and Bugle street. There wen
u isrge attendance of representetlvee‘
from lebor and term orgenixstions. 3
Among thoee who were present end
made nddrenee. misting in the work
of omeniution, were Williem H.
Johnston. chnirmen of the national
committee end president of the Inter—i
national Aesocintion of Hechinistln
Arthur E. Holder, executive secretory,
end D. B. Robertson. president of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
end Enginemen. ‘
'l‘wo state brenchee ot the Confer
once for 'Progreeslve Political Action
were orgsnized recently in lee-echo.
setts Ind West Virginie, end A third
wee formed Sundey in New York.
These meetings ere in conformity with
the program edopted It the notional
conference held at Clevelend loot De.
camber, with official deiegntos in et—
tendence representing term and labor
Attempts of small groups of men
calling themselves representatives of
the Workers or Commanist party to
participate in both the Massachusetts
and West Virginia meetings were de
feated. In each instance the boas
fide delegates made it clear that no
sort of recognition would be given this
wrecking element.
The Massachusetts conference was
held Sunday. July 22, in Faneuil hall.
the cradle of American freedom. and
was attended by 94 registered dale-n
gates. In addition, a larger number of ‘
Irieuds and observers were present,
among them clergyman. liberals, writ
ers, and others interested in progres
sive and economic subjects. it was‘
a representative meeting of those Who‘
want to see the government restored.
to the people.
Robert Fechner. chairman of the
local committee, presided. and George
Clark acted as secretary. ‘
William H. Johnson. chairman of
the national committee. and 'Arthure
E. Holder. national executive secre
tary, addressed the conference. giving
a detailed history of the movement for
progressive political action and the
many really great accomplishments
during the past year.
A committee on permanent organi
nation and finance was chosen and
authorised to report at a later meet
ing. The report of the committee on
program and resolutions favoring
adoption of the Cleveland platform
was agreed to. after a motion to es
tablish an independent party had been
voted down.
West Virginia Conference.
The West Virginie conference wee}
held In Moose Hall at Clarksburg. onl
Thursday, July 19, with 150 delegates
in attendance. At this meeting It was
unanimously voted to organise for in.
dependent political action on state
lines. similar to the firmer-Labor
party in Minnesota.
The meeting was called to order by
W. 'l‘. Harris. acting president of the
Stste Federation of Labor, with H. L.
Franklin. secretary of the State Fed
erstlon. as temporary secretary.
Addresses were delivered by John
M. Beer, the csrtoonist. former Con.
gressmnn from North Dakota. and
Fred Hewitt. editor of the Machinists'
Jonrnnl. Ned Sims of Wheeling was
tempornry chairman of the convention
and A. D. Lavender chairmen of the
committee on ornniution.
Having voted to form a. state Fer
menLebor psrty. C. J. Menu: of
Montgomery, s locomotive engineer,
wss elected permanent chum. and
Vernon Palmer of Clemons-g. I one)
miner end president of the Clerksbnrg
Control Labor union, was elected as
No Better Butter made.
It’s a Wuhington Product.
A Grays Harbor Enterprise. .
Phones 790 or 791
1 Another oonhnm um I. hold non
cider the nomination o! cumin“.
[or the 1914 election.
‘ Bulneee men and cltieene gener.
my 0! Gary. hut. the model city of
the United Stetel Steel Corponuon.
ere clamoring for emulation ot the
worker. in the big plente there. an
Prelident M. F. Tisha. chum“: ot
the executive committee of national
and lnternetlonel organisations In the
Iteel mdutry, in iut week’s issue of
the Amelnmted Journel of the Iron.
Steel end Tin Workere.
He soon in thin "I good omen" and
a denim thu will be ncconunodntod.
Preliminary work of organising the
Itool workers at Gory. South Chicago
nnd Joliet in the Chicago district in
nlmdy well under wny.
Anticipating this move, the United
sum Stool Corpontion is bringing
thonund- of Mexicans And negro.-
into the mills. nyl the Amnlnmntod
NEW YORK, Aug. I.—Will Rogers,
comedian and philosopher, explains
why Judge Gary wants to sbolish the
12-hour work day. In his weekly syn
dicated article Mr. Rogers says:
“Now Gary says it will take time.
You see, a man who hss been work
ing for years for 12 to 14 hours a
day, and you cut him down to eight,
you have a physical wreck on your
hands. You take a person who is
used to the cool air of a steel furnace
for half the 34 hours of each day sud
bring him into the stuffy atmosphere
of outdoors, or a home, and he can't
stand it." l
Finds Peru Tribe
Eat Mothers-in-Law
Down In Peru lo a trlbe amt
ants It: mothers-ln-law. accord
ing to Edmund Heller, explorer.
who bu Just returned from I
year's trip don: the Amuon
Ind Huallnga rlvers, where he
collected 1,800 rue lpeclmen: of
Hefler brought . recipes for
cooking monkey men, which is I
delicacy on the Peruvian menu.
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“Ten me. In. Jon“, um I. you
rally think of In. Smith?”
In. Jona- (vory Wily)-
Why, you know. In. MI. I never
mt übout unybody. but I may feel
sorry} for her hu-blntl
(From the Anna-Ila: Wot-hr.)
It is n ~wonderful experience to at
tend n labor conference.
1“)” _ . A
Because it is so naturel. Because
it palpitstes with humanness. Be
cause you can feel yourself in con
tact with the tingling centers of life.
There is so little that is natural in
the human world. At every point
you are met by convention, tradition.
It is almost impossible, save in some
gmt crisis, to break down the bar
riers of artificiality that separate
your soul from all the souls of men.
r So seldom can you see your fellow
creatures as they really are. Masks
predomimte. You move among dis
guised personalities.
At a labor conference it is differ
ent. Different entirely. Convention
is ignored there. Tradition, custom,
precedent—all the things that get be
tween human' beings and keep them
apart—ere left outside the door at a
labor conference.
Thought is swift, speech is direct,
Words are used in their phinest
sense. There are no delusive subtle
ties. You have no doubt shout what
is said—have not to search for hid
den mennings.
A labor conference is the plnoe to
( :ofgcc W
~ It idcncc v
beg leave to announce their opening on 3
Saturday, August 4th
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see men and women In their true
selves-madden, undisguiaed. Truth
and candor nre heard there. Their
The Labor Press is again putting out a Special La
bor Day Edition this year as in the past. This edition
covers the entire southwestern part of the state. Our
aim is to make this the best edition ever issued. Many of
the business firms on the Harbor were disappointed last
year because we could not accept their advertising. Our
shop is equipped to handle about a fifty-page edition.
All the merchants desiring advertising space should get
in touch with the office at once. Our solicitor will not
be able to call on all of you.
Reserve Your Space
Don’t Delay-Act Now!
Phone 214 Box 240
voices are blunt, harsh not infrequence of imincerity.
quently, but the ring in unmiltnknblc It is good to listen to n Inbor con
—there {ltin it no ech of the elo- fcrence. . . ‘

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