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By luau-duel Lebor'Newl Service
WASHINGTON, D. 0., July 3.
7110 problem of how to mete a living
it somewhet easier for the avenge
anally to nolve in the U 11“ States
than in any principal country of the
world, it would spear from an ex
amination of data collected by the
Fedenl Reserve Board.
The cost of living in new to the
prewar level in the Uniud sum
then in other big netiom. the offichl
due, Minutes. The date dale with
were] living colt: during April, the
last month for which camped-one
could be obtnined. It is believed, how
3, International Leba- .Newl Service
WASHINGTON; D. 0., July 3.
Cubun nllroad worker: hove won
their strike extinct the Minimum
tion of the~ruil'oud| for fulfillment
of contract. The victory is announced
in e ceblezrum uddreued to the Pen-
American Federation of Lebor, as
follows: ‘
‘Strike brought to u mean:-
ful end. Cuban uilrond work
ers feel mtdul for yOur action
in our behalf. Extend our trut
inzu to American workers.—
Otoro, Hon-on, Tanya, Are.
Two months 130 the rsilrosd work-'
ers of Cubs went on strike, demsnd
ing certain readjustments in condi
tions snd wages. After s struggle
the strike was settled end en scree—
mententered into. About I month
ago the rsilrosds violsted the stree
ment whereupon the strike was re
newed for the sole purpose of en
forcing the eminent shady signed
by the roads.
In violetinc the egreement with
the workers the roeds sought to strike
a blow at the unions which. if suc
cessful. would have resulted in de
struction of the omahetione and le
storetion of old enti-union condition.
The Cuban refined workers, for the
first time organised in a netionnl
federation, applied to the Pan-Ameri
can Federation of Lehor for support
and usistance. As the most pne
tical method of meeting the situation
and complying with the wishes of the
Cuhen railroed workers, the Pen-
American Federation of Labor od
dreased the following «blown: to
mmmt Theda Zeno, et Havana,
“We have followed with deepjn
terest the critical situation renlting
in Cuba from railroad mum and we
earnestly hope that More will: aa
sumoe major proportions your gov
ernment will me it- ;ood offices to
obtain an amiable and jut nettle
ment between railroad management
Universal Spiritualist
601 3th Street Hoquiun
Subject: 0
' by Dr. Julinn A. Fox
Spiritual Manages
by Mrs. Addie M. Fox
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Public Welcome.
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Why Puy fan s Th CID?
107 South G MASTERS Phone 1116
ever, that little ii Ill! clung. 1"
rehtive position)“ the world’l princi
pll comics. _ _ _ _ _
The genenl cost of living in the
United sum in April was reported
an 64 per out above the prover
level. In Italy in the me month
the increue wee than u 421 per
Next after the United States comes
Sweden with an increase of 69 per
cent above prewar. The position of
othsr principal countries was given as
inflows: fiwitserlsnd. England. Spain,
Holland, France, Belgium and Itsly.
and “with. workers. The Pen-
Amerken Federation of labor sup
perte the Cuban workers in their de
fenee at their right to organize and
her-gun collectively and we earnestly
hope the Cuben government will pro
ton} that right.”
The following day the Cuban, roi
md .workeu usembled in mm
looting, cobkd copulation at this
notion, noting that tho nova-neat
lad immediately intended. 0n the
following duy complete victory for
the workers wu nnnounced la a on
bloxrom signed by the four. execu
tivea of the Cuban nib-cud craniu
tlonn, oddmaod to tho Pun-America:
Fodention of labor.
Pttronlze Labor Press Advertisers.
Logging Shoes
Dress Shoes
Two Pants Suits
~ for Boys
s'} '
s _ aV‘ \
, - T
W 515
/ I ' IMOAx‘
/ w
A. N. Bendetson
12 0f 13 MKS 11l
? I}. 11. P. PLATWRM
(Continued from Pun 1)
maniac-hip or non-what“) in
“Y mafia”, _ ,- _
flaunt pup-z my.)
Then in anther punmph Mud
ud in this plank. which, taken in con
junctiou with the first“: more man
inthu plutjtude. It :
“Efficient production in munch]
to individual and national prom.
It ill obtained only through the ne
oouful cooponuon of amount.
cupitul, und labor. The mutual good
will, month! to the minuuuneo of
their right relations, must origin-ta
and be sustained within esch est-b
--lishmsnt. It must spring from with
in; it unnot be hnposod from with
out. It is the growth of sympathy
snd humn understanding which can
not be munufsctured by law.” _
Evidently spanking authoritatively,
qufnx name up 1: follows the nth
fection .received by Big Business, u
represented through the Nation“ A:-
sociations of Manuhcturere at Cleve
Platform Sui-fie- Bil-inc“
“Orgnnized business, in its ‘plst-1
form’ said, ‘We urge more relinncej
upon private energy and chemter
and less upon public law and sppro-§
pristions.’ The Cleveland platform
ssys, ‘The Republican party stands
now, es slweye, Against all ettenpts
to put the government into business.’
“Organized business ssid, ‘Ameri
can industry requires the highest
standard of public end privste moral
ity.’ The Clevelsnd plstform ssys,
‘We recognize the duty of constsnt
vixilsnce to preserve at All times s
cleen and honest government end to
filer of the public service in or out of
Bndgot and Tan-
“Oganised business seid, ‘We pledge
our continued support to the netionel‘
budget system.’ The Cleveland plot
form soys, ‘The budget system hu‘
been firmly established. ‘ ‘ ‘ We
commend the firm insistence of Presi
dent Coolidge upon rigid government
economy end pledge him out earnest
support to this end.’
“Ornnized business naked for to:
reform. The Cleveland platform
pledges the potty to further tn re—
duction, ‘u rapidly u may he-done
with due regard for the essential ex
penditures of the government,’ and
adds that progressive to: reduction
‘should be accomplished through tex‘
reform.’ ‘
Other Similarities Noted
“Organised busineu‘ called for a
stable and constructive policy toward
the railroads. The platform can,
‘Wa favor a stable. conaiatent and
constructive policy toward our rail
“Organised buoineu characterized
“unrestricted immigrntion u en un
mixed evil.’ The platform Andorra
The recently enacted immigration
law; the present terifl low and its
flexible provisions, end the American
merchant merino.
“There ere other minor limileritiel,
but the foregoing planks furnish the
high lighte. it in significant the
with their edoption by the Cleveland
convention there beanie manifest
during-the week the first stirring: of
whet bueineu orgeniutione here
hope will grow into 1 new revival of
industriel nativity." -
OLYMPIA, June fir-Mutiny wu
culled to ordn- nt 7:80 p. m. Prui
dont Gil-on in the chdr.
m were received for C.
R. bah, H. B. Lozier und S. W.
Gothy b 1 Pile Drivers Load No.
210. and for W. A. Bott- of Fulton
No. 743. By motion crodontinll vro
W and‘dologatu sated.
Gimmuuicntiom— were received
fro. Scotch Building Trades Council
pndotinz minutu ware nod and {il
od. .
Bills—Bunkhou- agent's nhry, $44.
Scalar)": uhry, 38. Stamp- and
telephone $2.25. By motion bill. were
thawed and) ordered paid.
Receipts from Cerpentere Locel No.
1148, 8124; Electrical Workers No.
680, $13.50. By ection trustee! were
instructed to sudit the books of the
Council end report et next meeting.
By motion cheir eppointed delegete
Both of Peinters No. 743 end Dele
jget. Meteor: to fill the veeency on
trustees. Deletetes from ell the dif
ferut loeele reported fevoreble on the
etenp system to be used by ell crefte‘
on the Job. After comidereble discuefl
the Council furnish 100 eerds with
Ilene: of ell cut. in the Building
'l‘redes with. e ewe oppoeite the
me of eeell mtt for their stemp.
lotion eerried.
Delano Mn reported that
Im’l 31-th will to done
through Ear-hay and in ”ti-factory
to flu plmhn' organization.
m "In: reported on the
Holiday and than» Shoot Idol
firm who are unfair to the Shoot
Iota! Workers of Tacoma. hon
boon removed from m Cop“ M‘
torjobund thomnhooljob,ond
the work turned over to Unhn Shut!
fletol workoro. Ho reported on mm
moving non-union man from won-ki
on the 01mph in sod the Carl-j
ton hotel, and placed union polnuu‘
m the two john. 3. duo "portal
on renovin; two mm m
from the Copiul om m 1
vol-k md pine-d two Icahn of tho
Liboren' Union on tho job. a. lo
purtod on other motion at hm»
to the Council. Hy notion upon
of box-inc“ agent m m
‘ bologna Id: at tho W
‘Workm snob on tho unhir attitud
‘oflr.wmfiohpatflu no
handing ot Bum-'o' Con, nod luc
fllted tht the 00nd! look into tho
‘u‘ter. .‘
Good and Wolf‘s—At this tin.
President Gil-on W the dolo
cute- for the courtesy down hill dur
mg his term of attic. a: plum o!
the Council.
As Friday next in July Fourth it
won moved end uoondod that the
next meeting-of the Council I). hold
on Fride on, July 11th. lotion
col-tied. There being no further-Imel
nees by motion Council edjournod It
8:30 p. m.—-Jlme| Durham, secre
Gasoline prices reduced in vsrious
parts of country.
Storm sweeping upper Mississippi
Valley kills four.
Lieut. Russell L. Maughnn flies
from New York to Sun Funciseo in
21 hours, 48% minutes.
Dr. D. 8. Phillips, cmropodht. is
now located In the new D l: R Theatre
Sage Tea Keeps
Your Hair Dark
When Mixed With Sulphur It Irlngl
Back In Benutlfm Luna
at Once.
Gray hair. however hundsome. de
notes advancing age. We all know
the advantages of a youthful nppesr
mce. Your hair is your charm. It
makes or more the face. When it
fades, turns grey end looks streaked.
just a few applications of Sega Tea
Ind Sulphur enhances its Appear-once
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Don’t etey say! Look young!
Are you willing to extend the same just and honorable
treatment to the Union Barbers that you would exgect of them?
Should their moral suyport be desired to prevent t e demoraliza
tion of your business . A , , 7 7
When cyou, the business men of Aberdeen, declared for a
six o’clock 22;? custom the Barbers 'and other union bodies
heartily endo your stand. We proudly claim some of the
honor ue the success which enables you to enjoy better business
conditions, and which gives you more time to spend at home, or
in the great out-of-doors, with your families.
;In view of these facts, we, the Union Barbers of Aberdeen,
do not believe that you can patronize conscientiously a barber
shop that is not only attempting to lengthen business hours but
flagrantly disrespects our customs an traditions by operating
on holida s—holdiays which our spirit of Americanism compels
us to holad in reverence.
Mr. Businessman, we feel that you share these sentiments,
because you have even shorter hours than we expect and observe
our national holidays as we, your fellow citizens, desire to ob
serve them. We have made repeated attempts to impress these
sentiments upon the owners of the
Morck Hotel Barber
But our efl’orts have been unavailing. You can, Mr.
Businessman, show where you stand on this vitally important
question of decent.business hours and the proper observance of
our holidays, by your public expressions.
You will need our support and assistance in the future
some time as you have had need in the past. And finally we
are confident that your sense of fairness and honor will direct
your patronage to the Union Shops of our city—the shops advo
cating decent working hours and a proper and patriotic ob
servance of our holidays. We hereby dec are the
Morck Hotel Barber Shop
- Rustemeyer s
115 South G St. 622 “I” Street
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lutely by hand. - - Why not give us a trial?
Phone 296 203 South F St.
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pound." which is merely the old-time
recipe Improved by the addition of
other ingredients. Thouundn of folks
recommend this ready-toque prepare.
ltion. because it darken: the hair bonu-
Located in the New Morck Hotel
A Few More Left
Close These Out
tltully, besides, no one can poulbly
tell. nlt darkens no nntunlly and
evenlly. By morning the (rap hnlr
disappears; after another application
or two, it: natural color In reltored,
nnd It becomes thlck, glouy and me
‘troAu. nnd you nppetr years younger.
- dv.

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