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Elm Is moment a DiatflctEquaflyW hr m
Berries, Bees, Poultry or For Ddryhg.
RAfllfl It] HELP IN ‘
Major General George 0. Sqnler,
former chief algae] omeer of United
States my, predicts that basic en
gineering principlea 01 radio will
soon be applied to ocean cable pm
tlee, with "told-hing developments.
One and: experiment ha: already been
made with marked progress.
“A universal automatic telagraph‘
tramlttar, applicable to radio. land
linaa and aubmarlna cablaa, baa boon
davelopad and hated ovar an artifi
cial laboratory cable.
‘There is no reel eociel or economic
conflict between oceen able end redio
telemghy. The one in ouentielly e
A-D.D¢mm W-Shmvmm-
E' L- France. Cutler
‘ C'PW-Msmum
Aunt: am. {l've ms.-
S‘h Mkuknt _ .
The Men’s Store '
8.71 m My ‘ cut-In. Wall.
point-to-point two-my new!“ 5;-
tween individual; the other. et pres
ent It least. is euentlelly e broad
casting one-my who, depend!"
upon mm upped. Each line in own
‘netnnl field of usefulness in the de
}velopment of world (rifle. The logic
‘of event: will eventuelly place each
eervice in its proper Iphm."
‘ “Do you man to any," aid the
doctor, “that chat bottle of medicine
I sue you for the bcby in 11! zone?
Impossible! I told you to give him
just 3 toupoonful every four yours.”
“I know, doctor,” laid the ‘young
mother apologetic-11y, “bit my bus
bnnd find I Ind tho nuno'hnve each
Lto wallow a toupoonful too, .0 u
to get b-by to swallow itl"—Punch.
Pltronin Labor Preui Agyertiun.
UNCLE “warmer-m mo
Uncle Sam his fill “I in
pence-time as vol! ’II in var.
Records of ill-every one “heroism
equal to the deeds of derin' pedom
ed by those petriots who he” feeed
shot and shell of en enemy mtry
ere not leaking emonc the era, of
employee o! the United Stetee gov
ernment. -While the herdehipe en
countered'end the less a! life ere
not so greet in numbers es these re
corded in eetuel werlere. neverthe
lese they ‘beer mute testimony to the
veil-at service rendered by these
um servants o: the people, bent
on perm fie fibrous end dim
.walflgierueu of W ere
, \ gmfi-WI
g;- .. .'a.,, wa .em
:5! .. d, ‘3 1"“ m:
, a 44;“ fimm es
smmu ~ My.
1 WWW .’ ' , of
lot ML ' M be
pmpt :- mn- @me
‘Wei mt '-"rewsrd
fly: the ilet gees with the
{Eye is no file e: of
the I'll? tint u" "bu” ec
tullperlll‘ fihebdlimhendere
'eubject to we vicissitudes e! the
elements in their deily route then
some of the men who cerry the meils
over some of the more difieflt e! the
stu- routes. These men ere not peid
seleriee but work under outlet,
_ewsrded under the lew ee eteeiit of‘
competitive bidding. It might be seid
thst they dlfl'er from ell other gov
ernment employee in thet they. fix
their own seleries.
When it is pointed out thet during
the pest two end e hell yeers 56 cer
riers have lost their lives while in
the performence of duty, it will be
seen thet the teehe eeeixned them ere
heurdous in the extreme.
There ere ster routes ecettercd
throughout the country where “sees
of mud" ere considered of slight mo
ment end where the perils encounter
ed from ice peeks end does many
times result in deeth or serious end
permenent injury.
To the city dweller e reference to
the meil men brings e picture of the
grey-meted cen-let who delivers his
letters end peckeses unhempered to
my greet extent by wind or weether.
But the denzien of the run] district
thinks of him es the driver of e horse
drum or motor vehicle, whose errivel
is regerded es an event in the deiiy
life of the occupent of the term, put
ting him, es it does, in touch with the
outside world end with his fellow
men. I
In January of this year, Reinhold
Dreahn, carrier on the star route be
tween Buflalo and Murchison. South
iDakota, fell a victim to duty. For
‘eeveral yearn Dreahn had been mak
‘ing twice-a-week trips between the
:two hamlets. encountering all aorta
of weather conditions but nevervfail
;ing to carry out his part of the con
-Itract with the Postoflce department.
He hed started from Hurehieon u
usual on a certain Saturday and when
he did not put in an appearancee the
next day at Buflalo, a eearch was
made for him. He was found just
one mile outside of town with both
hands and feet mun. He was dead
when diecovered and it in estimated
he had been expoud to the intense
cold for over 16 hours. The theory
advanced for his death was that. be
coming exhaumd from s hard day’s
work and while attempting to crank
his car, he fell and was not able to
recover his senses before he sue
leumbed _to the gold _of the night.
Records of the Poetoflce depub
ment show that non. the most dun
geloue end dimcult mute. served by
run! eel-rim end It» route con
tractors ere those extending from
Newport m Otter Rock, omm
Ellison Bay to Detroit Harbor, Wh
eeuin; Rocky Ber to Minute, Idaho,
M from Sendueky to Kelly: Inland,l
We Bill end Put-in-ney, Ohio. ‘
0n tho Rocky nor-AM. Idaho.
mmmhpoflomodin tho
m moon by union traveling
on now-noon. puking no pounds at,
and. Not infuquontly, «trim on
thin route have been count in mow
liidu and ow to death. Only I
you or two no, I cnrrior lost his
life in this my only in Jnnuory ond
his body won not recovered until Into
the following Juno. “'
mum!“ Elli-on Bayto Do
trait Hnrhor, WWI» 3nd from
Snndulky, Ohio, to nearby IMI
must be opoutod oval-tho ice in tho‘
winter Ind indie {all when the hkr
in from. [him wring thaw;
it in may t Ind Wou'
towryontholuvloe. Annmbcr‘
of union but lost their lives inj
endeavor!“ to mm m mafia
haw-when wists: _ _
mthntoftho Hitchcockbrothagf
dusky. “mm,wflhon-j
«month-I.lkm in
lab mm val-ouch}: r
Malawian. Mm
eenied Gm the lake by the red-ta
leee force of I fit in which they
hed become wedged. The cen-[ere
were given up fuelled by the eun
ed ill-Mien. A ceblecrem wired to
Kelly lelend reed:
“Look out for the cen-fore; they
wey." '
But the two men, elm my elm
forte, were renewed. They were hm
'en exheuehd conditioned eo comm
lpletely covered and weighed dowm
with ice ee to be helpleee. Thetr up“
;were froeen feet to their heede end?
jtheir dothee In W with ice thatl
‘the weerere were unehle to heed. \
\ On arrive! et hail-e their friends
‘were obliged to cut end he: ewe:
ltheir ice armored mute. After
Munch}: clothing e huehel o! be that
’had fellen oil In the proceee wee
swept, from the floor.
’ For mere! yeere George end
‘Cherley lion-rim were employed ee
‘cerrierl on the Due lllull route.
They, too, peeeed through men: Mn
'01:: end twin. experieneee. being be
victims of may eloee eefle fre
deeth. Out on'the hie Snell M
of weether, with ice conditions 0!
every deecrlpflon they hetfled with
atom, running ice, fox end blinding
Formerly usoeleted with, George
Morrison hi the null eerrying service
was his min-l". (y! lotut.
The two were unexpectedly over
taken by en neeideat which reunited
in the drowning of Botert. Among
the srticlee eerrled in the beat oper
eted by the two men wee e long, un
wieldy piece of Intel. This in
some way deified. “pulling the boat.
Morrison found hlmeelt sung-[ling
in the weter. With (not Wty he
succeeded in extrleeting himself. but
Rotert wee carried under the ice. His
body was not recovered until lets the
following spring.
Henry Elfers cerrled the mile to
Kelleys Islends for over eo yeers.
During thet time he hed teeny heir
breedth escepes end edventures ge
“When I wee e youngster,” seid
Elfers not long ego, “I wee wee out
.in s hoet ebout ell the time. Now, I
don't care for ordlnery selling but
bettlin: with the ice hes e fescine
tion for me. As soon es the ice he
gins to form I feel eeger to get out
one of the ironcleds end fight my wey
ecroes. Eech is e flebbottomed skill.
There's e sell in the bow to carry us
through the weter or over the lee}
when conditione ere right. There ere?
two iron-shod runners on the hot
sled. The sides ere sheethed with
selvenleed iron. This is very in
portent beeeuee thin ice will cut e
boat like I knife.
From here to Sendusky is 10 miles
‘in e direct line end «I go there when
‘eonditlons ere good. At other tlenee
‘I go to Merbleheed which is four
miles ewey end the neerest point to
‘the meinlend. I heve seiled these
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' Oxford
Best Place
in Town to
. Eat
Eha; Wish.
COMBES 8:00;
‘ .. Union Made Furnishings
‘ And Shoes for Men
' . A. w. GOODMAN, Mgr.
rm and museums
m w I
.. $25,000
. ‘ mw m
Stricfly Modern - Evaythhg Up-to-Date
First Class Dining Room in Connection
Commareial 80mph Rooms
nu. WWW

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