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Southwest Washington labor press. (Hoquiam, Wash.) 19??-19??, June 12, 1925, Image 2

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H 1.6241 e
nah" “141;. W
.9, .»., . '.
on, all Arthur I. Ewan. M
33mm 22,-..." m,
"‘ "‘2' -. , .‘t:'!:. 9'. .-., '1
.. ."w - _. .' , . '. 1
' . \ v ’ J‘ .
7 ”9‘ ...-L) , .
‘ .> 00,003....OQOOOIOOCOI0.9&
awém 's'ncea Miami?»
8 cans Van Camp’s Pork and Beans, med. 'sizs....s9c
1 dozen Cam bell’s Soupsslls
1 Quart Gage Julces9c
3 loaves Bread, all kind32sc
Morrel’s Pride Hams, per lb29c
8 lb. pail James Henry’s Pure Lardslfia
Mortars Cornrd Beef. No 2 «1143:
1 lb. Cocoanu , long shreds—2sc
2 lbs. Nut 01a44c
3 lb. box select Sodas49c
5 lbs. Golden Ripe Bananas.-..........:.................49c
16 lbs. New Potatoes9Bc
1 large bunch well bleached Ce1ery......-..........23c
5 bunches Carton, Beets and TurnipsWZk
3 bunches Radish? and Greon Onions9c
. Store open until BP. M. Saturdays. Please get your order
in early as we Wish to give the best of service.
Phone 2469 208 South H Street
Kama" 1.2"" m c-'
Absalom, Port Angeles, Weutehes, Raymond. Shelton. loam
~‘?~'?r.:z ” r
I . ’ :f' Jg“ , fl
5- 9”fl y ’I 5‘
‘ ' ’ t I , “ ' ',
ltd _! ..., Im. (”5"
" a ‘ . ,
"g: ,4 11. 95-?!‘5; 5m
4H .-J‘”'; - ' :L' I .
- p . ”a!“ ... ...... ° . i .
PIECES $49.30
A very special price made possible by Ksumn-me ’s
great buying power. The suite consist!" a! bed, dresser
and claifinrétte is in im finish, neatly dswreted. It is
wdl built sad is an: to giie no service. Only a few suites
at this price. Cgs price $49.30. Terms price $54.75.
saw ON BUTTONS. no YOUR s23lan FREE
We Are the Bachelor’s Friend
, Silk, Linen and Wools Our Specialty
.316 But Ha unfit, Am
wmy ' rm Inn »
; arm lam '
'0 lan A“... I” a! m ‘
um ua 0 IL. w ' ‘ n.- ll‘
" .1 ,1 an; r.“ »-«£
7 tho ~ H ,
.... :1
‘ Ind A .3“ 4‘"
low Groom'- Itltplmfi ~°
.1 - '
«I: 9:3“ -’
4’! a! ‘ '“I ‘ V .
lag-Ilia IM“W m ‘o‘ pub
‘ 55:” A. '
,_ - 4?..,,.,..,; fiat—gE-énil ' “I
'4,i!|'i*'=‘¢‘~", ".-H!:§::E:"' 3‘ lid ! I
, 9574531: 3794*“
”a. 1: “ «’7‘:
.- .4 4:: J “it! 999! 4:"
m": m... “...
“tut-1' MINNIE“ ' > 1
name-u” ram?
t 7 .
ggmw."mw 333%
Wm: “memw
our 1) .U . ,
‘y° ~ m N aid . ‘ ‘
mu m, “L that;
{the " ~lan , :
w- . to: s, ~mp 4
with ‘ run u , m.
Pinup ' In, W
«m ...... Em .mt
1m . {Allin-n .
of tow-p 7 do I: u‘nd op
ontion. Itneo m 3 . [cyan-I—
ment flu“ but M ban 0!-
m 4 m: mm“. .. 9
8 y .
experience to boating; “Mom
"ll‘ ~ Wind“?
perim‘. .. WM ‘ Mm
‘m‘ W 9 ~ “'53.“?
. ' ’ our 03‘-
pfefimqnmmhfl will
0 colts.
(Confined from 232 an!
lutdm‘oteu .0; $1 -‘
is granted every Senator to be heard
for one hour after two-thirds of the
Senate x 4 mead to brink a measure
to a v , gave a minority of hen
‘one Senator, at times, poster to da
‘feat the measure and under impo
tent the Senate it“? “sat role.
‘whieh at times enables Sonatas to
‘eonms in oratory those last precious
minutes of a union needed (a: Ino
mmnous dad-ion- plocu in the by!!!
of one or of a minority of Senators
a urea power than the veto Wm
«er-cite: km the Constitution w
the President of the:Unitad Stag
which is limited in its efl'eetivan
by the neceaei of an tive too
thirds vote. gho wonim to cons
and that undo! the spirit of ,demo
-9!!“ cov-rnm-nt th- row"? to “1}
legislation providing the revenues
p'ay the expenses of ”mum:
should, during the last few days of a
session, but he in the hands of a "mi
nority or perhaps one Senator? Why
shenld they ever be able to eompel
the President of the United States to
call an extra seaaion o! ,Con‘reaato
‘keep in functionixg activity the ma
chinery of the ovornment itself ‘2
Who would dare oppose any changes
in the rules necessary to insure that
‘the business of the United States
should always be conducted in the in
terests of the Natibn and never be in
danger of amounterinc a situation
where one man or a minority of men
might (demand unreasonabie conces
sions under threat of blocking the
business of the Government? Who
would dare maintain that in the In;
llllylil tha rightfif the Senate it
al: to act timid "or be aubordimtv
ed to tho right of ope Scatter to nab
3 speech? |
The rule- cun be found, as in the
custom, in ethn- dolibmtivo and 1e;-
unav- abumblien. to fully Protoct a
Within right to be hand with
out forfdfin; at my time tho creatu
rkhtof mug-nun 3% The Co‘-
ngton of £3. UM“ tlfba (in:
153 mm. mam Hous- of new
mm"- the rs.» to t
ow'd conduct 0! mutual. bml 11:]
not ucuu‘ customs Ind to!” fl: "‘
under certain condition,- might mi
KEN pawn a! the Santa Ind! in \
islntive' MM. » .
o ‘
1. The Senate :10. have grown '
with the evolutiog at the Sam“ 4
meltendmduhn'edtofucfli ..
untamed, orderly consideration of
problem. Wot. it. The Bam“ h“
any: heed n more ddibeuu bog
then She new: it has We}! pride‘
its freedom of pinch, and {but mg
bute has added to‘ita digni y end -
fluence. The rule. hue worked vcy
uuumtofllx to: the most part. M
are thorough med by the Sea
ate its-fl, ‘
2. The Sustain-Mon in the 89'-
‘yemmontnl am is W to IM
,viewn of «3me 11:1:
iox'lzhnlly in d w «“3 ‘
Lumen mum too W‘- “a
mm :- W o! debu- rm
Mull)» flow-mid- It in per
wanna-l: M "
80me Name mm iorg ‘
a. mmmtnottoeonth‘
its pan” .9 M 0! flag W‘
in” da. Mummnt. Therq‘ is;
O mm tendency, puticulu'ly “PH
on the put of the conurutivo pm?
to ridicule Conn-nu, Ind to domoul
that it talks- dummy uncut“. pol—i
'° "‘3‘!“ r ’9 n$
mam lfi 3W5 mm
m , ~ V . «m- «was
mmm .7 ~ ‘su mun-mm “P
003113311330):ij ’ Anna" in: M
1,5300 An You Awuuw
WM, mm M dashing-reig- WW
um n: t. . ~ r
s"}! M amaze”? p. e x ‘1
" W‘ W "gun-w“
09" K ‘...M“ . - V ’ t” ‘r ,
What: shamans Wm MOW. M
~ » “'... doll: usually?
mama: * , v" - . .
I‘ Mmmmttgtthhhonmdout
L. My!” . . . . M
...-W M ...i. for hams. mm and. in can mm
gm! '..ymm mkupmodqinlwd/dtcuhtim?
h" Wfibmmmmmtwwtfig
0 _ 7'
398 figmdgpghvidi “fir-gum "
QM . thu uion-mddinofitudagudmmmuq
-——-*-—--—* mdmcymd‘mhmmtflhm '
'u' - “W“
«Wham flw‘rm-h." m"
. saving; 5...,
greatest” ll!
iciee. But the legilletive em of the
Government is co-ordinete with the
executive, end there to no more ree
lon why the executive should dict-(e
its policy then why it should govern
the executive. It is the duty of Con
green to develop new policies, end}
of the um. to «try them out.‘
The legislative in the moot popular
breach of the Government, end fl
Mooney in to endure it mutt not‘
1999;».", echo o: the executive:
Preoeminence‘ for the executive is the‘
prdlnm'ury to eutecticy‘, ang! Gon
zteee should More [nerd it‘e
4. Adoption of tho Dana'propoeal
would nullify the delibetative We
01 the Senate. The Home a! Rapu
aegnativea ia now governed by rile:
similar to than which Dave; would
introduce in the Senate.l‘ho rain};
has boon a marked decline in the
quality of debate on the Route floor,
and the finctical rule of party at an
times. Party regularity in elevated
to a iethh by the Home rules.
5. Senete debetes It!!! bring out ex
cellent meat, and determine policies.
It won ndmttted by I We: of Ben
.tore that their um on the War
ren use bed been changed “to: lie
tening to the debate on the queution
of MI qualifications for the post of
Attorney Ge rBl. Semtou Reed,
Bomb and oxen were in a minoi‘ity
when they began their fight upon
hih, but they rought othen to their
point of View. Had their freedom of
” te been “aim . vote Along
‘, ’ lines would probably have mode
t .Attomy Guard.
m ‘ .“ ‘3 *
”t? a' I?“
3“- “63% v: A 'l."
”‘ arrq'u' -
Ye wanna
~10 e?- *
my mum TRIP
fl”. 95M mm“
.. ~‘.,. ......nu
:«fl-L war: "
- ':::=':r
um “ “fin-L
w - r~ , w
’s’!" f’)‘.
and? ~ ~ not-«t3»;
1.113%! {'.l' 3? 23551?" lull:
_ .‘ iffix‘hv"
\ ‘.‘ER‘
1 ~ i .‘r “b
\~' b y I
I ‘. ‘
1 / .
'1!" ‘l
, 4v m
Dainty Franck Voile
Attmctlvelp Priced
'I‘HE daintiness plus serviceabflity that has turned
so mung wgmen :0 voile as the ideal: 133:1:th
mam: an in ..I _i e apnea as use
mm , ’ hyfievnr'toucm 033.: mm. .llce
lassnioqs and ribbon trimmings. This showing in
«:1le 0:: an usususlb urge mm 9! bumm rainbow
co . A ‘
Col-Hastin- $2.50 and $2.95
see. of mm. and Chaise $8.95
' \ Gm! $2.95 an! $8.95
It Always Page to Buy at Wolff's
Wishkah and G Struts
Legs of Genuine Lamb, per 1b.32c
Shoulder Pork Roast, per 1b.20c
Best Steer Rib Steak; per mm
Fresh Beef Hearts, per lbklfle
Fresh Beef Tongues, pol 1b.25c
Choice ‘Venl $Ol,, pet le‘Ac

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