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$2:00 The Year
VOL. IX No. 9.
Ore from Mineral Zone
Proves High Gradt
Ore Being Taken Out for An
orher Run.
The recent strike on the Colonel
Sellers claim of the Mineral Zone
owned by Mrs. M. A.
Parr, has now progressed far
enough, that the., magnitude of
the ore shoot can toe realized.
The vein has been stripped,for
200 ft., and with surface cuts,
shown for a^-distance of about
400 ft. The vein has a width of
from 3 to 6 ft. The strike of
the vein is easterly and westerly
and the dip south. The foot
wall is a yellow porphyry and
soft, while the hanging
wall is a granite. The dip seems
to be about 80 degrees. The
pitch of the ore shoot . has, not
been determined, as its entire
length has not been traced.
Where the vein has been
stripped, the ore exposed is of a
very high grade, and thiç is being
taken out and.,sent to the custom
mill. At present no great depth
has been attained, and none will
be attempted until the roads
break up, so no more ore can be
, The first 40 tons of ore was
put through the mill last week,
and while the clean-up has not
been reduced to bullion, enough
is known to warrant the state
ment that it plated nearly $20
per ton. This in itself is re
markable, for it must be consid
ered that the entire vein was
taken and np sorting of any kind
was attempted, and that there
was considerable waste in the
ore'. Just what the amount of
concentrate and the value has
not been learned.
At the present time ore is be
ing taken from the vein, in open
cuts and while a little more
depth is being gained the values
seem to increase, and it is ex
pected that the next mill run
will be even better than the first.
The Mineral Zone group con
sists of seven claims, situated
about two miles northeast of Elk
City, on the ridge between Little
Elk creek and American river.
There is an abundance of timber
on the ground, but no great
depth can be attained by tunnel.
On the American river side
great deal of work has been done
and tunnel driven some 300 ft.
Good values were found at this
point on the surface, but the
tunnel w^s not driven on the
vein, and it was abandoned and
work started on ; the Colonel
Sellers claim on the Little Elk
side. A large amount of the
vein-had been stripped before
the values were realized, and
is quite possible that considerable
ore has been thrown away.
Taken all in all this is the jtnost
important strike ever ma$e
the district, for not only are the
- 1
Will Double Present Milling |
From Manager Batchelder, of 1
the Elk City Mines Corporation,
operating the South Fork mine,
it is learned that the company j
will increase their present mill
ing çapacity by the addition of,
live more stamps. .
e pas year ,
successful and profitable one,
and tbe healthy condition of the
warrants the increased I
values of a high grade/ but it is
close to town, and with a custom
mill just making its initial run
is most opportune, for the ore
present is unlimited.
This strike should be an incen
tative for claim owners to pros
pect their claims more thoroughly
for thqre is no telling how many
rich shoots ai'e just under the
grass roots.
Gold and Silver Mines.
More than 5,000 mines in the
United States and its possessions
contribute to the country's out-1
put of gold and silver. The 1
number of placer properties in
1910 was estimated at 2,026, this
figure being based upon the re
turns to the i government. The
number of deep mines contribut
ing, that is, those which have
underground workings, is placed
at 3,299 for the same year. The
largest number of placer mines
is in Alaska and California, and
the largest number of deep mines
in .•Colorado, California and
Ore for Reduction Plant,
F. A. Baner has sent in from
his Great Grief claim on* Dead
wood mountain, several tons of
ore to be treated at the custom
mill. The ore was sorted, with a
view of getting free, aud not fo;
high value. The ore will be put
through in a few days.

Surprises Twin Bridges.
The Salmon City Recorder
prints a letter from Twin Bridges
Mont, in reference to the rail-1
road situation, that is of interest
to this section. It says:
"The news from Portland ap
pearing in the press recently that
the Northwestern in entering
• J j- , 17 ,fV, fVio
into a traffic agreement with the
Northern Pacific for the handling
of trains between St. Paul and
Alder, Mont., in connectionwith
the Gilmore & Pittsburg railroad
now in the course of construction
is received with some surprise by
the residents of this part OX the
state. While it has been pretty
ii i oomo timo ttiai
well known for SO .
the Northwestern was interested
in the Gilmore & Pittsburg, long
termed the road of "mystery,
it has been supposed all along
that when the connection was
made that it would be with the
»ix- . ..
Northern Pacific at Whitehall,
and this belief is Still adhered to
u . „i„; m ib.i 0
by many, who claim that in al
probability the term Alder is in
reference to the Ruby valley
branch of the Northern Pacific
extending from Whitehall to Al
which is commonly called
the' Aldar branch Alder being
toe AlQ^r orant-n,
the southern terminal.
The GUipore & Pittàburg has
porrmleW its survev from Dillon
COmpiejj-Q US survey irom uniuu
to Twin Lodges, even,tP the
grade stakes, and a preliminary
line was being run from Twin
Bridges £p Whitehall last fall,
when orders came to suspend all
^operations. About this time the
Gilmore & Pittsburg got into
difficulty near Dillon in Beaver
head county over the purchase of
a right of way, which has re
sulted in a condemnation suit,
the result of which is yet to be
determined. Options on ranch
lands in thfe vicinity traversed
by the survey as well as on lots
in town have been renewed from
time to time, and from the atti
tude of those handling the busi
ness, it is thought that as soon
as a settlement is effected for
the lands /h controversy that
active work on construction will
be commenced,
district school observed
st * Valentine's day by giving an
entertainment in the school
, -,
^°" se '. in the afternoon. The
followin e was the wogramme.
St. Valentine's Day.
Uncle Sam'.8 Photograph Album
. I?red Colgrove
Blanch Yandell
Lesley Bullock
Uncle Sam.
Miss Sierra
Martha Was hington
Uncle Tom .
Miss Dixie.. -,
Characters in Tableaux.
Ruth Litchfield
.. Fred Yandell
Helen Litchfield
... Edna Howell
. Ralph Strong
. Jessie Baskett
... Jack Parsell
I Union Soldier. George Tytler
Levi Colgrove
Dwight Yates
Rodgh Rider
Jack Tar
| The Landing of the Pilgrims,
Fart II.
. Ruth Litchfield
...Fred Yandell
Helen Litchfield
.Edna (Howell
Jessie Baskett and
Ralph Strong
.George Tytler
My Country
The Good Old Times
Mount Vernon Bells.
[Lesley Bullock, Blanch Yandell, Jessie
Baskett and Helen Litchfield.
Dwight Yates
I R' ke Columbus..
Sighing "Home, Sweet Horae"
. .Jessie Baskett
Where the Silvery Colorado
Wends its Way.Blanche Y&ndell
George Washington.
The Star Spangled Banner
The school room was well filled
Levi Colgrove
Jack Parsell
with a very appreciative audience
^d t ; he programme was eft joyed
| b y al -
Lteries in American natural history.
is a puzzle which has baffled scientists
^ p ^ probably uever wlll be solv .
ed Less tban forty year3 . ag0 wild
pigeons were abundant in Pennsylva
j £iï
I bering teus of thousands, and it some
y ast numbers of the pigeons were
billed every year by gunners, but many
Investigators hold that the complete
disappearance of the species must have
been due ln part a t least to other
>> I merous in this country as the pigeon.—
New York MalL
The Wild Pigeoh Mystery.
That the wild pigeon, once so com
mon in the United States, has become
extinct is one of the strangest mys
migrations they traveled In flocks num
No other bird was ever so nu
How Ho Protected the Seals.
Some years ago a Russian Warship
j was on special duty in Bering sea
guarding the seal fisheries, preventing
to the slaughter of the seals during the
ii closed season. The admiral of tbesta
üon Jn tbe course of an inspection
in vessel invited any of the sailors
I Who had any complaint to make
plained that the "seal money" prom
| ised them had not been paid. On the
I astonlshed admlral inquiring what
meant it came out that the ship's com
mander had been doing* a lucrative
trade by killing the seals -placed under
hls P ro - tectl0B and sending the skins
London an dhad taketf the-'crew into
partnership. He was duly transferred
1 to Siberia. _
Plant Is Not Strictly a Custom
There seems to be a wrong im
pression among the property
owners in this vicinity in regards
to the Elk City Reduction Com
From Manager Tytler it is
learned that the plant is not a
custom mill, but that the com
pany buys the ore direct from
the owner, deducting the cost of
milling and hauling, paying for
the same on a basis of 85 ^er
cent of the assay value.
Samples are taken at the
crusher automatically, and are
taken in triplicate, the company
retaining one, the owner, is given
one, and one is held as ah umpire
assay. After the ore is pur
chased it is then up to the dom
pany to save what they can from
the ore. ,
, The following statement sheet
will probably explain more clear
Settlement of Ore.
Gross weight
Less moisture... per cent
Net dry weight.
Assay : r -
Gold .. ozs. per ton at $20.6 r equal
$.... per ton /
Basis of settlement; >
... .tons at 85 per cent .... value $....
Less treatment at $5 per ton
Less hauling
.... tons at $2 per ton per mile . .$ . .*
Balance due
■ 9
Work on Brown Briar Shows
Up Well.
The tunnel now being driven
on the Brown Bear claim, by
the Idaho-Red River Mining Co.*
has just entered the second ore
shoot. The vein here is 4 feet
wide, with 15 inches of good ore,
The ore is very soft, and is much
oxidized, but the values have
not yet been determined.
The tAinnel is now in 250 feet
and has a depth of 125 feet.
Will Develop Claims.
J. Keenan, came over from
Golden this week, and is busy
fixing camp on Relief creek, pre
paring for work on the White
Horse group of claims, owned by
himself and Bert Moses. The
work will consist of driving a
Northwest Mining Convention
In attendance at the Northwest
Mining Convention being held
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
of this week at Spokane will be
strong delegations of mining
men appointed by the governors
of the various western mining
states. The commercial organi
zations also have appointed dele
gates to introduce subjects of
interest to the sections repre
It is. expected that much gen
eral good to the industry will re
sult from this meeting, at which
time an expression from the
various mining districts on
matters affecting the mining in
dustry, it is expected will in
1 fluençe legislation in congres.,,
the and through the medium of tfe
he conve ntion a better general
1 , , - UniAfkn.nnnfinno
knowledgei of what other sections
are doing in the mining line will
to aid in bringing about greater
into- ,. _ „
co-operation among tho.e en
gaged in the busmess.
meeting will also provide a means
of securing up-to-date informa
tion as to developments in diff
erent camps, which will tend to
revive the interest of the general
public in mining.
From the Mining and Scientific Press,
A frequent cause of explosions
in compressed air discharge pipes
and receivers is an accumulation
of carbon in the pipes or of oil
in the receiver. Oil should be
drawn off from all air receivers
at frequent intervals.
Objections to the use of rein
forced concrete for certain
classes of buildings are that
where it is necessary to make
frequent changes, alterations,
and repairs, and in fact in any
structure that is not intended to
be permanent for many years, it
becomes very costly. When it
has outlived its usefulness, it is
expensive to remove and the
materials have little or no value.
Although many beds of gravel
are found where suitable clean
material for concrete work may
be obtained, it is more often the
case that clay and loam are mix
ed with the gravel in excessive
proportions. These substances
form a coating on the stones and
pebbles which prevents the
cement froin forming an intimate
bond with the stone,
strength of the concrete thus
has only the strength of the
cement, losing a great deal of the
value of the aggregate.

Until recently, with rare ex
ceptions, shaft bottoms have been
lined with timber only. Such
mine timbers, if of white oak,
last five' to eight years, depend
whether the natural con
mg on
ditions foster dry fot, and if of
black oak or white bine, shorter
periods. As the cost of replac
ing such timbers is greater than
their first cost, when a mine lasts
twènty years it is manifest
that wood timbering is is the
long run more expensive than
reinforced concrete and there is
always the great danger of its
taking fire.
Sulphur is of use botk directly
and indirectly to almost every
individual, for it touches vitally
the fertilizing industry in an in
direct way, and fruit grown g
directly. In the form of
pyrite it iS extensively employed
the manufacture of sulphuric
acid, which is largely used in the
manufacture of phosphate fer
A.n immense quantity of
sulphur is used in bleaching wood
pulp, the chief raw material of
our newspapers. Match manu
facturers, powder makers, sugar
refiners, and makers of rubber
good all use it, and as a drug .t
is well known.
Monuments and markings of a
claim in the field will control
the stated courses and dis
tar ces in the location notice when
the two disagree. If the claim
monumentéd conforms with
the requirements of the law to
the size and shape and marking
of a claim, it is entirely valid.
Thus, where the location notice
calls for given distances "east»
erly" and "westerly
point of discovery, but the monu
ments define kn L-shaped claim,
if the claim as marked conforms
to the requirements of th§ law, j
it is entirely valid, as against am
subsequent locators,
from the
» '

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