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$2.00 The Year
VOL. IX No. 22.
Placers Are Now Under
Some Pithy Persohals About
Our Neighbors.
Most anyone, anywhere enjoys
to listen to a man talk who seem
ingly knows whereof he speaks
and that too, without creating
the opinion that his remarks
must be .taken as absolute au
thority. In charge of one of the
big placer properties in this
camp, and which will commence
operations in a very few days,
is A. S. McKee, and while a new
to this section of Central
Idaho, his experience with this
part of the mining industry ex
tends, practically to all parts of
the world, being. associated with
some of the largest mining com
panies in the country. While
here he will have charge of the
big Ruble elevator that is to be
its first try-out on the
gravel deposits in this camp.
To a Mining News reporter he
did not hesitate to say tkat in so
far as the elevator is concerned
there will be no trouble In hand
ling the dirt, as the gravel is
ideal for just such a machine.
He stated that he realized the
fact that the Ruble elevator had
been tried out in other sections
of this county, but without any
hoticeable amount of success.
To all of which he asks the pess
imist to at least grant him the
courtesy of a trial run, before
the "anvil chorus" is started,
and that he will make an earnest
endeavor to demonstrate to all
that its the "man behind the
gun" in a great many instances,
that depends on success or fail
If there are any "boneheads"
perambulating in this "neck of
the woods" with the ossified
opinion that they are, she, he or
it, and the uncrowned toad of
this domain, we say if there are
none has come to light.
Regardless of the fact, as to
whether or not the Dixie boys
sare going to have a winning ball
team this year. It is a certainty
that they are going to have a ball
nine, and each and every man is
going to havé a natty ball suit,
and that too,, without the court
ing of any imported opinion. One
swallow does not necessarily
mean an early springtime, for we
really have known some people
predict, and correctly tod, that
it meant an
early fall. '' So
• •
• Frank Cox, brother to Ud, the
"Dixie Apache," and the-initial
slab artist of the "1911 pennent
has arrove much to
the delight of the ball fans, hav
ing held down the third -sack for
the 1910 Ogden, Utah, team, and
which won the interstate cham
pionship of that year. It is not
■presumed that hè is going to find
any trouble in landing a berth
with the Dixie bunch this year.
While it is still early in the
season to receive a wireless from
the ''gold dust twins," Speedy
Thomas and Goldie Little, it will
be cheerful tidings indeed when
we hear the melodious chiming
of their tender young voices on
the ball campus.
A "Sketch Map of America's
El Dorado, the Salmon River
country and Central Idaho," is a
late publication that is being
issued from the press of the Elk
City Mining News, by R. Mc
Gregor, E. M., a well and fav
orable known U. S. mineral sur
veyor of this county. It is one
of the best maps we have ever
seen along this line and should
find a ready sale throughout the
Who is the official rooter for
the peftnent* winners? Why,
Billy Cosgrove of course—all of
which means that when the
Dixie "muckers" go into ,action
there will not be an idle moment
at any stage of the game.
"Jeff" or "Mutt" have not as
yet started any dissolvent,.pro
ceedings, despite the predictions
of "Salome," all of which tends
a most irradiation , color to the
social gayety of the camp.
Will Finley and Jack Hryes
are making good progress^ to
wards opening up their placer
prôperty on Red river, and with
the outlook for a long season's
Big Moose,
the masfeive
Oregonian, and the coolest smoke
behind the bat on the Dixi^-pall
nine, was up : from the Salmon
River Mining Co. 's property last
t (
7 7
If the present weather con
tinues, there will be very little
snow left around Dixie in an
other week. It is disappearing
at the rate of about six inches a
The Penn-Dixie started up last
Tuesday with a small shift. It
is understood that a cyanide^
plant will be installed this sum
mer. • „
Walt (Bantam) McDonald is
down from the Comstock, where
he has been rusticating these
late wintery moons.
Jim Moore, the Salmon river
ranchman, was up from the river
last Monday,, returning Tuesday.
Mitt (Salome) Haynie is re
ported to be on the Upper Sal
mon, stalking for (bar) bear.
"Frosty" Price promises to be
an A1 nozzleman 'ere the close
of the placer season.
Elk City Gets Its Annual Ren
ovating. _
Early Friday morning a num
ber of our enterprising citizens
got busy, and*;in a short time
Main street was the scene of
much activity. v *. All the trash
that had accumulated during the
winter was raked into piles,
which were put into a wagon
and-hauled off and dumped into
Elk creek. The street is now in
shape for a horse race, or just a
Common COÄch and four. Be
sides the street cleaning all the
residents hdVe had tfieir yards
cleaned and the refuse carted off.
Henry S. Hazlitt, of Dixie, is
m town on business. He reports
i the snow going fast.
High Grade Free Milling Ore
on Kirk's Fork.
The latest and what will prove
to be one of the best strikes
made in the Elk District, is re
ported from the Idaho Copper
groutx of claims, situated on
Kirk's Fork, about four miles
east of town.
This property was located
about two. years ago by William
Simpson, and created consider
able stir as it showed signs of
developing into a big copper
proposition. A great deal of
work was done on the property
in the way of prospect holes, cuts
and shallow shafts, and a tunnel
was ran some 150 ft., but the
copper values did not seem to be
attractive as it was considered
to low grade to work in. this dis
The work was only suspended
for a short time, and last winter
Simpsqp did a good deal of un
derground work, in the way of
cross-cuts, and at one point drove
to the contact of the granite and
the dike that Carried the copper.
When this was found it was fol
lowed a short _ distance when it
commenced tc make ore, and it
wa ^ no ticed that it was of a dif
f ei ^p n t character than anything
f 0 ^hd in the, other wofkings,
a prospectors instinct,
Simpson panned some, and was
surprised to see that it was rich
in ^gold. The drift was driven a
few feet further and about 20
inches of good ore was in sight.
This was sampled and found to
carry good values.
The ore has now widened to 2
ft., and shows gold to the eye,
and pans very free. Simpson is
now driving ahead, r and if the
ore will hold its ovyn, it will not
be long before it will be a pro
Associated with Mr. Simpson
in the claims, are a number of
employees of the .Bunker Hill &
Sullivan mine in the Coeur
d'Alene, and they have ample
means to go ahead,; with the de
velopment, and equip the prop
erty with milling machinery.
The claims are well situated
for economical mining, as they
are on Kirk's Fork which will
afford ample water power for
milling purposes, and there is an
abundance of timber near by.
There is a good tunnel sjte, and
quite a depth can be gained, and
as the tunnel is now in 150 ft.,
they will have a great deal- of
ore in sight in a short time.
Improving. •
"She went crazy over bridge."
"Snd, very sad!"'
"Oh, uo great harm done. Her fam
ily placed her In a fashionable sani
tarium,' and she's playing 4i better
game than ever now."—Washington
Herald. -
I ,»•-"£
found she was outspoken. Henpcck—
You surprise me! By whom?—Bhlla
A Good Scheme.
Husband—Why do you scold the
butchér? It Isn't his fault that the
meat comes to the table all dried up.
Scold the cook. Wife—I don't dare to,
but I'm In hopes that If I keep on
scolding the butcher he'll get mad and
come around and scold the cook.
Puffed Up.
a^rïï^Païkor-weirrï Ä
^ ns f lir ns that, but he certainly con
I «biers himself a quorum.-smart set.
Will Erect Stamp Mill
at Once*
Much Work Done on the St.
Work in the tunnel on the
Mascot claim, situated on the
east side of American river,
about one and a half miles east
of Elk City, has been progress-
ing very satisfactorily of late,
and there is now a full face.of
high grade ore in sight. The
tiinnel is now in 370 ft., and the
face is now under the rich ore
shoot that was exposed or,. the
surface, and is of 'the same
character of ore. From what
can be seen the ore shoot is
widening, and it is probable that
it will make as much ore in the
tunnel a& it is on the surface,
which is about 6 feet.
The Mascot is owned by the
Massam Bros., of Elk City and
Spokane, and they are now at
work on t the mill site, where they
will erect a mill this summer.
The Massam's own the ditch and
water right on Kirk's Fork, and
they are now placing a pipe line
which will be used to pipe off the
soil for the mill foundation, and
will also be used to generate
power for the mill when com
pleted. The mill as planned will
consist of two stamps, which will
be used to coarse crush the ore
for a five foot Huntington mill.
John Massam who is in charge
of the work stated that he ex
pected to have the stamps in
place in about -30 days, but that
the other machinery would not
arrive on the„ ground until the
roads are in shape to haul f heavy
freight. Milling will commence
with the stamps as soon as they
are in place.
Aside from the Mascot group,
the Massam's own the St. Law
rence group, situated on Ameri
can river a short distance from
the Mascot, and there is a large
body of good milling ore in sight
on this property. The vein has
been opened for a distance of 300
ft., and a pay shoot opened that
is 6 ft. wide. The St. Lawrence
has a fine tunnel site, and the
vein ban be followed all the way,
and quite a depth gained. It is
the intention to open this prop
erty, and tram the ore to the
mill, which can easily be done.
The ore from both these proper
ties ig very free milling, and it
is expected that a large percent
age of the values will be saved
by amalgamation and concentra
> Flood Situation.
A day of sunshine at New
Orleans, followed by a cloudless
sky gives hope to the levees
holding. Except at Baton Rouge,
where the situation is critical,
federal and state engineers ex
press confidence in the resisting
poweçof artificial barriers to hold
the record flood waters in check.
Grounds Have Been Fut in
Excellent Condition.
The base ball enthusiasts, and
that means everybody in town,
have got down to work and are
now enjoying regular practice .
games. The ground;; have been ;
put in first-class condition, and a
grand stand erected that will *
accommodate - a large crowd.
The first practice game was pull- ;
ed off last Sunday, and proved a r -
very interesting' game, and waq ,
replete with plays that kept thé
crowd in a good humor, and was '
highly enjoyed bv all. \
The regular nine will bein'
practice from now until [the .
Fourth-of-July game with Dixie,
when the great annual base ball
game will be played. The Elk ;
City boys will have new suits
this year, and will give,a good
account of themselves. They
are not underestimating the
bunch that will come over from
our neighboring camp, for it is
well known that Dixie has some
of the fastest men on the dia
mond that are in the nortwest—
but they are going to find some
players in Elk City that are not
so slow.
Good Ore Found in Lower
Work on the Brown Bear
claims, belonging to the Idaho
Red River M. Co., has resulted
in the cutting of the vein in the
lower tunnel. This tunnel is
driven for the first 40 ft. as a
cross-cut, and is about 100 ft.
below the upper tunnel, and will
have a depth of 400 ft. at the
deepest place. The ore just cut
is verj* free, and seems to carry
good values, as it pans well,.
The extent of the strike cannot
be determined for several days
yet, as the vein has not been
Shows Prospective Railroads
and Other Information.
The Mining News has just had
published one of the best maps
that has ever been issued, show
ing the mineral resources of
Central Idaho. The map is the
work of R. . McGregor, of Elk
City, and is very thoroughly
done, and is far the most accu
rate in point of distances, ever
issued. The map is in two colors
and shows the proposed route of
the Pittsburg & Gilmore railroad,
besides other railroads that are
under construction.
The map also shows the enor
mous production of gold from
Central Idaho, and no attempt
has been made to make it a local
advertising sheet, but on the
contrary, all sections are given
f their production from a most
authentic source. The map is
especially valuable to parties in
terested in this section, as it
shows all the mining camps, and
also shows that Elk City is in
the. center of this vast El Dorado
and that all roads center here.
We spe headquarters for every.-,
; thing pood to eat. O. C. Lapp
1 Co.
Old papers for sale at Mining
News office, 10 cents a bundle.

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