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The Soldiers' journal. (Rendezvous of Distribution, Va.) 1864-1865, February 17, 1864, Image 8

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The National Capitol extension has cost thus
fax, ?6,399,907.
Sixty-eight cities and towns in Massa
chusetts have filled their quotas.
Four iron gunboats are being constructed at
St. Louis—the Winnebago, Milwaukie, Choctaw,
and Chickasaw.
The Western Sanitary Commission has ex
pended, on an average, fifteen thousand dollars
per month since the war began.
Trustworthy inteligence says that lowa has
furnished about two thousand over her quota,
and thereby placed herself out of the draft.
Gen. Banks writes to members of Congress at
Washington, that with ten thousand more troops,
he can clear Louisiana and Texas of the rebels.
The female soldiers, discovered in the disguise
of regular uniform, are said to be good fighters.
Trentice says the women who wear the breeches
always were.
From official data in the War Department, it is
ascertained that the number of troops that were
enlisted for actual service in the month of Octo
ber, is 100,000.
The sum of $200,000 has been paid over to the
Sanitary Commission by the officers of the Cin
cinnati Sanitary Fair. It is thought that the net
total will reach $210,000.
An officer in Lee's army furnishes the Rich
mond Sentinel with a schedule of his mother's
expenses for December, which he gives as a fair
average. The total is $356,60. Among the items
is |50 for a hat.
The number of rebel prisoners now in our
hands is officially stated to be three thousand
officers, and between forty-three and forty-five
thousand unlisted men. All the rebel prisoners
of war in the Old Capital have been transferred
to Point Lookout.
The news that an unsuccessful attempt had
been made at Richmond to burn Jeff Davis'
mansion—taken in connection with the coffin
and rope left at his door a few nights previously,
is not without its significance. Treason, arson
and rebellion, aro "going home to roost."
The Proclamation of the President, issued on
Saturday, the 31st ult., for 500,000 more men, has
taken the country by surprise. This call is said
to be based on the knowledge that the rebels are
reinforcing their armies by a wholesahj conscrip
tion with a view to a tremendous campaign in
the Spring.
The war has produced strange alienations.
Two Kentuckians, father and son, were on a
railroad train in Indiana last Sunday. The
father was a Confederate prisoner, the son was a
Federal guard on the platform of the car. The
old man seeing his son, presumed to take more
liberty than the rule allowed, and put his head
outside the door. His son hastily advanced,
piece at tho shoulder, with a sharp " Get back
there you old rebel J"
When our war broke out, we had no cannon
that could bombard Charleston from Fort Sum
ter, distance, three and three-eighth miles. Now
we have guns that can reach the city from Mor
ris Island, and go a distance of a mile beyond,
making five miles. Guns have been invented
that will carry enormous missiles nine miles.—
One of these on a ship could bombard a city with
out being seen itself, for at seven miles distan o
tho curvature of the earth renders a ship invisi
ble. Such is the progress of modern gunnery.
%Wt X\. $. Sanitary orommissiou
Was constituted by the Secretary of War in June,
1861, in accordance with the recommendation of the
Surgeon General of the U. S. Army, and its appoint
ment and plan of organization were approved Dy the
President of the United States. Its present organiza
tion is as follows:
H. W. Bellows, D. D., New York.
A. D. Bache, LL. D., Washington,
Fred. Law Olmsted, California.
Geo. T. Strong, Esq., New York.
Ellsha Harris, M. D.. New York.
W. H. Van Buren, M. D., New York.
G. W. Cullom, U. S. A.
A. E. Shiras, U. 8. A.
R. C. Wood, Assistant Surgeon General, TJ. S. A.
Wolcott Gibbs, M. D., New York.
S. G. Howe, M. D. Boston, Mass.
C. R. Agnew, M. D., New York.
J. S. Newberry, M. D., Cleveland, Ohio.
Rt. Rev. T. M. Clarke, Providence, R. I.
Hon. R. W. Burnett, Cincinnati. O.
Hon. Mark Skinner, Chicago, 111.
Hon. Joseph Holt, Washington, D. C.
Horace Binney, jr., Philadelphia, Perm.
Rev. J. H. Heywood, Louisville, Ky.
J. Huntington Wolcott, Boston, Mass.
Prof. Fairman Rogers, Philadelphia, Perm.
H. W. Bellows, D. D., President.
A. D. Bache, LL. D., vice President.
J. Foster Jenkins, General Secretary, New York.
J. H. Douglas, Associate Secretary, Washington.
F. N. Knapp, Associate Secretary, Washington.
J. S. Newberry, M. D., Secretary Western Dept.
Geo. T. Strong, Treasurer.
QtXUt gfirartatettt
1 F. N. Knapp, General Sup't. Washington, D. C
J. B. Abbott, Chief Assistant, " "
' Soldiers' Home, ... Washington, D. C.
Lodge No. 3, No. 208 F street. ,r "
Lodge No. 4,17 th street, " "
Lodge No. 5, - Georgetown, D. C.
Soldiers' Home, Third street, Cincinnati, Ohio, Col.
1 G. W. D. Andrews, Superintendent.
Soldiers' Home, Louisville, Ky.—James Malona,
Sup't., James Morton, Special Relief Agent.
Soldiers' Home, Cairo, 111.—C. N. Shlpman, Sup't.
and Relief Agent.
Soldiers' Home, Nashville, Tenn.—Capt. I. Brayton,
Supt. Rev. J. Hoblet, Relief Agent.
Soldiers' Home, Columbus, Ohio. , Supt.
Soldiers' Home, Cleveland, Ohio.—Clark Warren,
Sup't. and Relief Agent.
Soldiers' Lodge, near landing, Memphis, Term.—
C. W. Christy, Sup't. and Relief Agent,
Soldiers' Lodge, Kelly's Ferry.—W. A. Sutllff, Sup't.
Soldiers' Lodge, Bridgeport, Ala.—Rev. O. Kennedy,
William F. Bascom, Pension Agent, Washington,
D. C.
Between Washington and New York—Sol. Andrews,
M. D., Surgeon in charge.
Mississippi River, Clara Bell.
Cumberland River. New Dunleith.
Potomac River, Elizabeth.
Hospital iimtwjj.
The Sanitary Commission has arrangements for
supplying Information gratuitously with regard to pa
tients In the Uuited States Oenerat Hospital at the
following points. Others will be added as new hos
pitals are opened:
For Information, address " Office Sanitary Commis
sion, Washington, D. C."
Washington, D. C, Annapolis Junction, Md.,
Georgetown, D. C, Cumberland, Md.,
Alexandria, Va., Point Lookout, Md.,
Baltimore, Md., Fairfax, Va.,
Frederick City, Md., York, Perm.
i Annapolis, Md.
For Information, address " Office Sanitary Commis
sion, No. 1307 Chestnut street."
Philadelphia, Perm., Germantown, Perm.,
Chester, Perm., Chestnut Hill, Perm.,
Reading, Perm., Harrisburg, Perm.
For Information, address " Office Women's Central
Union, No. 10 Cooper Institute."
New York, N. V., New Haven, Conn.,
Albany, N. V., Portsmouth Grove. R. 1.,
Newark, N. J., Boston, Mass.,
Burlington, Vt., Brattleboro, Vt,
For Information, address " Office Sanitary Commis
sion, Louisville, Ky."
Columbus, 0., Keokuk, lowa,
Cleveland, 0., Davenport, lowa,
Camp Chase, 0., Paducah, Ky.,
Gallipolls, 0., Hickman Bridge, Ky.,
Cincinnati, 0., Lebanon, Ky.,
Qulncy, 111., Columbus, Ky.,
Mound City, 111., Louisville, Ky.,
Jeffersonville, Ind., Covington, Ky.,
Evansville, Ind., Lexington, Ky.,
New Albany, Ind., Munfordsville, Ky.,
Madison, Ind., Bowling Green, Ky.,
Indianapolis, Ind,, Chicago, 111.,
Miliken T s Bend, La., Lake Providence, La.,
St. Louis, Mo., Leavenworth, Kansas,
Rolla, Mo., Memphis, Term.,
Springfield. Mo., Clarksville, Term.,
Jefferson City, Mo., Murfreesboro, Term.,
Ironton, Mo., iallatin, Term.,
Nashville, Term., Vicksburg, Miss.,
Corinth, Miss., White River, Ark.,
Cairo, 111., Point Pleasant, Va,,
Stevenson, Ala., Chattanooga, Term.
In all cases the name, rank, company and regiment
of the person enquired for should be given, and where
he was when last heard from. If the application is by
letter, the answer will be sent by return of mail; if
in person, It will be answered at once; or if by tele
graph, an answer will be returned immediately at th_
inquirer's expense.
The office or the Directory will be open daily from
8 o'clock, A. M n to 8 o'clock P. M., and In urgent case
applicants ringing the door bell will be received at
any hour of the night.
4&~ Soldiers' Aid Societies, clergymen, editors and
others, can scarcely serve the cause of humanity more
effectually than by frequently and widely dissemina
ting a knowledge of the above, among those who have
friends In the army. The hospital statistics in this
department of the Sanitary Commission are very
complete and exact, and daily prove of incalculable
value to the soldiers, their friends and relatives,
The Sanitary Commission, under special authority
of the President of the United States, mantains an ex
tensive system of agencies for securing the safe con
veyance to, and distribution of, goods put in its charge
for the sick and wounded at points where they are
most wanted. It operates with equal care and gen
erosity at all points—at New Orleans and at Washing*
ton: its distributions being governed by a comparison
of the wants of the patients In all cases. To ascertain
the relative character of these wants in a trustworthy
manner, and to secure an equitable distribution and
honest use of the goods distributed, besides the unpaid
services of the members of the Commission, twenty
physicians of high professional and moral character,
and more than fifty lay agents, are employed, under
pecuniary securities for responsible and efficient ser
vice. The cost of these arrangements has thus far
been about 3 per centum of the value of the goods dis
tributed. The Commission has not been able to obtain
authentic evidence of losses, miscarriage, or misap
propriations, to the value of one dollar in ten thou
sand, of goods which have been once received at its
shipping depots. The following Is a list of these de
pots, to which auxiliary societies, and all disposed to
aid the sick and wounded, without reference to States
or localities, but simply to their relative necessity for
assistance, are invited to send their offerings:
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, No. 22 Summer
street. Boston, Mass.
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, No. 10 Third
avenue, New York.
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, No. 1307 Chest
nut street, Philadelphia.
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, No. 46 South
Sharp street, Baltimore, Md.
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, corner Vine
and Sixth streets, Cincinnati O.
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, No. 95 Bank
street. Cleveland, O.
Sanitary Commtssion, Branch Depot, No. 66 Madison
street. Chicago, 111.
Sanitary Commtssion, Branch Depot, No. 2 Adam's
Block. Buffalo, New York.
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, No. 59 Fourth
street, Pittsburg, Perm.
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, No. 32 Lamed
street. Detroit, Mich.
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, Columbus,
Sanitary Commission, Branch Depot, Fifth street
Louisville, Ky.
The Commission receives no pecuniary aid whatever
from the Government, and is wholly dependent on
the voluntary contributions of the public for the
means of sustaining its operations. Contributions to
the Treasury are solicited, and may be transmitted to
George T. Strong, Esq., Treasurer, 68 Wall street, N. Y
U. 8. Sanitary Commission.
All the necessary Papers and Correspondence required
to procure Pensions, Bounty and Back Pay,
for invalid Soldiers and the relatives of
Deceased Soldiers, prepared and
forwarded fr!ee of charge.
Chairman Board of Director*.
Examinining Svrqeon,
W. N. AStIMAN, Solicitor.
Office No. ISO? Chestnut Street,

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